What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 118


Chapter 118 catching a turtle in a jar

Brother Zhang won’t let you decorate, but what Zhang Yao means is A range of safeguards and monitoring devices can be installed in the fastest time without changing the existing decoration style.

After Xiao Zhang’s approval, this was arranged.

Tooling Goddess Zhang Yao took a box of robotic arms and personally operated the knife. Wearing a safety helmet and overalls, he began to install various equipment on the ceiling of the room.

The highly intelligent robotic arms shuttled around the field, while Zhang Yao kept debugging her new inventions.

The first is a radar that can detect danger signals autonomously, or secret technique radar. When this thing detects possible abnormal energy within a radius of 50 kilometers, it will actively lock the signal source and issue an early warning Signal to everyone present.

The second thing that needs to be modified is the very old-fashioned circuit equipment here. Although it may not be so necessary, in order to better use electricity in the spiritual space in the future, Zhang Yao’s help in Thunder Dragon The wire was introduced into the virtual space, and the power supply of the entire milk tea shop was intelligently processed, which could be controlled by voice control or biological monitoring.

The third modification is the floor-to-ceiling windows in the store. Now the floor-to-ceiling windows can be said to have no privacy at all. As long as the lights are turned on in the room at night, it will be dark from the outside.

So Zhang Yao replaced all the floor-to-ceiling windows with single-transparency smart glass at her own expense. These glass integrated monitors, TVs and 3D display panels are very functional and beautiful, without disturbing the view of the people inside.

And the real key point is coming, that is, the big replacement of the entire network system. First of all, the existing network has been cancelled. From now on, the network system of the milk tea shop will also be integrated into the Zhangyao network. In it, from now on, you will be safe, worry-free and happy.

If it is just this change, it will not be the main event. What is even more powerful is the official access to the super big data honeycomb system. You can search the whole world without leaving home. Data from all public cameras. In addition to this, there is barrier-free satellite communication and global meter-level positioning.

And after modifying the source of the relevant access data signal, Zhang Yao can directly link to the illusory realm behind the yard, and if any abnormal situation is found anywhere, he can immediately adjust the latitude and longitude, Let the door of the illusory realm open directly on people’s faces.

This function is very powerful. Although it is still in the debugging stage, it will always connect the illusory realm to strange places, such as the center of the Ganges River, the deepest part of the Amazon forest, the top of Mount Everest, etc., but After several data revisions, it is now possible to accurately locate almost any inhabited street in the world, and the gap will not be greater than two square meters.

And this is only the first phase of the project, because Zhang Yao is currently researching the artificial illusory realm. Although the mention on equal terms behind the courtyard is impossible, if successful, Zhang Yao can complete the two projects. A connection to the illusory realm, directly from her base camp to the milk tea shop.

Although it seems useless now, it is absolutely impossible for Zhang Yao’s headquarters to be placed here in the future, mainly because the domestic control over some things is relatively strong. Zhang Yao’s best field of weapons is now. Have not yet been properly implemented.

So if all goes well, she will reopen a sub-base in a few months, and the initial location of this sub-base will be an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean.

At that time, the role of the illusory realm will be great.

After everything was done here, it was already afternoon. After cleaning up the construction waste, everything was back to normal, while Zhang Yao sat next to him and started debugging the system, which lasted until midnight.

Sitting on her exclusive small sofa bed, Zhang Yao’s somewhat unkempt fingers are swaying on the notebook, and the only system in the house keeps showing various pictures as she debugs.

It wasn’t until the early warning radar in the room suddenly issued an early warning that Zhang Yao raised his head.

The small radar warning, in theory, captures unrecognized energy fluctuations.

At the same time as the warning, Zhang Yao could see from the computer screen that the four points were galloping towards the milk tea shop at high speed.

The speed is really fast. It only takes seven seconds to go from fifty kilometers to forty kilometers, and it is almost 1,500 meters in one second, which is too much faster than the speed of sound.

Zhang Yao was not panicked, but continued to use the current situation to adjust the sensitivity of the radar, and when she was busy, the naked eyes were clearly approaching.

“Protection Array, close.” Zhang Yao tapped to withdraw, and the Formation in the milk tea shop immediately closed and stopped running.

This basically means leaving a back door for those who approach, but Zhang Yao is not an ordinary woman, she is not afraid at all, and this is the first time their “tower” organization has taken over. Tasks, relying on counseling, it is impossible to satisfy customers.

So she turned off all the protective measures here and quietly waited for the arrival of the other party.

The radar shows that these people have arrived at the periphery. These people are still a little careful. After arriving, they quietly converge and quickly start from the four corners of the room to prepare to sneak in together.

Their purpose was obviously for Little White Dragon, and Little White Dragon was sleeping on his stomach on the beam of the old house in the courtyard at the moment.

After the milk tea shop removed the Formation, the breath of the little White Dragon can be said to be soaring into the sky, and anyone with a little ability can easily perceive its existence.

Or how to say it is a dragon, even the deflated three dragons that have not grown up have such powerful psionic fluctuations, which directly attracted the attackers.

After a few of them have planned outside, the first person will enter from the entrance of the milk tea shop, and the rest will enter from other places one after another.

After they came in, Zhang Yao also saw the person’s dress from the night vision lens. This person was wearing dark green clothes all over his body and a very Japanese-style mask on his face. It should be called Prajna.

This man’s clothes are very tight, which stretches out his curves. He looks in good shape, and his footsteps are very light. The door doesn’t have any blocking effect on him, and he doesn’t even need to unlock it. The body has already passed through the door.

When he came in, he had a cat on his waist and moved cautiously towards the back door. The sound was so small that it could be said that there was no movement. The slightly bigger spiders were louder than him.

When he passed the counter, he took a sausage from the sausage cabinet and put it in his mouth.

It was this action that made Zhang Yao who had been following him laugh out loud.

It was this laugh that alarmed the mysterious person. He turned his head and found Zhang Yao who was sitting quietly in the corner. When he came to Zhang Yao, he pulled out a shiny rope between his hands, and split it against Zhang Yao’s head.

His set of movements is very smooth and fast, but when the rope splits down, he feels something is wrong, because there is no force feedback at all for this sure hit, only the pumping. to the feel of the air.

But Zhang Yao, who was sitting there, still raised her head to look at him and smiled, and even said, “Did you be deceived?”

Then Zhang Yao’s hand With a tap on the notebook, the surrounding lights immediately turned on, but when the lights turned on, the surrounding scenes and pictures also changed. The man was shocked to find that he actually appeared by a small stream.

Of course he knew that he had encountered the Illusion Technique when he encountered such a thing, he ran without the slightest hesitation, but just ran two steps before smashing a chair with a bang.

It was only now that he realized that he still seemed to be stuck in the milk tea shop just now, and everything was just what he saw.

But at this time, he couldn’t tell where the real direction was, because the space began to deform wildly, and the picture he saw was upside down, upside down, left and right, like twisting a Rubik’s cube. The ear has completely lost its ability to tell directions.

Then he found that the scene in front of him had changed again. He seemed to come to a mass grave, and there were countless hands climbing up under the mass grave, and the smell of rancidity began. diffused in his nostrils.

Seeing this scene, although he knew that he was in an illusion, he almost instinctively began to defend.

For a while, the tables, chairs and benches in the hall were ping-pong, and Zhang Yao was sitting in front of the dresser in Xu Wei’s room at the moment, leaning back and forth with laughter. Seeing the man on the monitor flickering and playing zombies, Zhang Yao felt that this world was too cola.

“What’s going on?” Xu Wei asked curiously when she saw the person in the surveillance screen.

“It’s very simple, in fact, it’s a very simple immersive effect. Although the brain repeatedly tells itself that it is fake, but it turns out that there is no way to distinguish whether it is real, the brain gets The information of the other organs does not match the information of other organs, so there will be contradictions and delusions, and everything he sees from the beginning is false.”

“Including entering the door?”

“Of course, the door he entered is not the door of the milk tea shop.”

He obviously did not enter the door of the milk tea shop, but a public storage room next to it, which is full of Old and tattered, but he was preconceived and immediately went in, thinking that there was a milk tea shop.

“What about the sausage he eats?”

“That’s true, the smell is tempting.” Zhang Yao laughed and picked up the walkie-talkie: “Prepare at the rear.”

Just as the first person who entered was still crawling around in the dilapidated room, trying to find the exit, several other people had already fallen into the trap that Zhang Yao made up.

The second person fell into the yard and suddenly saw a dog squatting there looking at him. He didn’t want to pay attention, but suddenly he saw the dog turned his head and walked into the bamboo forest.

The man thought it was strange, but just as he stepped out, he suddenly found that the sky above his head and the ground under his feet had turned upside down. He looked down and saw ten thousand zhang cliffs aloof and remote, The starlight flickered under the cliff, but above it was a thick piece of land.

“I’m hooked.” Zhang Yao chuckled: “Can’t the spell be used?”

(end of this chapter)

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