What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Pippi’s Hyperspace Maneuver

Xu Wei was taken to the room where she was previously protected. After a simple dressing, Haozi tapped her head in front of her. Seven star lights.

The three seven-star lamps went out quickly after they were lit, but Haozi didn’t care. He first placed the six copper coins in the six of the seven stars, and then placed the remaining two coins on Xu Wei’s forehead and on the navel.

During this process, another seven-star lamp went out, which means that Xu Wei has only three Soul Lamps left, but Haozi still doesn’t care.

He took out a stick of incense and put it in Xu Wei’s mouth. With a twist of his fingers, the incense was ignited. At this time, the fifth lamp had already started to flicker, but even an oil lamp at this moment. No matter how weak it is, it cannot be extinguished.

Three red lines lock Xu Wei’s three corpses respectively, use talisman paper to kill Liujia, lead the sky lantern to transport Five Elements, separate copper coins, reunite and reunite, bundle gold locks to eliminate three ghosts, and drive away peach branches. Five gods.

At this point, even if Xu Wei’s Divine Soul is locked, unless the opponent’s ability is much higher than his, even if the opponent tossed a layer of skin, don’t even think about touching Xu Wei.

But just locking the Divine Soul is secondary, the important thing is to fight back. Here we have to look at the previous eight copper coins. To drive out the eight coins, set up Qimen Dunjia, and Tianmen and Qimen are life and death respectively. The remaining Six Sects are placed in each of the six sky lanterns, and the next empty door is set as a trap.

The soul seeker must hook up with the seeker. When hooking up, if you enter the Eight Sects Dunjia, you will be confused, and the other Divine Soul will definitely want to get rid of the predicament. The only place to get out is the one missing in the Eight Sects.

But it is precisely this gate that Haozi set a trap. Divine Soul emerges from this gate, but will be led into the gate of life and death. I came up with an idea, that Death Gate… Normal people will not go to the Death Gate, because although the Death Gate is indeed the place to break the formation, it is dangerous and abnormal, and 50% will directly return to Qi Sea and then have a golden lock guide. If you were to travel back to Seven Stars, you would be busy working in vain.

At this step, basically Haozi has changed from an away game to a home game. He casually lit up the Sky Lantern, let the Sky Lantern fly away at one end, and placed one at the other end. Silkworm cocoon, one end of the silkworm cocoon is tied on the Sky Lantern, and the other end is wrapped around Xu Wei’s little finger, the Sky Lantern will eventually float to the location of the caster, and lead Xu Wei’s stolen soul back to life.

After arranging everything, Haozi quickly squeezed the secret art with both hands and mutter incantations: “Yuanshi’an Town Announces Wanling Yue Du Zhenguan Land Only Ling…”

Protecting the mandala, As soon as the Earth God mantra was released, the whole room was filled with rays of light, and the fragile silk became tenacious like a steel wire. Sky Lantern pulled the silk to the distance.

“Grandfather Pi, keep up!”

Da Huang, the fox who was squatting on the balcony, glanced at Haozi. Follow this Sky Lantern all the way.

And at the other end of the city, in a deep and quiet place, a mage was doing the same. Suddenly, he put his hand on his chest, and a mouthful of old blood spurted out, splashing onto the Evil God spirit position in front of him. superior.

After a period of severe dizziness, he took dozens of steps back and sat on the ground with blood dripping from his nose and mouth, and his head was muddleheaded to speechless.

After a little exploration, I found that I couldn’t seduce my soul, but the Divine Soul was damaged.

After the mage took a breath, he pinched his fingers, shouted badly, and ran out.

There are dozens of his Disciples at the door. Seeing the master running out in such an embarrassed manner, he hurriedly went up to inquire about the situation.

“Run!” he shouted, and moved towards the spat out one mouthful of impure air in the house with the risk of losing the cultivation base. Burned up.

“What’s the matter with Master!”

“I’ve met an expert, it’s too late to explain, let’s go!!!”

The mage quickly moved with the help of Disciple I got into the car, but just as the car was started, a heavy object fell on the roof, and a big hole was smashed on the roof.

Then they saw a clump of fluffy tails, then the tail disappeared, and a huge fox head appeared on the front fender.

Disciples were all dumbfounded, and just as the mage was about to take out Magical Artifact, he felt a stagnation in his chest, and a mouthful of blood spurted again.

But the foxes in front of them should not be polite to them. Thinking of the grievances he suffered before, and the possibility of being scolded by Xiao Zhang, Grandfather Pi suddenly became angry, and he breathed and breathed. The fox fire was boiling, and the sharp claw opened the roof of the car like a courier. A lucky kid was randomly selected to pick it up and toss it in one pass, then throw it aside and grab the second one.

But after a brief absence, the people in the car could not sit still, they opened the door and fled.

The angry Grandfather Pi immediately started chasing one, tearing one apart like crazy.

In the end, the mage was sitting in the car clutching his chest and gasping for breath. The beautiful yellow fur of the Grandfather Pi was covered in blood, and the one whose eyes showed the ominous light went back to the car again. Big eyes appeared on the side of the car window, and foxfire even penetrated through the gaps in the car.

The mage wanted to run, but Divine Soul was trapped in the Eight Sects Dunjia and was seriously injured, now even a dog can easily kill him, not to mention such a show one’s ferocious appearance vixen.

Grandfather Pi ripped open the car door, and stuck his huge head in front of the mage, but turned his head slightly, the mage shouted loudly, and his head was tilted and there was no sound.

“Useless stuff!”

Grandfather Pi scolded, grabbed the mage’s belt, turned his head and went back, and at this time the fire in the house also ignited Firefighters were attracted, but when they arrived at the scene, they found that something big had happened here…

Grandfather Pi took the mage back to where Haozi was, and now Xu Wei was actually awake, Lying on the bed, she felt pain everywhere, like being slapped by a tiger…

“Oh…” Xu Wei tried to move her body, but the intense pain made her moan .

Haozi saw her wake up, turned on the light quickly, removed all Magical Artifacts, then squatted beside her bed and said, “You must not move now, never…you didn’t. I’m really lucky to die.”

“It hurts…” Xu Wei was so painful that she almost cried: “I dreamed that I was bitten by a tiger.”

Haozi touched it. Touching the back of the head, silly laughed.

At this moment, there was a whistling on the balcony, and then the Grandfather Pi landed there firmly with a person in his mouth.

It pushed open the glass door of the balcony with its scratches, and threw the mage there with its head.

“It’s cool.”

Grandfather Pi jumped in and became the little loli with short hair of 1.5 meters, but today she is not very good-looking, and the corners of her mouth are full of blood.

“Caught it back?”

“Well, that’s it.” Grandfather Pi coldly snorted: “It’s not that you want to live, the old man will be slaughtered by him.”

“Convergence, you didn’t kill yourself, right?”

“Look at the fortune.”

This sentence looks at the fortune… Haozi knows those people bode ill rather than well, but how to say this kind of thing, Grandfather Pi is a demon after all, it is difficult to use secular legal and moral constraints after all.

But those people have nothing to say, damn it. It’s just that Haozi has a faint feeling that things are not that simple.

But no matter how simple it is, I have to wait for the damned bastard in front of me to wake up. Before that, Xu Wei must be sent to the hospital!

She was photographed by a tiger.

It costs money to be sent to the hospital, and I can’t count on Grandfather Pi. Haozi…Haozi fried him into oily residue, and even selling the oily residue is not worth thousands of dollars, so they ended up in the morning When I asked for help from Brother Zhang.

Then they were logically told by Brother Zhang, but the money was still advanced.

“If you want me to tell me, it’s okay if I don’t pay it back?” Grandfather Pi suddenly asked Haozi after Zhang Jiachang’s money to pay for medical expenses, “Brother Zhang’s money is our money. Isn’t it?”

“You believing or not he can ask the eldest sister to come and eat you.” Haozi made a note on the account book: “I knew I would ask Yang Junfeng to ask for it.”

“That’s right! He looks stupid and has a lot of money.” Grandfather Pi slapped his forehead: “Why am I so stupid.”

“The two of you should just get together, you’re not very smart anyway. Haozi looked up at the time: “It’s almost nine o’clock. Go and see how Xu Wei is doing. I’ll go back to the bureau later.”

Xu Wei is also called unlucky, but It was the lottery of the hexagram at that time. Although there were many soft tissue bruises all over the body, ribs, shoulder blades, elbow joints, humerus, and hip bones were fractured to a certain extent, but at least his life was saved, and he did not live up to the lottery. ‘s signature.

Although it may take two months to lie in bed, it is a million times better than being killed by someone’s heart.

Xu Wei, who was lying on the bed, was covered in bandages. Seeing Haozi and the others coming in, she even compared her mind. She seemed to be in a good mood.

But seeing her tragic appearance, Grandfather Pi’s mouth for money is somewhat open…

“Would you like to call home?” Haozi sat down She asked Xu Wei, “You can’t be taken care of like this.”

Xu Wei’s expression was a little embarrassed, she laughed dryly: “Can you not call me… I don’t want to bother my grandma, she’s getting old…”

“Grandma? Where are your parents?” Grandfather Pi opened a piece of ham next to him and ate it, while eating, he asked, “I’ll call you My parents are coming.”

“They…have married, so they shouldn’t be able to come.” Xu Wei laughed: “I came here because the netizen said he could find me a job. “Then…”

“Then you’re out of luck. Brother Zhang may have to pay for your hospitalization.” Haozi ka ka ate a packet of peanuts and said, “You two It costs tens of thousands per month, Brother Zhang will definitely not ignore you, but how do you pay it back?”

“I…I don’t know.”

” Forget it, I’m worried about what this thing does, Brother Zhang has his own plan.” Haozi muttered for a while and then suddenly frowned, and after pinching his fingers, his expression became even more puzzled: “No, why hasn’t the problem been resolved yet?”

Xu Wei was shocked: “It hasn’t been resolved yet?”

(end of this chapter)

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