What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 122


Chapter 122 What group are you!

Brother Zhang returned to the hotel at night and nothing happened for the time being. After he lay down, he took out his mobile phone, clicked on a VX group, looked through the chat records, and then Aite gave a name The netizen named Gongxi Facai then gave him a red envelope of 200 yuan.

“Gongming many thanks.”

The person named Gongxi Facai quickly received the red envelope, and then sent a thank you boss emoji in the group, and then replied: “No need So you’re welcome, how’s it going, how’s it going today?”

Then someone suddenly posted a lot of color pictures, and the person who posted the pictures was called Perennial Dog Bitten, Xiao Zhang asked I opened a few and looked at it, and then someone else got up and scolded people. The one who scolded the most was the group owner. A female manager named Pantao Guanju, whose avatar was a lotus flower, directly scolded herself for “being bitten by dogs all the year round”. closed.

“By the way, the broadband speed here is not very good. Recently, I have been a little stuck when watching dramas. Good big brother, think of a way…” At this time, one called “Don’t eat sweet-scented osmanthus” The avatar is a particularly beautiful girl. The person who took the selfie Aite said, “Also, what a big brother… When will the hub open, I want to go shopping.”

Brother Zhang was stunned After a while, he returned: “You are in the B-Rank control area. You should have eight months of freedom of passage every year. You should only need to report for the other four months. Have you not opened the door? Then let’s take a look. Who is the applicant?”

Then there were more than 800 people in the group, and at least 600 people came out, all of them were in Aite, a person named “Not afraid of monkeys”.

About ten minutes later, the man said slowly: “I’ve been busy writing a book recently, so I forgot about it. I’ll fill out the form tomorrow, don’t rush.”

At this time, a lot of information suddenly appeared in Brother Zhang’s private message. He cut it out and took a look. It was the guy with the color chart who just brushed his private message, and there were some particularly exciting pictures in it.

“How about it, brother. It’s all from the girls in the group. I tricked me.”

“Amazing…” Brother Zhang opened a few pictures I looked at it and said, “Don’t they scold you?”

“Scolding, that is, the old aunts scold them, and everyone else is happy. When the traffic opens tomorrow, I will go down and find a few to play. Play.”

“You just need to be careful.”

Turning off the phone, Brother Zhang let out a long sigh, everyone here is a great character, but only he I know that these people are actually no different from ordinary sand sculpture netizens, and they will do all kinds of outrageous things.

There are quite a few such groups, Brother Zhang. Generally, when they are controlled by B and C-Rank, or when they are controlled by B and C, they will start a group. Generally, Brother Zhang does not look at their daily groups. The content of the chat is only responsible for handling some of their demands.

In addition to the A-Rank control, the B and C-Rank controls have a certain degree of freedom. For example, the B-Rank control means that there are eight months of the year to pass freely, but the pass No ability after that. The remaining four months can apply for the pass, and the pass can be fully loaded.

C-Rank is a bit looser. Basically, it is free to pass all year round and can be fully equipped. For example, Ghost King and Monster King belong to C-Rank pass, which is The reason why Grandfather Pi can be so arrogant here.

As for the A-Rank control, it is not allowed to pass anyway, and this kind of little brother Zhang will not actively communicate with them, so naturally he will not pull out a group.

Just when Brother Zhang was about to play a game, his private message rang again. The head portrait was a small pink apricot flower. She sent Brother Zhang an emoji, and Brother Zhang replied. a question mark. Then there was another strange expression on the other side, and Brother Zhang had no choice but to keep asking questions.

Then the other side finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and saw the prompt “The other side is talking…”, after waiting for a long time, a long string of voices came over.

“Tomorrow…after it’s over, can you do me a favor, that is…I met a friend, I want to meet him, but…I don’t dare, can you accompany me? Shall I go?”

Brother Zhang typed back and said, “Are you dating online?”

The other end probably said that it was deleted and deleted, and it took a long time to reply. No, Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

“Thank you…then I won’t bother you.”

Sitting on the bed , Brother Zhang turned on the TV and sat on the bed watching the silly topics chatting in various groups, unconsciously it was almost dawn.

Brother Zhang does not need to sleep in essence, but sometimes he finds the long night very difficult, most of the time he relies on games to solve the aimless loneliness, but most of the time he still Will choose to sleep for a while.

The red sun was rising and dawn was breaking. Brother Zhang stood at the window with a cup of coffee and looked at the calm sea outside. He didn’t know what he was thinking, so he just watched.

Suddenly, several red boxes appeared in his line of sight, and he looked around and found that there were about twenty such boxes around the hotel where he was staying, which meant that hostile individuals.

Some of these red boxes are on the side of the road, some are sitting in the small shop downstairs, and some are directly squatting in the corner of the side of the hotel.

After careful calculation, there are twenty-two people in total.

These people are invisible under Brother Zhang’s vision, as long as he looks at the frame, that person’s name, gender, height, weight, physical features, home address, parents and close relatives The information will appear in Brother Zhang’s mind in detail.

However, Brother Zhang put on the glasses at this time, and all the information was disappeared in an instant. He looked towards the distant sea and sky again, and let out a long breath.

Since he added 15 layers to the glasses, he has fallen in love with this feeling, as long as he wears these glasses, he will automatically lose all active ability, the world in his eyes Immediately it becomes clean and clear, and it will not hear the voices of people, animals, demons, and ghosts walking towards you all the time, nor will the information of the eighteenth generation of that person’s ancestors appear when you stare at a person. .

This quietness and clarity made him extremely relaxed, and he even began to gradually regain the curiosity about the world that he had before the age of fifteen.

And just after the meal was delivered to the hotel, he also received the approval document for the pass application there, and within less than an hour after he routinely signed it online, his circle of friends was already covered by the whole world. The copywriting and photos of the punch card swiped the screen.

Brother Zhang laughed when he saw the way these people were having fun. It seemed that because of the delay in sending them to trial, this group of people could be considered suffocated.

However, the group of them came out this time basically belonged to the normal traffic category, they were all without strength, without strength, they needed Brother Zhang to help them with many things, especially when they encountered When personal safety is endangered, Brother Zhang is needed to deal with it.

So Brother Zhang can be said to have a lot of face on their side, but he rarely uses this face to do anything. It was a very rare act to borrow God of Wealth’s ability yesterday.

As he was about to eat something and wait for the rootless water and the pony to get up, there was a knock on the door outside.

He walked over and opened the door, only to see a petite girl standing outside. She had a pink face, and her brows were pleasing to the eye. Even without makeup, she could give people a kind of sun shone brightly. The feeling, especially those big eyes, can really make people lose their souls at a glance.

And there is a charming fragrance on her body, either the smell of perfume, or the smell that naturally emanates from her body, the kind that naturally attracts bees and butterflies.

“It’s pretty punctual.”

Brother Zhang let her into the room. The girl was still very reserved, sitting on the chair with her hands on her knees, her head bowed. Without saying a word, there is no vivid and thoroughly shyness and shyness displayed by the flickering in the eyes.

“Can you wait a moment?”

Brother Zhang sat there and had breakfast, while the girl was busy nodding: “I’m not in a hurry…I… …Can I just wait for you to finish?”

“en. ”

Brother Zhang ate slowly, and suddenly remembered something in the middle of eating, raised his head and said: ” Are you eating?”

“No…no, thank you.”

“Oh, good.”

Brother Zhang continued to eat with his head down , until the knock on the door rang again, the girl quickly got up and went over to open the door for Brother Zhang.

There is a pony standing outside the door with a sausage in its mouth. When the pony sees the person who opens the door, he immediately forgets that he has something in his mouth, and the sausage falls down. , lifted the foot and pushed the sausage up again, and then squeezed it and stuffed it back into the pony’s mouth.

The pony was still aware of any problems, but just stared blankly at the girl in front of her with pink face and peach blossoms walking into the room.

After entering the room, he looked at Brother Zhang and then looked back at the girl: “Boss…what’s the situation?”

“Her? Brother Zhang raised his head and said, “She is the maid of the Queen Mother of the West, one of the seven fairies that Monkey settled in the Peach Garden.”

When the girl heard this, she immediately burst out laughing. , hurriedly walked to the front of the pony, and gently saluted: “Aunt Xinghua Yun, I have seen two…two immortals.”

“I can’t do it.” “The people of the Queen Mother of the West, I have to be called a high immortal, I am not worthy to be your immortal chief.”

Wugenshui even rejected the title in a panic: “I am a ghost cultivator, I am It’s not worthy of this title, you call me to lose my life.”

Afterwards they chatted again, when the pony found out that the fairy was down to find a man, he looked a little weird. Brother Xiao Zhang asked in front of him, “You said, do these seven fairies have something wrong with them? What can they do? They have to go to the lower realm to find a man?”

His voice was not loud, but he was still When Yun Gu heard it, Yun Gu’s face turned red, she quickly defended: “No, it’s not, I…I am…I am…”

“Okay. Come on, don’t talk about it. I understand everything.” Xiao Ma looked down at her: “I’m still single… If you don’t think about me, I think I’m pretty good.”

Brother Zhang looked back at Xiaoma: “Don’t bully people.”

“Hahaha be good…” Xiaoma quickly took out a flower from his arms like a trick and placed it on Yungu’s In front of him: “I gave it to you, I should apologize.”

At this time, Wugenshui stood at the window and looked down, and suddenly said: “Holy Lord, someone is blocking us from below.”

“en.” Brother Zhang nodded: “Isn’t this what you most want to see? You can deal with it later.”

(End of this chapter)

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