What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 133


Chapter 133 Guardian Responsibilities

“Short oil, are you still angry? Do you want to be so stingy.”

“I’m not angry, I just think I should stay away from you.” Brother Zhang was expressionless all the way to the meeting place. When asked by Jin Mei, his answer hit the soul: “You will lie. “

“You’re still angry!” Jin Mei giggled loudly: “I didn’t lie to you a lot, and you’ve seen it. In fact, I don’t understand more than you.”

Brother Zhang put his head up and put out a long breath, but there was no response for a long time.

“Alright, alright, if it’s not just such a trivial matter, you don’t want to be like this.”

Brother Zhang still didn’t respond, but the appointed place has already arrived. People got off the car, and the floral shirt and big pants on Brother Zhang turned into a straight black clothed suit the moment he got off the car. After he gave the money, he entered the Conference Hall of the hotel with Jin Mei.

After getting on the elevator, Brother Zhang looked up at the camera, and then the entire monitoring screen turned into snowflakes, and Jin Mei also began to change her clothes.

The elevator didn’t stop all the way. No matter how many people pressed the elevator, it kept going up all the way. When the elevator door opened, Brother Zhang and Jin Mei were already dressed.

The two of them came to the Conference Hall, and someone at the door immediately helped to open the door. After walking in, there were already more than 30 people sitting inside. The arrival of Brother Zhang.

He didn’t talk too much, he sat directly on the chairman’s seat, flipped through the list of attendees, raised his head and asked, “Who is this year’s rotating chairman?”

At this time A white old man raised his hand, Brother Zhang put a tick after Odin’s name on the list, and then he put down the list and didn’t speak for a long time.

He didn’t speak, and the person below naturally didn’t speak either. After waiting for a while, a woman with brown skin and an oversized Riley stumbled into the Conference Hall outside.

“Sorry, I’m late, there is a traffic jam on the road.”

After she sat down, she put out a long breath, unbuttoned a few buttons on her chest, and picked up a small book Just fanned the wind, and the Dinersville moved with the wind, which was thrilling to see.

Then a few more people came one after another, all in a hurry. At this time, there were almost forty people in the Conference Hall.

There are basically prominent figures in various civilizations here, some of which are not very familiar to the public, but some are really like thunder piercing the ear.

Although their identities are all gods in the folk, but here, they have only one identity, that is, the Chief-In-Charge of the B-Rank control area.

For example, the black-skinned idiot Dalilai just now is the most respected feathered snake god in the Mayan civilization. He is the largest single creature that has appeared in this world so far, no one. The complete body of Feathered Serpent is about 4,500 kilometers in length, and its weight is unknown. The center diameter reaches 750 kilometers, which exceeds 2,700 kilometers. Sea troll Kraken and 1,800km Torch Dragon.

These giant creatures are also present today as special guests, and this year’s rotating chairman is Odin, the so-called Lord of the Nine Realms.

“Okay, we’re all here.” Brother Zhang stood up at this time: “Let me briefly describe the main purpose of this meeting.”

The regular meeting is held every year. Once, but basically, the rotating chairman reported the situation to Brother Zhang, and it was rare for so many people to gather together.

This place now gathers representatives of all civilizations in the era when humans and gods lived together, and there are four systems in Asia alone.

This telling process is actually a cutscene. The reason why they come here is because they have been ventilated in advance.

And they are not rookies who know nothing about the Nether. They have simply not broken their connection with this world over the years, and they have their own industries in almost every corner of the world. For example, today’s luxury hotel is one of their properties.

After Brother Zhang’s opening remarks, the rotating chairman immediately got up and started to report on the problems of the previous year, including the problems that need to be solved by the Guardian and a series of possible problems.

Although these people are all big bosses, and even the tentacles in the world are much longer than Xiao Zhang, but the rules are the rules, and their big and small things must go through Xiao Zhang for exchange. trial.

These issues are many and complicated. There are disputes, appeals, and various applications. Brother Zhang needs to review and approve one after another at the meeting.

When he needs to review a project, a form will appear in front of him, and he will give guidance on whether he agrees or disagrees in the final decision column. Agree not to be repeated.

This series of work is very heavy and time-consuming. Brother Zhang is constantly signing, agreeing and disagreeing, as long as the paper is signed, the piece of paper will turn into a golden light and disappear.

“Even if there are 108,000 dreams, it’s not as good as one or two winds in the world. Speaking of which, you and I still have covetousness.”

The person sitting beside Jin Mei He whispered to her, “If it wasn’t for covetousness, how could there be so many demands, alas… Cultivation Cultivation, hundreds of thousands of years, is just a joke.”

“I never said that I You have no desires and no desires, just put yourself on that Gu Ying and pity yourself, don’t pull me.” Jin Mei lightly said with a smile: “The world is naturally good in every way, otherwise there would be so many people in love with the world.”

“Alas. …”

The person who whispered to Jin Mei was the one who said that he was going to write a book and was filmed in the world by a TV series and was scared by monkeys and did not dare to show his face under the table, although everyone knew this. It’s people in the world talking nonsense, that monkey on Three Realms is a joke, but the people above him can’t help teasing him about it, and he’s used to it for many years now.

“You…you’re right, you never said that your six senses are pure.”

At this time, Brother Zhang was finally about to finish the signing of this year’s affairs. After signing the last plan, he let out a long voice and put down the pen, and then said, “In addition to these trivial matters, there is one more important matter that needs your full opinions today.”

After speaking, Xiao Brother Zhang disdained the artist who was like a middle age person that day, he immediately stood up, took out a stack of papers in his hand, and began to describe.

In fact, the core content is very simple, that is, it is about fully releasing the freedom of access and ability restrictions within the scope of B-Rank control.

This article is basically for all the regulated people yearn for something even in dreams, but the problem is that if the Guardian is not nodded, they can’t mess around, otherwise the B-Rank will become A-Rank, all nested in Raising Gu in that small place, who can stand it…

But letting go is not something that can be done in one sentence, there are too many things involved.

The first is the issue of self-discipline, because the ability of these people is far higher than the average of the human world, Thunder Dragon is already considered the Peak of the human world, but it is just a joke here.

How to balance their abilities is a key issue. Although they have also signed the self-discipline convention on their own accord, if self-discipline alone works, then what do the police do in the world.

So if they can’t come up with a rationalized regulatory proposal today, it’s all bullshit.

And this supervision scheme obviously cannot be one-size-fits-all. For example, after some people’s abilities are one-size-fits-all according to certain standards, the remaining abilities are no different from ordinary persons, while some people’s abilities are one-size-fits-all after one-size-fits-all. , even more powerful than before the cut.

This obviously goes against the original intention of supervision, and how to measure this degree is particularly important.

Just like the Feathered Serpent God, if she regains her strength, then a thing that is more than 4,000 kilometers long and more than 700 kilometers thick can cause a tsunami and be destroyed by a free fall. For a medium-sized country, such a thing is more terrifying than a nuclear bomb. How to supervise it is the most effective.

There is also the inevitable intermarriage after free passage. If they produce offspring, it is assumed that the offspring have the ability to be supervised.

Finally, their moral system and cultural system are not unified, whether it is necessary to use the universal moral system to restrain them.

The very simple point is that Dragon Clan has no concept of reproductive isolation. They can like creatures of any race and give birth to offspring. In this case, should there be restrictions?

Unconstrained, the human moral system In name only. Constraints, it would not be in line with their basic physiological characteristics. How to deal with this problem?

There is also a large part of the civilization system of the Three Realms that does not have the concept of random L, and even uses random L as the main means of reproduction. Should this be restricted?

So the difficulty of this question is not whether it should be controlled, but how to control it, and where is the scale of control.

Since they all want to enter the human world, but to let them enter the human world to become a human being and to squeeze another ethnic group, this goes against the Guardian’s original intention.

The discussion on this issue was especially heated. After dinner, they even turned from a discussion to an argument, because the cultural system is completely different, and they really are not gods…

Yes, they are not gods. All their identities are made up by human beings after imagining them. Their real name should be “high-martial world civilized pirates”. In theory, they have existed longer than human beings, and they have a real impact on the present world. The evolution of human civilization, before the appearance of the Guardian, they were unscrupulously looting all the resources of this world.

From all kinds of wealth to all kinds of beliefs, there is nothing they don’t want. But after the Guardian appeared, this situation was completely different, and all Supreme gods showed their most ordinary side.

In the eyes of Brother Zhang, the current situation is actually a group of gangsters discussing how to re-enter the melting pot of society for a major transformation.

“You discuss first, but I will set the first three basic terms for you.” Brother Zhang handed over the three items he wrote: “First of all, all those who enter this world in the future will It is regarded as automatically giving up the advantage of the longevity species, and under no circumstances will lifespan be allowed to exceed 200 years old.”

“Second, all those who enter this world in the future are not allowed to directly control any human beings. Knowing religions to carry out activities, under any circumstances, direct manipulation of known human religions to carry out activities will be regarded as disqualification.”

“Third, all those who enter this world in the future are not allowed to use any means. Manipulating human beings, resurrecting the dead, creating life, creating things, changing physical rules, launching disasters, setting extinction curses, including but not limited to skills, spells, treasures, etc.”

These three major premises As soon as they came, they directly locked all their follow-up content.

And without these abilities, they are actually a group of slightly more powerful humans at best.

As for whether Brother Zhang has missed something, it is definitely not, because his own ability overwhelming majority belongs to the power of the rule level, so he is very clear about what things will affect the balance.

First of all, let’s talk about the spirit class. This is not easy to classify, but it can be done except for thinking control, so it belongs to a class of restricted skills. Such and similar abilities must be completely banned. As for the words given to Haozi and Thunder Dragon, that is indeed Brother Zhang’s selfishness, but even so they have many restrictions, and they are under the control of Brother Zhang. range.

The second is the concept class. For example, as long as you go to the toilet at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it will inevitably rain. This belongs to the ability of the rule concept class, which belongs to the Level 2 restricted skill. Words like “always”, “always”, “always”, “necessary” are also very powerful skills. But the problem is that it is not always so easy to use, most of the conceptual capabilities are very outrageous, in addition to going to the toilet at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it is bound to rain, and there are also things such as “stand upside down next to a hot water bottle full of water and you will definitely be able to pick it up. Money” and “You can receive a call from the President of the United States by pressing Pi Yanzi’s high-pitched voice.”

These outrageous abilities are actually the mainstream of conceptual abilities, so they are defined as second-class limitations.

Finally, there are other classes. Other classes are also called ordinary classes. This is to limit the level of restriction according to the specific situation. They will determine the level of ability definition by themselves. When the time comes, Brother Zhang only needs to determine the limit. level is fine.

Aside from these terrifying abilities, it depends on the individual’s ability. Let’s take Feather Serpent God as an example. Although she is mild-mannered, she likes to take baths, eat Brother Xi tacos and drink Coke. You will always be scammed by phone calls, but if the body of this black-skinned idiot, Dalaizi, and the little elder sister falls from a height of 125,000 kilometers, it will be formidable power equivalent to 1,300 pieces of Xixu. The big rock in the Lubo crater, that thing sent the Tyrannosaurus Rex as a fossil.

And 1,300… This formidable power may not be able to kill Earth, but it is enough to kill all creatures on Earth, so her limit will be more than others, accept it if you can, don’t accept it Just kidding, individuals who are too dangerous cannot be measured with fairness.

Holy Mother will destroy the world, Brother Zhang emphasized again.


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