What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 128


Chapter 128 tiger’s roar dragon’s cry

The presence of tiger girls has always been so big, that kind of tiger roaring The feeling of being at mountains and forests is very domineering. As Peak of the Physics Department, she actually has no bells and whistles, she is just flying bricks. Even Thunder Dragon can’t run to Macau in two hours, but she can.

Although the clothes on her body were tattered by the water droplets, Hu Niu didn’t care. She ran to the Thunder Dragon’s position naked like this, and took out Huang Die’er’s clothes without shy of anyone. It was replaced directly in front of Thunder Dragon.

“Big sister, you’ve come.”

Thunder Dragon excitedly rubbed his hands together, then moved forward and donated the delicious food he just bought to Hu Niu. After walking for a while, the physical consumption is still huge.

Hu Niu ate something in two bites, and then Thunder Dragon tugged at her sleeve: “Let’s go, let’s talk outside.”

Soon the Twelve Spirits Shuang Jue Ding came to the high building just now, and the two sat on the ground. Thunder Dragon chatted with Hu Niu about everything that happened during this time, especially the incident about the ambush of the pony yesterday.

“Is there such a thing? How dare you.”

Tigress’s reaction to this incident is particularly obvious, because as one of the few first-generation Guardians, she The maintenance of the twelve spirits is beyond everyone’s imagination.

“That’s the way it is, you know… I’m not good at tracking. All I can track is you and Xiaotian. Xiaotian wants to guard the house, so I can only find you.”

Don’t look at Thunder Dragon talking nonsense all day long without closing the door, but there are still some differences between him and a pony. Although Thunder Dragon talks nonsense and has a very cheap mouth, he can handle it clearly. It’s like he never calls Mrs. Gou in front of Hu Niu, because he knows that there is only one eldest sister and no one else can shake the status of eldest sister. Not even a single cry.

But Xiao Ma has never cared about other people’s emotions. When he is excited, he even dares to joke with Xiao Zhang, or he often eats warnings, so the difference between the two of them is that on the scale of speaking.

And that’s why Thunder Dragon’s ex-girlfriends are all over the world, but Pony is still a bachelor.

After listening to Thunder Dragon’s description, Hu Niu was angry, she took a deep breath moved towards the sky with a roar.

In an instant, the calm sponge ripples suddenly erupted, and then the violent wind erupted. The manic wind circulated around Macau round and round, bringing all the smells in the air.

Tigress raised her nose and sniffed hard in the wind. As long as she grasped the slightest clue, she would immediately be caught by her keen sense of smell.

And the man with stitch marks all over his body, of course he heard the tiger roar, and the wind that followed was very abnormal. He gave up the idea of running away, because he knew that it would be useless to run away now.

So he coldly smiled and walked into the basement of the house.

The area of the basement is about 300 square meters, which is a lot of space, but it looks very empty inside. Only a vicissitudes of life and simple stone formation on the ground seems that there is still something here.

He roughly calculated the time, and then started to turn the stone circle on the ground. After restoring the Formation, he took out a box and began to add treasure to the formation eye.

Everything in this box can be said to be Supreme Treasure Magical Artifact, which belongs to the kind of treasure that can make countless people jealous and cry. For example, the Relic of monks, the inner core of monsters, the utensils of Holy Spirit, and so on.

He put these treasures into the position of the formation eye in turn, and each time a formation eye is placed, the ancient lines of lineage will light up. Finally, after all 81 formation eyes were filled, he himself sat in the formation, began to meditate on the incantation, and started to slowly start the Formation.

The Formation that caused the pony and the others to suffer a big loss yesterday did not use a single Supreme Magical Artifact. It is just that believers use people’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit to power the Formation. Xiaoma, who claimed to be the top three in the Twelve Spirits, was hit hard, and now he himself sits in Formation, and has many spiritual objects blessings. What a storm.

After all, this Formation is not genuine, but the effect is not discounted at all, and there are so many spiritual object blessings.

When he was sitting in the formation and urging Formation, Thunder Dragon and Tiger Niu had approached less than 300 meters away from him.

The closer you get here, the more obvious this weird smell is. Thunder Dragon can also feel the clear energy fluctuations. He turned his head and said to Hu Niu: “Sister, it may be a little difficult to deal with.”


Hu Niu was sneered, punched towards the air in front of her, but saw that a door was actually broken open above the air.

“Grass the grass… shatters the void?”

“No, I broke his barrier.”

Hu Niu took the lead Shrouded in the Formation ahead, Thunder Dragon followed closely from behind.

As soon as he entered, he could immediately feel the strangeness of the place. The surrounding faces had become completely different, there were squirming flesh and blood everywhere, and the sky was scarlet with thick dark clouds. cover up, and in front of them is a river, and the sides of the river are covered with red manjushahua.

“Yellow Springs Road, sis.”

Thunder Dragon looked back and saw that the wall that Tigress had smashed had already healed, which means they had entered the enemy within the arena.

“Interesting.” Hu Niu opened her hands and clapped her hands together, and the sound waves echoed back and forth in this vast and dark space.

And Thunder Dragon’s body also began to flash the familiar lightning, but this time it is not azure lightning but red lightning, Thunder Dragon in Yang Lei mode has a percent effect on ghosts Nine hundred and eighty-five bonuses.

“Fake, fake Wangchuan.” Thunder Dragon said with a smile: “It fools people.”

Hu Niu chuckled: “Fake is too great. ”

While speaking, a big ship suddenly appeared ahead and began to sail slowly on the boundless Wangchuan River. Thunder Dragon was about to attack, but was stopped by Hu Niu.

“It is one of Xu Fu’s Formation series. Once Xu Fu stole Qinglingzi’s Supreme Treasure Mountains and Rivers State Chart, and using the Mountains and Rivers State Chart contains Heaven and Earth, all things can only be transformed. He has transformed a series of his own Formation, which should be one of his dark formations.”

“It has to be the eldest sister, I am afraid that apart from you, only the king of the mountain knows what it is, but with I’m afraid he’s going to send people’s heads in.”

Seeing the huge treasure ship getting closer, Hu Niu took a step back: “Yin Wufu!”

“What Wufu Prosperity, harmony, friendliness, patriotism and dedication? Xu Fu also plays this game?”

Thunder Dragon was kicked by Hu Niu as soon as he finished speaking: “Fu, Lu, Longevity, Joy, and Wealth. Later, it was spread to Japan and became the seven gods of good fortune, namely Ebisu, Daikokuten, Bishamonten, Jixiangtian, Fulushou, Dialectaitian, and Budaizun.”

“There is still such a particular emphasis… So what is this thing?”

“Xu Fu’s Five Treasures Ship.”

“hehe.” Thunder Dragon laughed, and the arc on his body made a sizzling sound: “Enthusiastic The iron juice.”

“Don’t underestimate the enemy, this is a big formation.”

It was too late to say, Thunder Dragon had already jumped up, and his body was flashing with electric lights: “I am It’s a big formation.”

It is clearly the realm of ghosts, but the sky seems to have leaked a hole and poured a mad thunder down, hitting the thunder dragon body. At that moment, he descended like Heavenly God, his hair stood upright, and his whole body was covered with lightning flashes of golden red.

And seeing how brave the younger brother is, Hu Niu is naturally unwilling, and slams her feet to the side of Lei dragon body.

“You’re too slow.”

After leaving this sentence, Hu Niu was like a cannonball into the Wubao ship, although the dragon tail also followed. Arrived, but others came first, so Thunder Dragon had no temper at all.

“You are fast, no matter how fast you are, you are still in the Department of Physics.”

The voice fell, Thunder Dragon raised his hand and knocked on the deck of the treasure ship, and the whole ship was immediately struck by super high voltage electricity. Wrap it up.

At that time, the three magic weapons in the formation had already shattered, and the person in the formation was trembling, almost a mouthful of blood spurted, but he still relied on it. The power of Formation stabilizes the mind and continues to control the operation of Formation.

It’s just that he scolded in the heart what the hell is this terrifying formidable power.

The treasure ship that was shaken by the Thunder Dragon did not suffer any obvious damage. The Thunder Dragon was happy when he saw this, and was ready to strike for a second time, but just as he was charging, the treasure ship’s cabin came. Heavy footsteps.

Then I saw a distorted birthday star staggering out of it.

A normal longevity star is thin, hale and hearty, with kind eyes and benevolent eyes. And this birthday star has a smell of corruption from top to bottom, and the thinness has disappeared, replaced by a bloated body and a complexion like a carrion that has been dead for a long time.

The stick in his hand was covered with rotting or semi-rotting human heads, and it staggered out of the cabin to face Thunder Dragon and Tigress.

“Good guy. Fu Lu Shou Xi, the first one is to die birthday, right?”

Thunder Dragon and Hu Niu looked at each other, and the two moved at the same time. The wind is blowing, World’s All Living Things seem to be shaking, and the sound of dragon’s roar can be heard endlessly.

Tigress immediately kicked the death star’s chest and Thunder Dragon followed with an enlightenment hitting the death star’s top of the head.

The wrath of the dragon and tiger, the combined strike, this is already the peak power of the twelve spirits, but the life and life only made the death birthday star shake a few times and take a few steps back, but it did not cause destruction. sexual harm.

Thunder Dragon tossed backwards, dodging Death Star’s swipe, and grabbed Hu Niu’s hand and dragged her back. The cooperation between the two was perfect.

“It’s awesome.” Thunder Dragon spat on the ground: “The dragon and tiger didn’t knock out a lot of blood. It’s not easy to have high blood and defense.”

Hu Niu whistled, her bloodthirsty instinct began to surge outwards, her body gradually began to swell, and patterns gradually appeared on her face, and soon a colorful tiger appeared beside Thunder Dragon’s body.

Thunder Dragon shook his hand: “Come on, let’s fight. As long as there is a blood bar, even the old king will kill you!”

(end of this chapter)

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