What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Mistakenly Entering the Peach Blossom Spring

When I was in school, I learned a text called “The Peach Blossom Spring”, which is considered a masterpiece through the ages.

It’s been read as a romantic essay for many years, but there’s still a bit of a clue here.

The first thing is “ask what age is this, but I don’t know there is a Han Dynasty, no matter what Wei Jin”, this place can be explained by these people living in seclusion for a long time, but in fact, it can be seen from the article that they live The place is not completely isolated from the world, after all, outsiders can enter.

The biggest possibility here is that their time flow is obviously different from the outside world. It may only be a few years inside, but the outside is already a thousand years of scenery.

Secondly, it is the phrase “where people say: ‘It is not enough for outsiders.'” They know their own situation and consciously isolate themselves from the outside world. The folk explanation in many places here is that this is a kingdom of the dead. This statement is actually unreliable, because if it is a kingdom of the dead, then there is no need for them to consciously avoid it, and it also conflicts with the previous sentence about Wei and Jin.

In the end, “the prefect will send people to go with them, find their way, they are lost, and they will never find their way.” Then when people visit again, the place has been disappeared, and they can no longer be found. Way to go.

In other words, that place disappeared directly, and it is a bit far-fetched to explain it in terms of the undead kingdom.

Then according to the time background, the people in Peach Blossom Spring must be from the pre-Han Dynasty. Before the Han Dynasty, it was Xia, Shang, Zhou, Eastern Zhou, and Qin. These periods were the heydays of alchemists. There’s a lot of stuff in it that doesn’t carry over to the present day.

Including all kinds of spells that may exist, these spells are all-inclusive, and there are all kinds of magical ghosts.

Then it is very likely that what happened to Fuyu is similar to what happened in “The Peach Blossom Spring”, he entered a very special place, and that place and reality are intertwined. There are intersections, such as buildings, food, etc., but most do not.

Coupled with the large number of spell traces Zhang Jiachang found in that space, it is very likely that this is the case.

Because he can no longer enter that space, Zhang Jiachang has no way to directly explain what this is.

Fortunately, Fuyu only stayed in that space for two days, so his memory should be very clear.

“You have a good memory, where did you go after work that day.”

Fufu sat there, holding a cup of hot water in his hand, after hearing Haozi’s question, he After thinking about it, he continued: “After I got off work the day before yesterday, I first ate something at the Hunan Fan downstairs in the company, and then went to the alley next to it to play slot machines for a while. I lost 200 yuan at around eleven o’clock. I went home. It was very late at that time, and it was winter again. There was no who on the road, and then the street lights suddenly went out. That was the old city… The lines often get old and power outages. I didn’t pay attention, so I went home and went to sleep in the dark. , and waited until I realized that something was wrong.”

Haozi immediately took out his mobile phone, opened the map and said to Fuyu: “Mark your route to work for me.”

Fufu clicked a few points on the map, saying that it was his route to get off work. After getting this information, Haozi stood up and was about to go out.

But Zhang Jiachang grabbed him: “You haven’t rested all night, I’ll go.”

Teacher Old Lin also said with a smile: ” I’ll go too, anyway, I don’t have class today.”

Zhang Jiachang nodded, and then said to Haozi, “If I don’t come back, remember to pick up Nian Nian at five o’clock in the afternoon.”

After he finished speaking, he went to the backyard and shouted again: “Xiaotian, help me take a look at the store today.”

“Okay.” Sister Gou complied, then turned into a human figure and walked out, putting on The apron began to look at the store: “You go to work.”

After explaining everything, Zhang Jiachang and Teacher Old Lin went to the place marked on the map.

They walked twice along the route marked by Fuyu, but found nothing unusual. At this time, when it was time for lunch, the two went to Fuyu and mentioned the Hunan noodle restaurant to sit down. down.

“It’s not like your style.” Teacher Old Lin said with a smile: “In general, you definitely won’t take action. Why are you taking the initiative this time?”

Zhang Jiachang He pursed his lips: “Because I have a hunch that this matter is very tricky.”

Old Lin’s eyes narrowed, he knew Zhang Jiachang’s ability, when he said the word tricky , it means that ordinary people can’t solve it at all and there may be a big crisis.

However, he did not continue to ask questions, but ate the noodles steadily, because he knew that even if he asked, Zhang Jiachang would not say it. In other words, Zhang Jiachang basically doesn’t take the initiative to make any declarative guesses except answering questions.

This is one of his characteristics, because he has a very terrifying ability, that is, a prophecy.

Although Zhang Jiachang himself always talks about believing in science, he is actually the idealist.

And this way of speaking, some people will think that he is pretending, but in fact he is not. He has been a particularly lively and cheerful person since he was a child, but with the year-on-year increase in age and ability, he is now Becomes reluctant to talk, because even he himself has no control over which words will cause changes in the real world.

After eating the noodles, the two continued to walk along the route pointed by Fuyu, and came to the alley where he said he played the gambling machine. The alley was very deep, but the place where the gambling machine was opened was connected The perimeter has been demolished.

This place looks greasy and dirty from the outside, not a little popular, the dilapidated wooden door is hidden, and it looks like no one has taken care of it for a long time, and the dilapidated sign at the door reads XX The billiards room, the writing on the front is illegible, but it is certain that this place is where Fuyu played slot machines two years ago.

“This place has been demolished.” Mr. Old Lin took the lead to walk into this dilapidated old building. This place conforms to all the characteristics of self-built houses in the 1980s and 1990s. It is narrow and poorly lit. , wet, is simply the best habitat for demons and monsters.

However, Mr. Old Lin is not afraid at all. The ability of Wan Yao’s blessing allows him to avoid almost all damage, and the luck value is directly filled, and the terrifying spiritual sense can also allow him to detect something wrong in advance. place.

Besides, even if the blessing of the demons and the spiritual sense are invalid, there is still a little brother Zhang behind him. The real ceiling of the world is close to the existence of True God.

“There’s nothing wrong with this place.” Mr. Old Lin said after exploring around, “I didn’t find anything wrong.”

Brother Zhang was standing on the second floor of this broken building On the balcony, with a flick of a finger, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed.

Day turned into night, and the rooms that had been demolished stood up again. The abandoned place was also called the way it was before it was demolished. The surrounding silhouettes were heavy and bustling.

“Wow…” Teacher Old Lin could not help but sigh: “What is this?”

“Return to the dream.”

Brother Zhang and Old The position where Mr. Lin stood has been restored to its original state. The billiard room was originally called Jinsheng Billiards Room, which should be named after someone. There are two billiard rooms and several small rooms in the room on the second floor behind him. There are many people sitting in front of the fishing machines and slot machines to gamble.

This is very much in line with the appearance of this chaotic old town, with a sense of dilapidated prosperity, especially cyberpunk.

The two wandered here, looking at everyone like bystanders here.

Soon after, Zhang Jiachang discovered the wealth of sitting in front of slot machines and flipping coins.

That’s right, they went back to the day Fuyu disappeared two years ago, and now it is half past ten, which means that at half past ten, Fuyu still exists in this time and space.

Then what time there is a problem, just follow him to continue reading to know.

In order to observe more intuitively, Brother Zhang twisted his fingers to make the Time Acceleration of Huimeng five times, and the people around him suddenly flowed like a fast-forward video.

When the clock on the wall pointed to eleven o’clock, Fuyu finally ran out of money, and the machine got up and left with a beat.

The two followed him, walking, and suddenly Fuyu disappeared in front of them.

Seeing Fuyu disappear, Brother Zhang cancels his dream, and the two of them are standing at the crossroads of this old city.

“Here.” Brother Zhang stomped his feet: “He disappeared here.”

Teacher Old Lin turned around the intersection twice, but found nothing unusual. , but Brother Zhang’s eyes kept staring in one direction without moving.

“What did you see?”

Zhang Jiachang didn’t speak, just a smile appeared on his face, he took three steps forward, crouched down and pressed a finger on the on the ground.

“There’s something down there.”

“Below?” Mr. Old Lin frowned: “Why didn’t I find it?”

“I don’t know either, But there is something down there, and Haozi has to come to know this.”

Zhang Jiachang is just awesome, but he is not omniscient, and he is not so clear about some professional things, so this kind of thing still has to be done by Professional players come.

But now that the location is known, it’s ok as long as Haozi wakes up, and just as he was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly heard the faint sound of crying around him.

The sound made the sun at noon become gloomy and cold, and Master Old Lin finally felt it.

“How’s it going? Has Peter shivered activated it?”

“Haha, activated it.” Master Old Lin didn’t take it seriously when he heard Zhang Jiachang teasing himself: “What did you say it would be?”

“humph.” Zhang Jiachang narrowed his eyes: “It was nailed here.”

He didn’t say anything about being nailed here, but Master Old Lin probably had the answer in their hearts. They didn’t look for it, but left the place quickly and returned to the milk tea shop.

When I went back, I found that Bureau Chen didn’t leave. He was sitting there chatting with Fuyu. There were many guests around, and Sister Gou was busy.

“Chen Bureau hasn’t left yet.”

“I just came here after dinner.” Chen Bureau’s expression is solemn: “Why are there so many things during this time?”


“I don’t know either.” Zhang Jiachang sat down: “Wait until Haozi gets up.”

(End of this chapter)

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