What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Technology Sanctions

The first actual combat of Zhang Yao card ban magic array, the effect is excellent.

This pulsing device, which counteracts spell by energy hedging, has shown great advantages in acupuncture metahumans and cultivators.

Its principle is difficult to say, but simple and simple. In fact, it is one or more pulse devices to emit sound waves of different frequencies. The sound waves have energy and will interfere with normal casting, as long as the number can keep up. , Thunder Dragon is still misfiring.

This is also the idea of the anti-Thunder Dragon device that Zhang Yao mentioned before. Although it is not very useful for Thunder Dragon at this stage, for these guys who are much weaker than Thunder Dragon, this thing is the ultimate weapon.

They had never seen it before, and they went in without even taking precautions. Once inside, it would be like washing lobsters in an ultrasonic dishwasher, and they would be shocked on the spot.

The situation of the second person is even more interesting. He is now trapped in the illusory realm. Zhang Yao uses his positioning ability to turn the illusory realm upside down and project it to his position. , as long as he releases his hand, he will fall from the ground to the sky, but the height of the illusory realm is limited, so when he falls to a certain height, he will return to the normal space, and then be pulled down by gravity, and then fall back to the illusory spirit in the environment.

So after he let go of his hand now, he would be in a state of jumping back and forth at an altitude of 1,000 meters within tens of seconds. The void space is not used to his stinky problems, and there is nothing he can do with his ability. Escape from between two spaces.

The other people were in the same state. The third person walked in from the main entrance of the Taoist Temple. As soon as he walked in, he ran into a big yellow fox that was bigger than his mother’s ox, while spraying fox fire. Baring his teeth, he was blocked by spell when he entered here, and the man immediately turned into a failed bullfighter in Spain, and was chased by a bull-sized fox and jumped up and down.

The situation of the fourth person is even worse. He jumped from the backyard, which is the direction of the bamboo forest. According to the normal situation, what he encountered was the ice hell and the pure man space.

That is to enter an area with a temperature of minus 80 degrees, and then be picked up by a brawny man who is more than three meters tall and his body is shiny like a cricket, and forced to punch him, that is, you hit him, He hits you with a punch.

But he didn’t expect that he was hit by the forbidden magic domain as soon as he walked into the yard. He slipped and fell into the depths of the bamboo forest. He was surrounded by cranes who were still tall.

These Immortal Crane are the bullies here. Except for the familiar people like Sister Gou and Brother Zhang, even Thunder Dragon has to be cautiously.

The little White Dragon was humiliated inside, and after this guy went in, these Immortal Crane could be considered passionate, and then started a ball game, not football but American football.

After tossing for a while, this guy who was able to break the speed of sound before was ruined and fainted, and it was Mrs. Gou who took him out of the Immortal Crane pile.

One trapped in the utility room, one shot at a kilometer altitude, one held in the mouth of the Grandfather Pi, and one was knocked out by Immortal Crane.

The four people who came to catch the little White Dragon just explained it here without even understanding the matter.

In this battle, Zhang Yao was very important. She didn’t even leave the computer during the whole process. Just using high-precision projection and anti-Thunder Dragon devices made this group of people die.

“Cleaning the battlefield.”

Zhang Yao shuts down all systems, restarts the Formation in the milk tea shop itself, and then walks out with the biscuits on patted’s body.

All four of them were pressed to the ground, and one of them had a jamming device tied to him. He couldn’t use his ability, and he was bullied like this. The expressions of several of them can be imagined. How wonderful.

After looking at the four people, Zhang Yao took out the phone and called Haozi: “It’s done, catch the four alive.”

Haozi walked in from outside after a while. After watching the video of the on-site arrest, he couldn’t wait to ask questions full of questions.

First of all, why is Zhang Yao’s illusion so realistic, and why they all seem to have no ability, and why is Zhang Yao able to control the Formation here?

After listening to Zhang Yao’s laughed: “My illusion is based on Xiao Zhang’s mind, and the main deception is the eyes, smell and hearing. Although it is not as powerful as his, but suddenly it is not as good. As for their abilities, remember the anti-Thunder Dragon gear? That’s experimental, spell nemesis.”

“Then why do you control the Formation here?”


“I parsed it, your Formation is nothing more than 42.2 billion permutations and combinations, as long as you modularize it, you will probably know what the purpose of each module is. How many combinations are needed for a module, just analyze it to know how to control it.” Zhang Yao said with a smile: “Don’t underestimate science.”

Haozi swallowed his saliva, and then laughed: “Is it useful for anti-Thunder Dragon?”

“It may not be used now, Thunder Dragon is stronger.”

After listening to Zhang Yao’s description, Haozi’s vest is actually cold , he absolutely didn’t expect mysticism to make people play like this. If you give her a period of time, she might be able to rub Thunder Dragon on the ground…

No, it’s hard to say, Thunder Dragon It’s a monster. Zhang Yao seems to be able to deal with these people now. If he really wants to deal with Thunder Dragon, I am afraid there is still a long section of the road to go.

“Okay, I won’t tell you first, I’ll take these four people away.”

“Is my first job okay?”

“Yes, of course. It’s perfect.”

Haozi really can’t pick out any problems. Zhang Yao’s first actual combat is almost by the strength of oneself. A reasonably good expert pressed it on the ground and rubbed it, and the other party couldn’t even resist.

What else is there to say besides a slap in the face?

The four people were taken back to the base of their new department and locked in a special cell. Haozi looked at the four people who were constantly struggling inside, and his stinginess became serious.

There are four cultivators, and they are all good cultivators. Although they were all plotted against by Zhang Yao, judging from their performance, these four people have unusual abilities, and they look like inheritance is very deep.

It has been a long time, from the first girl case to the five prisons reincarnation case, the clues are finally broken, but this time has finally achieved phased results.

But Haozi still doesn’t dare to take it lightly, because he still doesn’t know what kind of organization is behind this, but at least judging from the ability and strength they show now, it should definitely not be a little fellow. .

“People caught?”

After receiving the news, Bureau Chen rushed over with energetic and bustling, and then saw the four people who were locked inside and kept twitching, and laughed extraordinarily. Loudly: “I’ll say you brat will do.”

Haozi was praised a little sorry, and quickly waved his hand: “It’s still early… Let’s try one by one.”

And when Haozi was arraigned late at night, Brother Zhang and Xiao Ma were sitting in a street food shop drinking sugar water.

Their battle situation today was average. The pony didn’t win the 100 million he said, but he also won tens of millions back and forth, but all of them were ruined by Xiao Zhang. Following that Sophie around, she lost a lot and was deceived a lot.

However, Brother Zhang and the others didn’t care because, accompanied by Sophie, Brother Zhang had a good time playing every little place in the casino.

He has never experienced that kind of excitement in his life, and even at the end, Xiaoma went to Sophie on purpose, and asked her to take Brother Zhang to another place tomorrow. have fun.

“It cost about a thousand yuan to play for a day, which is still very cost-effective.” Wugenshui said with a smile after drinking the sugar water: “Anyway, as long as the Lord is happy, money is trivial. .”

“Money, life or death does not bring it with you. And the money you win from gambling doesn’t matter.” The pony looked at the dark look on his hands: “I may have water today. More than 20 million, it was all cheated by the female liar.”

β€œHahaha, everyone knows she is a liar, but she can make the Lord happy.”

Little Brother Zhang also laughed at hehe: “I didn’t plan to win money, I just…experienced.”

“Okay, boss, your happiness is more important than anything else. If you are willing, let that girl be tomorrow. The Snitch is fine to accompany you, the kind of person who is willing to do anything for money.”

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “She is very interesting. She said she came here to give The sick mother at home earns money to treat the disease, and she has a younger sister to take care of. I think she is very pitiful, so I gave her a little more. In fact, she didn’t want to lie to me.”

Xiaoma and Ah Shui sighed together, but didn’t say anything. After all, this was already a lie. Brother Zhang gave her more than ten or two hundred thousand chips back and forth. For people who have been in the bottom for a long time, more than ten to two hundred thousand a day, that is really the fat sheep of the fat sheep.

But how can I say it, it’s good for Brother Zhang to be happy, but a thousand dollars can’t buy him a smile, and the Holy Master spends some money to buy fun, can that be called being cheated?

“Want to find some fun later?” Pony asked, “Want to see dancing or something?”

“Um…I was thinking. Wugenshui suddenly narrowed his eyes and said, “How about we take the Holy Master to do a big job tomorrow?”

“Oh? How do you say it?” The pony asked curiously.

Rootless Water chuckled: “Isn’t that Sophie well aware of this? We’ll let her take us to the kind of stage where we play a lot and win hundreds of millions of people from the gang. Then look at What will happen, in fact, I have never experienced it, Mei Junsheng has no ability to win hundreds of millions at the gambling table.”

When Xiaoma heard this, he slapped his thigh: “It’s suitable, yes! If they are in a hurry, we will do it, and if they are not in a hurry, we will slowly lose the money back.”

Brother Zhang shook his head, said with a smile: “You are really pregnant.”

“What’s wrong, we said we don’t need a spell, but I’m afraid they won’t be able to stand it without a spell.”

(End of this chapter)


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