What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 116


Chapter 116 Daily trivia

Xu Wei sat in the corner and continued to explore the truth with the middle age person opposite. This man is clearly a veteran.

He constantly showed his wealth and love for magical creatures in a very casual way in front of Xu Wei, and he repeatedly emphasized that “a gentleman does not take people’s favor”, if there is a White Dragon, even Xu Wei If you don’t want to give up your love, it’s good to let him take a look.

“Promise him.”

Zhang Yao’s voice came from the bone conduction headphones behind Xu Wei’s ears. He said, “Wait for me for a while.”

As she said that, Xu Wei walked to the backyard and into the illusory realm, dragged the little White Dragon, who was eating bamboo shoots, by its tail. come out.

“Can you shrink a little bit? Why are you so fat?”

Looking at the White Dragon, which is more than three meters long and weighs almost 100 kg in front of her, Xu Wei is exhausted. Covered in white sweat, this little bastard is growing too fast, and getting fatter and fatter. It doesn’t have the elegant appearance of the legendary Dragon Clan at all. Simply is a big cement pipe, and it looks especially funny with its short limbs. .

Poor, weak but fat to eat and lustful, this is the state of this dragon now.

White Dragon glanced at her, twisted his head, and continued to eat bamboo shoots ka ka.

“Still eating! You’re about to become a four-legged snake!” Xu Wei was so angry that she dragged her tail out: “Hurry up, shrink!”


But no matter how Xu Wei scolded White Dragon for remaining unmoved, after seeing this, Xu Wei was furious and brought over the feather duster that Brother Zhang usually cleans.

That White Dragon is also a master who bullies the soft and fears the hard. Xu Wei can’t call it, but when she sees Brother Zhang’s feather duster, her whole body trembles, and it turns into a shoulder-length dragon wrapped around Xu Wei’s arm. .

“You owe it! Don’t cry until you see the coffin.”

After being scolded by Xu Wei, the little White Dragon seemed very inactive, drooping his head softly. There, it looked as if it was dead, except for the occasional wagging tail that showed it was still alive.

Opening the back door, Xu Wei mysteriously waved to the middle age person. The middle age person saw her expression and immediately got up and walked over.

After he came to the backyard, he saw the White Dragon on Xu Wei’s arm and couldn’t walk any more. He immediately forgot about the bullshit that a gentleman did not like. The coax and pester want to get that White Dragon.

In the beginning, he was good at baiting and baiting, and kept increasing his bargaining chips, but Xu Wei didn’t give up no matter how much money he didn’t sell.

At this time, this person saw that there was no one around with Xu Wei stubborn, so he began to intimidate her.

Although it’s not that kind of conventional intimidation, it’s just some stories about an innocent man treasuring a jade ring becoming a criminal, saying that someone dug up the treasures of the Han Dynasty, and after exposure, a family of nine violent death like this.

But even so, Xu Wei still didn’t mean to let go, and when the middle age person saw this, he didn’t pretend, so he just opened his mouth and planned to buy and sell.

Can Xu Wei be willing? She hid the little White Dragon behind her and immediately began placing the Expulsion Order.

The middle age person didn’t know what to say, just left the milk tea shop with the words “you will regret it”.

After he left, Xu Wei threw the little White Dragon back to the illusory realm, and she returned to the front room, clapping her hands and saying, “Everyone, the goal has been determined, and the next step will be carried out soon. One step, their needs are very urgent, so if there is no accident, they will start today and tomorrow.”

At this moment, the audience burst into warm applause, and everyone expressed their fullness to Xu Wei’s acting skills. Certainly, in the series of operations just now, there is no weak spot, which can be described as superb skill.

And Zhang Yao, who received the order for the first time, got up happily and said, “Don’t do anything this time, let me come! This is the business we opened, and it must be done beautifully. Bright.”

Although Zhang Yao only received a nominal fee for this list, but after all, it was the first time to pull it out and go it alone. Aoao shouted to complete this task perfectly, not only Zuo Danshuang, who brought his good friend, but also Zhu Zhenzhen, the self-proclaimed Bingxue Princess.

“We must do our best work. Although no one is competing with us for business yet, the satisfaction of our employers is our biggest demand. For word of mouth, we must also ask Perfection to complete the task this time.”

Zhang Yao stood up and delivered a mobilization speech, and the people below, including Grandfather Pi, were all excited and shouting.

Thunder Dragon curiously said to Haozi: “They are very brainwashed.”

Haozi looked back: “Look at who this is.”

Hey, don’t mention it, Thunder Dragon also noticed the organization of these people after being reminded by Haozi.

The leader is Zhang Yao, right, a woman who will be strong in her life, stubborn and unwilling to admit defeat, and she has to do everything she does.

Next is Zhu Zhenzhen. This is the classic love brain Ms Perfect who is willing to let her start a company so that she doesn’t mess around. She belongs to the kind that can do anything as long as she doesn’t mess around outside. .

There is also Zuo Danshuang, who is a little worse than Zhu Zhenzhen. There is a promising big brother in the family, and he does not expect him to inherit the family property, and he is not that smart. Basically, the family is Raise him as a pig, and give him some money if he has money. It has nothing to do with the family when he gets into trouble. He is almost a pig that is kept outside.

And Da Huang, a god in exile, a foreigner. He is obviously a high-level god, but who doesn’t bully him when he sees it? In those days, there was an independent temple.

The last is Grandfather Pi, the aristocratic contestant in the Qingqiu Fox. Although he is not a Princess, he is also a priest. But it can’t get a few money. The family has long wanted her to go back and become a priest, but the stubborn Grandfather Pi would rather sell pictures than go home, in order to be able to do it in the huge family. Do some tricks to make the siblings of the same family look up at them.

This group is such a group of people now. Although some things seem worthless to outsiders, in their eyes, it is tantamount to a good medicine to prove themselves.

The sense of achievement is a magical psychological need to promote the death of intelligent creatures, but it is precisely this kind of death that enables intelligent creatures to go further and climb higher.

So they’re a bunch of people together, it’s natural to be cheering excitedly for the little bit of Small Accomplishment they’re about to get.

“Okay.” Thunder Dragon solved the siege: “I’ll let you guys toss for the next two days, I just gave myself two days off.”

Haozi laughed, He turned his head to look at the group of people behind him who were celebrating with a beer.

“I’m actually no different from them. I’ll be a little bit happy with the Small Accomplishment for a night.” Haozi turned around with a smile and took out a police badge from his pocket and pushed it in front of Thunder Dragon: “Remember. I’ll report tomorrow.”

“Ha, I’m waiting here.” Thunder Dragon picked up the badge and looked at the light: “The first one is me.”

“Not happy?”

“It’s not that you’re unhappy, but it’s just that I feel a little uncomfortable without my freedom.” Thunder Dragon sighed, then put the police badge in his pocket: “I It’s the easiest, what do you plan to do with the others?”

Haozi shrugged: “Let’s see.”

Second day Early in the morning, Zuo Danshuang has a simple mind He started to come to the milk tea shop to stand guard. He has nothing to do himself. Sitting at home is also sitting, sitting here is also sitting, and when he thinks that he can really exert his power tonight, he is now in a kind of situation. The excitement of elementary school students before their spring outing.

At this stage, Master Cai Young is on the day shift, and he can’t go back to flying anyway, plus Yang Junfeng has been talking about the two going to Nanhe for gold these days, so he is also Without too many plans, I helped open a shop in a milk tea shop to earn food expenses.

Although he is not short of money as a pilot all these years, people always have to have a sustenance.

And his friend from Hong Kong, Guo Wei’an, came with him in the morning.

Guo Wei’an doesn’t dare to go back to Hong Kong now. There are still a few die-hard fans under Brother Kui who died before. It’s really not worth it to go back now and let someone take it away with a knife.

So he is considered a super unemployed here now, and his daily life in the milk tea shop is quite fulfilling, and he can even cook some food himself, which is tantamount to a game for him. Leisure holiday.

As soon as the two of them came over, they saw Zuo Danshuang squatting at the door. Guo Wei’an thought Zuo Danshuang was familiar. After thinking about it for a long time, he suddenly remembered that this guy is not his enemy Dear younger brother…

As a cautious underworld leader, Guo Weian is somewhat nervous, but fortunately Zuo Danshuang didn’t recognize the person in front of him, instead he stood up with a smile on his face Say hi to them.

“You came early enough.”

Zuo Danshuang chuckled: “I can’t wait, so I’ll be here earlier.”

After finishing speaking, He immediately entered the milk tea shop, leaned into the corner and fell asleep, and seeing this strange person in front of him, Master Cai Young could only shrugged and said to Guo Wei’an: “There are more or less people here. Strange.”

“It’s okay, it’s interesting.” Guo Weian looked up and down at Zuo Danshuang next to him, and suddenly asked in a low voice, “Are you familiar with this person?”

“I’m not familiar with him, but he seems to be Zhang Yao’s younger brother.”

“Zhang Yao?” >

“You know it too?”

Guo Weian hurriedly nodded: “She and I are still high school classmates, and I went to Hong Kong after graduation.”

“What? You Do you have an idea?”

Guo Weian chuckled: “Who can’t have an idea, will she come today?”

“I don’t know, but she usually arrives at night, why? Are you planning to continue the front?”

Guo Weian rubbed his hands together and laughed: “Who knows.”

(End of this chapter)

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