What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 130


Chapter 130 What is this?

Thunder Dragon and Tiger Girl are back to back, and the Tiger Spirit surrounds them to protect, destroy Five, but who knew that these five were actually resurrected together.

What does this mean? It means that the person who cast the Formation sacrificed his life and soul, and restored the Formation to the highest state with his own life.

Dragon and Tiger are indeed worthy of the battle strength Peak of the Twelve Spirits, but they didn’t play like this, this wheel battle… and they faced the Legendary Formation set up by Xu Fu back then. .

These guys have paid a huge price to deal with them.

“How is it? Still fighting or not?”

“I have no problem.” Hu Niu turned her head and glanced at the five gods of good fortune who were approaching step by step: ” It’s just not good for us now.”

“Well, there are tanks, melee, ranged, milk and off-tanks, a perfect lineup.” Thunder Dragon took a deep breath and said, “If we can’t, we will withdraw.”

And it was too late to say that, this gloomy blood in the sky was suddenly broken, and then a holy beam of light directly enveloped Thunder Dragon and Hu Niu. The beam of light blocked all attacks around them, preventing the two of them from being attacked by the Five Lucky Gods.

Then a man in a white robe with wings held a harp and slowly fell: “You two, do you believe in religion? Religion is salvation.”

“Damn you. Are you sick?” Thunder Dragon raised his head and scolded: “Are you crazy, this is the point to preach.”

Hu Niu turned her head and asked, “Know?”

“Can we not know each other? The messenger on the other end is a postman.”

“Ai, Mr. Lei. Although we have known each other for a long time, we are familiar with each other. You provoke me, It’s hard for me too.”

“Go away.” Thunder Dragon cursed: “Hurry up if you want help, go away if you don’t, I will complain to my boss when the time comes.”

“You are a bad character, you are going to hell.”

Thunder Dragon smiled disdainfully: “There are succubuses in hell.”

“You… If I could swear at you, I would definitely scold you. What’s so good about succubus, isn’t it really that one?”

“Which one?”

Because they can’t speak foul language, these winged people rarely win the quarrel. He silently took out a two-handed sword from behind him: “Mr. Lei, although you insulted me, I am Merciful!”

He spoke with gnashing teeth, and then stabbed the top of the head of the death birthday star with a sword, and then twisted and pulled hard, giving the death birthday star’s spine to life and life. Unscrewed it, and then continued to say with gnashing teeth: “I will save! Redeem! You!”

After he finished speaking, he threw the huge spine aside, turned his head and looked towards the other four evil spirits. Ling: “I swear in the name of my Lord, God! Love! World! People!” Yes, this next one is quite neat.

“Your friend is very hostile.” Tiger girl whispered.

“Hahahaha, who the hell wants to be friends with him, this guy’s brain is not normal.”

His words entered the ears of the angel without fail. There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, and then he flew high and turned into a light to directly pierce the Five Treasure Ship: “Purification!” He was about to be stabbed blind, he hurriedly covered his eyes, and when he recovered, the Formation was broken. He and Hu Niu were standing in front of a small villa, and in front of them hung the strange angel just now.

“The white pig, thank you.” Thunder Dragon turned and kicked the door, yelled: “FBI, don’t move!”

And the angel slowly fell to the tiger In front of Niu: “Oh, beautiful lady, do you want to have dinner with a holy angel?”

Tigress glanced at him, then turned and entered the room, this strange The angel waited outside for a while, and suddenly shouted: “Do you believe in religion? If you don’t believe me, I’ll go.”

“get lost!” Thunder Dragon yelled at him from the window: “I believe it.”

“heretic, tui!”

He flapped his wings and turned into a light and left, while Thunder Dragon and Tiger Niu began to search.

There is nothing special in the villa, it looks like a very ordinary house, but it was not until they discovered a secret door on the ground of the kitchen that the mystery of the house was revealed.

But they were finished. The basement was pitch-dark. Thunder Dragon lit up the electric ball in his hand, and found that the Formation on the ground had been broken, and there was a mummified corpse sitting in the middle.

Judging from his clothes and the cell phone with electricity next to him, he obviously wasn’t the kind that had been dead for a long time. He probably died from driving the Formation.

Thunder Dragon looked around with his arms on his hips: “Such a big Formation.”

“en.” Tiger Niu was also quite surprised: “We were originally with such a large Formation.” A lot of Treasure Items fought.”

Judging from the things scattered on the ground, Tiger Girl and Thunder Dragon really fought a lot of rare treasures just now, which is really great Generosity, so many Spirit Treasures are worth a fortune anywhere, but now they have lost all spiritual power and become a pile of powder that shatters at the touch of a button.

Even the person in the middle who regards himself as the core of the formation eye is the same. When he touches it, it will fall apart, and it will shatter more than a wall breaker.

What shocked Thunder Dragon the most was that the Formation under their feet had a radius of nearly fifteen meters, which almost filled the 300-square-meter basement.

The 15-meter Formation is a typical big formation. Although it is used to compare it with the Nine Cauldrons big formation, even a fraction of the first six digits after the decimal point is not enough, but in this era. It is not easy to have a Formation of this scale.

After Hu Niu’s identification, this is Xu Family Formation, the famous Xu Fu who inherited most of his inheritance after destroying Qing Lingzi.

“If this Formation is performed by Qing Lingzi, we will explain it in it.” Hu Niu touched the Formation that still exudes warmth: “Xu Fu is indeed the Formation Number One Person, this Formation is quite powerful .”

“It doesn’t matter who he is.” Thunder Dragon coldly snorted: “Damn it, I’ll look elsewhere.”

“Well, I’m with you. Let’s go together.”

After they left the basement, no one noticed that a wandering spirit was sneaking into the ventilation duct while they were not paying attention, and then galloping towards the northeast at a very fast speed go.

And at this moment, Brother Zhang, is sitting in a delicious high-end restaurant. This is known as the most expensive French restaurant in the province, Hong Kong and Macau. The restaurant that was closed is now reopened for Brother Zhang. Zhang.

Sitting opposite him is a middle-aged man who looks quite artistic. The only downside is that his hands have been wrapped in bandages, and the bandages are still oozing blood, which seems to affect the overall situation. senses.

“The problem facing us now is actually very serious. Compared with the relative looseness and freedom of Eastern theological beliefs, our side is actually more concerned about formalism, and the issues that have been regulated over the years, we do not. There is a way to preach, which has caused us to lose a large number of devout believers, and even the Pope has begun to like little boys. This is a very big test and impact on our belief system.” The artist-like man slowly cut A piece of bread, while complaining to Brother Zhang: “So I sincerely beg you to release the control over the entire B-Rank space, so that we can use our abilities.”

Brother Zhang propped his chin. : “When there was no control back then, the Pope also liked little boys, right? It seems that your system has never been clean.”

“Ah, it’s mainly because of the centralization of power, but this time we The plan is to personally take over the belief system and not set up a spokesperson on the road.”

Brother Zhang cut a piece of beef into his mouth with a cup of tea, chewed it for a while and then raised his head, “I have talked to you more than once. You said it right, before you gave me the complete control list, it was impossible to lift the ban. Even if Spiritual Qi is in the recovery stage now, and this kind of thing requires multiple civilizations to negotiate together, there may be only a few thousand on your side, but There are also those who go up to 8 million, what should I do? Do ghosts walk at night?”

“Sir, please understand our difficulties, if we continue like this, our faith will collapse. .”

“This is not something I consider, it is something you need to consider. I am only responsible for reviewing and signing. If you cannot give me a satisfactory answer, I can only tell you regretfully, Maintain the status quo.”

Brother Zhang is not only impartial and selfless when dealing with these things, but even a little cold Xue Wuqing, but there is no way, even if it is B-Rank control, the things inside are terrifying incredible.

And once the release is signed, it is the release of the entire area. They are relieved, but what about the big guys? The feathered snake god of American civilization, the Kraken of Northern Europe, and the Torch Dragon of East Asia are calculated in thousands of kilometers. After the ban is lifted, you can understand with your ass.

So this kind of thing can’t be solved by pretending to be pitiful. Now Feathered Serpent must be in human form when she walks in the world. Her size can only exist on the chest, and it must not be measured by length.

The Holy Mother will perish.

Seeing that the request was rejected, the man on the opposite side also looked very disappointed. He didn’t dare to speak to people in a threatening tone in this place, it would be broken.

But the problem is that now their civilization is in the midst of life and death. If they are bound in this way, they will not be able to save them in the future.

“Then sir, I can take the lead and hold a meeting in the next few days, what do you think?”

“Yes.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “But it’s still the same sentence. If none of you can come up with reasonable suggestions, it’s useless to hold any meetings.”

After finishing speaking, Brother Zhang took out his measure from his arms. With a fifteen scale iron bar: “Even if Spiritual Qi is resuscitated, you must keep this scale within ten and above five. This is the bottom line.”

“I see.”

(End of this chapter)

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