What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 127


Chapter 127 Xiao Zhang’s happiness

“You are so strange.”

Nine Saints Kunlun, Queen Mother of the West and The maid Xinghua Yungu was sitting in a tea restaurant in a corner alley, looking at the table full of food. Brother Zhang took a bite of each, and then recorded the taste characteristics and characteristics of these things in the book. The taste, a sincere sigh.

“I’m going to steal it back and sell it.” Brother Zhang said seriously: “Actually, it’s not difficult, it just depends on the amount of seasoning and the heat in the taste.”

Yes I don’t know how strange he is. Sitting in front of him are two devastatingly beautiful fairies. One is full of youth, and the other is a diamond rose who is immortal and immortal at the age of twenty-four. It’s not the smell of fireworks in the world, it’s the real thing. The purest thirty-six degree five primordial meaty aroma.

But this person is actually researching beef rice with mushrooms and eggs…

“You really don’t have Seven Emotions and Six Desires in Human World?” The Queen Mother of the West looked at Xiao Zhang Brother curiously asked: “Or are you beyond the human world?”

“You have?”

The two suddenly fell into a strange silence, because he didn’t, and she didn’t either. No, his level is a little better, she really doesn’t.

“That’s why I have to ask you, how can you have it?”

“You ask me?” Brother Zhang raised his eyes and adjusted his glasses: “You Think carefully about the meaning of your sentence.”

There was another long silence, only the voice of Brother Zhang trying to eat, the Queen Mother of the West and the Legendary Grade Guardian, on this issue A logical closed loop was formed, and none of them could jump out.

As for how this issue came about, it was mainly last night… Forget it, it’s nothing to talk about, anyway, this funny topic has been brought up and discussed repeatedly. .

“Since I have chosen to live forever in the mortal world, I have to understand it. I am 198,000 years old.” The Queen Mother of the West was a little angry and funny: “When you humans were still monkeys, I’m already like this.”

Brother Zhang raised his head and clapped his hands lightly: “It’s amazing, it’s amazing.”

“My wisdom is far above that of mortals. “

“Well, I know.” Brother Zhang nodded.

“You’re nothing special in my eyes.” The Queen Mother of the West tried to provoke Brother Zhang: “It’s just blessed by heaven.”

“en.” Brother Zhang’s expression There was almost no change, and he didn’t even raise his head: “I was originally a mortal.”

“You’re not very good.”

These words directly affected all topics, Xinghua Yungu She blushed as she listened to it. Although she was shy and conservative, she still understood what she should understand. She just absolutely didn’t expect Empress to chat on such a large scale.

“It should be an emotional issue, and you are similar. You are just curious and not out of desire, so you can’t really blame me.”

The Queen Mother of the West pointed in a circle: “I A random person will not be like you.”

“Empress…” Aunt Yun reminded in a low voice, “The scale… is a bit big.”

Brother Zhang Nominated and said: “It’s a little big.”

But Empress doesn’t care about that, she doesn’t have any mood swings that a human should have, so there is no shame and helplessness, she tilts slightly Erlang Kui: “I’ve known you for ten years. Although ten years are short for me, it is half a lifetime for you, so you don’t have a single thought?”

“My ex I have been thinking about what it would taste like if I burned you in red for a few years.”

Brother Zhang’s words kept Empress’s expression unchanged for about 30 seconds, and then she thought about it carefully and said: “I think it should be like a bullfrog.”

Brother Zhang thought about this question carefully, then raised his head and said seriously: “I think it should be mutton.”


“Because of the show.”

“Empress…Empress calm down, many people are watching…”

Yun Gu Holding the Empress who wanted to slap Brother Zhang, this prevented the conflict between the two from breaking out, but Brother Zhang just laughed, without offending her fear afterward.

After waiting for about five minutes, Empress suddenly realized a problem, she asked Brother Zhang with wide eyes: “Is it just anger?”


“Then you will scold me again.”

The request was so strange that Yun Gu couldn’t listen to it anymore. She took her milk tea and walked to the door to get some fresh air.

Empress is a peaceful person, and Guardian is also a peaceful person, but these two peaceful people always make people elusive together.

Thinking about the conversation between the two just now, Yun Gu’s face couldn’t help turning red again. Although it was very inappropriate, she felt that after Empress separated her last night, it must have been with the Guardian. Something happened, but it seemed… not as expected.

But now Yun Gu feels that the biggest problem between them is that the two of them speak without any scruples, just like Empress said Guardian, they both seem to have no one who cares in this world. .

While Yun Gu was emptying herself at the door, the Thunder Dragon duo were already standing on the highest roof in Macau and overlooking the whole situation.

They want to find the person who attacked Xiaoma and Wugenshui yesterday, and this matter needs Huang Die’er to enter the field to start.

Although Huang Die’er can’t open the mind tower alone, Thunder Dragon can provide her with energy. The two only need one to use the ability and the other to provide energy for her, and they can capture it in an instant. to the ideological content of all people in Macau.

However, the risk of doing so is also very high, because at that moment Huangdie will receive more than 500G of information traffic, and according to the download speed, it is about 13TB per second, so if you follow the order Take it all in, and Huang Die’er’s head will be burned in less than a second.

So in order to protect herself from harm, she and Thunder Dragon decided to perform regional contact scanning, which is to receive information in contact mode, receive it instantly and then screen it.

This is very difficult, but at least it can ensure safety, but the speed is really too slow.

“Take a break.”

Huang Die’er was exhausted now, and Thunder Dragon asked her to sit next to her to rest for a while.

It lasted for three hours, from dawn to dark, and they got too little useful information. Although it was also mixed with all kinds of messy criminal information, it was not Thunder Dragon. He only wants to drag out those who have the courage to attack the twelve spirits.

“There are quite a lot of people in such a small place.” Huang Die’er sat beside her and muttered, covering her eyes, “In a bigger place, there are about 800,000 people, I can’t stand it anymore. I’m done.”

Thunder Dragon naturally knows how painful it is for her to continue working like this, and it’s light to lose her spirits. It is estimated that it will be finished in one night, and she will have to go back to sleep for three days to recover. This does not include physical injuries.

Thus Thunder Dragon was still reluctant. He also sat down and patted Huang Die’er on the back and said, “Don’t worry, daughter-in-law, let’s find it slowly.”

“It can be slow. This kind of thing changes day by day, how can you be so irresponsible.”

Thunder Dragon was choked for no reason, but he was not angry, because he received so many memories in an instant, One of the dangers of this work is that the negative emotions will increase infinitely. Without a strong mind, it is easy to collapse.

So Thunder Dragon didn’t go on talking, just put away the things: “Go back.”

After saying that, he jumped downstairs with Huang Dier on his back.

Thunder Dragon can fly, and is one of only three people in the twelve spirits who can fly. Even Hu Niu does not have this skill, she can only jump, but the jump is relatively high That’s it.

“Yes…my sister Hu!”

Sister Gou can’t be counted on, she wants to stay at home, but Hu Niu has been unemployed…

So Thunder Dragon took Huang Die’er back to the hotel to rest after landing, and then took out his mobile phone and started making videos for Hu Niu.

Soon, Hu Niu took over the video, she was taking a bath in her 400-square-meter bathroom, and when she saw Thunder Dragon’s face appearing in the video, her brows jumped: “Why? Is it?”

“Big sister…hehe…big sister…” Thunder Dragon became extremely flattering, although he was the one who was mischievous since he was a child, and he was the one who didn’t deal with Hu Niu when he grew up, but It is precisely this little bastard who has the best relationship with Hu Niu.

In addition to Xiao Zhang, only Thunder Dragon, the smelly brat, can shout tigress.


Hu Niu spoke swiftly and decisively, she frowned, Thunder Dragon’s butt swallow tightened, and then quickly said with a smile: “Eldest sister… think Please help me, okay… come to Macau, let’s meet and talk.”

“Zhang is also there?”

“Well, yes.”

Hu Niu oh la la stood up from the bathtub, wrapped the bath towel around her body, and walked with a rage.

The video went dark quickly, and Thunder Dragon also put out a long breath, turned back to Huang Dieer who was lying on the bed and said, “It’s easy to handle when the eldest sister is here, you don’t have to work so hard. .”

Huang Die’er has started to have a severe headache now, she snorted weakly, and then quickly fell asleep.

Thunder Dragon is really distressed to see this scene, but there is nothing I can do. Now that I think about it, it seems that I really don’t have Huang Die’er responsible…

Hu Niu is now When she was in Australia, she jumped out of the mansion when she got dressed, and began to soar at a speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour at sea level. The sea simply couldn’t hold her back, and when there was a trail on her way, she jumped across the island, landed on the sea level like a blockbuster, and continued running.

Nearly 3,000 kilometers away, she arrived in more than two hours. When she came to the outer sea of Macau and landed on the sea in blockbuster mode, the whole Macau heard a sound. bang.

Thunder Dragon quickly came to the window and waved in the direction of the loud noise and water mist, and the man whose face was covered with stitched scars was also awakened, looking towards the outside.

He almost instinctively felt that something was wrong, he quickly closed the curtain, and his body turned into a black shadow and disappeared into the room.

(End of this chapter)

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