What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 117


Chapter 117 It’s too late to react

Brother Zhang went to the amusement park today, but he felt so bored, The pony is also very bored, and Wugenshui is also very bored.

The expressions on the roller coaster are all kinds of horror and excitement, but the expressions of the three people side by side are (-Ο‰-)-Ο‰-)-Ο‰-) from beginning to end, not even the slightest waves.

Even after the big pendulum was placed, many people were dizzy and vomited, and the three of them sat on chairs with an expensive ice cream all the way, watching the happy laughter and cheerful people around them. voices.

“Power can really deprive people of a part of their happiness.” Pony sighed sincerely: “They think this thing can be very exciting, but if they want to let me go, I’m afraid they have to let me Going to experience Eighteen Levels of Hell.”

Brother Zhang turned his head: “Do you want to?”

“Just kidding…” The pony quickly lost his smile, he I don’t dare to brag in front of Brother Zhang. Brother Zhang doesn’t want to be fooled. If he opens his eyes again, he will really go to Eighteen Levels of Hell.

With the rootless water quacking next to him, the pony bumped him with his elbow, but accidentally knocked the ice cream off the rootless sailor. But when it was too late, a mouth suddenly appeared on Wugenshui’s thigh, tore his pants, took my ice cream, and ate the popsicle contentedly.

“Oh… go…” The pony almost vomited when he saw this scene: “Brother Shui, why are you so disgusting.”

Wugenshui looked down He glanced at the hole in his trousers, but he didn’t express surprise. He just silently covered the chewing mouth with his hand and waited quietly for it to finish eating.

“I am a foreign body, and it is normal to have changes.” Wugenshui said with a smile: “It is determined by the cultivation technique, and I can’t do anything about it.”

“You idiot. Don’t cultivate it as soon as possible, other people’s cultivation, if you cultivate ghosts, you will be disgusting.” Xiaoma said with disdain: “You have made yourself human yet not human, ghost yet not a ghost.”

“Actually, it’s fine if you’re used to it.”

Wugenshui has a relatively gentle personality, and doesn’t care about ponies. If this is replaced by Thunder Dragon, the two of them will definitely fight. one.

At this time, Brother Zhang spoke up. He pushed on his glasses, turned his head to look at the mouth on Wugan Shui’s leg, and asked softly, “What if you go back to Cultivation?”

Wugenshui thought for a moment and then seriously replied: “You can further refinish the ghosts in your body, you can even go directly to the Demon God realm, maybe even stronger, but I haven’t been to that realm yet.”

“Well… Come on, I’m still a little curious.”

“Destiny is not as good as life.”

Rootless water is never strong, mainly because He has never reached the top realm of his cultivation technique, otherwise he will become a Demon God, and he is a Demon God who can be completely commanded by him. I am afraid that he will be ranked in the top ten in the corpse. Well…how to say, not everyone can achieve what they want.

While speaking, his phone rang, Wugenshui answered it, and after listening, he smiled and said to Brother Zhang: “After the movie you were a guest star in was shown yesterday, the response was overwhelming. Average.”

“Hahahaha…” The pony laughed beside him: “You can still laugh at the normal response? Are you crazy?”

“I’m still I haven’t finished.” Wugenshui continued: “But only the part where the Holy Master cameo was very high. Everyone was looking forward to the young emperor’s independent film. Many people said that when they saw the Holy Master, it seemed that The only thing is the feeling of seeing the emperor, resembles nature itself.”

“It’s not so good?” Brother Zhang was a little embarrassed: “I will not.”

“There may be It’s really because of his natural temperament, I guess the Holy Master is going to play the male lead soon.”

Xiao Zhang was laughed dryly, although he didn’t know what to do, he still had a point. expect.

“But you didn’t notice that, the boss’s mental state has obviously improved a lot during this time.” Xiaoma asked Wugenshui in a show-off: “He will laugh from the heart, no? It’s that mechanical smile again.”

“Well, I found it. It’s a good thing.” After Wugenshui finished speaking, he suddenly slapped his thigh: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to a fun place.”

The fun place Wugenshui said was actually the kind of place that was not very serious. Of course, he would definitely not dare to take the Holy Master to whoring, but because it is more convenient to go back and forth between Hong Kong and Macau, sit The boat was only about an hour away, so they arrived in Macau before lunch.

Looking at the all-day casino in front of him, Xiaoma raised his head and said, “I have always been very curious, if someone really won hundreds of millions in the casino, would they be hunted down? ?”

“Of course not.” Wugenshui said decisively: “You may not even imagine how much a regular casino can make a day. If someone really wins hundreds of millions here, as long as It’s too late for them to be happy.”


β€œBecause of the propaganda.” Wugenshui rubbed his fingers: β€œThe operation of the casino depends on the income. Pumping water, the more water you have on the table, the more he draws. Someone really won hundreds of millions with them, and it is not their money anyway. They want you to win hundreds of millions of dollars every day.”

“That’s it…” The pony chuckled: “It seems that I don’t know.”

Brother Zhang also looked up at the gorgeous casino: “I don’t understand either…”

“But the casino won’t embarrass you, and the big guy you won won’t necessarily let you go.”

The words without root water made both Xiaoma and Xiao Zhang laugh. After laughing, Brother Zhang said to Xiaoma: “Don’t use spell.”

“I know, I know.” Xiaoma laughed: “Even if you don’t use spell, they can’t play me.”

“The food and drinks are all free.” Wugenshui said: “Let’s go, the Holy Master may not have played before, let’s play a few games first.”

Brother Zhang really hasn’t. Having played it, he is a terrific person, and he has never traveled before. He was a little cautious when he first entered the casino, but seeing how lively it was inside, he also found it very interesting.

“Chen Daozai won 37 million with 20 yuan back then. I Lu… I can’t be worse than him, right?” Xiaoma exchanged chips of 2,000 yuan and played in his hand. Got to crackle: “Set a small goal first, and win it by 100 million.”

His voice was not small, and the security guards next to him made him laugh out loud, making it small. Brother Zhang and Wugenshui moved away from him almost instinctively.

“Look at people…” The pony took a glass of whiskey from the elder sister next to him, and got bored: “Look at me!”

He rushed over In front of the ball table, after watching it for a while, I probably understood the rules. As a precise hidden weapon master, the pony’s judgment on the ball’s movement will never be a problem. The first three tests cost 1,000 yuan. It became 270,000, and even the security guard who laughed at him just now couldn’t help coming over to watch the fun.

“You said, I want to buy a day here, can I win a few hundred million?” Xiaoma turned to the security guard and said, “You smiled just now, and now I will show you. “

And Wugenshui hurriedly stepped forward to accompany said with a smile: “Sorry, he drank some wine, his mind is not clear. Sorry sorry.”

After he finished speaking He dragged Ma Tahua aside: “Don’t be too conspicuous, today we are here to play with the Holy Master, not for you to play tricks.”

“Yes, yes…this I forgot.”

The pony looked back at Brother Zhang and found that he was standing behind a middle age person watching people play slot machines.

“Holy Master, play two games?”

Brother Zhang hooked the head: “I won’t… I guess I’ll lose all at once.”

This time, it was the pony’s turn to be happy. He had a lot of chips in his hand, and he stuffed them all into Brother Zhang’s hands: “You can buy whatever you want! I’ll win after buying.”

Brother Zhang snorted, but he still didn’t make a bet, he just walked back and forth with a few chips in his hand.

And just as he was wandering around, someone in the crowd stared at Brother Zhang, who was obviously a rookie, because Brother Zhang looked like a fat sheep, no matter how you looked at it, it was easy to get started. of the kind.

Then the well-known female snitch in the industry got up and took three steps with her slender thighs and came to Brother Zhang’s side.

“Beautiful boy, what do you want to play?”

“I will not.” Brother Zhang glanced at her and adjusted his glasses: “I don’t know how to play. “

“Okay, then I’ll be your guide.”

The female thief’s name is Sophie, and she is a well-known bastard here. Although she is called the female snitch, she is actually She is a well-known liar here. She is usually the kind of person who takes a fat sheep like Xiao Zhang around and cheats some money with her color. She is quite famous locally, but foreign tourists don’t know that every day, people are cheated by her. gambling money. And what she is best at is staying on the edge of the law, deceiving people but not being called to the police.

And today, he was staring at Brother Zhang in front of him. As for why, it’s because of her sinister vision. At first glance, Brother Zhang is a pampered young master.

The pony saw a woman rubbing against Brother Zhang, and just wanted to stop it, but Wugenshui pulled him aside: “This woman is a liar.”

“Liar? Lao Tzu will kill him.”

“No.” Wugenshui waved his hand and said, “Although she is a liar, she always has a way to make people have a good time here, otherwise she will He died on the street long ago. The happiness of the Holy Master is more important than money. As for you, go around now and win more.”

In terms of society, Ah Shui is naturally a top player, after all, he is reincarnated in Someone else’s body borrowed well, directly borrowing a celebrity in the upper class, and this social experience is a lot more than others.

So the pony naturally listened to his arrangements for this kind of thing, and the two just ignored Brother Zhang and went straight to play with their own.

At this time in Chang’an Lane, Guo Weian was chatting with Zhang Yao diligently. After all, he was a high school classmate whom he hadn’t seen for many years, and Guo Weian is now a great character. When chatting with Zhang Yao Naturally, I don’t have the inferiority complex that I saw Goddess before.

“I still thought of you a few days ago.” Guo Weian smiled and said to Zhang Yao, “I just didn’t expect you to be so beautiful and talented now. There are so many classmates in the class. It’s the best.”

Zhang Yao raised her head slightly, glanced at Guo Wei’an, and suddenly laughed: “It seems that you have been doing well all these years, but I remembered that you were not so confident back then. .”

At this moment, Thunder Dragon suddenly came out from the yard: “I just received a notice that there will be a water and electricity maintenance today, and it is temporarily closed today.”

When Guo Wei’an heard it, he responded with regret, and then said to Zhang Yao with a smile: “Here for overhaul, let’s go to another place to chat?”

And Zhang Yao didn’t give any face at all. , directly put the toolbox at hand on the table: “Guess who will overhaul?”

(end of this chapter)

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