What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 120


Chapter 120 You are blasphemous for doing this.

Sophie is in a strange state because she has been in contact with many people, but she has never Never met a Kaizi like today.

Say he is stupid, even if he has two or three of the most complex game mechanics, he can even be said to be proficient. It can be said that he is smart. When he loses money, he smiles all over his face, as if the money is not his.

Although he made a lot of money and gave himself a lot of money, Sophie still couldn’t understand what the man was thinking.

And to be honest, I am a liar, which should be obvious to most people in the end. Although there are not many scams every time, no one will take the initiative to ask a liar for second day. Continue of.

But his followers…that’s right, they’re followers. Those two people gave the impression that they were the attendants of the fat sheep beside them. They looked very shrewd and definitely didn’t look like the kind of people who would be deceived.

I even saw the shorter man, he almost always wins every gamble, and then he will give the money he won to the fat sheep to let him lose and play, even a little distressed. not come out.

That’s 10 to 20 million. It’s not a small number. Even in the gold-selling cave of Macau, there are not many people who can face doesn’t change and lose 10 to 20 million.

Although there were many doubts, in the face of high returns, Sophie decided to go to the fat sheep as a guide on the second day.

Second day, Sophie woke up in her rental house early in the morning, took a shower and put on a beautiful make-up, completely different from yesterday’s enchanting, today looks like a The purity of a high school girl.

But just as she was about to go out, two men in suits suddenly appeared at the door and pressed her back into the room.

Then a short, stout man walked in with a cigarette in his mouth.

Sophie knew him, this person was the famous Stinking Insect in this area, he would often target some fat sheep, and then try his best to get them to spit out the money, and today they have found Sue. Fei, there is a high probability that they are eyeing the fat sheep of Brother Zhang.


“Big Fei…”

“Do you know why I came to you?” The big Fei left Sitting next to Sophie in the past, one hand frivolously touched her thigh: “It’s not too long since you’ve been in Macau?”

“I know…”

“It’s fine if you know, I’ll see your performance today.” Brother Da Fei got up and patted her head: “After it’s done, I’ll give you 10%.”

Sophie lowered her head and murmured complied, But she actually knew in her heart that even if Brother Da Fei squeezed more money from the fat sheep, he would never fulfill his promise. It would be great to be able to pay 300 to 500 yuan for his hard work. think.

But there is no way, this person is a Stinking Insect, here he is clinging to a few big bosses in Macau, the big bosses are too lazy to care about these trivial things, and many dirty things are still there. He had to do it, so he still enjoyed it very much in Macau, and few people could move him.

In the end, Sophie went out and came to the place she had made an appointment with with Xiao Zhang and the others. She saw the three mainlanders standing on the street from afar, each holding a Box of egg tarts, chatting while eating.

Sophie cheered herself up, smiled and walked up to greet Brother Zhang and the three of them. At this moment, Xiaoma suddenly stepped forward and put her arms around Sophie’s shoulders and took him aside.

“I want to ask you something.” The pony asked in a low voice, “Do you know if there is such a big game here, the kind that is more underground… To put it bluntly, it is the underworld. The place.”

Sophie was stunned for a moment, then turned her head and looked towards the pony: “What’s wrong?”

“Today our boss wants to play something bigger, you can take it with you. Don’t worry, you won’t lose money without your benefits.”

“Ah…this…I understand.”

In fact, Sophie couldn’t react immediately, but Soon she understood what was going on, and hurriedly responded to it. After all, Da Fei also meant it in the morning.

But to be honest, Sophie was a little bit unbearable, because the three continent guys were all very nice, they spoke kindly, and they were generous. More importantly, she could feel the three of them. Still respect yourself.

A woman like her is not worth mentioning in the eyes of most people, and the little respect they give is actually quite heavy in Sophie’s heart.

But man, how many things are involuntarily, even Sophie knows that these three are good people, but in order to survive she can only be oneself and sell them.

According to the pony’s idea, Sophie would take them for a walk in various formal venues during the day, and there would be 20,000 to 10,000 to win back and forth.

Anyway, Sophie doesn’t know how they can guess those rollers and slot machines so accurately. Within three hands, they must win a big game, but more than 20 million is a real deal. into the account.

When night fell, they ate something special locally, and then Sophie took them to a more out-of-the-way place.

The person in charge of this field is Brother Da Fei. When Sophie entered the field, he was eyeing the entire group of Brother Zhang, and then laughed put on his coat and prepared to meet the big fat sheep in person.

“This is a good place, it’s a crooked feeling.”

Xiaoma rolled up his sleeves and turned his head to Brother Zhang and said, “In this way, they don’t need a thousand dollars, so I don’t need to. If they are talented, don’t blame me.”

Brother Zhang was just laughed, he exchanged some chips and went to play next to him. Thousands of dollars, so much fun.

And Sophie had already been called in front of Big Fei at this time, which probably meant that she should guide the fat sheep to play PVP in the VIP room, and stop playing PVE outside.

Sophie knew that this place was a bottomless pit that could eat people without spitting out bones. She felt a little unbearable, but she also knew about Da Fei’s methods. As a low-level nobody, she really cannot afford to offend.

But people, after all, will have a bit of a sense of resistance, she calmly returned to the little brother Zhang, and whispered to him: “Brother Zhang, why don’t you go back first… someone… I’m watching you.”

Brother Zhang was playing slot machines there at the moment, when he heard this, he looked up at her, then turned his head and glanced at Brother Dafei who was standing in front of him nodded .

“You were threatened?”

Sophie nodded shook her head again, then sipped and said, “He asked me to trick you into going to their VIP room… there are all It’s a top expert, you can’t win.”

Brother Zhang extended the hand and snapped his fingers behind him, and the pony immediately ran over eagerly: “Boss, what’s wrong?”


“The excitement you want is here.” Brother Zhang smiled and tapped Brother Da Fei with his chin: “Sophie said the boss here wants to invite us into VIP.”

“Hahaha, take his mother, there’s no way to hell, he’s going to dig in!”

Speaking of which, the pony straightened up and shouted, “Brother Shui, let’s go.”

He was shaking his hair without a root next to him, and walked over with his hands in his pockets. He looked like an idiot, but he probably thought it was a little cool.

“Where did you learn this action, it’s so stupid.” Xiaoma teased: “It’s just like the handsome picture in Hong Kong movies in the 1990s, people over 50 years old watching It should be quite intimacy, after all, they hooked up girls like this at that time.”

“Can you die if you don’t talk for three hours?” Wugenshui is quite satisfied with his appearance, so it is rare “You have to take care of it, too.”

“It’s not that, but I think it’s really retro. Why don’t you wear your favorite silk wrap breasts?”

Brother Zhang turned his head to look at Ah Shui: “You wear a breast wrap?”

“The trend… it’s just a trend.” Wugenshui’s face flushed red at that time. Get up: “Who is still young.”

“Wow, the fashion of 2,000 years ago is really too fashionable.”

No root water Talking to the pony again, it’s too rude, no wonder Thunder Dragon always wants to deal with him, it seems that the root cause has been found, even if he has such a good relationship with him, sometimes he really can’t help but want to slap him.

“Okay, people are still waiting there.”

Brother Zhang got up: “Don’t make people wait too long.”

their three people When they came to Da Fei together, Sophie came over to introduce them: “This is Da Fei, this is Zhang. Brother Zhang, Da Fei would like to invite the three of you to the VIP room to play a few games.”

Brother Zhang extended the hand and shook hands with Brother Da Fei, then said with a smile: “Okay, but we are all good, we are newbies.”

“That’s not necessarily true. , I think a few of you have been winning all the time. But it doesn’t matter if you win or lose tonight, I just want to make friends, I think a few of you are very compatible.” After a while, Brother Zhang entered the VIP room. Although I have never entered the VIP room of those formal casinos, this informal VIP looks luxurious enough.

The gambling games here are all pvp, and the atmosphere is different from those outside pve. Brother Zhang glanced around and found that most of the people here are not good at first glance, while the pony When he came to his ear, he said, “Don’t look at it, 90% of the people here are top players. They are professionals.”

“en.” Brother Zhang nodded.

Then the pony continued: “Don’t worry, I have never lost to anyone in my life.”

Soon, the three of them took their seats. Brother Da Fei greeted them attentively and asked them what they wanted to play, but the pony just said something casual, and Brother Da Fei almost lost his smile at that time.

It was arranged immediately, and the three people were divided into three tables, playing Texas, Mahjong and Pai Gow respectively.

Brother Zhang plays mahjong, but his skills are so bad that he even stumbles when drawing cards. The three players next to him glanced at each other and knew that this man was a top rookie, and the expression on his face was immediately relieved. stand up.

“Zhang Sheng, you’re in bad luck.” One of the fat middle age persons smiled and said to Brother Zhang, “I touched myself.”

Brother Zhang frowned looked at him, because just now, he clearly saw the action of the three of them changing cards, but he didn’t say anything, just nodded with a smile, and then pushed the mahjong out: “Come again. ”

(end of this chapter)

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