What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 137


Chapter 137 Routine Chido

The bloom of Starry Sky Secret Realm, although no one can reach it, it is the stars The most complete gift, imagine a day when the light of the Star River overwhelms the light of the city, and the stars are like a dream.

Drunk, I don’t know the sky is in the water, and the boat is full of dreams and pressures the Star River.

This is a grand event that half of Earth has seen, countless astronomers are crazy and obsessed at this moment, no one knows why, but even the stupidest people know that the starry sky at this moment is better than All the beauty in the world.

The starlight went out at 0:27 midnight and lasted for a whole hour, and during this hour, the night became extremely romantic, just like the flower rain in Wuyang City that day and the Hong Kong’s that day. cool breeze.

“Such a big handwriting, you say!” Jin Mei leaned on the railing by the road and grabbed Brother Zhang’s belt: “Have you seen it for others?”

“It doesn’t seem to be.”

“That’s right, it’s not allowed in the future.” Jin Mei said seriously: “Only I can see.”

“You’re pretty good. Domineering.”

“The Queen Mother of the West was never a pretty daughter in a humble family.” Jin Mei said with a smile: “The Starry Sky Secret Realm can only be mine.”

small Brother Zhang didn’t speak, just turned around and lay on the railing, letting the gentle sea breeze blow the hair on his forehead to and fro.

The night was getting darker, and there were fewer pedestrians outside. Brother Zhang and Jin Mei stood there without speaking. A circle of fluorescent blue rippling to the seaside, flickering with the shaking of the sea.

Slowly, the circle of blue became bigger and bigger, and even spread to the entire coastline. At this time, there were excited couples rushing over to take pictures of those things.

“Fluorescent Sea.”

Brother Zhang took out his phone and took a photo, then searched. Discovering that this is not magic, but a gift from the elves in the sea to this world.

The fluorescent blue gradually covered the entire sea surface, and even illuminated the reefs by the sea, Jin Mei gave a wow, pulled Brother Zhang and rushed down.

When they went down, there were already many people watching the spectacle by the sea, and the couples even couldn’t help kissing each other. After all, the elves made the atmosphere like this. It’s hard to end.

“This world really loves you.” Jin Mei’s tone was full of envy.

Brother Zhang pushed up his glasses and said with a smile: “I love it too.”

The tide brought distant whispers, and the dim-blue sponge exudes Bright light, dolphins cheer and frolic in the bay, and coin-sized crabs roam the beach, taking advantage of the night and the sea breeze.

Jin Mei looked around at the couples around, then looked up at Brother Zhang, who was also looking at her.

“No, it’s still very embarrassing.” Jin Mei waved: “I can’t do it.” At this moment, a gust of wind blew, and the petals of the tree were rolled up by the wind. The wind circled around the bay, and the petals went around with it.

Golden rose extends the hand, a few petals fall on her palm, with the taste of this season.

“So you are the legendary flower that sees the flowers bloom, right?”

Jin Mei’s question made Brother Zhang laugh, and he also stretched out his hand, while those The petals circled around his hand several times like a butterfly in love before slowly falling into his palm.

Brother Zhang glanced at it, then stretched out his hand to lift the petals out, and said softly, “Maybe.”

“I suddenly understand why you are so cautiously.” Jin Mei leaned on the stone and looked at the fluorescent blue sea: “Because it will always show you the best side, what you see is always the most beautiful part, and no one is willing to let it riddled with scars. .”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and smiled, pushed his glasses slightly, then turned his head and said, “Maybe.”

“You have nothing else to say. Is it?”

“I’m so poor, and I don’t have anything to say.”

Jin Mei snorted twice: “You brought the girl to the darkness. What’s the purpose of the seaside?”

“Didn’t you drag me down?”

“But it’s because of you that it’s so beautiful, you’re doing it on purpose Yes. Say, what are your plans!”


“Are you thinking of something strange?” Jin Mei’s expression became cunning: “That won’t do, I’m not a casual person.”

Brother Zhang was about to speak, but Jin Mei pulled her sleeves. She stood up and took out her phone, and then suddenly told Brother Zhang They were very close, and then lifted the phone: “Don’t move, I’m going to take a picture. Smile!” The beauty of the sea behind.

Neither of them need to be retouched, even the dead angle of the front camera looks perfect.

“Go to my place in the future, I’ll serve you a stew of lotus seeds from Yaochi, and I’ll give you pan peaches.” Jin Mei looked at Brother Zhang with a full of smiles: “It’s delicious that you can’t eat in this world. .”

“Then can you take it to my store and sell it?”

Jin Mei was pissed off by this guy, she could take it for mortals to eat Is it right? Ordinary people can’t bear it at all, and they will die if they lick it, let alone immortality. For ordinary people, peaches are eaten in the morning, and people can burn them in the afternoon.

Lotus seeds are fine, but lotus seeds only weigh more than 100 kilograms a year…much more precious than peach. And the lotus in the Jade Pond is a high-level product. Third Prince Ne Zha used the same variety of lotus root to get it, which is very difficult to deal with.

“I suddenly have a question.” Brother Zhang suddenly opened the mouth and said: “I have always been curious about this question.”

“You ask.”

“That’s right, it’s Nezha… Do you know me?”

“Don’t you know it too, what’s wrong?”

Brother Zhang scratched his head Face: “I’ve been wondering if he can’t take a hot bath. If the water temperature is a little higher, will he be familiar? Will it smell like lotus root starch?”

Jin Mei was taken by him I was stunned for a while, and I didn’t know how to answer this question for a long time. After all, it is impossible for a normal person to think about how to put the Third Prince Ne Zha in water and soak it…

β€œ Okay, I know you don’t know.”

“No hurry.” Jin Mei narrowed her eyes: “I’ll throw him in the pot and try it when I go back next time.”

“It’s not necessary.” Brother Zhang waved his hand and said, “Let’s go, go back.”

“When stewing Nezha, do you want to add sugar…”

Jin Mei was still asking strange questions when she chased him out.

And it seems that he was cursed by him. Now the three Crown Princes, who are sitting in the bar drinking tons of drinks, are a little uncomfortable. Although they haven’t seen their big brother for a long time, at this moment I feel very uncomfortable and just want to go home and sleep.

Second day Early in the morning, Brother Zhang had just woken up and hadn’t had breakfast when Wugenshui called and said that the movie in which Brother Zhang was a guest had already been released. The wide evaluation of the film is quite good, and everyone is looking forward to the appearance of the independent film of Xiao Zhang, an amateur.

In addition to Wugenshui, Thunder Dragon also sent a message to Brother Zhang, saying that he was going to go back because something seemed to have happened in his hometown.

Brother Zhang didn’t make any comments about this, just put on his clothes and went to the window, but unfortunately… the blue fluorescent sea from last night is gone, only the ordinary sea is left there Shake.

“Let’s go, take your favorite Feather Serpent God for a walk.”

Jin Mei sent a message to Brother Zhang, and then there was a picture of her taking a bath in the bathroom Of course, I can’t see anything, only her round and smooth shoulders, but she can see the silhouette of Lord Feather Snake around a bath towel and drinking milk. I didn’t realize that it had been candidly photographed.

And this photo was obviously taken by Jin Mei on purpose, this woman… is not a kind person.

When Brother Zhang saw them, Lord Feather Snake was wearing a sports vest. Even if he was wearing sports underwear, his bulging breasts could still hold the clothes so high that they were exposed. Her belly button, and her skin tone slightly darker than wheat, made her, a feathered snake god who knew nothing but eat, look full of lust.

Compared to Lord Feather Snake God, Jin Mei is much more normal. She is dressed in black, long and straight, a plain dress, and a straw hat of the same style as Lord Eight Feet. She looks pure like a senior in high school. Music student who just got off summer vacation.

But who knows, the lustful Feather Snake God is the pure one, and this little white flower-like woman, she is thinking about whether to put sugar in the stew.

The three of them had breakfast together in the cafeteria. The combination of Jin Mei and Feather Snake was really eye-catching. It was obvious that Macau was a place of beauty and snow, but they couldn’t find anything that could help. A woman compared to the two of them.

“Just waiting for you for a while, there are already five people who want to chat with Quetzalcoatls.”

“What do you call her?” Brother Zhang was stunned for a moment: ” I didn’t hear clearly.”

“Quetzalcoatls, her name.”

Jin Mei said with a smile: “You can also call her Xiaokui.”

Little Brother Zhang hehe laughed, looked up at Feathered Snake God: “She is not small.”

“Where is not small?” Jin Mei pressed step by step.

“It’s not small.” Brother Zhang answered truthfully: “She has a longer vein than your Kunlun Mountains.”

And the Feathered Serpent God next to him was not interested in listening to them at all. What to say, at the moment, she is holding her head up and performing the funnel technique. She put a plate of cheese and cheese noodles for three people in her mouth like this, and swallowed it without chewing, and then there was also a pot of milk tea. Although Brother Zhang and Jin Mei didn’t care, the people next to them watched clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

“Why didn’t you ask why no one talked to me?”

“Because there must be.” Brother Zhang calmly put the bite in the mouth of the Feathered Snake God The plate was pulled down: “This is nothing to be surprised by. In the future, there will be rich people driving luxury cars who will park in front of me and ask me how much to get away from you.”

Jin Mei smiled brightly, she propped her chin and looked at Brother Zhang who was eating pineapple buns: “How much does it cost?”

“Thirty-five thousand is not too little, and one hundred and eighty thousand is not too much. Too much. Those who have money are in favor of money, and those who have no money are in favor of others.”

After Jin Mei heard this, her eyes widened, and she stepped on Brother Zhang’s instep: “You Say what!?”

(End of this chapter)

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