What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 124


Chapter 124 “A nobody”

Some people will ask if Brother Zhang is considered a nobody, in fact, this has to be From what perspective, if from a sociological perspective, he is indeed a nobody.

I have no money, no rights, and no name. I have a house. I have an old family heritage house. It can be renovated, lived in, rented, or sold. The car has an electric car that does not need charging, but at least it looks like an electric car.

According to his standards, going on a blind date in a slightly larger city is almost meaningless. After all, he needs a diploma but no diploma, but he has a degree or no degree. An 80-square-meter milk tea shop is still open in the depths of the alley, like this People say he has a future, but who can believe it?

So, he is a nobody. One of the characteristics of a nobody is that unless the household registration department is dispatched, no one can find out who this person is.

Now the same problem is placed in front of Zhong He. He actually knows very well in his heart that the three people who won a billion dollars in his field yesterday must be abnormal. They are strangers. And it may not be a simple alien, but he didn’t tell Amei, let him follow the standard of ordinary person.

This is a very dangerous thing, but the problem is that he has to do it, because he has no capital to deal with aliens, so he thought of Amei, and let Amei do it , it is the best if it can be achieved, and it is better if it cannot be achieved.

And the good news is that Amei can die in the hands of those three people, the worse the death, the better.

Because once he died in the hands of those three people, it would no longer be a conflict between him and those three aliens, but a conflict between these Taiwanese guys and those three people .

The Taiwanese have an alien organization on their hands. Although they have not released the news clearly, Zhong He is also a prominent figure in this area.

If you can live in this kind of place where fish and dragons are mixed in together, you can successfully live to the age of 60, and if you bring out each one, they are all human beings.

Amei threw it away, no matter whether he won or lost, he could maximize his interests. This is the appeal of a serious society.

If he loses, he can give an account to the Big Boss above – you see, Taiwanese can’t do anything about those people, what can I do?

If you win, you can draw a maximum of one or two hundred million. He can still fill this hole, and everyone will be in peace.

wily old fox Well, nothing more.

Amei, who was sold, is in a bad situation now. The ghosts in his body were sucked out by the rootless water and became food to be eaten thoroughly, and he can only lie there. Watching the helper that he raised with his life’s energy was devoured by others.

The ghost is gone, and the strength to live on is gone. Although he can’t move, he can clearly feel that his body is rapidly withering away. Maybe it won’t be long before he will change.

into a mummified corpse.

“The ghost cultivator is too weak now.” After the ghost in the rootless water ate the ghost, he stood there looking at the little by little body with a weird expression. Amei: “Normally speaking, ghosts and masters are separated from each other, ghosts are servants, and people are masters. But this person obviously entrusted ghosts to masters, and when Ghost Qi was eliminated, he died. It is said that ghost cultivators in the world are one family. , I’m probably clearing the portal.”

“Don’t say this, after all, it’s been two thousand years.” The pony stood by with his arms crossed, looking at the naked eye, it was obvious that he had become a mummified corpse. The person from the person: “The method of art and method has been broken down by Zhao Zheng for two thousand years.”

“That’s true.” Wugenshui chuckled: “I was there back then. There is no name among the corpses, but now it seems that I have become the first under the heavens ghost cultivator, which is ridiculous.”

Brother Zhang glanced at the ghost cultivator that was already like dehydrated vegetables on the ground, Then he raised his head and asked, “Should we call the police?”

“What are you reporting, leave it alone, someone will find out.”

As expected, just like what they said As said, Amei’s body was soon found by the fishing guy who came to fish, and then the police team here immediately dispatched to take the body back.

After the forensic identification, this person has been dead for at least seven years, but his mobile phone is still fully charged, and the identity information on his body shows that he only came to this place two months ago. Even just yesterday morning, he had a record of staying in a guest room.

This kind of supernatural incident made the police force in Macau panic for a while, but at the same time, the eyes in the police force had already told Zhong He about it.

Zhong He, who heard the news, finally put out a long breath, picked up the phone and reported the situation to his boss.

“Got it, I know how to deal with this matter. If you contact the Taiwanese guys, they will say that their people have been killed.”

“Okay. Boss.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhong He was in a very happy mood. He picked up the phone again and dialed the number of the boss of the group of people in Taiwan. Before the call, he coughed a few times and tried hard. Control your voice and intonation, and try to let the other person hear lost one’s head out of fear.

“A-mei was killed.” He was short of breath on the phone: “It’s a few aliens from the mainland, you have to be careful. I will find someone to take those aliens later. I will send you the information of others.”

Zhong He’s phone call was very brief, without a single word of nonsense, which not only made people feel anxious but also felt his panic.

But just after Zhong He hung up the phone, suddenly a wisp of black mist appeared behind him, and the black mist gradually condensed into a human figure and strangled his neck from behind.

Zhong He was startled, but he didn’t realize what was going on. He only felt a pair of cold hands restraining him. After struggling for a while, he heard an erratic voice behind him: “Did Amei really die in the hands of aliens?”

“It’s true…it’s true…” Zhong He hurriedly nodded and said: “I just let him solve it. Just a question, who knows that he has met an alien, and I don’t want it.”

The man in the dark fog gradually transformed into his original appearance, and walked slowly to Zhong He: “Three hundred million, Compensation.”

“I will pay… I will pay…” After seeing the other party’s appearance, Zhong He hurriedly said, “I will make it clear to my boss, I will pay…”

“en.” The man spoke with a Taiwanese accent, but he looked quite scary, because his skin was full of stitches, and the colors were inconsistent, like many different people The skin seems to fit together.

Although it is weird, the aura he exudes is far stronger than any other person Zhong He has ever seen, so when he first saw this person, Zhong He knew that this was the The leader of the Taiwanese gang.

“The money must be in the account before the afternoon. You don’t have to worry about the rest.” The man put on his hat and covered his terrifying face: “Don’t think it’s your trick. It’s very fresh, understand?”

“Understood…I understand.”

After the man finished speaking, his body slowly melted and turned into a black smoke along the window. It floated out without making any sound.

Zhong He was sitting there, gasping for breath. He had just been complacent about his brilliant plan, but at this time he could only sigh that there are no stupid people in the world.

300 million in compensation, he has to give it or not, but now he can’t even get 10 million in liquidity, so he can only ask for help if he wants 300 million Boss.

He knew that his path had come to an end, because even if Boss paid him the 300 million life-saving money in the past, he would no longer be like this in the future. The scenery is gone.

And if Boss is reluctant, his death may be even worse than Amei, because the 300 million is not only Amei’s life money, but also his life money.

Tremblingly, he called the Boss, but the response he got was a cold and ruthless rejection. Zhong He made an almost dignified plea, but the Boss above was still unmoved.

“Zhong He, Old Partner. You lost one billion, I don’t blame you, we’ll do this. But you gave me a reason, why give you another 300 million. Some things are done by one person If you are alone, I will give you enough, you can feel your conscience and ask yourself whether it is worth the 1.3 billion.”

After finishing speaking, Boss hung up the phone, no matter how Zhong He dialed it. No one answered, and when Zhong He was sure that his help was fruitless, he began to run around in a rush to survive.

But when he arrived in Hong Kong by boat, the boron board he was wearing was suddenly overturned by the sea breeze. Fortunately, the steel wire attached to the boron board strangled his neck. Strong, with a little tug, the wire cut his head off like a knife, putting on a good show in the harbor.

At this moment, the pony who was playing slot machines in the small casino suddenly turned his head to Wugenshui and said, “Do you think there will be any organization in that ghost cultivator in the morning?”


“I’m afraid that grandma will have a hammer.” The pony said with a smile: “I am the twelve spirits, okay, I should have been in the fairy class. “

“Then what the hell are you doing here? Isn’t it because the Holy Master took the Xinghua Fairy to do things, and no one took care of you. As long as the Holy Master is away, you can’t do it, right?” “

“You fart, I’ll ask you, you can also make up for so much, Shui brother, your ability to be boring is really powerful.”

Wugenshui laughed: “Have you ever sung songs while walking at night? What do you usually sing?”

“get lost!”

A sharp-tongued pony still can’t be boring for two thousand years The rootless water, although he doesn’t talk very often, he can always stop the pony at the right point, making him look awkward…

But if you want to say whether the pony is afraid, then In fact, he is really not afraid. If the Twelve Spirits can be put to death on these messy Wild Fox Chan, he should be removed from the Twelve Spirits, so he is still full of confidence in himself.

“Don’t underestimate the enemy, we are actually a little behind the times.” Wugenshui saw the pony’s indifferent expression and said: “It is a big taboo to underestimate the enemy, you must never make a taboo, especially It’s because the Lord is not around.”

“Aiya OK! OK! You are really a steward character, no wonder you were asked to farm.”

(End of this chapter)

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