What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 129


Chapter 129 Thunder Dragon

Thunder Dragon The whip leg swept from the front chest, and one after the other two strange forces directly pressed the death birthday star in the middle, and the effect of the two of them attacking one point several times finally showed, the body of the death birthday star couldn’t hold it anymore. , in this final blow, it turned into thick water and collapsed away.

Hu Niu landed and punched Thunder Dragon almost instinctively to celebrate. Although the two of them hadn’t used the combination technique for many years, the power of the dragon and tiger still existed. This kind of monster of Divine Grade was in front of them. Also merely this.

But the other thing is not so comfortable. The Magical Artifacts on the Formation are broken one after another, and the four fingers of the people in the array are all broken. The backlash of the death birthday star has made the entire Formation turbulent. stand up.

The person who performed Formation endured the pain and took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. After the connection was made, he said intermittently: “Your Majesty… this subordinate is afraid that you will be successful this time.”



He told the opposite party what he had encountered and the Five Fortune Treasure Ship, but the voice from the other end came after a long time: “It is the twelve spirits. …you have a trace and soberness and calm in your spiritual platform, and I will find a way to bring you back to life.”

“many thanks… They shed a layer of skin.”

Hanging up the phone, he regained his mind, since he was promised that he could be resurrected, he had nothing to be afraid of, and after a short period of pain, he continued to push Got seated Formation.

This side activated the Formation, and there was an immediate change. Above the Fake Forgotten River, the light suddenly became more and more dim, and between Heaven and Earth seemed to only exist in a chaotic dark red. Dull and uncomfortable.

Thunder Dragon and Hu Niu, who saw the change in this scene, put on a posture to meet the enemy at the same time.

“Sister, you have to have a good time this time.”

Huniu, who had regained her beast body, responded to Thunder Dragon with her roaring sound, which was enough to scare the undead, but the next moment Her body was suddenly rolled up by an invisible force, and then fell heavily on the deck of the treasure ship.

In Thunder Dragon’s eyes, he could clearly see that a thick tentacle suddenly stretched out from Wangchuan just now, bound Hu Niu tightly, and then fell down again.

Immediately after, the second tentacle rose into the air again, and cut straight to the Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon took a deep breath, spread out his hands, turned thunder into a knife, and directly cut off a piece of terrifying sticky stick. Greasy tentacles.

“Sister, are you alright?”

Following the call of Thunder Dragon, Tiger Girl stood up from the deck, her face full of anger, she seemed very dissatisfied with the sneak attack just now , so after Thunder Dragon greeted her, she flew directly into the cabin.

“Big sister…don’t…”

Thunder Dragon didn’t have time to stop it, but soon saw Hu Niu’s huge body fly out and hit the railing of the treasure ship , fell to the ground again.

And there was a child who came out with him, but this child was covered in livid color. Although he could not walk, he crawls very fast, and his mouth was covered with jagged and fine points. Teeth, with two rows of eyes on his face, and he gave a sharp, high-pitched laugh as he crawled in the direction of Hu Niu.

“Happy God!” Tigress recovered her human form and jumped to the mast: “Don’t let it be next to you!”

It was too late to say, the dead child has already He grabbed Thunder Dragon’s trousers, no matter how hard he struggled, the dead child didn’t let go, and this thing looked very fragile, but its defense and magic defense were extremely high, even the effect of Yang Lei on it was very insignificant. .

“Get rid of it!”

Tigress jumped down and kicked the dead child on Thunder Dragon’s leg. Go out, but Thunder Dragon’s body has a deadness visible from naked eye spreading to his face.

“You are poisoned.”

“Hi.” Thunder Dragon touched his face: “This thing dares to contaminate Lao Tzu.”

After Thunder Dragon finished speaking, he twisted his hands, and the electric light on his body suddenly changed into a raging flame: “I am a Thunder Dragon, not an electric dragon!”

The flaming white lotus holy fire started to burn from the foot of Thunder Dragon, not only threatening Shenxi God, who had retreated for the second time, even the tiger girl beside him was burned by this terrifying demon-subduing holy fire and took a few steps back.

“Zhu Rong Fentian…” The person who controlled the Formation outside suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood and murmured, “Is this the Twelve Spirits…”

mourning God attacked again at this moment, but was pinched by Thunder Dragon’s head, and suddenly a lot of tentacles appeared on both sides and rushed towards Thunder Dragon, but Thunder Dragon, whose body was already burning with hot flames, opened his eyes at this moment. , binocular has become golden. On his side, dozens of flaming arms collided with those tentacles.

“On the world of magic, only Qing Lingzi can compete with me.” Thunder Dragon’s voice became stronger: “You guys? You don’t deserve it!”

tone barely He fell down, and suddenly it was like an atomic bomb exploded around his body. A scorching white light sphere suddenly expanded, and the scorching whirlwind instantly wrapped the treasure ship, and even the Fake Wangchuan below began to boil.

Tiger Niu crossed her hands to protect her chest, and the flames were blocked by her, but even so, she still felt like falling into purgatory, burning painfully.

The Death God, who was caught in the hands of the Thunder Dragon, was burned by the high temperature and let out a tragic laughter. It kept struggling and kept trying to attack the Thunder Dragon, but because of the principle of mutual generation and mutual restraint, its poisonous The genus is restrained by fire like a grandson.

“Big sister!”

Thunder Dragon suddenly threw the god of joy into the sky, Hu Niu jumped up immediately, hung the golden bell upside down, and then knocked the god of joy down. , and then a pillar of fire wrapped in electric light shot up into the sky, piercing the pair of extremely high-defense mourning gods in the opposite direction.

Under the double blessing of the power of the dragon and tiger, the God of Sorrow was unable to support at all, waved his hands helplessly, and let out a clear laugh like a baby, but this laughter is very special at this moment. ferocious.

At this moment, Thunder Dragon stretched out his hand and swung, and the lance formed by the spell appeared, Hu Niu immediately rushed up and kicked the lance out.

The lance pierced the little monster’s body like an arrow from a string, and then ripped it to shreds.

The flame returned, Thunder Dragon returned to its original appearance, both of his hands rested on his knees, looked back at Tiger Girl: “Sister, there is something in this thing.”

Hu Niu nodded: “I said, don’t underestimate the enemy, there are three more behind.”

Thunder Dragon also followed nodded, snapped his fingers, and immediately flashed a circle all over his body, and his whole body looked completely new. And Hu Niu also took a deep breath, and suddenly a colorful tiger appeared beside her.

“Then have a big fight.”

While they had a big fight in Jiawangchuan, Brother Zhang was picking up shells on the beach.

He is such a boring person, and there is another person who is just as boring as him picking up shells together.

I don’t need any topic. Anyway, no matter what topic I have, I will die in a few words, so I just pick up shells in the moonlight.

Brother Zhang has already picked up a bag, and then sits there and sifts it out, picking out the more complete, beautiful and rare ones and putting them in another bag, while the rest are dumped directly. back to sea.

He lowered his head and worked on the most boring entertainment items in the world, while the girl next to him was rummaging through the piles he picked out to find his favorite styles.

The moonlight was bright, the sea breeze was light, and the water was quiet, so what they were doing was boring.

There were originally a few water ghosts by the sea, but after they came, everything was silent, and even the courting toad didn’t dare to call.

β€œWhat exactly does a mortal life consist of? I’ve heard countless people say that mortal life is boring, tedious, and repetitive. Is that what they are or is it all?”


“It’s all like that.” Brother Zhang replied without raising his head.

“Then why do you still choose to live in the mortal world so firmly.”

“Because I am a mortal.” Brother Zhang finally had a reaction, he raised his head to look Looking at the delicate but boring beauty in front of him, he said: “I don’t have the great wisdom of yours, I just have a job that sounds great, but that job is actually optional to me.”

“This way Ah, then you say that if I live as a mortal in the future, will it become so boring?”

“I don’t know, you can try.”

Two People’s conversations are simply boring to the extreme, even Xing Huaxian is bored to the point of yawning, playing until the phone runs out of power.

“But I still yearn for it. I have lived for more than 190,000 years, and in another two thousand years, it will be 200,000 years. My life is static, I don’t need to rest or eat and drink, the biggest The fun is to see the flowers in the pond and the trees in the garden, I have three thousand people under my command… what is that?”

As she was talking, suddenly there was something like a beam of light not far in front of them. It descended from the sky, and then a spot of light quickly swept in this direction.

Brother Zhang raised his eyes and glanced at him: “Do you have poor eyesight?”

“Well, after losing the ability, my eyes are indeed not quite clear. Maybe it’s because I’m old?”

“Who knows.” Brother Zhang laughed: “After all, it’s almost 200,000 years old.”

He was kicked in the leg He took a kick, but he smiled nonchalantly until the spot of light approached them.

This is a bird man with wings. At least Brother Zhang usually calls them bird man. They are also subject to B-Rank control, but what is different from the content here is that their previous thinking was more extreme. , always thinking about destroying the world and purifying.

Later, it was much better, because they also connected to the broadband, they can watch movies and play games, but watching movies is fine, but playing games is somewhat laggy, and the delay is high.

“Ohhhhhh…Guardian, hello.”

“Is he a slut?” The Queen Mother of the West pointed to the big wings in front of her and asked, “I look a bit like .”

“They’re genderless and have a wide range of hobby interests.”

“That’s no wonder, I heard they’re pretty dirty.”

“Dear lady…you make it clear, we are still pretty clean, the dirty ones are from the Nordic side. We just enjoy the purest spiritual love, and they really don’t let go of cows.” This The angel of death turned his head to Brother Zhang and said, “I see, the Nordic fetishes are simply Scp’s cult entry.”

Brother Zhang was amused by this sentence, he raised At the beginning, he asked: “Why are you suddenly looking for me?”

“It’s nothing, I just found you here, come and say hello. And our master wants to chat with you, let me ask When are you free, so that we can come to visit.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “Any time.”

And the angel gave an elegant salute after finishing speaking: “By the way, although this is the East, I have discovered the smell of evil. I will come when I go, and I will treat you to a late-night snack later.”


(end of this chapter)

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