What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 125


Chapter 125 The sky is full of thunder, and the wind is blowing in all directions

Brother Zhang is not around, and the pony is not even under the reminder of Wugenshui Dare to be too rude, after all, no one knows who is behind this ghost cultivator. You must know that the Holy Master will not care about these things, and these people are not worthy of the Holy Master. Xiaoma and Wugenshui need to face it independently. Although it is not impossible to ask the Holy Master for help, men still need to be somewhat embarrassed. , after all, it’s like a general who can’t fight outside and asks Long Live the leader personally to bring troops into battle.

This is not a question of shame, it is a disqualification!

The two of them played in the casino until more than eight o’clock, and after eating something, they planned to go back to rest early.

The two were eating and chatting while walking on the road. When they were about to enter the hotel, Xiaoma and Wugenshui suddenly stopped and looked around.

At the same time, they felt something was wrong, because there were still people on the road just now, but it was only less than 30 seconds. What about the people around? No one saw it, all the shops on the side of the road were closed, and even the colors of the street lights changed.

“Oh.” Xiaoma shoved the food in his hands into his mouth in twos and threes. There are many types, his ghost has already appeared behind him, after a few tempering and eating another ghost today, now the ghost has become a Ghost General, and his majestic appearance has several points of look.

The pony also has a double fork in his hand, which is his favorite weapon and the best weapon.

“It’s not a small story, Brother Shui.” The pony said softly with a smile: “I can quietly introduce you and me into the formation.”

“Hahaha, me too. I just found out, it really is old.” Wugenshui shook his head and said: “I said it, let you not underestimate the enemy.” The dark cloud became like an upside-down funnel, and there was a faint sound of wind and thunder.

“Wow, Tian Qingming. Is this someone’s famous stunt?” Xiaoma turned his head and asked Wugenshui: “Your people.”

“No, This is not Tian Qingming, it’s Xu Fu’s trick, called Soul Evocation bucket. Tian Qingming is an inverted funnel, and the sky breaks the dawn. Soul Evocation bucket is an upright funnel, disturbed by the cloudy wind.”

“You guys are really troublesome.”

While speaking, in the big funnel of the sky, a group of people-like things appeared in grandiose, and they came slowly from the bottom of the funnel , all the way to blow, beat, bounce.

After leaving and entering, I saw those human-like things, although they looked like people, they were obviously not people, but more like the virgins of the paper shop. Their skin was pale and their limbs were stiff. A glimpse of the Uncanny Valley will cause an attack.

The pony put away his two forks, and when he flipped his hands over, two wooden swords appeared, because the weapons in the world were no longer suitable for this kind of thing.

Those paper pricks just walked over from the clouds to meet the two of them, the sound of the suona was loud and sharp, making people’s heart skip a beat, and the sound of the copper bells made the heart skip a beat.

The ghosts around him became gloomy.

The pony chuckled: “It’s not worth talking about, if only Thunder Dragon were here.”

“Yeah.” Wugenshui also gave a wry smile: “To the yin If you have discounted battle strength, I can’t use it either. If Thunder Dragon and Haozi are here, their pairing is too easy to deal with.”

It is true that the pony can’t beat Thunder Dragon, but if it is in Thunder Dragon and Haozi In the Yangjian, the gap between the two is not much, it may be just a thin line. But the pony is specialized in dealing with physical creatures, and dealing with such ghost-like spells, he is actually weak all of a sudden. And Thunder Dragon, the positive and negative yin and yang thunder, the yin thunder hits the yang object, the increase is 50%, the yang thunder hits the Yin Sector object, the increase is 985%…

That’s all. , It seems that grandiose is nothing but a chain lightning thing of Thunder Dragon.

But now…

“Shake people!” Pony slapped the rootless ass: “Call, my dog, I can use it, even if it’s Thunder Dragon It’s all right, at worst I’ll admit it this time and call him bro…”

Wugenshui picked up the phone, it showed that it was not in the service area, and there was no signal at all.

“Fuck, we can only fight.”

At this time, the group of paper figurines had come to the pony and the others, like a funeral procession. Neatly began to circle around the pony and rootless water, circle after circle, they were like quicksand surrounding the two pony.

The ponies tried to attack, but the paper stick people didn’t seem to feel it. Even if they were beaten to pieces by the wooden sword, new paper stick people would soon fill that position.

“It’s really uncomfortable in the human patriarch field.”

The pony folded his hands together, a golden light Formation appeared behind him, and then slowly flew out of countless numbers. Weapons, those weapons come together and become a Golden Dragon.

The Golden Dragon roared, and then went straight to the array of those paper figures, turning into dust wherever it went, and as long as the paper sticks on the golden dragon body would turn into ashes.

There are so many ashes, and the fluttering dust will inevitably stain the body of Golden Dragon.

The aura of Jin Ge was infected by ghosts, and the originally majestic Golden Dragon also began to gradually lose its rays of light.

“Draft it!” The pony scolded and parted his hands and scattered the Golden Dragon: “No way, Brother Shui. I’ve been beaten.”

Rootless Water un’ ed, he was originally impossible to fight the pony, but now he is half a home game here. Ghost General is also extremely fierce here, and the filth of those ghosts can just strengthen Ghost General.

But the problem is that these two fists are hard to beat with four hands, Ghost General is fine, but Wugenshui’s physical strength is about to be overwhelmed…

“I’m calling you the fuck. Exercise more and exercise more…”

Seeing Wugenshui’s expression getting more and more painful, Jieyin’s hands began to tremble slightly, and the pony immediately knew that his physical strength might not be able to keep up.

And if he breaks the defense once, the pony and him may be melted into this Formation and become a member of the paper gang.

Oh…because they are more powerful, they may become paper bulls and horses.

“I’m fighting with you!”

Seeing that Wugenshui had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth because of the strong support, the pony suddenly let out a loud roar and slapped the ground with both hands.

Then Pony’s famous stunt and ultimate move finally appeared. There were more than ten golden formations around his all around him, and countless weapons sprang out quickly. These weapons were transformed under his guidance. Made layers of metal storms, moved towards the funnel and swept away.

But at this moment, the monstrous wind of this ghostly creature suddenly broke out, and those paper-piercing people suddenly turned into countless wandering ghosts, the screams echoed in the ears of the pony, and those metal weapons went straight through the ghosts. But couldn’t do any damage to them.

But the ghosts rushed towards the ponies and rootless water like crazy.

“Six poles, transform into shields!”

The ponies changed their moves, from offense to defense, and the weapons were combined into a ball to wrap them in it, while those ghosts were one It instantly transformed into a crow, and began to slam into the shield frantically.

The sound of ding ding dong dong is incessant, and every impact will trigger a circle of ripples on the golden shield, and this continuous impact makes the pony miserable inside.

“Can you do it, brother Shui?”

Wugenshui is now gasping for breath with his hands on his chest, and the pony’s support is not a solution. Safe, but this is not a problem, sooner or later the defense will be broken.

“Boss!!!!” The pony suddenly raised his head to the sky and shouted, “Help!!!!”

At this moment, Brother Zhang, who was accompanying Xinghua and the others, suddenly raised his head. He started, and then he whispered to Xing Fairy Maiden Hua: “Wait for me for a minute.”

“Okay… I’m fine, you can go as soon as you want.”

And the pony almost let out its true essence after screaming, the defense immediately shattered, and countless red-eyed crows swooped towards the pony and rootless water.

But it was too late, just when these vicious crows were about to eat the two bodies, they suddenly seemed to hit an invisible wall.

And behind the wall stood a man with glasses, he slowly took off his glasses and put on a ring.

He raised his head slightly, looked towards the funnel in the sky, raised his hands slightly, moved towards the funnel and closed his palms with a snap.

In an instant, the bell rang loudly in this mythical creature, Hong Zhong Dalu shattered all the crows, and the cloud of the funnel was also smashed by this slap.

And somewhere, the large formation arranged by a total of forty-nine people suddenly shattered, and everyone in the formation fell backwards in unison, spitting blood and excruciating pain, and the person in the formation eye was After struggling for three seconds, he was thrown away.

The Formation was broken, and forty-nine people were seriously injured, most of whom even fainted and passed out.

At this moment, the situation in front of the pony has returned to its previous appearance. He and Wugenshui are sitting on the ground in embarrassment, and the people who come and go around look at them and feel very strange…

“Wu wu…the boss…” Xiaoma went over and hugged Brother Zhang’s leg: “I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid I’ll never see you again…”

Little Brother Zhang rolled the eyes, took off the ring and put back his glasses: “Go back and rest.”

Wugenshui got up at this time, leaning on the lamppost next to him: “Holy Lord… …The other party used a big formation to deal with us, it seems that it has a lot of background, and this is Xu Fu’s Formation, which is extremely sinister.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “I don’t know much, you can ask the mountain Your Majesty.”

“Well, let’s go back to rest first.”

Wugenshui supported the pony whose fingers burst apart, and the two staggered towards the hotel. Brother Zhang raised his eyes and looked towards a certain direction in the south, smiled lightly but didn’t say anything, and the person slowly disappeared into the dark night.

Although the pony’s side was miserable, the person who arranged the Formation was obviously even worse. Forty-nine people were subjected to the Formation backlash. Even the lightest injured person needed to rest for more than ten days. It’s definitely not coming back in ten years.

The man with the skin covered his chest, standing at the window, the blood from the corner of his mouth couldn’t stop as if he had leukemia, and he kept coughing, and when he coughed, he sprayed a glass of blood. .

“Go check…cough cough…go check it out! What the hell are those…cough cough…people…”

(end of chapter)

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