What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 121


Chapter 121 lets you see what a god of gamblers is

Xiao Zhang has lost six games in a row, every time he just listens He would be interrupted when he was about to draw or was about to draw, and every time he saw these people changing cards.

Six games in a row, and each game is a big 60. Brother Zhang’s 10 million yuan is less than half left.

“Zhang Sheng, you won’t be able to make two laps here.”

Brother Zhang said with a smile when he heard the other party’s words: “You guys are lucky.”

After he finished speaking, he pushed out the cards in his hand again: “Come again.”

The faces of the three people who played with him showed joy, then raised their heads and glanced at Brother Zhang. , but he couldn’t see the slightest change in his expression, which made people feel a little admired.

In the seventh opening, Brother Zhang drew the first card and stopped there. After hesitating for a long time, he raised his head and said with a smile: “Did I draw myself?”

The people next to him came over to take a look, and it turned out to be Dihu…Although the card face is not big, it is quite remarkable with the addition of Dihu.

They were all hehe haha at this time, and they praised Brother Zhang’s good luck.

This time it was Brother Zhang’s turn to be the host. He gently laughed and then started to draw cards. The old thousand three who played with him didn’t understand why he laughed, but he was only after the applique. , turned the card down: “Is this called Tianhu Shisanyi?”

The people next to him immediately felt that something was wrong, and one of them raised his head and looked towards Brother Xiao Zhang. The people sitting in the monitoring room looked blank, but even the high-speed cameras didn’t capture Brother Zhang’s actions.

In the next few hands, these three professional veterans have encountered the biggest crisis in their careers. They have changed cards to the extent that they can draw the next card, but they can be beaten by Xiao Zhang. Brother gang on the gang on the gang, the gang reaches the eighteenth Arhat and then blooms directly on the gang.

Also, even if he sacrificed himself not to play cards, he also sealed all the cards for Brother Zhang, and he was still able to seabed for the moon.

From the beginning of that venue, Brother Zhang seems to be favored by the god of luck, or simply he is the god of luck, making all the handles impossible, all kinds of outrageous operations one after another. Disc, playing three professional old face ashes, such as prepare for there funeral.

But from the beginning to the end, the high-speed camera did not capture the slightest bit of Brother Zhang’s cheating.

And even if he goes to the bathroom and asks the security guard next to him to draw cards, what he draws will be a pair of Tianhu cards.

This made the three old Qianlian technical officers behind the camera frightened on the spot.

They notified Brother Da Fei of this matter, and Brother Da Fei was also confused because he was about to vomit blood after losing in Pai Gow. No matter how he cheated on his side, the other party always He was able to catch a good hand, and even if he didn’t play it, he started cheating from the dealer, but in the end he was still defeated.

The poker side is even more outrageous. The guy doesn’t know if he is a top expert or doesn’t know how to play at all. If people follow, he will start with Tianhu, and if they don’t follow him, they will have a bad hand.

The top player played just like in front of him, they all changed Eighteen’s hand, and the last card was the original card.

This is either the old thousand misses, or this is forced to change the cards, but how fast is this hand to change so many cards at the same time? So close that even a high-speed camera can’t capture it?

In just two or three hours, Big Fei is about to lose to big brother, his face is gloomy like Hui Nantian in the south, and he is about to squeeze out water.

But the problem is that these guys don’t play cards according to the routine at all, and they can’t get the handle at all, and there are other guests in the VIP room now. Done.

Now all he can do is hold his nose and admit it, but losing like this is really not the way to go. It’s two hundred million less in a blink of an eye. Although their bets are not big, they can’t stand it. Three forced to play like this.

Finally, Brother Da Fei found a space and ran out. After all, he couldn’t take it anymore, so he could only report the situation to his boss. The other side was calm and said he would handle it.

Soon, all the eight Vajra in Macau will come. These people are all at the top of the pyramid in the industry. The characters who are blocked by major casinos, they are now protecting the scene.

And their arrival made Brother Da Fei become ambitious again. When he saw these people, his flattering attitude really made him want to wag his tail.

“Substitution?” The pony saw that the people in front of him were taking turns, and he probably knew what it meant, but he still calmly moved forward with the mountains of chips in front of him. One push: “It’s gone.”

His style of play blew up four of the eight Vajra, and he didn’t know what to do at once. After a few sets, they might feel that the opposite It was just a bluff, so I just called…

This one had a problem. When I opened it, it turned into a smashed hand, and was eaten thoroughly on the spot.

And Xiao Zhang is still the most exaggerated. They have already activated the mahjong machine to cheat, and they can’t win against this great god… In the end, they all had to propose hand washing.

Brother Zhang saw that not only the person but also the table was changed, he scratched his head and said, “Isn’t this very slow?”

The few people pretended to be smiling and said : “We can help you draw cards.”

“Okay.” Brother Zhang nodded with a smile.

Shuffle the cards by hand, this should be a foolproof method for the old people, even Xiao Zhang’s hand does not need to be moved, if this can’t kill him, then the reputation of these eight Vajra Also waste.

But even so! That’s it! If he should win, he will win, without any influence! This is damn good. People put their hands on the bottom and didn’t bring them up. My own side obviously gave him a sloppy hand, but after a circle, people can be fooled.

This is not justified.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, Brother Da Fei had been killed for nearly one billion yuan. Now it’s not just a matter of his face. The cold sweat on his forehead has already wiped a roll of paper towels. , the limbs feel a little numb.

And those three rookies were rubbing against the eight Vajra all the way.

“I won’t come, I won’t come.” The pony yawned and threw the last chip on the table: “Hey, can you guys do it? Don’t follow when you follow, I won’t let you follow me when you’re following. You can still be counter-killed after four fights, will you play?”

The expressions of the few people in front of him were solemn, and their hands were about to go out of their way. , he has done everything he can, but he has no intention of turning the situation around.

The situation on Brother Zhang’s side is similar. Three people play a game for one person. In the end, all the pants are lost. Is this a fucking gamble? This is clearly to send.

What eight Vajra, nine Vajra, what a fucking joke.

“It’s almost there, it’s time to go back.” Wugenshui came over to the pony and said, “The water on my side is cut off.”

“It’s almost the same for me.” The pony looked at the chips on the opponent’s table and drew one from his own stack: “3,000 yuan, if you don’t follow, bring the chips, please in a hurry.”

At this time, I saw the stupid Sophie and didn’t know what to say. These three people… obviously they are rookies, but… but even the eight Vajra came out and they had nothing to do with them. .

And she felt the most clearly in the first few games, because she was playing for Brother Zhang in the next few games.

She has never seen such a straight board, either Tian Hu or Earth Hu or Huo Hu, even if she deliberately split the cards to hold back the big cards, in the end it was always her.

Cheating? It doesn’t exist, people stand ten meters away from her and eat fruit…

It’s just pure good luck, if it’s a matter of location, people’s locations have changed over and over, where to sit Which red.

For the first time, the water in the underground casino was cut off like this, and these guys cut off the water in a casino that is still a little large.

“Many thanks, take care, brother Fei.” When Xiaoma left, he carried a box with a stack of checks in it: “We thank you in advance for the children in poverty-stricken areas, hello people have Good news, more sons, more longevity and more blessings in the next life.”

Brother Da Fei gritted his back molars, stared at him with red eyes, and when he looked towards Sophie again, he could not wait to shoot Broke her.

“One billion yuan.” When the pony left, he still carried the box and said loudly to Brother Zhang: “Donating one Hope Primary School is calculated at five hundred thousand yuan, and this one can make two Hundreds of them.”

Wugenshui sighed: “Big guy, it’s two thousand.”

“hahahaha… math is not good, math is bad.”

Their voices gradually drifted away. Brother Da Fei was so angry that he was trembling all over at the moment. After a while, the phone call from the boss above him called, and he scolded him like a third grandson, and said If there is no way to fill the gap, he will go to reclaim the sea by himself tomorrow morning.

This time, Da Fei’s whole person collapsed, and he immediately thought of going to grab it, but it might not work, so after hanging up his boss, he whispered to the person below. up.

At this moment, Brother Zhang and the others have arrived at the dock, and Xiaoma pulled a few cheques from the box to Sophie: “It’s still too late to catch the last boat to Hong Kong, and you will hurry up tomorrow morning. Go back to the mainland through Luohukou, or you will die.”

Sophie’s face turned pale at the moment. Looking at the three people on the shore, they didn’t say what they wanted to say, but looked down at the checks…

“If I say that my brother Shui is kind, I can still get stuck at the end. Time for a boat.” The three of them smiled and pushed a handful of rootless water as they walked back: “Is it a strategist, you can think of this.”

“It’s not necessary. Involving innocent people.” Wugenshui patted the box in the pony’s hand: “We still have to help them do meritorious deeds.” Brother: “Holy Master, I don’t understand… Ah Hua is relying on his hand speed, I rely on a ghost, you are…”

Brother Zhang narrowed his eyes and laughed: ” I said hello to the God of Wealth.”

The pony slapped his thigh: “Hold the grass…”

Yes… Brother Zhang really doesn’t use his abilities, but he can’t stand him Great face, right, who the hell is going to the casino to say hello to God of Wealth? Who can withstand this God Blessing Technique…

“They should trouble us later, right?” Wugenshui looked back at Brother Zhang: “What do you think of the Holy Master?”

“Don’t hurt innocent people.”

“Understood.” The pony was nodded, with madness in his eyes: “I like this kind of thing, entrapment and defensive counterattack. .”

“Actually, if they don’t cheat, I won’t look for the God of Wealth.” Brother Zhang sighed: “I really like playing mahjong, and I have no experience with the God of Wealth at all.”

(end of this chapter)

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