What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 140


Chapter 140 Little White Dragon fortuitous encounter

Although Little White Dragon cannot speak human words, it can still be used Dragon Clan’s unique language system to communicate with Her Highness the Princess.

I just danced and shouted about the tragic things I had experienced, which made the listeners cry, especially when they heard that it didn’t have anything to eat and needed to eat cockroaches, spiders, and Stinking Insect. Third Princess is already sad.

Dragon Clan is a very proud race. In the eyes of humans, it’s been a while. Eat some cockroaches, ants, spiders, Stinking Insect or something, and it will be over, but Dragon Clan is different. They are proud, they can’t bear the slightest grievance, these people are so brave, they dare not let a dragon drink coffee.

In an instant, the dragon Third Princess got angry in her heart, flicked the whip in her hand, and coldly snorted: “I know, don’t worry about this matter, I will arrange it myself.”


After she finished speaking, she left…

And Thunder Dragon and Little White Dragon looked at each other, Little White Dragon stretched out a short paw towards Thunder Dragon, one man one dragon They patted it together, and then Thunder Dragon hooked its back and said, “Okay, little thing. Your brain is so good, if I didn’t know you were a four-legged snake, I really let you fool me. .”

The little White Dragon muttered and wu wu chatted for a long time, and Thunder Dragon said with a look of disdain: “Aren’t you bragging?”

When the little White Dragon heard Thunder Dragon say that he was bragging, he became anxious on the spot and explained it for a long time, but Thunder Dragon still looked at it suspiciously: “Why don’t I believe it, you are still picking up girls? You long bug, Are you picking up girls?”

Little White Dragon came to the entrance of the illusory realm with a reckless face, and then pointed his paws inside and said to Thunder Dragon for a while.

“Okay, let’s see how capable you are.”

After speaking, one man one dragon entered the illusory realm.

To say that this illusory realm, the environment inside is not bad for Thunder Dragon, but it is really too bad for the little White Dragon. Immortal Crane gathered around, calling for friends.

Little White Dragon looked at Thunder Dragon pitifully. Thunder Dragon naturally wanted to help his little brother out, so he stepped forward and grabbed Boss Immortal Crane’s neck and dragged it to the front.

“Starting today, this little thing is covered by me. In the future, let me light up your eyes and let me know that you are bullying it. I randomly choose one for you to stew, do you hear me? ?”

Although these Immortal Crane are not someone who is easy to deal with, they are not stupid, this thing is Thunder Dragon, from the age of six to harm them to the present, others say this It’s going to be kicked to keep things wrong, but Thunder Dragon says stewing might actually be stewing.

But I’m cowardly, I can’t lose in imposing manner, Immortal Crane’s boss broke free from Thunder Dragon’s hand, foul-mouthed flew away with his younger brothers, and by the way, he gave Thunder Dragon a bubble .

“Fuck you.” Thunder Dragon pointed at the sky and scolded: “Come on, come down and see if I can kill you bastards.”

But Although Immortal Crane would use this method to express protests, in fact, everyone knows that Thunder Dragon is not to be trifled with, and Wu wu’s circling disperses after a while.

The little White Dragon sees the crisis lifted, although he can’t see the specific expression on his face, but judging from his swaying posture when he walks, he should be satisfied.

“Can you fly? You’re a dragon, twisting like a fucking maggot on the ground all day long, don’t you feel bad for yourself?”

The little White Dragon shook awkwardly Then, its body slowly vacated and turned into a floating posture, but Thunder Dragon also found its problem, it is a normal dragon… It is a three-dimensional movement of up and down, left and right to move on the clouds, but this little White Dragon Because there has been no Big Mother Dragon Cult since birth, the flying posture was learned by Nezha when he was in the sea, which caused his posture to be a little crooked. The appearance of a dragon diving into a python, when it flies up, it looks like a real maggot…

“Aiya, alright, alright, don’t fly.” Thunder Dragon looked disgusted. Said: “Next time I’ll call Dragon Three Sects to teach you how to fly, you’ll make me sick to fly like this.”

Little White Dragon That was a grievance, but there was nothing he could do. After all, how beautiful a self-taught dragon can fly, so it crawled on the ground like a four-legged snake to lead the way for Thunder Dragon.

After walking in the illusory realm for about two hours, they finally arrived at their destination, which is a hill full of clouds and mist, and the howls of unknown wild beasts could be heard from time to time.

Thunder Dragon is relatively familiar with this place. This is the Feilai Wuyou Mountain in the illusory realm. It is a hole in the place of charm and beauty. Although this place is incompatible with the world outside, However, it also has its own unique set of food chains. There are also beasts on the mountains, and there are even people living in the illusory realm in the depths. However, in their cognition, the place where they live is called the world, and the outside The world is an illusion instead.

But no one can say this kind of thing. After all, Zhuang Zhouxiao is a fan of butterflies. It is impossible to say who is Zhuang Zhou and who is a butterfly.

This is the mountain now. This mountain is a barrier in the illusory realm. It stretches for tens of thousands of kilometers from east to west, 2,000 kilometers from north to south, and the highest peak is nearly 10,000 meters. The average height is about 5,000 meters. , divides a complete continent into two parts, one part is the birthplace of civilization, a large area of plain, with only two seasons a year, fertile soil, traces of human activities, and the other part has mountains, water and forests like this , animal and plant resources are very rich.

And the little White Dragon took Thunder Dragon to a mountain in the mountain range, and then got into a cave. After Thunder Dragon entered, he found that the cave was covered with hay and surrounded by Full of dried wild fruits.

In the very center of the cave, there was a frangipani creature that looked injured. It lay there quietly, watching Thunder Dragon nervously.

The little White Dragon shrieked and walked over, and when the strange creature saw that it was the little White Dragon, he let go of his vigilance.

It blew a few times towards the little White Dragon, then lay there unable to move even a little bit.

The little White Dragon turned his head and signaled to Thunder Dragon to look, but Thunder Dragon was flipping through the handbook of hua hua: “It’s covered in golden armor, with thunder horns on its head, and its four hooves are like deer… Qilin.”

Hearing Thunder Dragon’s words, Little White Dragon hurriedly nodded, and then used his body to protect Little Qilin in front of him.

“didn’t expect you’re still a licking dog.” Thunder Dragon said with a smile: “Okay, I’m going back, you can play here by yourself.”

Yes Just as Thunder Dragon was about to leave, he suddenly felt a manic heat wave rushing towards him from far to near. Before he was stunned for a moment, an adult Qilin beast rushed in front of him and sniffed at him. After that, his eyes were fixed on the cave behind him, and he stepped forward and walked in.

This Qilin should be a sub-adult Fire Qilin, male, with strong territorial awareness and fighting will, and should not be directly related to the jade Qilin inside. Thunder Dragon, worried that it would hurt the little White Dragon, followed suit.

Follow up to take a look. As soon as Big Qilin entered, Little Qilin couldn’t wait to jump out of the protective circle surrounded by the little White Dragon, sniffing closely with Big Qilin, and then Little Qilin even more Was put on the back by the big Qilin.

At this time, the little White Dragon was bewildered, but Thunder Dragon leaned on the side and asked, “How did you find this?”

The big Qilin looked back. Glancing at him, his mouth moved. Although he didn’t hear the sound, the content had already been transmitted to Thunder Dragon’s mind.

It said: “This is his little sister, who slipped out to play a few days ago and was injured by Yingzhao. He has been searching for a long time. Today, he passed by and smelled the little sister’s body on the white dragon’s body. The smell, so I followed along.”

After finishing speaking, it also nodded to the little White Dragon to express its gratitude.

Thunder Dragon thought that Fire Qilin’s voice in his head was pretty good, with a warm feeling of a pampered young master from a big family, so he stepped forward and said jokingly: “I don’t think it’s just a little girl, It should be the little daughter-in-law, you are Fire Qilin, it is Yu Qilin, where did the big brother younger sister come from.”

Fire Qilin laughed heartily, while the little jade Qilin hid his head shyly Under the “big brother”.

After the big Qilin said goodbye, he put Little Qilin on his back, and because he was afraid that it would be bumped, he walked slowly. Although it was two beasts, Thunder Dragon was alive and well. But I saw the appearance of people.

Then he turned his head to look at the little White Dragon, and the Thunder Dragon pointed outward: “This is it?”

The little White Dragon wanted to chase out, but the Thunder Dragon grabbed it It got its tail: “Come on, people didn’t look back at you when they left, what’s the difference between you and ‘how can I live without you swallow’? Man, you have to die hard. A little.”

Whether the little White Dragon listened to him or not, no one else knows, but the little White Dragon now looks the same as eating Lethal Blow. Yes, it used to be like maggots, but now it looks more like it.

“Let’s go.”

Thunder Dragon grabbed its horns and pulled it out, saying with a smile while walking: “You are also miserable, hahahaha…but… You are still young, and there will be many opportunities in the future. First love doesn’t understand love, and you will work hard in the future.”

After finishing speaking, he continued: β€œBut you also take a piss and look at yourself, It’s thick and fat like a maggot.”

The little White Dragon glanced back at the cave, floating in the air and flying forward, and it took a long time to spell out a whole sentence.

“Hi.” Thunder Dragon flipped his fingers, his body also floated, and then tied a spirit rope to the tail of the little White Dragon, let it drag himself to float, and he switched A comfortable position: “You said that it let you hold it, and it also accepts your care. Have you ever thought that it is actually afraid that you will eat it, and it accepts your care because it does not How to take care of yourself. You stinky chickens are good at moving themselves.”

The little White Dragon roared at the Thunder Dragon, but the Thunder Dragon just whistled and looked up. Tian: “What’s the use of you yelling at me, did you look back at you when you saw people leave? No, it didn’t look at you the whole time, and people were angry Big Brother Qilin, even without you, Big Brother Qilin Brother will also hero saving the beauty, you are just the icing on the cake.”

Little White Dragon did not make any more comments, but silently returned to the entrance of the illusory realm and dived into the In the house in the middle of the lake, lying on the bed in a ball, turned from a large maggot to a big lump of shit.

Thunder Dragon also followed into the room, played with the wood carvings of the twelve spirits on the table for a while, and then picked up the wood carvings of Azure Dragon and waved to the little White Dragon: “You know who these are. Did you get it?”

Little White Dragon’s head lifted up from the clump, shock the head.

Thunder Dragon’s eyes gradually drifted into the distance: “It’s Old Twelve, Qing Yunxue, the little girl with the best name. She is also the most favored little girl in the twelve spirits, the snake Yunxue. She Just because of a man, the soul flew away and scattered herself. If she was still there, she would be twenty-four years old. It’s no good to be a dog.”

Little White Dragon’s face His expression became curious, and he asked.

But Thunder Dragon obviously didn’t want to say more, just put the Azure Dragon wood carving back: “This room is where the younger sister lived back then. She said she liked the illusory world, and the boss gave her it. She built a house here, right in the middle of the lake. Later, in order to save the man she had a crush on, she went to the Three Realms with the current Ghost King, and then she was deceived and disappeared. For this matter The boss lost his temper for the first time in his life, directly sealed the twelve continents of Lingtai, and slaughtered the Western Hell.”

Little White Dragon looked at Thunder Dragon in surprise, Thunder Dragon Then spread his hands and said, “Do you think the boss won’t lose his temper? But he has vowed not to resurrect the dead, but he has not vowed not to lose his temper. That incident was so bad at the time that it even affected the whole of what we said. Going to Three Realms, and finally they came down to deal with this matter in person, a liar led to the destruction of the West Hell.”

Little White Dragon suddenly became interested, stretched his head over and asked curiously stand up.

“Ask, ask your mother.” Thunder Dragon punched its head: “The boss shot, that’s a slap thing, and a slap is gone. But what’s the use? , Yunxue won’t come back.”

“Well, that man is still alive, otherwise, even if he can’t cheat, the boss won’t be so angry.” Thunder Dragon sat on the chair, He opened the drawer of the desk and took out several beautifully wrapped books, all of which were textbooks for the second year of high school. He stroked it lightly and said, “Because of this matter, if there is no chance for this life of the twelve spirits, I can’t be Perfection anymore, because I have to re-select the spirit snake.”

When Little White Dragon heard this, he jumped up and down in front of Thunder Dragon with excitement.

“You can’t, you’re a dragon. Damn, you’re a dragon!”

The little White Dragon fell to the ground immediately after hearing this, and began to climb up like a snake, crawling A few laps also looked up at Thunder Dragon a few times.

“Go away, you can’t be a snake no matter what you climb.”

These words made the little White Dragon re-coil on the wooden bed, his face full of frustration, and Thunder Dragon turned his head to look at him: “If you still want to be a maggot, just continue like this. If you don’t want to be a maggot, report to Long San in two days. She has the ability to train you into a handsome guy.”

After being silent for a while, the little White Dragon was silently nodded.

“Don’t think about your little sister, just like you, people really don’t look down on you.”

(end of this chapter)

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