What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 115


Chapter 115 Shadow Warlock

Actually many, many years ago, there were actually Innate power users and acquired power users in the world coexist.

It’s just that they were called aliens and cultivators at that time. These two groups of people often have a high degree of overlap. Generally, they go to study because they have discovered their own uniqueness, and then the two identities are combined into one. One, the icing on the cake.

But to really say who is more powerful between the two, in fact, there is still no reasonable public opinion on this issue.

However, at the level of Qinglingzi, he is a top boss wherever he is, although he is not an alien, not like Thunder Dragon, like the reincarnation of Heavenly Dragon, and he is not like Ma Tahua. A small independent space of its own.

But Qing Lingzi in full state really responded to the sentence Myriad Transformations and Hengtong.

He can not only master the spell of Taoism, but also the organ technique of Mohism, the shamanistic technique of Miaojiang, the Immortal Technique of Western Regions, the rotation technique of Tianshan and some other special techniques.

Not only that, Qing Lingzi’s body refinement is also first-class. At the peak period, he has been able to integrate body refinement into various techniques. The power is between Hu Niu and Hu Niu. Between Thunder Dragon.

Combined with his endless changing spells and strengthening spells, he, who was known as the Number One Person of the world, can be regarded as worthy of his name.

And his strongest two, one is alchemy, he has already performed it when he was smuggled in Vietnam, and can directly convert substances of the same material to each other, in other words, as long as he knows The principle understands the structure, and when the material conditions are sufficient, it is not a big problem for him to rub an aircraft carrier with one hand.

It’s just a relatively long time, and it is definitely necessary for ten or twenty years. This thing has little meaning in the modern industrial system. The biggest function of alchemy now is to use scrap to process bullets and pick up junk to process daily necessities. The TV that Qing Lingzi is watching in the house is what he rubbed out when he was learning basic industrial knowledge.

And another stunt of Qinglingzi’s specialty is the Corpse Refinement Technique. This technique used to be one of the methods that made him invincible in repeated sieges. The soldiers who died in battle can be turned into puppets. What he used, although those puppets were very frustrating, but the batch was large, otherwise the population base at that time, the history books often recorded that hundreds of thousands of people attacked the city, and people can’t hatch from eggs.

This technology is not very useful in this era, but who is Qing Lingzi? The world’s top smart people, talented players and hard-working little experts, this fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth, is afraid that scientists will spell.

His Corpse Refinement Technique is constantly updated and iterative. For example, why did he take away the corpse of the little bastard whose hands were rubbing fire, in fact, it was prepared for the Corpse Refinement Technique.

According to common sense, even if a person is resurrected by Corpse Refinement Technique after death, he will become a walking corpse without any thought, let alone the skills and techniques he possessed before his death.

But here in Qing Lingzi, he has the sword moves with side stroke, breaking out a brand new path, that is, the corpse refined by his hand can maintain a fresh taste…

Fresh as a normal person’s touch, it can even guarantee a part of the life response, if you want, you can even eat, drink, shit and piss normally.

What is even more powerful is that the corpse refined by Qinglingzi can ensure that the ability of the living body will continue to grow unaffected.

In other words, if Qing Lingzi picks up a dead carp king, he can give it a tyrannical carp dragon.

So he brought back this little yellow-haired corpse. He first placed the corpse on the table, and then began to mend and repair the corpse’s flying skull.

At this time, the blood gluttons came forward to drooling, and Qing Lingzi slapped the past: “Back!”

“Don’t eat people, don’t eat people, don’t eat people… “

Xue Taotie retreated with a sad face, just because the Holy Master said not to eat people anymore, he is now eating pig blood and pig brain at most, and a dog who doesn’t eat human blood is not as good as a dog. …

But although this guy is a bit stupid, he still knows things. The Lord’s warning is not a joke. It really is the Heavenly Saint who came to give him a fight. I don’t know how to die.

Between the dog’s life and the appetite, the goal of the blood glutton is very clear.

Qing Lingzi was busy all afternoon, even watching a large number of police cars whistled past from the street outside the window, but he remained unmoved, just little by little serving the corpse in front of him.

This is the corpse of an Inhuman, and it is also the first time he used Inhumans to cultivate a Blood Soul puppet. Originally, Blood Taotie and that puppet were melee combatants, and they were very disadvantageous. Now if they can cultivate A mage comes out, that is a beautiful thing.

So Qing Lingzi was very attentive to this matter, and even the box for the corpse soil was made by himself on nanban boards that he bought outside.

In the evening, Qing Lingzi covered the corpse with soil and told Sai Dongfeng next to him about what happened to the aliens today.

Sai Dongfeng held the bowl and pondered for a long time, then opened the mouth and said: “I swiped a little while swiping my phone a few days ago, presumably this is the result of Spiritual Qi’s recovery, I think my skill is recovering faster than before.”

“en.” Qing Lingzi was sealing the seven orifices of the corpse with wax at the moment, after hearing Sai Dongfeng’s words, he raised his head and glanced at Sai Dongfeng: “The world is in my hands!”


Sai Dongfeng made a little calculation, slapped his thigh, and it really was.

The reason why Qing Lingzi said this, in fact, this time Spiritual Qi’s recovery is really a bit of an advantage in his meaning.

The main reason is that compared with the twelve spirits who have been in inheritance for two thousand years, they have more than two thousand years of heritage than the corpse and the immortals. The human, material and financial resources are not on the same level.

To be honest, Qing Lingzi was a little disheartened in the beginning, and wanted to give up at one point. After all, he is smart. A smart person is able to judge the situation. When faced with his own great failure, he really can’t think of any way to turn the situation around.

Otherwise, with his character, he would impossible agree with Sai Dongfeng’s statement and abscond from the country.

However, the overall situation of Spiritual Qi’s recovery has finally emerged. Although it has just passed the outbreak period and is in the spiritual depression period, the longer it takes, the more aliens will be produced. , and some corresponding inheritance Sects will also reappear one after another.

At that time, it was a brand-new shuffle of the whole pattern. The two thousand-year-old background is solid, but Qing Lingzi is sure to stand up again in this big shuffle.

What he’s lacking the most right now is manpower, but if there’s no problem, he’ll have the confidence to get a foothold in this place once the new Blood Soul puppet takes shape.

But to say whether it is possible now, it is actually possible. Sai Dongfeng’s assessment is based on the current strength of Qing Lingzi. The farther he is from the Twelve Spirits, the higher the success rate. After all, this The place is beyond the reach of the twelve spirits.

It’s just Qing Lingzi, who is suspicious and timid, and is cautious about what he does, so as long as he thinks he is not strong enough, he will never do anything, just like playing those Like real-time strategy games, he would never go out of the house unless he had a population of 200.

“People, there’s nothing wrong with being careful. Like you and me, how many chips are there to gamble? People who can’t afford to gamble will live forever. If you dare to go out today, then tomorrow you can’t go to Taiyuan?”

“I said, if you talk about the truth, just talk about it, and if you talk about the sword, you will see it?” Sai Dongfeng Disdainful said with a smile: “Don’t say wisecracks, it’s not suitable for you, Old Dog.”

Qing Lingzi just laughed at hehe, but he didn’t stop his work at all. It wasn’t until late at night that the first stage was done.

At this time, Qing Lingzi suddenly raised his head and asked: “Where are all the descendants of Xu Fu Old Dog? He was smart at the beginning, he took the boat and ran away, causing us suffering. I I can’t let them go.”

“Don’t panic.” Sai Dongfeng said with a sneer: “How could I let them go, sooner or later I’ll have to spit them all out.”

And at this moment, in Brother Xiao Zhang’s milk tea shop, Brother Xiao Zhang is not there, but everyone else is here today, everyone seems to be chatting casually, for fear of missing today’s fish The day the child was hooked.

When night fell, Xu Wei’s cell phone didn’t stop, apparently she didn’t give up if she didn’t see the little White Dragon, and today was the day they and Xu Wei agreed to meet.

“Before, I fell for them, but this time I have to be a fisherman.”

Xu Wei shook her phone and said, “I almost lost my life that time. I explained, this time let them know what catching a turtle in a jar is.”

After finishing speaking, she also looked back at Thunder Dragon who was shaking milk tea and Haozi in plain clothes waiting to drink milk tea , in the hall, Zhu Zhenzhen and Zhang Yao are sitting there chatting, Sister Gou is playing Gobang with Huang Dieer, Zuo Danshuang, who is bored, is playing with his mobile phone with his legs crossed, Da Huang is sleeping on the ceiling fan, and Grandfather Pi is sitting there While nibbling on chicken legs, I scolded Thunder Dragon for not being good at craftsmanship.

If the pony and Wugenshui are both here today, probably the lineup here is already the strongest on the surface except for Brother Zhang.

All Xu Wei has to do now is to wait and walk right into a trap on the opposite side.

Little White Dragon is of course hard to show up now, because this ghost grows too fast. Not only is it fast, but it is also very disgusting. When it sees a woman, it will bow to other people’s arms. More importantly, it doesn’t speak up.

It doesn’t matter if it’s light or not when I was a child. Now the little White Dragon is almost three meters long, and a few pounds of meat will be gone after a bite of it.

So basically now the little White Dragon lives in the void space, where it is nothing special, and is often bullied by the Immortal Crane in the team, but in the words of Xiao Zhang The purpose is to let it understand the sinister society in it, so as not to fall into a box as soon as it comes out.

At this moment, Xu Wei’s cell phone rang again, and then she heard her shout: “Everyone, get ready, people are here.”

As expected, it won’t be long before , A man who was about forty years old and dressed in an old-fashioned dress appeared.

He was wearing a retro suit, a pair of glasses, and a bag in his hand, a bit like the style of a township entrepreneur twenty years ago.

He pushed open the door and walked in. After looking up, down, left and right, he saw Xu Wei waving at him and taking off his apron.

“You must be Young Lady Xu, you have been friends for a long time.”

He stepped forward and shook Xu Wei’s hand lightly: “This time I came to Let’s pay attention…”

When he said this, he looked around in a daze, and said in a low voice, “There are so many people here, I’m afraid it’s inconvenient?”

“Don’t worry.” Xu Wei hurriedly nodded and said: “Sit down and have something to drink first.”


There will be a new chapter today, and I will move it this afternoon. Thing was so tired that he almost fainted, and he sat on a chair and slept for more than three hours.

(End of this chapter)

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