What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 123


Chapter 123 The things in the world are really boring

Brother Zhang is very dressed up today and has no roots The collocation chosen for him, this collocation is really… a little retro style of the Republic of China.

The British plaid vest, paired with a pair of brown retro overalls, plus a pair of brown yellow calfskin shoes, the white shirt inside is rolled up to the elbow, and the gold frame glasses, looking like He Shuhuan similar.

“We’ll have a fight later, you’ll be watching, and when we’re done, we’ll take you for a walk around here, okay?”

In the elevator, The pony is very courteous to Yun Gu, but Yun Gu herself is shy and shy, so she can’t even lift her head because of his offensive, but she just keeps nodding stupidly.

“Wait a minute to hide behind the head, don’t get hurt.”

Wugenshui couldn’t listen to this after all, and put an elbow on the pony On his stomach: “He’s the Kunlun Shang Xian… the superior immortal of Three Realms! It’s not a problem for you to beat more than 20, what are you doing?”

“Go…” Xiaoma suddenly felt Self-esteem was destroyed, and the dark cursed stopped talking.

Yun Gu quietly raised her head and glanced at the pony’s expression, then took a step in his direction, whispered: “I have no mana in the lower realm… I will listen to you, thank you. ”

The pony comes back to life!

“Look at you!” Xiaoma pointed at Yun Gu and said to Xiao Zhang, “I tell you, if my girlfriend is like this, she will let me die, and I will give it to you on the spot. Take a knife to yourself. Look at your Zhang Yao and Zhu Zhenzhen, it’s not me who said that no matter how good they are, it depends on the virtue of the expert, and I’m not happy.”

No Root At this time, Shui stepped on the pony’s feet heavily, and Brother Zhang also looked back at him: “Whose?”

The pony slapped himself in the face: “I am Silly criticism.”

Brother Zhang frowned and said to him: “Be careful when you speak, others will be crazy.”

“Got it…”

Brother Zhang turned his head, Wugenshui peng peng punched Xiaoma twice, and Xiaoma knew that he was right and didn’t dare to say more nonsense, but hehe smirked.

When a few of them came down, they saw someone standing up immediately, and Brother Zhang and the others pretended not to see it and went straight out.

As they walked slowly on the road, they felt that there were more and more people behind them. Finally, when they came to a place with less people, a few people suddenly appeared at the intersection in front of them. Packed up front and back.

At this time, a tall man came out from the crowd. He seemed to be about 1.9 meters tall and fat, like a cow. When he walked in front of Brother Zhang and the others, he looked at them condescendingly.

“Several, Boss wants to see you, come with us.”

Brother Zhang took a step back, protecting Gu Yun behind him, while Xiao Ma I was so angry that I had nowhere to shed, so I stepped forward and said with a sullen face, “What if I don’t go?”

“Don’t go?” The tall man looked around all around: “My friend, I advise you not to see the form clearly.”

The pony snorted: “I hate people looking down at me the most in my life.”

“That’s right. I’m sorry.”

tone barely fell , and the people around him immediately gathered around, but the pony pulled an eyebrow stick out of nowhere: “Master, talk to you, you Don’t his mother understand it!”

After he finished speaking, he made a loud noise from the stick wheel, and sent seven or eight people out of the wheel in one round of sweeping, and everyone else saw it. Pulled out the guy.

But the pony is a serious weapon master. Even if it doesn’t use mana, it’s more than ten battles with just battle strength. Seeing that the guy in his hand is constantly changing, he uses a hook when he is far away.

Hook, the hook in the close hand will become a crutch, and when a child is slapped, he will have a nunchaku in each hand after being surrounded.

The changes in weapons are dazzling, dozens of people are just like playing to him, not to mention getting close, he can’t even escape, and he is knocked down a lot in minutes.

In less than five minutes, everyone present was pinned to the ground by the pony, and the tall man who looked like a thief was dragged from the ground with one hand. Up, bloody nose and swollen face knelt before him.

“Did I fucking tell you, don’t look down at me like a goddamn condescending man.” The pony retracted his finger and patted his face: “I’ll ask you again, is it right? Can you survive?”

After speaking, the pony threw the man on the ground and looked back at Brother Zhang: “Boss, it’s done.”

Brother Zhang un’ ed, turned her head and walked out, while Gu Yun looked down at the people lying below, and when passing by them, she would take out the ointment from her pocket and put it beside them, and then hurriedly followed. Brother Zhang’s footsteps look extremely cute.

Walking out of the alley, the pony looked back: “I’m afraid they’ll have to use guns next time.”

“Guns.” Wugenshui sneered: “Yes Ah.”

Brother Da Fei arrived on this side street more than 20 minutes after they left, and looked around at the younger brothers with broken arms, fingers or ribs, he felt his limbs All numb.

“How can it be like making a movie.” After he whispered, he quickly called his boss.

After listening to his report, and seeing the tragic situation at the scene, he felt that it was something strange.

Hang up Da Fei Ge’s phone, his boss, also known as the underground emperor Zhong He Old Zhong Da, was leaning on the chair. At the age of 62, this was the first time he encountered such a situation. Happening.

But it’s not normal, but it’s not normal, but it’s one billion yuan, which is his revenue for half a year, and this money is not only his own, but there are also many on the surface. If the uncle’s share is gone, he will have to fill the hole himself.

It is not a serious matter to fill this hole. One billion is really not a trivial matter for him.

Zhong He leaned there and thought about it, and felt that Da Fei might not be blamed for this incident. The opposite side was obviously prepared. It’s too unrealistic.

So he decided to check the background of these people first, and then come to the rest slowly.

In modern times, it is really not difficult to check a person. After all, they all have eyeliners in the officials of Hong Kong and Macao. Using official people to check a few people is not the same as playing.

Within half an hour of a phone call, the message from there was sent back, but there was only one identity information of Mei Junsheng. He is a director and producer, and he has also acted in several movies. Such a famous movie.

But from the situation described by Da Fei, this Mei Junsheng is obviously not in the business of talking and counting. He and the youngster who do it seem to have to ask the other guy with glasses for instructions first.

But no matter how they checked, they couldn’t find any information about the person wearing glasses. Old Zhong thought that the person wearing glasses might be from the mainland, but he really didn’t have any special intersection with the mainland.

And if that person is a great character or a family member of a great character in the mainland, this matter may become particularly troublesome…

But he still has several points of means Yes, since you can’t find the one with glasses, then investigate Mei Junsheng thoroughly.

After all, Mei Junsheng is half a public figure. The forces behind him are still very clear and can be easily found out. As a director of literary and artistic films, there is no exaggerated financial master behind him. , and no matter how you look at him, he doesn’t look like someone who is amazing in the mainland.

If that’s the case, then Old Zhong is welcome.

He beckoned and ordered, “Go and call Amei.”

After a while, a thin man about 1.6 meters in size appeared at him. In front of him, this man was wearing a mask and wearing long sleeves in such sultry weather. Everywhere he passed there was a strange smell, and his eyes didn’t look very normal.

But obviously this is the kind of person who has an expert demeanor. He came to Old Zhong Da, just gently nodded.

Old Zhong handed him a photo of Brother Zhang and the others: “These people, you can do it, it’s better if you can bring it to me, if not, you can do it yourself. You can figure it out. But you have to be careful, this.”

He put his hand on the pony’s body: “It’s a bit evil, but you shouldn’t be afraid of this thing, after all, you guys like it. Make these gods and gods.”

Amei laughed: “It’s just a few ordinary persons, isn’t it worth it? Lord Zhong.”

“Fuck these sons of A bitch made me go away with one billion, and dare to stay here, I can’t get it back? Go and tell your boss, you can help me get the money back, the two hundred million is yours.”

“Okay, don’t go back.”

“Then I won’t do such a thing with you guys. I have to save my life for my grandson.”

Amei nodded, turned around and left.

At this time, Brother Zhang suddenly looked back, and then continued to eat cold drinks as if nothing was wrong.

Because there is a beautiful, cute, gentle and shy little fairy, the atmosphere today is very good, there have been several batches of scouts who want to come and dig out this petite and exquisite beauty. All were rejected, and the pony seemed to be a professional flower protector today, waiting in front of the saddle and behind the horse.

“Can you eat it well?” Xiaoma carefully asked Yun Gu, who was shaking the ice cream in front of him. Every time he saw her pink tongue sticking out to lick the ice cream, he would be shivered all over his body. , I think this girl is really beautiful: “If you still like other flavors, I will buy it for you.”

“No need, no need, I have eaten a lot, thank you.” Yun Gu waved her hands again and again: “You can eat it yourself.”

And Brother Zhang looked back at her, and then asked, “Is the other end all right?”

” Thanks to you, everything is normal. It’s just… that True Lord Erlang will always make trouble…”

Brother Zhang nodded: “I know, his character is a bit flawed, forget it …I have nothing to talk about with him.”

“Boss, do you still have a grudge with Erlang Shen?”

Brother Zhang un’ed: ” The A-Rank individuals in the B-Rank control can never step into one of the three people here.”

While speaking, the head of the rootless water suddenly became stiff, and the ears also stood up. Up: “Ghost cultivator! There are ghost cultivators around here!”

(end of chapter)

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