What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 136


Chapter 136 Fireworks

β€œNow you know the meaning of Guardian.”

Haozi on the blackboard The words “Guardian” are written on it: “The recovery of Spiritual Qi is a natural trend, and no one can stop it. This is the awakening of the world. Every recovery of Spiritual Qi is accompanied by the cohabitation of humans and gods. Before the Guardian appeared, All previous co-living between humans and gods ended in human beings being enslaved.”

Because of the new department, new colleagues and new people, Haozi will give some basic knowledge courses to colleagues who have just joined the new department during the investigation period. .

Generally speaking, no matter whether Haozi has established a new department or a new organization, some of their functions overlap with the Guardian. Of course, they can’t achieve the level of the Guardian, so strictly speaking can only be regarded as the Guardian. assistant.

“I’ll be here first today.”

Haozi glanced at the time and found that it was almost time. He turned off the camera, put on a coat and walked out. The moment he walked out, his demeanor changed. He now lives in a fish stall, with fish ponds one by one outside, and several speedboats parked beside him.

Outside, Shen Yun is in contact with a few young people. These people are all the younger brothers of the big snakehead that they caught before, and now they have abandoned the dark to the bright and become their people.

β€œBrother Haozi.”

The younger brothers said hello to Haozi, Haozi also followed nodded, went to the side to take a cigarette handed by a younger brother, lit it and asked, β€œIs it still Is there no one here?”

“Not yet.”

But just after one of the younger brothers finished speaking, his phone rang and he gestured around. A husky gesture, then answered the phone and turned on the speakerphone, a hoarse, dim voice came from the phone.

“Old rules, but this time it’s a little more, five hundred. The delivery location is also changed to Kaohsiung.”

“Okay, I’ll tell our boss.”

“Don’t play tricks, pay with one hand and deliver with the other.”

After speaking, the phone on the other side hung up, and Haozi rolled up his sleeves and crossed his waist, looking back at Shen Yun , do you want to go to Longtan alone?

“Chuang chan.” Shen Yun also said with a smile: “How do you say, go over with an empty box?”

“Otherwise? Do you have to load it for him?”


Although it’s a bit sensitive to go to Taiwan in such a grand manner as Haozi, but now I can’t care about that much anymore. During this period of time, the undercover agent has almost driven the two of them crazy, dealing with fish outside here every day Who can stand it.

β€œBrother Haozi, can we just go like this?”

β€œBrother Haozi.” Haozi chuckled: β€œYou can talk to anyone.”


Although he speaks with a bit of bragging, it’s essentially true and true.

He is indeed one of the Twelve Spirits with the lowest battle strength, but Haozi is the leader of the Twelve Spirits. He must be able to sit on this perimeter.

And he has three advantages: the first is unpredictable and mysterious, he is the only one who can’t be located in the twelve spirits; the second is Formation proficiency, Haozi’s array ability is twelve spirits It deserves the first place in the world, as long as he is prepared in advance, no one will love when the Formation starts, and the only time he will be deflated is the Nine Nether revival formation last time. He is really unable to suppress so many magic souls; the third is summon Thunder Dragon , although the senior and junior brothers are noisy, but the two of them have understood each other since they were young. As long as a summon is needed, Thunder Dragon will arrive immediately no matter how far they are.

Now he has a fourth advantage, which is the spirit technique. Although this super skill may cost a lot, it will definitely ensure that he will retreat completely, because using the spirit technique to retreat from the enemy, even if If you fail, the price will not be terrible.

To sum up, Haozi said that he was fine with anyone, and there was one last point he didn’t say, that is, Haozi was a person who mastered the Twelve Spirits.

Haozi’s own copper coins, Niu Ye’s cones, Hu Niu’s claws, Rabbit Girl’s hammers, Thunder Dragon’s armor… All the special weapons are kept here, and he is also the only one who can do anything else at will. Twelve Spirits Divine Weapon.

Like the Libra in the twelve constellations, the Martial God soldiers were created by nineteen Legendary craftsmen including Ou Yezi and Gan Jiang who spent 370 years collecting Spirit Stones from all over the world. Part of Huaxia Nine Cauldrons. Each Martial God soldier is accompanied by a part of the evil spirits of the twelve spirits. The battle strength is very strong. Even if it is the Earth Immortal of Qinglingzi at the peak period, a strategic withdrawal is required.

This is the root of Haozi’s fearlessness in everything he does. After all, the boss of the Twelve Spirits, he fights is a dish, but he can’t stand the bonus.

The entire group went to the open sea by boat to meet with the seagoing contact person according to the procedure, and before departure, he also made a phone call with Brother Zhang.

“Be careful.”

“Don’t worry, it really won’t work, I still have words.”


Hang up, Brother Zhang sighed. Jin Mei, who was holding popcorn next to him, immediately came up and said, “Why do you sigh suddenly?”

“The movie is not good.”

Brother Zhang didn’t lie, then What a beautiful film, but Jin Mei deliberately chose a romantic film. Seeing the young boys and girls riding bicycles in the shade of the bright spring trees, Xiao Zhang didn’t feel any sense of substitution.

Because of what? Because his age happened to be trapped in the backyard to practice cooking. When people were seventeen or eighteen, they were bicycles, sunshine, shade, midsummer and loved ones.

When Xiao Zhang was seventeen or eighteen years old, he was served with diced chicken, cooking wine, okra, radish and blanched beef.

This thing can only be remembered if it has been experienced. Brother Zhang thinks that he can empathize with China on the tip of his tongue.

“I also feel bored…”

Jin Mei also looked blank, because she was seventeen or eighteen years old, it was almost 200,000 years ago , she didn’t even remember who her parents were, she only remembered that she had been a jade pond, lotus, orchard and peaches full of stubble since she was born.

It was true that the monkey went to steal her peaches back then. She could have slapped the monkey to death, but…she didn’t do anything, just because life was so boring and boring When she saw the monkeys eating peaches, she wanted to feed a few.

But she also said that, thanks to the fact that the monkey only knew peaches in those days, if he really did something to his maid, she would screw the monkey out of the myoglobin.

“Since everyone is bored, just go roam around.”


So Brother Zhang followed Jin Mei out of the cinema, When she came outside, Jin Mei stretched her waist and walked around Brother Zhang twice. She walked in front of him with a girly feeling, and then suddenly turned around and said, “Why don’t you ride a bicycle and take me for a walk.”

“No bicycle.”

“Motorcycle is fine.”

“No motorcycle.”

Jin Mei gritted her teeth Bulgingly glared at Brother Zhang, then reached out and suddenly stopped a young boy riding a bicycle past him, full of smiles, and said delicately, “little brother, would you like to sell me your car?”

Why do you say that a girl with a pure face can’t stand the succubus even when she’s sullen, Jin Mei, a woman who doesn’t get dirty at first sight, shouted a little tenderly, and the little brother smiled slyly He gave her the car, and Jin Mei felt that she couldn’t take such a big advantage of others, so she took the initiative to ask to take a picture with him.

“You wash this out and hang it by the bedside.” Jin Mei said laughter: “Good luck!”

But people obviously didn’t hear what she said. Silly music looking at the photo hehe in the phone.

And Jin Mei shook the head and pushed the bicycle to Brother Zhang: “Well, there is a bicycle.”

“How do you lie to the bicycle?”

“I’m not lying.” Jin Mei raised her brows: “I took a photo with him, you said who earned it.”

Oh… so speaking of which, On the contrary, the little brother fiercely won a competition. As long as the photo is there, he will be free from evil and no ghosts in his life. It is better than any body protection charm. The existence of the Lord Divine Grade is such a cow, even if It’s because she didn’t bring her abilities to the Nether, but the Nether is the Nether after all.

“Okay, take me on a bike!”

Jin Mei gave the bicycle to Brother Xiao Zhang: “Hurry up.”

Xiao Zhang Brother looked up and down the two bicycles: “There is no back seat.”

“This!” Jin Mei patted the front bumper: “I’m sitting here.”

” This…” Brother Zhang scratched his head: “Will it be too intimate?”

Jin Mei slapped him on the buttocks.

As the night got darker and darker, a bicycle zhi zhi drove by on the street, and the woman sitting on the front bumper, obviously very slow, shouted with excitement.

“There are pits and pits in front of you!”

“Don’t pull…don’t pull…”

tone barely fell , and the bicycle fell headlong into it After entering the pit, the two of them fell from the car in unison.

This level will definitely not hurt, but two people sitting on the ground, you look at me, I look at you, Jin Mei suddenly laughed heartily, and finally even Xiao Zhang couldn’t help showing it. smile.

Brother Zhang got up from the ground first, Jin Mei also naturally extended the hand towards him, and Brother Zhang also naturally extended the hand to drag her up.

“It’s so embarrassing.” Jin Mei patted the dust on her body: “I said there was a pit.”

“You’re shouting and pressing the handlebar to aim at the pit.”

“I’m nervous.”

Jin Mei pulled the bicycle out, but the tires were completely deformed and could no longer ride. She thought about it and dragged the bike aside, and then He looked up at the starry sky in the sky, then suddenly turned his head and looked towards Brother Xiao Zhang: “Sometimes I really should throw you over there so that you can experience the dullness.”

“It’s better than me. Is it still boring now?”

Jin Mei was stunned for a while, but then she laughed too, thinking about the life of Brother Zhang, it seemed that there was not much difference with her.

“Well, that’s what I said. birds of a feather.” Jin Mei turned around and suddenly said in a tranquil voice: “I’ll take you to find some fun later.”

While speaking, suddenly a cluster of fireworks rose into the sky, bursting into the sky, and Jin Mei pointed to the fireworks and said, “I want one too.”

Brother Zhang thought about it. After thinking, he took out a coin from his arms, flicked his finger, and the coin rose into the air.

Jin Mei was waiting there, and then suddenly at an altitude of 10,000 meters, a group of fireworks that may be the largest in human history other than nuclear bombs exploded the sky full of tidbits.

The fireworks lighted up Jin Mei’s face, she raised her head to look at the sky, then looked back at Brother Zhang, but said nothing, and then suddenly starlight bloomed in the sky , The mysterious universe gave Brother Zhang the most brilliant response.

“Ah!!!!” Jin Mei screamed: “Starry Sky Secret Realm!!!! It’s so beautiful!!!!”

(end of this chapter)

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