What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Disappearance Time

Zhang Jiachang received Haozi’s call at 8:30 in the morning. Not long after he sent Nian Nian into the school gate, he was chatting with Mr. Old Lin in the office. Teacher Old Lin also gave him a leek pancake.

“Haozi said that the matter has not been resolved, but he is not quite clear about the specifics. He has to wait for the result of the trial.” Zhang Jiachang picked up the kettle and borrowed some hot water from the water dispenser, and then restarted it. Sit down: “Let’s continue to talk about what happened on my side.”

Old Lin teacher nodded said with a puzzled face: “A person was trapped in an empty city for two years, but he just felt that after two years God? Is he a living person?”

“Yes.” Zhang Jiachang said unequivocally: “It can be confirmed that he is a living person, but it would be easy to understand if he is dead.”

In fact, Mr. He is also an ordinary person, but his perception ability is very sensitive, more sensitive than most monsters and Cultivation players like Haozi. He can pinpoint at a glance which of the 300,000 people is not human or has something on it. special magnetic field.

It doesn’t count as a supernatural ability, but it is true that there has been no error, so over time he has naturally become unusual from an ordinary person, and even opened the world’s first seven years ago. A “primary level monster shelter”, most of which are monsters who have no shape-shifting ability or low mana but have been injured for various reasons.

These people, on the surface, appear to be weak and weak teachers, but behind the scenes they are the dean of the monster orphanage. In the past few years, there are no one hundred or eighty monsters that have been rescued.

It is precisely because of these things that Mr. Old Lin successfully blended into the ranks of people like Zhang Jiachang. And no one didn’t expect that the first person in the world to receive the blessings of ten thousand demons will be such an ordinary person.

“I’ll go take a look with you later, but why did Brother Zhang suddenly intervene in this kind of supernatural event? Don’t you usually ignore it?”

Old Lin The teacher also teased Zhang Jiachang, but Zhang Jiachang didn’t take it seriously and laughed: “Who let him come to the door?”

Old Lin was the head teacher and grade leader in the school. He was the one who helped with the admissions process, and he was one of the few reliable people, so Zhang Jiachang was generally more willing to communicate with him, at least much more reliable than a guy like Grandfather Pi.

After chatting for a while, the two set off for the milk tea shop. At the same time, the police began to investigate the strange mage that Haozi had captured.

It’s just because he was seriously injured and was treated rudely by Grandfather Pi, and he is still in a coma, and through him, we can also know that the attack in the Northern Part of City development area yesterday is also related to the incident. This person has a great connection.

Chen Ju said to Haozi while flipping through the documents: “Next time, don’t make such a big noise. The provincial expert group hasn’t left yet, so don’t make trouble for me. I understand. Is it?”

“There’s really no way to do this. What this group of people did, it deserves to die a hundred times, but I don’t think this should be the mastermind.” Haozi sat there with his legs crossed. , with a solemn expression: “I always feel that something has to be done.”

“How did you know that? You can count it? No, look at this place, I’ll tell you, no matter what. Do you really exist? This place can’t talk about these idealistic things, everything has to be evidenced, understand?” Chen Ju put down the documents and tapped on the table a few times: β€œOnce an opening is made, there will be no more evidence. The solution is closed. Do you understand?”

“Of course I understand, I graduated from the police academy, and my dream is to be a policeman, not a fortune teller.” Haozi pointed to himself on his chest: “Chen Bureau…Look, when will you put on my entire police uniform?”

“Want to wear a police uniform?”

“My father is a policeman, After he sacrificed, I should inherit his warning.” Haozi said with some grievance: “But what is it that you are always stuck with me.”

Chen Ju chuckled: “I am with you. Dad is an old comrade-in-arms, why is it stuck with you, do you have no idea? Your dad is gone, you are gone, you don’t even have a child, your Zhou Family is dead, when the time comes, how can I go down with you? Dad explain? Do you understand?”

As a member of the silent front, Haozi father’s occupational specificity is similar to that of an anti-drug police officer. He has to deal with all kinds of supernatural and suspected supernatural things. According to common sense, his father After the sacrifice, he was going to be on top, but the reason Chen Ju always stuck with him was this. This business was very dangerous, and Haozi couldn’t even make it home.

“Okay, you can go back to rest first, you have tossed all night. I’ll call you when there is news here.”

“I know Chen Bureau…”


Haozi went out angrily. He was quite tired. Although he won the fight last night, his energy was really exhausted. But no matter how tired you are, you still have to go back and report to Brother Zhang. No one else will say anything. Brother Zhang must have to report. After all, they have to ask Brother Zhang for money.

On the way back, when Zhang Jiachang arrived at the alley, he saw Haozi walking in this direction with his sleeves covered and yawning. He looked like he was in an all-night Internet cafe back then. His body is dirty, it is estimated that last night was really a fierce battle.

“Brother Zhang!” Haozi trotted all the way to him after seeing him: “Brother Zhang, have you eaten?”

“I can’t eat it.” Zhang Jiachang He glanced at him up and down: “I got tens of thousands of dollars in it.”

“hehe…Xu Wei said she would give it back to you.” Haozi turned around and quickly nodded: “Old Teacher Lin is early.”


“You two get together early in the morning, that’s not right.” Haozi frowned looked Zhang Jiachang and Teacher Old Lin up and down: “You two Is there a new job done?”

Zhang Jiachang waved at him: “Come with me to the store.”

The three of them got together like this and came to in the store. After opening the door, the man was still there, staring at small eyes with Da Huang big eyes.

He was very excited when he saw Zhang Jiachang coming, and immediately stood up and asked, “I tried it just now, and as long as I go out, there will be no who is there, but when you look outside, it’s all gone.

You can see people coming, people going, why is that? Also, your cat can talk!”

Whether the cat can speak human words and put them aside first, even that cat It can be put aside, the most important thing now is to study the person himself.

After recounting their experiences, both Old Lin and Haozi were surprised. They had to let him demonstrate it again, and the man had to do it.

It is strange to say that as long as he opens the door and walks out, his silhouette disappears immediately, and even a super-spiritual sense like Master Old Lin has no way of discovering his existence.

“Look at me.” After the man came in again, Haozi rolled up his sleeves and took out the Eight Diagrams Disk from his backpack: “You can report your birthday, I’m a star-seeker, try Bailing. .”

The man cooperated and gave Haozi his horoscope, but didn’t expect the astrology to be useful when the man was in the house, but once he went out, Eight Diagrams Disk It turned faster than the electric fan, and it lost its effect in an instant.

“It’s weird, right.” Zhang Jiachang looked at the two people in front of him: “I tried it yesterday, and he seemed to disappear out of thin air. Only in this place can he really exist.”



Haozi sucked in a breath of cold air, then carefully inquired about the man’s identity information, and then called Bureau Chen.

It didn’t take long for Bureau Chen to come on a shared bicycle…

“Is there such a thing?”

Bureau Chen called again His subordinates asked them to check the relevant information of this person.

It is very fast to check with the ID number, and soon the information of this man was informed to Bureau Chen.

The man’s name is Fuyu, and he is thirty-five years old. He used to work as a salesman in a certain company. Two years ago, after he got home from get off work at 9:30 pm, there was no news anymore. No one was alive or dead or dead. Now he has been classified as a missing person.

Many people say that he committed suicide because of the stress of life, but the place of suicide is relatively hidden, but didn’t expect him to appear suddenly today two years later.

“Two years??” Fuyu widened his eyes and said incredulously: “I only remember two days.”

“Outrageous.” Chen Ju sat there and frowned. .

On the other hand, Zhang Jiachang was repeatedly recalling the details of last night. He seemed to have pinched something off yesterday. It is estimated that the problem lies in that thing.

But he didn’t tell anyone about it, because it was harmless to him but not to others.

After pondering for a while, he waved to Haozi and said a few words in his ear. Haozi immediately understood and took out the Magical Artifact from his bag.

It was said to be Magical Artifact, but it was just a red rope with dog teeth hanging from both ends of the red rope. Also mutter incantations.

“I’ll change your fate now, and you’ll go out together later.” Haozi said to the man, “Don’t open your eyes the whole time, you know.”

“Okay… …”

Chen Ju watched the whole process, he was quite curious about this thing. Although he used to be a partner with Haozi’s father, he had never seen a partner practice a few times. The one holding the wind outside.

After replacing Brother Zhang and this wealthy destiny, the two walked out of the door together. Zhang Jiachang could clearly feel that the entire world had a different sense of touch after walking out of the door. The road of people coming, people going has become cold and cheerless, and the entire world has no sound at all.

In his field of vision, there are densely packed spell traces in the sky. He wants to find out what the spell trace is, but it seems that this illusory world has found something wrong. , Zhang Jiachang was kicked out in a flash, and the Fuyu beside him disappeared in front of his eyes.

But there is a very strange phenomenon, that is, the red strings on the fingers of the two are still implicated, which means that the two are still in contact with each other.

“I probably know.” Zhang Jiachang took a few steps back slowly and came to Haozi: “Did I just disappear?”

“Yes.” Haozi Seriously nodded and said: “I also found out where the problem is.”

(end of this chapter)

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