What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 132


Where is the problem in Chapter 132, Empress tells you

Haozi saw the woman beside Xiao Zhang, he felt that the world had changed, How many days has he been out? It’s been less than a month, but where did you get a woman of this level?

According to common sense, it is not a big problem to hook up with the last girl on the condition of Xiao Zhang.

He is indifferent and inactive, and he is still a straight diamond Vajra man. Such a person is basically impossible to have any intersection with another indifferent and indifferent woman.

The two of them are sitting there, and it’s actually quite a good match, but the problem is that these two people are so indifferent, they both belong to the type who can’t make a fart with three poles, so two people get together. Wouldn’t it be boring to be together?

Also, this woman is also a little too good-looking, from facial features to temperament to body and demeanor, all of which are perfect templates and benchmarks for women, I once thought that Zhang Yao was already the existence of the ceiling Now, it seems that Zhang Yao’s so-called royal sister is like a maid in front of this elder sister.

“Jin Mei.” Brother Zhang’s introduction has always been like this, it’s just a name.

“Hello.” Haozi got up and extended the hand towards her: “Nice to meet you.”

Jin Mei chuckled, but did not extend the hand, and It was a very old-fashioned salute with a light nod to Haozi.

This gesture made Haozi stunned for a while, because the gesture on the other side was very old, but few people knew how old it was, but Haozi happened to know that this gesture was about 2,700 It was popular a few years ago, it was popular for about 800 years, and it completely disappeared before the Three Kingdoms.

And it not only represents the aristocratic status of Shang and Zhou pre-Qin times, but also represents that the elder sister has a very deep Taoist status.

According to this idea, who would it be?

Haozi doesn’t know, but he can see that this little elder sister has a relatively close relationship with Brother Zhang, and Brother Zhang whispers to her far more often than anyone can speak.

While Haozi was pondering the identity of Jin Mei, Thunder Dragon also arrived with his daughter-in-law who had changed back and forth. But he said flatly: “Empress is auspicious.”

“Empress? What Empress?”

“You don’t know?” Thunder Dragon shook his head at Brother Zhang: ” The Queen Mother of the West, Empress.”

Haozi would never have believed it if Brother Zhang hadn’t been sitting there, Thunder Dragon wouldn’t have dared to talk nonsense, and as soon as the name came out, he almost knelt down.

The Queen Mother of the West is one of the highest-ranking beings in his beliefs, and is without a doubt a god. It hit him no less than a Christian who found out his daughter was in love with Jesus Christ.

I can imagine the shock of thunder and lightning in my heart. It took Haozi more than ten minutes to wake up. It was Shen Yun who ran over in a hurry to wake him up.

“Everyone is here, come and come, I’ll give you a toast. It’s been a long time since I left Chang’an Lane. Brother Zhang, Brother Long, come!”


The dinner table is staggered, and although it is a food stall, the taste is really good, and everyone has a tacit understanding of not talking about work.

It’s just that after drinking three dishes and five flavors, Thunder Dragon started chatting about work, and this chat couldn’t stop the car.

Thunder Dragon talked about his fight with Hu Niu in the Xu Fu Formation, and also told about the five gods of good fortune in the Xu Fu Formation, and after his story, it was Shen Yun’s turn to play Now, he also told about the hundreds of corpses he found in the Formation and the sale and purchase of corpses.

Haozi took a deep breath and said, “You guys really don’t close the door.”

“What? You still want to hide it from the boss?” Thunder Dragon tapped Haozi with his chopsticks: “You’re not a good person, you have two hearts.”

“You fucking fart less.” Haozi frowned and scolded: “I just don’t want to disturb you. Brother Zhang is in the mood for traveling.”

Brother Zhang smiled and shook his head: “I’m not in the mood, I’m going to a meeting tomorrow.”

“Meeting? What meeting?”

“Well, the meeting about the unblocking of B-Rank control is actually quite troublesome.”

Haozi probably knew what the meeting was when he heard this. That’s something they don’t even think about at this level. It’s about the problem above. That’s Brother Zhang’s own job. Although he is relatively free most of the time, this thing really can’t be done without him.

However, other people are really not very easy to inquire about his work, and they can’t help him anyway, so this topic is just a mouthful.

On the contrary, those things that are not a big deal to Brother Zhang were brought up by them.

Until Jin Mei next to her heard something was wrong, she browsed tightly frowns: “Have you not thought of a question?”

Empress spoke up, which should not be all ears? So the people who were still in the heated discussion just now calmed down and waited quietly for the next chapter of Empress.

“You’re looking in the wrong direction. I listened to it for a while and found that there are three points that can be confirmed. First, they are a gang, second, they are very rich, and third they are Someone has been caught before. So why are you still studying undercover and not undercover? Although I don’t know your workflow very well, don’t you just put something on the person who was caught, and give him a leak The tricks let him escape, doesn’t this solve everything? Why complicate simple problems.”

Although Empress spends most of her time looking at flowers and grasses, she is also a top manager. And more importantly, she is very smart and absorbs new things from the outside very quickly. In addition, she has learned to surf the Internet in the past few years, so even the Queen Mother of the West is still not out of touch with society.

“We…Empress, we don’t have 100,000 celestial troops and generals.” Haozi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said to Empress: “If you can’t find it if you let it go, then all your efforts will be lost. , and we are also investigating now.”

“When will we wait until they come out to harm people? Very things are very tricky, you look like this, it’s annoying.”

After Jin Mei finished speaking, she scolded Brother Zhang: “You say something.”

Brother Zhang slowly raised his head and clapped his hands gently: “Empress is right.”

Seeing his insincere appearance, the Queen Mother of the West was already angry, but now she is even more angry, and her brows are wrinkled.

“You, restore your abilities to me.” Empress angrily rolled up his sleeves: “trifling thief.”

“No.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said: “Unless you can give me reasonable management advice, this hole can’t be opened.”

Jin Mei stomped her feet in anger, but there was nothing she could do about Brother Zhang.

“Empress, don’t get angry. We can handle this kind of thing by ourselves. You and Brother Zhang can just have fun in the lower realm, and you won’t have to worry about the lower realm.”

Haozi thinks it’s really interesting now. Sure enough, the content of myths is not without wind and waves. He clearly remembers that the most annoying thing in those stories when he was a child was the Queen Mother Empress, and there was a lot of shit all day. It’s very, take care of this and that, now it seems that she is really not a kind-hearted person.

“Didn’t you tell me that you have no emotions?” Brother Zhang narrowed his eyes and looked towards Jin Mei: “I think you lied to me.”

“I will lose my temper. .” Jin Mei crossed her arms and said with a cold face: “Not enough?”

Next to Haozi and the others, they turned their faces and laughed, Thunder Dragon even used smoking as an excuse to run out of the distance before laughing loudly. .

Brother Zhang was deceived… Everyone can see that Brother Zhang was deceived. This Divine Immortal doesn’t seem so honest, but it’s Brother Zhang who really has no emotions. Now he seems to be an honest man.

If you can lose your temper, you will laugh, if you can laugh, you will be sad, and if you can be sad, you will be happy. Brother Zhang pondered for a long time and felt as if he had been deceived by Divine Immortal.

But even so, he was still not angry, he just sat there and said, “But your tantrums can’t be a bargaining chip to achieve your goals. What’s the use of your tantrums? You can try it out. “

Jin Mei was stunned for a moment: “Is it useful to act like a spoiled child?”

Brother Zhang hooked the head: “No.”

Next to Huang Die Er this time But finally, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing, his hands resting on the table and covering his face, his whole body trembled with laughter.

“I don’t have you to make me coquettish?”

“But compared to being angry, it’s useless anyway. At least coquettish won’t make people annoying.”

“You hate me?”

“Just now.” Brother Zhang extended the hand and gestured: “It’s a little bit.”

Everyone next to him was already laughing. She left her seat, but Jin Mei also belongs to the kind of person who doesn’t care about the world. She frowned for a moment, and then asked very seriously: “Which is better when you get angry many times or spoil yourself many times?”

“It’s not good.” Brother Zhang also replied seriously: “You can act like a spoiled child but you don’t need to do it many times.”

“But you just said that acting like a spoiled child is useful.”

“That’s more useful than being angry.”

“Then what do you say is the most useful?”

Brother Zhang fiddled with his chopsticks and raised his head to She said, “You make a report, and I will approve it if it is suitable.” , A mountain is not a mountain, and a mountain is still a mountain. It seems to be discussing a topic, but the problem is that when Jin Mei asked, she had already lost.

If it were a different person, water might have been splashed on his face now, but Brother Zhang is Brother Zhang, he has reasons and is his job responsibilities, no one can pick out the slightest fault, even This is not reasonable, but business.

To say that he understands, his answer is simply not on the point of others, but to say that he does not understand, his answer is full of philosophical flavor, and even close to a perfect answer. The problem is thrown back again, making people in a dilemma.

And such an answer can even make oneself invincible, attacking and retreating and defending. It is not an exaggeration to say that the answer is Divine Immortal.

Thunder Dragon came back now, saw Haozi and the others’ expressions, and quickly asked, “What’s the matter? Did I miss a wonderful moment?”

While watching Brother Zhang rectify people here, in a mansion in the mountains of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on Treasure Island, there was a corpse that just slowly opened its eyes, and then after a while of bathing, the corpse also began to change. Scars started to appear on the body, and the skin on the body became like it was stitched up.

He was resurrected again, and the first thing he did when he was resurrected was jumping off the stage, kneeling and bucking into the dark: “many thanks, Your Majesty…”

” Take a break during this time, go and ask me about those awakened aliens, and don’t provoke the Twelve Spirits.”

“Your Majesty, I didn’t expect them to be so tyrannical.”

“That’s the Twelve Spirits, you can’t deal with them now, go find your aliens.”


(End of this chapter)

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