What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 141


Chapter 141 This world doesn’t need more heroes

“Why are you so good all of a sudden today? Agree to let it go back to Dragon Clan’s report?”

Golden Dragon Princess came to Thunder Dragon again, looked at the dragon maggots coiled up like a soul-sucking, and asked curiously.

Thunder Dragon leaned on the dangling appearance, and smiled after hearing her words: “A boy, it can’t grow up without any stimulation, it went through a scene from a boy yesterday. The transformation of a man.”


Thunder Dragon glanced at the dragon maggot next to him, and couldn’t help laughing out loud, he coughed twice Then he said: “Maybe it’s not even abandonment.”

Long San is also a visitor, curl one’s lip, dragging the dragon horn of the little White Dragon: “Let’s go, come home with me.”


At this time, Xu Wei, who was beside her, had already cried to tears. She raised the little White Dragon from the size of her little finger to nearly five meters. Although this little White Dragon looked like a bastard, even if it was Raising a dog will have feelings, not to mention a dragon who understands human nature.

“Why are you crying? He went to a boarding school class, and while he’s still alive, in a few days, he’ll be a fucking maggot for the rest of his life.” Thunder Dragon looked at the little White Dragon dragged by Long San: “The next time I see you, this maggot should be different.”

The little White Dragon was covered up by Long San’s spell and shrank to a slap Big and let it coil in the car as a perfume bottle.

After finishing White Dragon, Long San turned his head back to Thunder Dragon and threw a cell phone to him: “Take this, this is Dragon Clan’s special line contact cell phone. Also, that We have already taken over the organization of refining the Gu Dragon, so don’t worry about it.”

“It’s not your turn.” Thunder Dragon said with a sneer: “When will your Dragon Clan be able to command the twelve spirits? Aren’t you just a person on an equal footing with Haozi, is it because my boss isn’t here that you are so powerful?”

“What did you say? Say it again if you have the ability.”

“I’ve said the same thing a hundred times, don’t let me tyrannically abuse power, do you use the identity of the Monster King or the identity of the Dragon Princess? If it is the Dragon Princess, you are the same as the Twelve Spirit Heads. Level, if it’s Monster King, do you have the courage to be so arrogant in front of my boss?”

Long San frowned: “Don’t use him to press me, I think you’ve been a little bit of The Dog acts recently. fierce when his Master is present.”

“I’m not a dog, I just remind you that the Twelve Spirits are not in a system with you, so don’t play around here.”


The Dragon Third Princess obviously lost her temper, but Thunder Dragon was not at all embarrassed, but Xu Wei next to her was forced to retreat several steps by the imposing manner of the two. In her opinion, the scene was a Golden Dragon In the ring with an Azure Dragon, no one will let anyone else.

In the end, Long San took the lead in accepting the imposing manner, sneered said, “You haven’t made any progress for so many years.”

Then he turned his head and left, while Thunder Dragon But he turned around and poured himself a glass of water, and chuckled lightly: “I have at least half an hour now, why haven’t I grown.”

After hearing this, Xu Wei at the counter couldn’t bear it. Zhu pu chi let out a laugh: “Are you really a couple before?”

“Yes.” Thunder Dragon sighed: “She’s good in everything, but she has a bad temper, is arrogant, and doesn’t say anything. It makes sense.”

“Most girls are like this, right? She’s the Dragon Clan Princess, and she’s still the current Monster King, so she has the right to lose her temper.”

“I think You, you are a little confused about the status of the twelve spirits…” Thunder Dragon thought for a while, and then patted his head: “Yes, I didn’t tell you, speaking of which I’m not a master. Enough.”

“You still know there is a discipline like me?” Xu Wei rolled the eyes: “I thought you forgot.”

Thunder Dragon raised his head and sighed. He drank the water and said, “You always thought that the twelve spirits only appeared to fight against Qing Lingzi, but actually the twelve spirits…”

Telling the story of the past, Thunder Dragon Just like entering that time and space, the twelve spirits are still complete.

At that time, the Twelve Spirits not only had to play the same root battle with Qing Lingzi’s gang, but also fought with the demons and ghosts. At that time, there was no Guardian, all the demons and ghosts and the ten Erling is backed by the people above, and none of the Heavenly Gods and Buddhas are clean. In order to compete for more resources, they have set up a vast number of spokespersons on the ground. Humans, monsters and ghosts are all their targets.

The order was chaotic at that time. In order to compete for religious resources and recognition, the Heavenly God Buddha above simply did not care about the life and death of the world.

So during that time, demons and monsters were rampant, and more than a dozen mythological systems became a mess in the world.

But whether it’s witch culture, Gu culture, Dao culture or the ancient series, they really don’t care much about the life and death of the world.

Speaking of which is also funny, it is precisely Qing Lingzi who took the entire Human World and defected from the control above and became the Guardian God residing in the world, but he still couldn’t stand the power in the end. Corrupted by desire.

In the end, the functions of the Protectors belonged to the Twelve Spirits. They did not fight against the Divine Immortal monsters and spirits over the years. Although it can be said that they have repeatedly failed, it is because of them and the spirits. The group of people behind them did not completely reduce the people on this land to the people of the “God”. On the contrary, because of their existence, the “God” here is particularly good at talking, even so good that the people on this land can talk. The people have formed a simple belief concept – the Divine Immortal who can do things for me is a good Divine Immortal, and if I can’t do things for me, I will demolish your temple.

But if there is no group of people headed by the twelve spirits to fight against the divine rights centered on the holy masters of the past dynasties, this piece of land will also become a private land for the gods. That set, maybe even the entire class echelon, such as the caste system.

So Thunder Dragon can be said to be staunch atheists, even if the tricks they use are Tianbu’s skills, but skills are just tools. The person who resonates most with them is the great proletarian warrior Che Guevara.

“They will benefit you and help you when we are gone, not because they have a conscience, not because they have always been, but because we have been here.”

The Twelve Spirits fought for a total of 2,500 years before and after, retaining the roots of the nation’s own culture, which is why their culture is different from other civilization systems.

Therefore, the strictly speaking Twelve Spirits do not refer to a specific person but a general term for a group of them, and the individuals of the Twelve Spirits are representatives of a group of people.

This is why neither the Twelve Spirits nor the Qinglings have any objection to the Lord, because the inheritance of the Lord’s protection covers the length of the entire civilization.

This is also the reason why the Holy Lord is also called the Lord of Humans, and it is also the reason why no one dares to just and honorable above people even though there are ghosts and ghosts everywhere.

The Twelve Spirits and Zombie Immortals are nothing but brothers, but they are the real bloody battle to the end.

“So, I’m also a member of the Twelve Spirits?”

“Yeah.” Thunder Dragon glanced at Xu Wei: “But it doesn’t matter now, mortals wake up They don’t need God anymore.”

After saying that, Thunder Dragon chuckled: “We don’t need us anymore, because we don’t need to, we can even take care of Samsara Reincarnation. It’s only half out now, and I don’t know when the other half will appear.”

While speaking, Yang Junfeng walked in from outside and saw that Thunder Dragon was alone in the room. He looked all around: “Ah? Where’s Young Master Cai?”

“He came over in the morning and said I would give him a day shift.”

Yang Junfeng snorted, then Suddenly, mysteriously stepped forward and said to Thunder Dragon, “Master Cai Young has been a little off lately, have you noticed?”

“What do you mean?” Xu Wei curiously raised her head: “I think It’s alright.”

Yang Junfeng shook his head silently and said, “You may not know him well enough, he is the kind of dead otaku who basically never goes out if he doesn’t go to work, but I haven’t seen him in the past few days. He didn’t answer the phone calls at the time, and it took a long time to come back.”

“Maybe he has something to do with him?”

Xu Wei may not be familiar with her. But Thunder Dragon, who grew up here, is familiar. He turned his head and thought about it, then said, “I’ll ask him when he comes back.”

Yang Junfeng un’ed, and was ready to go out , he raised his head and said to Thunder Dragon: “I won’t eat here at noon, I have guests, take them out to eat.”


Thunder Dragon answered complied After that, I continued to pick up my phone and started playing. After playing for a while, I said, “By the way, I will go back to the boss tomorrow. You are here.”

“Remember to tell the boss. It’s about the salary increase.” Xu Weihehe said with a smile: “I’m doing such a good job, I can’t justify not getting a salary increase.”

“What do you think, he’s such a stingy person.” Thunder Dragon turned his head and glanced at the time: “Why does the past few days feel weird, there are still no customers after this order.”

“You don’t know?”

“I know. What?”

Xu Wei said with a smile: “A new tea restaurant has been opened at the entrance of the alley, and it is currently holding a grand opening ceremony. If you reach 20, you will be reduced by 12, and if you have reached 40, you will be reduced by 28. No money is required for rounding up. “

“Is that so…” Thunder Dragon took the phone and walked out: “Then why don’t you take advantage of it at this time? I’m going to buy some to eat. “

“Don’t you have a sense of urgency?” “

“I told you to read and study more, but you just didn’t listen. Chang’an Lane is a place where there is a saying. This place is also called Star Sea Air Cavity. It is a place where wealth is prosperous. Otherwise, why do you think there is a Taoist temple in this place? “Thunder Dragon chuckled, “Didn’t you realize there’s no other shop in this place besides the boss and the guy who sells hardware?” ”


β€œBecause one family has gone down. “Thunder Dragon said with a smile: “This place is a place for money-losing boys, and everyone who dares to open a shop here is fierce, so if you don’t sew the wool, you won’t have to smash it after a while. “

It turned out to be like this…Xu Wei suddenly realized, and then took out two hundred yuan: “You look to buy two hundred yuan!” ”

(end of this chapter)

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