What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 139


Chapter 139 Xiao Zhang’s Adventures

As Xiao Zhang said, A-Rank controls The most terrifying worlds, the top one is Divine King. Although he joked that he evolved from a smartphone, his actual strength is so terrifying that the scalp is tingling.

A civilization that can monitor a human-sized creature entering a galaxy in fractions of a second and respond quickly, if it wants to destroy it, it will only take minutes.

And another one with him is the world called Cthulhu.

Brother Zhang has been there, the place is sticky and damp, the entire planet is even soaked in the slime belonging to the Ancient God, and there are lifeforms as large as planets that do nothing in the universe. Can devour any star smaller than them at will, then taint those stars with their scent.

For human beings, this thing is far more terrifying than Divine King, because Divine King is a wise old man, he is gentle, kind, intelligent, tolerant, humorous, all the good things in the world can go to Divine King headgear.

But Cthulhu doesn’t eat this set. Anyone in the B-Rank area is impossible to be the opponent of these dirty Ancient Gods, not to mention the C-Rank area and the human world, they can easily corrode And to tempt a person’s mind, even Brother Zhang must be cautiously.

But fortunately, rather than eroding humans, they prefer to be salted fish in the dark universe, licking anything they encounter, and then continue to drift in the universe.

Of course, but any A-Rank restricted area is not someone who is easy to deal with. They open the door to this world intentionally or unintentionally, and some even just want to come in out of curiosity have a look.

But the problem is this, this world is too fragile, like a water buffalo playing a baby with someone, although I know they are not malicious, I am afraid that they will die soon if they are pushed.

“So you’ve been to so many places.”

Sitting on a small chair outside the cafe, Jin Mei propped her chin up and listened to Brother Zhang’s past experiences in other worlds. Fantastic experience, the eyes are shining brightly. It was a world she never imagined, she really didn’t think that there is Heaven beyond the Heaven is true, the world is much bigger than the lotus pond.

While they were chatting, Feathered Serpent God secretly took a sip of Brother Zhang’s coffee, but he spit it out before he could swallow it, and it flowed down the Dalai Lai. a table.

She pushed the coffee aside in disgust, wiped the juices off her body, and leaned her head up, wondering what she was doing.

However, Brother Zhang won’t care about a fool’s behavior. Feathered Serpent God is a famous fool. If you try to understand her thoughts, something will happen in the end.

“Take me there next time.”

“No.” Brother Zhang shook his head: “Divine King is fine, but other places are too dangerous. “

“Also, I really want to meet your friend.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “He should be the type who will like no matter who.”

“By the way, we haven’t finished talking about the previous topic.” Jin Mei looked at Brother Zhang curiously: “If someone is chasing me madly, what will you do? What are you going to do?”


β€œWhat why?”

β€œWhy do you want to do something?”

Brother Zhang’s words made Jin Mei was stunned: “Defend me, if you don’t care, I will be chased away.”

“Oh.” Brother Zhang never changed his expression: “But what does that have to do with me? .”

“I’m going to be angry.”

Brother Zhang took a sip of coffee: “Why do you even say such things, why do you use your Choose to kidnap the minds of others? Isn’t all your actions your own choices? This is the connection between you and the suitor, not me. I don’t care what I do , doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you agreeing to other people’s pursuits, right? You just use this as a bargaining chip to increase your investment in you, don’t you. Does this matter become a business?”

Brother Zhang thought for a while after speaking: “Then why don’t you put a price tag on yourself from the very beginning?”

“I’m too lazy to tell you! You’re an asshole. Jin Mei rolled the eyes: “How many of them are like this. Will you coax me to die?”

“Then why don’t you just say it directly? Can you get a better deal by making a direct appeal?” Solution?”

“But I don’t know what I want.”

Brother Zhang tore off a leaf from the green belt next to him and put it in Jin Mei’s hand: “Will it work?”

“No, it’s too rudimentary.”

Brother Zhang tore off another thin thread from his clothes and wrapped the thread around the leaf stem. Tie another knot, and then hand the leaf necklace to Jin Mei.

“Well, that’s ok.” Jin Mei put the leaf necklace on her neck: “Ai, it’s pretty good.”

She really didn’t know what she wanted What is also really thinks that this leaf is very beautiful. When she put on the leaf, the vines slowly grew on the leaf stem where the leaf was tied, wrapping the thin line, forming a unique pattern, It was as if a carefully designed necklace was hanging around her neck at a glance, delicate and without any trace of artificial carving.


Jin Mei looked at the leaf necklace on her neck with her mobile phone. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it. The feeling of vitality and nature A peculiar sense of mystery overshadows all metalwork.

“It’s not me.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “It’s the gift it gave you.”


Brother Zhang pointed to the green belt next to him: “It.”

Jin Mei giggled, she never thought that someone would amuse herself in this way, and it resembles nature itself .

The two of them actually chatted quite a bit, anyway…you can talk about anything, and you don’t have to be afraid that the other party won’t accept it or make someone unhappy, let alone cautiously.

This way of getting along may really be something that mortals can’t learn. The ultimate simplicity is actually the ultimate romance.

“Hey, let me ask you.” Jin Mei put one hand on the table and looked at Brother Zhang: “If you weren’t a Guardian, what would you be doing now?”

“If it weren’t for the Queen Mother of the West, what would you be doing?”

Both of them were dead on a question, because neither of them could answer the question. It’s meaningless by itself.

But after a long time, Brother Zhang looked towards Tianbian slowly and said: “Maybe I will go to high school smoothly, my grades are not bad, I should be able to get into one that is not bad or bad. College. Then I fell in love in college. After graduation, I broke up because I was separated. I might go to work in a big city. When I was in my thirties, I went home to find a girl for a blind date, and then got married. Have a child and keep my head down I struggled until I was in my 40s, and my child graduated from college in my 50s. I went home and sold milk tea until I retired. Then I couldn’t get sick in my 70s and died at the age of 75. When I died, the child took the grandson with me. and granddaughter crying beside me, my wife told them to take a look at your dad.”

After Xiao Zhang finished speaking, his eyes moved back: “This is the life I imagined, but it’s nothing special. Yes, very common.”

“I didn’t think about it…” Jin Mei sighed: “Because I am still me in 100,000 years.”

“Not now. Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Because you can’t live that long.”

“Yeah, I gave up Divine Spark.” Jin Mei sighed: “But the problem is if one day you Don’t want me, I don’t have Divine Spark again, isn’t that pitiful?”

“First of all, you are an independent individual…”

“Okay okay, I don’t want to listen These.” Jin Mei interrupted him, and then said: “I will ask you, one day you don’t want me, what should I do.”

“We have no affiliation.” Brother Zhang He continued to explain: “Actually, you can apply to go back to your original place at any time. Coming here is only to deprive you of part of your ability, not to deprive you of your identity. Just go back.”

“You think so. Let me go back?”

Brother Zhang lowered his eyelids, didn’t move for a long time, and finally raised his head and said after a long time, “I don’t want to…”

“It’s over if you say it earlier. Jin Mei patted him on the shoulder, leaned in front of him and said, “I have time to spend with you.”

At this moment, a cloud of fire suddenly ignited in the sky, and the sea and sky were dyed red. , Jin Mei turned her head to look at the cloud and sneered: “Heaven and Earth are with you, you are really amazing.”

Brother Zhang also looked up towards the cloud , chuckled lightly: “Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

“How can there be so many coincidences.”

“Let’s go, I’m hungry.” Jin Mei stepped forward and held her hand He grabbed Brother Zhang’s arm: “Please treat me to something delicious!”

And at this moment, Thunder D Ragon is sitting next to the little White Dragon, one man one dragon is facing forward as if he is confronting someone, and the opposite is the cold-faced Dragon Third Princess, which is Thunder Dragon’s cousin and ex-girlfriend.

She folded her arms and looked at the little White Dragon and Thunder Dragon: “Whatever dragon it is, how can it be without an ID? This is to let me know, what if I don’t know? White Dragons are already rare. , are you still in the know? What’s the matter with you?”

“What are you doing so loudly?” Thunder Dragon raised his head and asked, “It’s useless to tell me.”

The little White Dragon is also screaming beside him. It doesn’t have the ability to change its form yet, so it can only scream. It looks stupid.

“Then who do you talk to? It’s up to someone else to talk about the Monster Realm.”

“Wow, your Monster Realm is so good. Go tell my boss. Ah, you don’t dare, you know that you lose your temper with me, don’t you just rely on me to talk?”

Long Third Princess had a cold face, she walked back and forth there: “Rules are rules, I don’t care what you do, I have to take this dragon.”

“You stepped over my corpse.” Thunder Dragon refuse to yield an inch.

And the little White Dragon next to him shrank back and snorted a few times, Thunder Dragon turned his head and scolded: “Why the fuck are you so unscrupulous, I let her off my corpse. Step on it, and you let her step on it too?”

Dragon Third Princess was amused by this Baga, looking at this exasperated and funny ex-boyfriend, she sighed helplessly: “Dragon Clan has the rules of Dragon Clan, no matter what kind of dragon it is, at least it has to be justifiable? And I went to the father to ask for a name for it. With a name, it can’t be justifiable in the world? When did I hurt it? You? Besides, even if I don’t give you face, can I still give the Lord face? Even more how he is still a Guardian, you really can’t figure it out.”

“Oh Hey, I still can’t figure it out, why don’t you speak English?”

“My mother will kill you today in Yellow Springs!” Dragon Third Princess picked up the dragon Scalewhip ran to Thunder Dragon then went.

The first whip missed, but the second whip was followed by Thunder Dragon, and then was electrocuted and jumped in place for twenty seconds.

“Can you be reasonable…that’s savage.” Thunder Dragon withdrew the Divine Ability: “It’s being targeted by bad guys now, and can’t get out of this door.”

“Bad guys. Let me hear it.” The Dragon Third Princess shook her numb hand, “What kind of bad guy wants to fight against the entire Monster Realm?”

“I don’t know the specifics, you ask Ask this guy.” Thunder Dragon dragged the newly grown dragon horn of the little White Dragon, dragged it to the front of the Dragon Third Princess, and put one foot on its back: “Speak!”

(End of this chapter)

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