What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 126


Chapter 126 Thinking behind closed doors

“A sin, a sin.”

Seeing the pony kneeling on the futon and thinking Like it was before, Thunder Dragon leaned on the side and ate rice noodles and said nasty things.

“A ghost array, capable of making the horse treading flowers, who claims to be the second best in the world, like this, alas… it’s really unreasonable.”

The pony’s forehead The arteries were throbbing, but because he was in the confinement stage, he couldn’t speak or move, so he could only listen to the mockery of the natural enemy, silently irritable.

And just at this time, Huang Die’er came, she and Thunder Dragon looked at each other, the two were nodded, Thunder Dragon put on his coat and draped it over his body: “Take care of the store, it’s shift work. ”

Because of Xiaoma’s work mistakes, he needs to retreat and think about it according to the rules, and Wugenshui has also been deprived of the qualification to protect the Holy Master, so it is necessary to change the shift. According to the rotation rules, Xiaoma Horses for Thunder Dragon, rootless water for Yellow Butterfly.

Not long after Thunder Dragon left, Haozi came over and smiled when he saw the pony: “It wasn’t aimed at you on purpose, it was mainly because you were restrained, afraid that you would come out again. What danger.”

Speaking, he tapped the restriction on the door, and the pony’s body immediately regained freedom. After scolding him for a while, he sat on the futon and said angrily: “Damn it, it’s really just point-to-point clearing. Brother Shui and I have been beaten to death, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“Well, maybe it’s just a coincidence. After listening to your description, I feel that there are ghost players over there, but I don’t blame you. So this time I arranged for Thunder Dragon and Huang Die’er to go there. They are both compared. Restrain the ghost system.” With that, Haozi took out a piece of paper and handed it to the pony: “Look at it, and sign it after you read it.”

The pony took the paper and looked down for a while. Then he asked in surprise: “Isn’t it right, boss…You made me a policeman? Do you think of me too much?”

Haozi laughed, leaning there and pondering for a while: “I think you can do it. There will be endless problems in the future. Do you have the heart to see me alone and helpless?”


“Don’t be. Haozi interrupted the hesitation of the pony: “It won’t affect you, basically, you are still doing what you are doing now, but your identity is more important, so that you can have an extra layer of protection when you do some things. A little more scruples, there are good and bad, the good outweighs the bad. Just like now you have been injured, if you have joined the team, we can just and honourable send someone to check in Macau, not secret Send Thunder Dragon over.”

“Thunder Dragon joined?”

“Yes, why? If he joins you, you won’t join?”

“Haha.” The pony laughed dryly: “That’s not possible, I can’t let that beast crush me. Pen!”

The Formation behind the pony lights up, a pen It flew into his hands, and after biting it open, shua shua signed his name on the piece of paper.

“A pen is a weapon?”

“Have you ever seen a quick chase? I watched him kill three people with one pen, and one damn it. The pencil.” After the pony signed the name, he threw the pen back: “The pencil counts, but the pen doesn’t count.”

The pony was locked up, and the rootless water was also not due to the attribute. Appropriately and temporarily, let him return to Hong Kong.

The rest of the journey is for Thunder Dragon and Huang Dieer to help Xiao Zhang to play with him. Thunder Dragon and the two of them came to the hotel arranged by Wugenshui and stood at the window looking towards the downstairs. Clicking one’s tongue in wonder in the mouth.

“Recklessly, using this Formation to engage in Twelve Spirits, he is afraid that he has never died.” Thunder Dragon flashed while speaking, and the lights in the entire hotel also flickered with him. And flickered.

The yellow butterfly who had just finished taking a bath came out and slapped Thunder Dragon’s ass with a kick: “Sick?”

“Isn’t this a shock to the tiger’s body.” Thunder Dragon put away the lightning, turned his head and said to Huang Die’er: “I’ll call the boss first and see what he has arranged. If he doesn’t come back in a hurry, let’s go and play around first, this is Macau!”


Thunder Dragon called Brother Zhang, and Brother Zhang was sitting on the Golden Peak of Emei Mountain watching the sunrise, next to Xinghuaxian leaning on it Play with your phone with your head down.

Yesterday, they did meet netizens, but how should I put it… Probably because the legendary concept and consciousness cannot be unified. Yesterday, Miss Xinghua met the friend who had been chatting for a long time, and the two ate together, but Miss Xinghua was for making friends while male netizens were for friends.

After the meal, they kindly invited Miss Xinghua to the Express Hotel to see the night view, but Xinghua was shy, but she was not stupid, and it was not because she could not surf the Internet, so she cleverly refused.

But the netizen was an ordinary person, not coercive or enticing, but it was boring to see people who disagreed, and then walked around the street for a while and then dispersed.

She went to Brother Xiao Zhang and wanted him to help send her back in advance, but Brother Xiao Zhang suggested that she play for a few more days before going back, so they went to various famous mountains and rivers together. Experience the resuscitation patency of a Spiritual Qi.

After the Thunder Dragon called Brother Zhang, Sir Holy Lord had a general understanding of their arrangements, and then said that they would not be there until around six o’clock in the evening, and let them do their own free activities first. .

Getting this news, Thunder Dragon and Huang Die’er put on their clothes and headed into the casino.

Although the two of them are different from Wugenshui, they are not the kind of rich people, but Thunder Dragon is knowledgeable. Although he looks like a dirt dog, he has also They have eaten and seen them everywhere, so after a few hours of winning and losing, they won a few thousand dollars, mainly for entertainment.

The two of them were not greedy, so they ate a romantic meal with these thousands of dollars. Although Huang Dier became a man halfway through the meal, it did not affect them at all. The two had eaten their throats and struggled to even walk.

“To win a little bit every day, it’s enough to eat he he.” Thunder Dragon sat on a bench by the street, leaning on it lazily and said, “People, you can’t be greedy, too Greed will cause problems.”

While he was talking, he suddenly felt a gust of fragrant wind blowing, Sepi’s instinct was awakened, he immediately turned around to look for it, and then saw a girly girl standing there. On the side of the road, it seems like I am with the others, holding a cup of milk tea in my hand, and the youthful breath under the street lamp assumes the senses.

“Grass the grass…it’s a fairy!”

Thunder Dragon exclaimed, causing Huang Die’er to look back, and he happened to be watching with this girl A pair of eyes met, and then Huang Dieer wiped her eyes hard and looked back, then immediately turned her head and whispered: “Don’t look…she’s not right!”

Just as Thunder Dragon was about to ask questions, didn ‘t expect that girl came over, came to them, looked at Thunder Dragon and Huang Die’er carefully, and then asked, “Are you Thunder Dragon and Huang Die’er?”

“Ah?” Thunder Dragon raised his head in astonishment: “How did you know that?”

“Yes… yes…” She thought for a long time and didn’t know what words to use to describe Brother Zhang , so he said: “It was Changfeng Wanli who asked me to wait for you here. He said he would arrive later.”

“Changfengwanli?” What kind of name.”

Thunder Dragon put out a long breath, and pushed Huang Die’er with his knee: “It’s the boss, his screen name is this.”

“Oh …That’s it.”

Afterwards, they started talking, and after some understanding, they realized that Thunder Dragon was really right, isn’t this girl a fairy.

The reason why Huang Die’er said something was wrong just now was because after releasing the mind-reading technique on her, the mind-reading technique backlashed. This is very wrong, because even if Thunder Dragon can’t read him, it won’t backlash after he’s been mind-reading.

This backlash shows that the girl’s rank is a lot higher than Huang Die’er. It’s not clear how much higher, but at least it’s as high as a three-story building.

You have to know that Huang Die’er is ranked very high in the corpse fairy, Thunder Dragon is even Number One Person on land, so Huang Die’er’s judgment is not wrong.

As for how she knew about Huang Die’er and Thunder Dragon, it was actually because of her mind-reading backlash that she directly exposed her own information, so she also knew the situation.

“So that’s how it turns out, fairies are so pretty…”

Thunder Dragon looked at Xinghua Yungu hehe silly, but was punched in the chest by Huang Die’er : “Then move your dog’s eyes away!”

Yun Gu covered her mouth with joy, then sat on the edge of the flower bed, said with a smile: “I’m not good-looking, if you meet me in time Chang’e and the Queen Mother of the West Empress, that’s beautiful and alluring.”

“Want to see…”

“Want to see?” At this time, a woman’s voice suddenly appeared in Thunder Dragon and they On his side: “Let’s see you then.”

Thunder Dragon turned around and saw that she was a woman with clear eyes and beautiful features, but her body was extremely elegant, noble, kind and straight. Even though they were wearing ordinary clothes, they didn’t look like ordinary people.

And more importantly, she only looks twenty four-five years old. Twenty four-five years old makes people look kind, which is somewhat wrong…

“Empress…” Yun Gu stood up and saluted: “Why are you here?”

“I originally wanted to buy something, but yesterday I felt something unusual here, so I came to take a look.” She Turning his head and looking towards Thunder Dragon and Huang Die’er, he chuckled lightly: “Don’t you want to see me? Why don’t you say a word?”

Post? Send a hammer! Thunder Dragon was so overwhelmed by her breath that she couldn’t even speak.

Although Empress, the Queen Mother of the West, does not have mana now, she is one of the Seven Sages of Taoism, and the coercion alone cannot be resisted by ordinary people. The big guys at this level can’t help but tremble.

But fortunately, Brother Zhang appeared at this time. He came to Thunder Dragon with a box of egg tarts in his hand, and then glanced at Empress, the Queen Mother of the West: “Why are you here?”

“The wind you blew up yesterday hurt my face.” Empress, the Queen Mother of the West, smiled gracefully, and then reached out and took a piece of Brother Zhang’s egg tart: “Why, you’re not welcome?”

“Where you go is your freedom.” Brother Zhang smiled, then squeezed the egg tart’s pocket tightly.

“You’re so stingy…” After she finished speaking, she turned her head to look at Thunder Dragon: “In this world, you can call me Jin Jiuguang.”

“Okay, Don’t bother you.” Empress, the Queen Mother of the West, opened her hand to Brother Zhang: “Give me another.”

“Just one.” Brother Zhang took out an egg tart from the bag: “No more. “

“Stingy!” Empress, the Queen Mother of the West, took the egg tart, and then patted Xinghua Yungu’s head: “Yungu, let’s go. Don’t disturb others.”

“Okay.” …”

After Yun Gu said goodbye to Brother Zhang and the others, she left behind Empress, Queen Mother of the West, and Thunder Dragon finally relaxed.

Huang Die’er took out a tissue and wiped the sweat on her forehead, then complained, “It’s all about you, what a show…”

Thunder Dragon also seemed very helpless, But it’s not easy to explain anything, but just looked towards Brother Zhang, hoping to get an answer.

“They spend eight months in the world every year, the power of B-Rank control, but when they are here, they only have a certain amount of self-defense authority and do not have complete mana.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: ” But someone like Jiuguang is actually very difficult to restrain, her ability is very high.”

“Isn’t it necessary to… control?”

“No, because Originally, they are righteous gods, and the B-Rank boundary overlaps here, and they have a part of the responsibility of guarding the lower realm.” Brother Zhang introduced: “And there are very strict terms and conditions, which is what the folks call Tiantiao.”

“Isn’t that violating the laws of heaven?”

“Yes.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Then you won’t be able to get through, and you won’t be able to enjoy the world. It’s prosperous.”

Thunder Dragon suddenly remembered that a few months ago, when the magic soul broke out that day, Brother Zhang summoned out a hundred thousand gold armor with a coin.

“So at that time…you summed up them?”

“en.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “They are my assistants to some extent. “

It’s really awesome, Thunder Dragon sincerely sighed, what is a big guy, this is the real big guy. Going to Three Realms and going to Three Realms won’t sell him face. Even if Three Realms is under the control of another person, the face is still full.

But after sighing, Thunder Dragon reported the situation over there during this time. In addition to being here to play with Brother Zhang, he also wanted to investigate who was playing. Injured rootless water.

“Does the pony not count?”

“It doesn’t matter if he is dead.” Thunder Dragon said with a smile: “So I mainly check who is injured and who is not. Genshui.”

Huang Die’er kicked him next to him, and then said to Brother Zhang: “Holy Lord, don’t listen to him talk nonsense, the two of us are here to investigate this matter, Because Wugenshui and Ma Tahua are restrained in this regard, we only came here.”

“Well, take a rest, and talk about it tomorrow.”

Back In the hotel, as soon as Brother Zhang sat down, he heard movement behind him. He looked back and found Empress, the Queen Mother of the West in black clothed, standing there and smiling at him.

Brother Zhang hooked the head and sighed: “Why are you still here?”

“What? I can’t come? You are so overbearing.” She walked over to Brother Zhang Leaning on the table in front of him: “I want to stay in the world forever.”

Brother Zhang raised his eyes and glanced at her, and said softly, “It’s not worth it, you have been cultivating for thousands of years, and you have given up your achievements for the sake of the world. It’s not worth it.”

“I don’t care if it’s worth it.” She took off Brother Zhang’s glasses: “I just want to experience the temperature of the world.”


Tomb-sweeping today, I don’t have time during the day, so I have one chapter today. If you can’t get enough of it, you can read the good book “Eldest Senior Brother who becomes terror-stricken at the news” and recommend it. It was written by my good brother.

(End of this chapter)

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