What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 138


Chapter 138 The body of a mortal is comparable to a god

Although Jin Mei is very interested in the mortal world, she is actually very Don’t come down, occasionally come down and return in a hurry.

All she knows about this world is through her mobile phone. As for why there is a signal on the top, this is because of Xiao Zhang’s illusory realm. That space is very wonderful. It can reach any place in this time and space. In a place, if you are not afraid of death, you can even locate it on the sun, feel an extreme heat and turn it into cosmic particles.

The Queen Mother of the West, who was trapped on the top of Kunlun Secret Realm by her mobile phone, actually did not have that deep understanding of the world.

But in the human world, people seem to have a psychedelic perception, even a stereotype, of these Divine Immortals. For example, Divine Immortal should be holy, noble, and ruthless.

But the problem is that all the labels about Divine Immortal are posted by people themselves. In fact, there is no Divine Immortal in the world. These Divine Immortals are just a group of civilized pirates. They rely on their own civilization, History and culture are far longer than human beings and in this world they have killed and looted beliefs and resources.

People often get it wrong, that is, it is not human civilization that created Divine Immortal, but this group of civilized pirates named Divine Immortal who modified and plundered human history.

As Divine King said, if his world is allowed to be connected to the civilization of the solar system, he can change the entire human civilization into another look within three months.

This is what an advanced intelligence can say, because in their opinion, changing an environment for humans is no more difficult than changing a recipe for monkeys in a zoo.

But now the reason why human civilization has begun to go autonomous is actually because there is an administrator in this group of monkeys, and this administrator is Dwayne Johnson.

So the civilized pirates who were once aloof and remote can only start to wander in this world in a very gentle way, no matter how secret they are, at least on the surface they can Passable, but also have to look at people’s faces.

As for why civilizations like Jinmei haven’t developed high technology, it’s not difficult to understand. These long-lived species, their personal abilities are at their peak, and they lie there and sleep for thousands of years without starving to death. , why do they want to create something new? And like Jin Mei, she is the Queen Mother of the West one day and the Queen Mother of the West all her life, and her status is unshakable. Let’s take a look at the image of the Royal General in Human World. How many people can live forever?

So when the two civilizations were isolated to a certain extent, the development trend appeared, especially in the past four hundred years, from the birth of the first Guardian among human beings to the present, human beings have completely out on its own path.

400 years of time in the universe is not as good as a white horse, but the development of these 400 years has made those civilized pirates at a loss. Jin Mei is a typical example.

“I think I’m so dirty.”

Jin Mei held an ice cream in her hand and looked up at a huge electronic screen: “Although I’ve been trying my best to Keeping up with the times of your human beings, but every time I’m a little bit powerless.”

Brother Zhang leaned on the side, looking at Jin Mei with a sad face and Feather Snake who was holding a bucket of ice cream and scooping it out with a spoon god.

After thinking for a while, he suddenly said with a smile: “Pride.”

“What kind of arrogance?”

“Civilized pirates are arrogant.” Brother Zhang slowly walked forward, looked back at Jin Mei and said with a smile: “Back then, the mortal world was just a bunch of monkeys who didn’t understand anything, and you looked down on mortals, right? For you, in the thousands of years since the discovery of this world, you have all regarded the monkeys of this world as a kind of give and take. They are backward, ignorant, respectful and fearful of your little tricks, you can Effortless to ask for resources and beliefs from them. But then suddenly one day, you are not allowed to come here again, you didn’t care about it before, but when you look back after a while, you find that these monkeys have actually created you When you have a beautiful house that you can’t build, put on beautiful clothes that you can’t wear, and eat delicious food that you haven’t thought of, then you suddenly feel uncomfortable and want to regain control.”

Brother Zhang looked back at her again: “But I found that no matter how hard I chase, I can’t catch up with the years that you have thrown away. Throwing farther and farther, this world does not need you more and more, and even starts to treat you as a joke and entertainment. This violates your aloof and remote, but you have nothing better than tantrums and exclamations The way is right.”

Jin Mei pursed her lips and did not speak, because the fact is that, even a moderate god like her is a little embarrassed, and those who are more aggressive are really scratching their ears.

Because they find that their sense of existence is getting weaker and weaker, they are no longer respected or believed, and as their beliefs are broken, they can’t get supplements, and if they don’t get supplements, it means they want to decay.

This is how the Egyptian pantheon has weakened. The once most powerful pantheon is now only sitting in the farthest corner of the Conference Hall, and no one even looks at it.

Also, what Brother Zhang said was right, Jin Mei actually knew that she was never a god, but she firmly regarded herself as a god in the depths of her consciousness. Influenced by humans, all the so-called gods are actually caught in such a predicament.

Old rulers may now even be ruled by what they rule.

Brother Zhang came to the door of a shopping mall at this moment, looking at the busy ordinary person, suddenly said with a smile: “Have you ever thought that this world is actually the God World?”

Jin Mei’s eyes suddenly opened, and she looked at Brother Zhang in disbelief: “How is that possible.”

“I’m also talking about a possibility, you 198,000 When you are old, use your mobile phone to check the food around you in the morning. The history of human civilization is only a few thousand years old, and they have made the food around you appear on your mobile phone.” Brother Zhang gestured a five: “Maybe It doesn’t take a thousand years, it only takes another five hundred years. It may be a nap for you, and this world can easily take you as prey. Just like they are hunting lions now, it is more challenging. extreme sports.”

Jin Mei suddenly became nervous when she heard this, she was worried that she would become the prey as Xiao Zhang said, and is this possible?


All of this was told by the Divine King to Brother Zhang. The Divine King said that there were no humans in their world, so he was very curious about human beings. After his information, he felt that humans are definitely a top-level dangerous species. They have two abilities called “meaningless association” and “imaginary enemy posture”, which are skills that all so-called high-level species do not exist.

Divine King said that his own existence and development is a mess, and he has become a super high-level civilization, but human beings are not. All the paths of human beings are chosen by themselves. The most outrageous in the universe, because now the Divine King has probed and scouted more than seventeen trillion universes, and only humans have done so.

A species that can independently choose the direction of civilization, it is definitely top terrifying, and human beings as a whole are belligerent, “meaningless associations” can make them go further, because they can try to touch everything It only exists in fantasy or even theory, and the “imaginary enemy posture” will make them treat all unknowns they come into contact with as enemies.

The central processor of Divine King is composed of more than 3,000 poles, that is, 3321*10 forty-eighth power processing units, and when Divine King inputs human parameters, these processing units have Ninety-nine conclusions above must be cleared.

In other words, the danger level of human beings has reached the plague level, but the Divine King is determined to see what human beings will develop into, even if they are destroyed by them.

He told Brother Zhang everything. After all, the two of them are good friends. What the Divine King is doing now is anthropomorphism. It is now customizing its own flesh and blood. In time, he will come to this world as an observer in the form of a human.

The Divine King needs anthropomorphism, which is the top of the A-Rank limit, and can destroy a super civilization of a galaxy in three nanoseconds, and he is full of awe for human beings.

A trifling B-Rank God and Buddha in the restricted area, why are you arrogant?

“Okay, I won’t tell you this, it’s boring.” Jin Mei pouted a little unhappy.

But the Feathered Snake God next to her didn’t care what Brother Zhang said about being arrogant or not. She was standing at a stall selling fish ball thick noodles, staring at the items above, ordering the food. Attraction to her more than anything in the world.

“I’m just relaying to you a friend of mine’s point of view, that’s not what I thought.” Brother Zhang walked to the booth to help Feather Snake to settle the bill, and suddenly patted his pocket and said, “That’s right. , I have to ask them to reimburse me, why should I pay her?”

After finishing speaking, Brother Zhang immediately sent the screenshot of buying food for Feather Snake God to the group. , and then Aite took care of several guys who had previously advocated letting him take care of Feather Serpent.

Then his cell phone rang, ding ding ding~, and every faction gave him a lot of money… scrambling for each other.

After seeing the balance in his bank card, Brother Zhang smiled contentedly, while Jin Mei leaned over to take a look, and found that the zero on his bank card balance could not be counted…

“You are so rich?”

“This is not my money.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “This is your activity fund in the lower realm. This is mine. .”

Brother Zhang opened another SMS interface, and the top showed that the balance was only a little over 20,000.

“You are so poor…”

(End of this chapter)

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