What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 134


Chapter 134 is really refreshing

Brother Zhang returned to his room when his phone rang, calling It was Zhang Yao who suddenly asked Brother Zhang a very strange question.

“Does superpowers need to conform to the laws of physics?”

This question is interesting, because Brother Zhang has not considered this question, but now it is asked, he Also a little confused because he doesn’t understand science.

So do you want it or not?

So he sat down and started thinking.

People always say that human beings laugh when they think about God, but now the problem is coming. Brother Zhang starts to think, so ask God if he laughs.

But there is a deeper problem here, that is, Brother Zhang really doesn’t understand. He dropped out of junior high school. He understands the second law of thermodynamics with a hammer. Let’s take two huge objects as an example. Why? The Feathered Serpent that can fly in the sky looks like a bloated caterpillar while the Kraken swimming in the water can look so streamlined.

It’s definitely not that long, right? There’s always something, but every time I ask the feathered snake Divine King’s weight, she always tells Xiao Zhang that he is 44kg. It’s over at ninety pounds.

90 jins, more than 4,000 kilometers long, and more than 700 kilometers thick, what is the density of Small Accomplishment, but it seems to explain why it can fly in the sky?

Of course, 44kg is definitely a liar, and anyone who believes her words will be resentful.

Brother Zhang sat in the room and pondered for a long time, then hung up the phone, then opened a door and walked in.

As soon as he entered the door, more than 1,400 water droplet-shaped ultra-high-speed aircraft suddenly appeared around him and surrounded him, repeatedly telling him to put down his weapons for inspection. Not far from him is a thief-sized ball. This ball is obviously artificial, but because of its size, it looks a little unreal.

When the person in the ball saw the person coming, he was actually a little panicked, because no serious person can wear a cotton T-shirt in space and be directly irradiated by 40 million lumens of light. You can also wave to the camera.

So this situation was quickly pushed to the front of Divine King, and after Divine King, who was looking up at the starry sky, found out who was coming, he went to greet him in person. It’s quite big. If it weren’t for the inability to lay carpets in space, he would have wished for a million metres of carpet to brush over it.

After welcoming Brother Zhang to his residence, Divine King politely asked, “Why are you here?”

Then Brother Zhang said, “You said, do those space pirates need to follow the laws of physics?”

This became Brother Zhang sitting with Divine King. Stuck there.

Because from normal logic, these two issues are simply unlikely to appear on the same paper for discussion.

But now the reality is that they appear on the same sheet of paper.

To say that it is necessary, how to explain that a group of people can fly in the sky under the condition of constant density and no external force? And it is obviously not in line with aerodynamics, but it can still fly that fast.

But if they don’t, why don’t they? Star pirates need it, why don’t space pirates need it? It’s not fair.

Divine King doesn’t have a better explanation for this, but as the humanoid mechanical lifeform with the highest IQ in this universe, he obviously can’t use “forget it” or “may need”. words to perfunctory the questioner.

A-Rank space has the dignity of A-Rank space, and the dignity of this world is that everything can be explained by science.

“Why don’t you ask me why my mothership is a ball.” Divine King said to Brother Zhang: “Guardians in other worlds will ask this.”

“Then it must have a shape.” Brother Zhang replied: “If it is a square, I have to ask why it is a square.”

“No, no, it can only be a square. The sphere, because its volume and mass are too large, its own gravitational force needs to be considered under such volume and mass, as long as the sphere can ensure that the gravitational force is the same everywhere inside the mothership.”

Divine King replied.

And Xiao Zhang glanced up and down this smart phone that has evolved 31.45 million times: “Can’t you answer my question?”

The Divine King breathed out, even with the entire mothership, leaving only the dark big metal bumps silently revolving and rotating around the stars several millions of kilometers away.

Brother Zhang spat, opened the door and went back. The moment he left, the Divine King’s system lit up again, and the smartphone, which had evolved 31.45 million times, broadcast to the entire Star Domain and asked a question: “Is secret technique above physics?”

But this little brother Zhang definitely doesn’t know, because he went back, but he also can’t answer Zhang Yao’s question, because Even the Divine King can’t do anything about it, that is the smartphone civilization that has brought technology to A-Rank, and can easily kill most of the civilizations that control lifeforms by A-Rank.

If you can’t even explain such technological capabilities, Brother Zhang thinks that discussing this now is a bit like philosophical bragging.

But it’s okay, it’ll be soon… About an hour or so, the Divine King knocked on the door of Brother Zhang’s heart, and then sent him a question about this through the crack of the door. Brother Zhang took it up and took a look, and what was inserted was just an ultra-compressed two-dimensional image. After being completely decompressed, it was a sequence of mathematical formulas that was more than 35 million pages long.

Brother Zhang gave me some torch.

It’s not that Brother Zhang doesn’t want to contribute to the science of the world, but that this thing is garbled in his opinion, and he can’t even copy it, and it takes up memory.

So the final conclusion probably means that it can be explained, but it is not necessary. According to the core idea of Divine King, if you encounter something that does not conform to the laws of physics when you look up, you should shoot it with a gun first, and if you can kill it, it conforms to the laws of physics. If it doesn’t work, use a nuclear bomb. If it doesn’t work, use a water drop flying machine to smash it. Finally, if it doesn’t work, it will hit the dimensionality reduction. If the dimensionality reduction does not work, use a proton separator to shake Yahuang away It’s useless, just use hyperspace compression to compress it. No matter how awesome Kraken is, ask if it can carry a black hole. As long as there is something here that can kill it, then it conforms to the laws of physics. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t conform.

Anyway, although Divine King may not be able to give a reliable answer immediately because of too few samples, his dialectics is good. Exceeding is not in line with the laws of physics, no matter what demons and ghosts you have, touch it in the collider.

“The symbol doesn’t conform to the laws of physics, touch it in the collider.” Brother Yang called Zhang Yao back: “My friend said so.”

“Your friend What kind of great god is it, this idea is so clear.” Zhang Yao couldn’t laugh on the other end of the phone: “Introduce me to know you.”

“Maybe not, he is restricted.”

“Alright then, when are you coming back?”

“Maybe…after a while.”

Brother Zhang sneered: “Here It’s not over yet.”

“Come back and invite you to dinner.”

Zhang Yao hung up the phone, while Brother Zhang sat on the balcony, looking towards the sky, He was constantly thinking about whether the Feather Serpent God could carry a nuclear bomb.

And at this moment, the Divine King of the Feathered Snake, the idiot beautiful girl who claims to be 44kg, is sitting in a sugar water shop drinking sugar water, and she feels cold all over. Trembling, I looked up and felt uncomfortable everywhere…

Because this meeting has a lot of content, it must be unfinished in one day, so on the second day early in the morning, Brother Zhang Continue to sit in the Conference Hall and start questioning their discussion.

It’s really a shame it’s Brother Zhang, just in front of this group of space civilization pirates, in front of mortals, they are called one person five people six children, each tone is more arrogant, and if someone else asks him questions, that’s it With a tricky angle, these people could eat him raw without dipping in soy sauce.

But now, it’s the dragon who has to be coiled and the tiger who has to lie down. As long as a question cannot be answered to Brother Zhang’s satisfaction, the whole issue will be re-examined.

Here, Brother Zhang is the incomparably distinguished father of Party A. These people are Party B who provide the solution. If they want to achieve their demands from Party A, they must be pressed by the father and rubbed on the ground.

“If your beliefs conflict with local laws, what will you choose?”

Faced with the appeal of the angel sequence, Brother Zhang raised an almost fatal question.

Because they have very strict control over mortal beliefs, otherwise they wouldn’t fight this one today and fight that tomorrow, and the law puts them aside for their evil heretic theory. Just such a murderous civilization system, now it has to face the situation of compromise with the secular.


Brother Zhang threw their issue forward: “The next one.”

“Wait…give me another chance.” The middle-aged contestant quickly picked up the issue and handed it to Brother Zhang again: “Everything is based on the moral system and legal system in the world, and beliefs and teachings are the most important things. Supplementary, ensure the orderly and peaceful development of civilization and beliefs by means of not disrupting the normal human order.”

His words appeared on the paper intact, and after Xiao Zhang carefully read it, at the bottom Sign your name.

The issue is passed, turned into golden light and sealed as a certificate, and once the certificate is violated, the contract force attached to this paper can directly drag them back into the original space, and there will be five hundred Years of ban.

No Oracle for 500 years, and no matter what religion you break, you will get pornographic. The world is such a reality.

And then Xiao Zhang looked up and looked towards the black-skinned stupid beautiful girl: “Don’t eat it.”

The feathered snake Divine King quickly put down the food in his hand, even in his mouth He vomited out, and he looked quite nervous.

“When will you request to restore your true body?”

“Ah? Me? True body? What true body?”

Xiao Zhang Brother threw the paper in front of her at her: “Come back when you think about it.”

(End of this chapter)

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