What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 135


Chapter 135 Contract Formation

More than 40 special envoys of high level civilization, a total of 237 items On the topic, Brother Zhang needs to ask one after another.

Although the workload is heavy, it is fortunate that this kind of thing does not happen every year. Isn’t this catching up with Spiritual Qi’s recovery, just to sort out the things that are about to be faced.

But it’s really a pain in the head when I meet a stupid beautiful girl.

In seven days, two hundred and thirty-four issues were resolved, but only three were stuck on her.

She doesn’t listen, doesn’t ask, doesn’t speak, asks and doesn’t know. Eat, eat, and know every day that Brother Zhang has not seen her eat the same thing for more than a week. People are frowning and thinking, she is eating dried fish at ka ka. People are arguing, he is drinking soda.

In short, her life goal seems to be left to eat, but she is such a person, but she has more destructive power than the sum of everyone here, making it impossible to bypass her for the next item.

And her project fails, so the meeting can only be stuck here. She is not in a hurry, because according to the rotating chairman rules, the rotating chairman has only 15 days of office every year, and more than 15 days. Day will be automatically disqualified, and after disqualification, all issues will be reserved for next year, but now Spiritual Qi is in the recovery stage. Missing a year will be a big loss…

Xiao Zhang is not in a hurry, He eats, drinks, sleeps well, and can watch sand sculpture netizens post funny videos every day, but other people are really going to be worried to death by Feather Snake God, this thing can’t be beaten, can’t be beaten, can’t be taught, and can’t be taught…

Before, there were many people who coveted her beauty and thought she was cute, but after these seven days of torture, almost everyone saw her with a headache, and she was screaming stupidly behind her back. on.

On the eighth day, the meeting finally led to an inflection point, that is, someone proposed to find a host family for the Divine King.

It probably means that this guy is so stupid, he can’t do anything, he can’t eat anything, he has a full body but will not do anything. Treating such people is usually in heaven There is a good solution.

It is the host family on earth.

This was originally the way to train new angels over there, because the best place to practice is in hell, but hell is incompatible as fire and water over there, so they took a different approach and put the abilities of each new angel Deprivation, let them fall into the mortal world, enter the life of an ordinary person, live a certain period of time and then return to heaven.

This stage is the adaptation period for the new angels, because others are really hell. It can be said that few new angels live very well in this world. After this kind of experience, nothing terrifying can hinder their footsteps, because no matter how terrifying it is, it is not as good as being in the world for decades.

Now they propose to temporarily place the feathered snake Divine King in this way, so that this stupid big thing can experience a period of time in the world, at least so that she can communicate normally.

But here comes the problem, Feather Serpent God is not those rookie angels, her ability is very strong, even after being deprived of her ability, she still maintains the strong level of the middle and high-level Three Realms, if A horrific slaughter can occur when stimulated.

And don’t look at her current appearance, harmless to humans and animals, this guy is one of the few bloodthirsty gods. She is bloodthirsty, and her favorite thing to enjoy is human head sacrifice.

Does she say she is Evil God? Actually, she is not, because she will not take the initiative to be bloodthirsty, but the problem is that she is not a kind person.

So no matter who she is by her side is undoubtedly very dangerous, and even those who put forward this opinion are not willing to let Feather Serpent God stay by their side, they would rather choose Kraken!

“No, I already have the Kraken on my side, and I need to take care of that giant.”

Odin waved his hand to refuse, and Mr. Kraken sat there and pushed himself with tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses, raised his head slightly: “Sir, is there something wrong with you, when did I need you to take care of me?”

Odin winked at him frantically, and Kraken glanced at him Feathered Serpent God, who was pouring shrimp chips into his mouth, pursed his lips, and then suddenly understood something, and said repeatedly, “But this time I may have to trouble you a lot, I hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s okay…it’s okay…it should be.”

Seeing their prevarication, Brother Zhang also laughed, then stood up and said, “Then this year’s agenda will be put on hold for the time being. Announcing the end of the meeting.”

Now everyone is in a hurry, and everyone is trying to prevent Brother Zhang from ending the meeting.

In the end, I finally tried to dissuade him, but I didn’t know how to take his words.

But to be honest, it’s not that they are unhappy, and it’s not that they can’t afford it, but no one knows when this black-skinned idiot will go crazy. She is easily stressed… Stressed, no one can control it, everyone is the master of Divine Grade, why should they be slapped to death by someone.

So the most suitable one here is Xiao Zhang who is not afraid of taking pictures, but Xiao Zhang, as a Guardian, is not allowed to keep pets in captivity.

“I have a solution.”

As the rotating chairman, it’s not a problem to be so uncaring all the time. He looked up at Brother Zhang and said: ” We can’t take it away, but we can give it. We just need to let Feather Serpent choose a feeder at random, and then all of us will give him a blessing, so that the selected person can resist the attack of Feather Serpent God.”

At this time, a representative of the eight million believers in the Baga Party sang the opposite tone: “Wouldn’t this violate the management method? And it will create an incomparably powerful human being out of thin air, which is inappropriate.”

Brother Zhang lowered his head and glanced at the remaining three topics, and then looked at the black-skinned Dalailai who paid no attention to anything, his brows gradually wrinkled.

He turned his head and started chatting with Jin Mei next to him, while others were a little nervous when they saw them whispering there. After all, no one knew what the Guardian’s next thought would be. If it is forcibly assigned…

“Well, I have no problem.” Jin Mei nodded: “But I also have a condition.”

“You say.” Brother Zhang read Look at the black-skinned Diner: “As long as I can meet, within the rules.”

“I have to be within 50 meters of you, if you don’t agree, I don’t agree Adopt her.”

Brother Zhang frowned slightly, thought for a while and said, “Yes.”

“You seem reluctant?”

This kind of vexatious question will naturally not be answered by Brother Zhang, and he quickly told everyone the result of his discussion with Jin Mei.

Everyone present put out a long breath, and for Jin Mei’s adoption of Feather Serpent, they could only keep blessing.

After confirming the placement of Feathered Serpent, Brother Zhang began to ask Feathered Serpent if he had any objections.

Da Lailai’s idiot always looks lazy, but she is very afraid of Xiao Zhang, anyway, she doesn’t have a clear understanding of herself, and when she encounters Xiao Zhang, she is very cowardly , so basically what Brother Zhang says, she promises.

As for the question of whether to slap someone to death, in fact, theoretically not, after all, Jin Mei’s rank is the same as hers, and through bargaining, she can keep the Great Immortal while taking care of the Great Immortal. Part of the ability is the ability equivalent to the Deity form of the Feathered Serpent.

This kind of treatment is also very happy, so if you want to know the content of Feather Serpent God, you can directly submit it to its guardian.

All the content has finally gone through the process. The applications for these more than 40 civilized pirates are all over. After that, they will gradually lift the seal and enter the world.

Of course, every civilized pirate has several A-Rank controls, and they have never been unblocked. Brother Zhang didn’t even give them a chance to appeal, and they held back when they were unconvinced. , if it doesn’t work, try to break through the gate of heaven and see if you can beat them to blood.

At the moment when the meeting was dismissed, Brother Zhang stretched out, even Guardian would feel tired after high-intensity mental work.

He silently left the Conference Hall and went to the resting place.

Afterwards, there will be a celebratory reception, which is an annual tradition.

After returning to the house, he lay on the bed and flipped through his phone, wanting to see what was happening in the past few days.

But it seems to be quite calm, that is, the undercover plan on Haozi’s side is still carried out, because a few people caught before have been recruited, but they obviously seem to be different systems, and those people are very concerned about this. The situation on the side is unknown.

I had a simple chat with Haozi. Anyway, it was basically the same organization, but they belonged to different departments, and the few people who went to catch the little White Dragon belonged to a single line of contact. Don’t know the specific internal situation of the organization.

“What? You’re tired too?”

The voice behind reminded Brother Zhang who was coming. He didn’t look back, just leaned on the chair and half closed his eyes : “It’s not physical fatigue, but limited brain power.”

“Well, I can tell.” Jin Mei stepped forward and gently massaged his temples: “You’re not that smart.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“I don’t mean to mock you, I think it’s pretty good. If a person is omniscient and omnipotent, it will be very boring. You are already boring to this point Now, if it’s boring, you might go crazy.” Jin Mei said with a smile: “I think omniscience and ignorance are the same, and there is no difference between facing the vast universe and facing a closed dark room. Don’t make yourself too uncomfortable. I heard that you still have the attitude of an ordinary person? Can we get along with the attitude of a mortal person in the future?”

“It’s good, but you will deceive people. “Brother Zhang pursed his lips: “I’m easy to be fooled.”

“Aiya…OK! OK! If you repeatedly mention one thing, I won’t lie to you in the future.”


Brother Zhang was un’ed, and then suddenly opened his eyes: “So is this sentence lying to me?”

“Guess.” Jin Mei said with a smile: “Come with me to a movie this afternoon. I haven’t seen a movie for many years. The last time I went to the movie theater, “All Quiet on the Western Front” was shown in the movie theater.”

(End of this chapter)

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