What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 131


Chapter 131 The manager’s dilemma

ka ka One shot, Thunder Dragon passed all the internal information of the scene to Haozi, but Haozi temporarily Unable to come up with any countermeasures, he contacted the local police after letting Thunder Dragon and Hu Niu withdraw.

The local police were confused when they saw the scene here, so they could only turn around and ask the HK police for help. The HK police then handed the matter over to the Ninth Layer case, and then the Ninth Layer case. The leader arrived at Macau by speedboat overnight.

After coming here, frowned, the head of the Ninth Layer case, found that things were not simple, so he picked up the phone and called Haozi.

Haozi received a call from Shen Yun and scratched his head after listening to his description: “Don’t you Hong Kong police have your own analysis department?”

“Brother Haozi…you Listen to me, it’s like this… After a while, all of us in the Ninth Layer case will go to the provincial capital to chat with the chief over there about the integration of the province, Hong Kong and Macau. In the future… the Ninth Layer case will be under your control. hehe.”

Haozi heard the news as if was struck by lightning, although he is very short of manpower now, he has a headache when he thinks of the behavior of those uncles in Hong Kong. , also vegetables. One by one, the new masters, nothing can be done, and their tempers are not small.


“Brother Haozi…Brother Haozi…don’t worry, I’ll kneel down for you.” Shen Yun said with a sad face: “I’m true I can’t do anything about it. If the province, Hong Kong and Macau are integrated, I will be exhausted. In this way… I will make a report with our supervisor, that is, pay you a salary in both Hong Kong and Macau, so that Haozi Brother, you can get three salaries.”

“Nonsense!” Haozi brows tightly frowns: “I do this for money? Send me the list of the Ninth Layer case later, and believe me Identity information and eight characters.”

“Ah… ok ok ok.”

Shen Yun put out a long breath after hanging up the phone, went to the basement and saw There’s only a huge Formation and a lot of garbage, and a corpse that’s all turned into ashes.

When he saw these things, he knew that this was not a problem he could handle, but he still had to take this Formation back. As for how to take it, he could just dig back the bricks below it!

A large number of people were organized to start digging bricks, but they felt wrong when they were digging, because the soil below was very strange, very similar to the newly covered soil, so Shen Yun ordered not to dig for the time being. slate and start digging.

Digging and digging, the eyes of the people present first became bossy, and then sucked in a breath of cold air, Shen Yun covered his nose and shouted: “Back up, back up, all evacuate!”


After waiting for a while, the fully armed forensic doctor in protective clothing entered the place and saw the layers of corpses under the floor, some of which had been boned, some were highly decomposed, and some appeared to have died soon. look.

This is a big deal about his grandmother. In just eight hours, the police removed as many as 740 skeletons from it, and the time of death inside it ranged from ten to twenty-four. The identities cannot be checked for hours. Although most of them are definitely obtained from tomb robbing, as long as one of them is murdered, it can already be called a serious case.

Such a huge number is no longer enough to be handled by an agency in a region. The Ninth Layer case, together with the local police, made a report on the matter.

Of course, this kind of thing cannot be directly exposed, and even the whole process must be kept strictly confidential, so after the approval from the top, Haozi still failed to escape this disaster, and just took a bath and prepared When he went to bed, he was transferred to Macau by a phone call.

The whole journey was non-stop, and it was already early morning when he arrived in Macau. After he entered the villa, he was immediately smoked by a strong corpse stench.

He was standing at the door, breathing heavily, while Shen Yun, who was wearing plastic gloves and his dark circles was so black, looked at him happily.

“Boy, you’re bashing me.”

“How dare you, you’ll be my superior soon.” Shen Yun sat there, took off his gloves and took a sip of water: “Here I really can’t figure out the situation, it’s too much…”

“I’ll go in and have a look when I’ll give me a set of equipment.”

“It’s hard work. You are here.”

Haozi quickly put on a protective gear and walked into the basement of the villa, where there are already densely packed corpses, because there are too many to be transported in time, only temporarily It was piled up here and disposed of slowly, and the stench of these corpses made Haozi feel the peculiar smell through the gas mask.

He probably sampled a few corpses and found that there was no obvious abnormality in these corpses, and they should all belong to the category of normal death. From the corpses that are still in good condition, it can be seen that there are many corpses. They are all from Southeast Asia.

The corpses of Southeast Asia appear in Macau, and the batch is so large, so it is certain that someone is doing the corpse business.

And this person must be in Macau!

“Looks like our breakthrough is coming.” Haozi turned his head and said to Shen Yun, who was looking for relevant identity information: “Go and mobilize the people for the trial!”

” Who?”

“Trial the smugglers in Hong Kong and Macau.”


The Ninth Layer case is terrifying. The case, what is so worldly and not sophistication, the chiefs of the police department dare not issue orders to them, and they did not dare to do so now, so Shen Yun’s action is very fast, and they directly control the offices of the anti-smuggling and anti-criminal groups, Although the behavior is a little rough, it can also effectively avoid tipping off.

After obtaining the anti-smuggling and anti-black watch lists, the Ninth Layer case, together with other serious crime teams and the Macau police, started a region-wide free coffee event, which only took one and a half days. They caught 425 senior smugglers and screened out more than 140 smugglers traveling to and from Southeast Asia.

Once caught, they began to investigate, but this time it was different from the past. They didn’t investigate any prohibited drugs for cars and motorcycles, but only smuggled corpses.

No one can stand up to the questioning of the Ninth Layer case, because they are supernatural… No matter how strong the psychological quality of the smugglers is, they will be cowardly on the tailbone when facing the devil.

Hundreds of people, every five minutes a set of confessions, let alone… Quickly let Haozi and the others have a clue about a series of body smuggling.

Corpse smuggling is actually very popular in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, because of the support of related religions, such as Voodoo Poison Cult in Africa, Satan sect in South America and witchcraft in Southeast Asia all need corpses to operate.

Where there is demand, there will be a market. Take the Philippines as an example, at least 5,000 corpses go missing every year, which is far from meeting the market demand. The person who arrives at the corpse starts to make the corpse, and the same situation happens, even in the mainland. For example, the bad habit of marriage is common in some remote places and mountainous areas.

With the help of the ghosts of the corpses summoned by Haozi, they brought Big Boss, who was smuggling corpses from Hong Kong and Macau, to the interrogation room on the morning of the second day.

at first That big snake head is still dead and stubborn, but he forgot who he was dealing with, and he could survive three days and three nights under the hands of anti-smuggling, anti-criminal, and serious crimes Even a guy who can arrogant and despotic can do anything under Haozi’s hands if he can’t last 30 seconds.

First of all, there is indeed a trade in corpses. Originally, the demand here is not that great. About a hundred corpses a year are almost the same. At the beginning, the demand for this thing soared in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Since February last year, he has sold 1,900 of them in Hong Kong and Macau alone. He doesn’t know if there are others.

The key content after that is that the buyers are divided into three batches, but this old snakehead judged from his experience that the three batches are the same group of people, and the behind-the-scenes Boss of this group of people should be the group of Taiwanese guy.

As for what they want these things for, he doesn’t know as a businessman. Anyway, a corpse can be sold for less than 2,000 dollars over there, and it can be sold here for 30,000 to 50,000 dollars. U.S. dollars, this huge profit is more profitable than transporting anything, so he is more impossible to dig the bottom of customers.

So as of now, Haozi and the others know who is buying and selling this thing, and they also know that these people have spent at least 80 million dollars to buy the body…

Check the cash The flow is more complicated, and I am afraid that these people do not have only one account, so it is still difficult to distinguish.

“Undercover.” Shen Yun said with a smile: “I’ll go undercover myself.”

“You’re quite brave.”

“Eat This bowl of rice.” Shen Yun patted the uniform: “If you can wear it, it’s not for getting rich and sleeping.”

Haozi put on the brim of his hat: “I’ll be with you, or else I’ll go out. I’m afraid you won’t be able to deal with anything.”

“Okay, you can’t go back.”

Of course this must be done, but people always have to rest, and It happened that Brother Zhang and the others were also in Macau, so Haozi and Shen Yun went to see Brother Zhang after a short break.

At this time, Brother Zhang was in the underground shopping mall with Empress, the Queen Mother of the West, who went by the pseudonym Jin Mei to negotiate with the shop Boss. Although she had always said her name was Nine Gold Saint before, this name was not very good after all. It sounds good, so I just picked a name and matched it.

The two of them spent the past two days wandering around like real tourists, eating roadside stalls, watching fireworks on the beach, buying seafood from the fisherman on the pier and finding a place on their own Cooking is so ordinary that it can’t be more ordinary. Except for Jin Mei, who looks a little unusual, there doesn’t seem to be any attention to it.

“Hello? Brother Zhang, I’m in Macau. I’m here to eat.” Haozi shouted on the phone: “Pai Block Street, waiting for you, and Shen Yun. Thunder Dragon will come over later. .”

“Okay.” Brother Zhang looked back at Jin Mei: “Are you going?”

“Yes.” Jin Mei nodded and said: “I I don’t have any money, so if you don’t take me, what do I eat?”

Haozi’s ears pricked up when he heard it on the phone: “There is a woman! Who is it? Do I know who it is? ?”

Brother Zhang hung up the phone slowly, turned to Jin Mei and said, “Let’s go.”

(End of this chapter)

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