What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 142


Chapter 142: The Power of Qinglingzi.

Today, Qing Lingzi added another member, General. The alien gangster who was killed by him before finally recovered from the dead state in today’s Divine Art Great Accomplishment.

All the people from the Corpse Removal Immortal camp, including Sai Dongfeng, surrounded this inhuman puppet, expecting it to perform better.

Qing Lingzi rolled up his sleeves and circled around this lifelike puppet several times, clapping his hands in satisfaction: “Okay, okay.”

“What are you doing? Ah, old bastard.”

Sai Dongfeng is not a corpse warlock after all, he can’t understand why this Qingling is so happy here in the early morning, this puppet is more human than the previous one. It’s a little bit more realistic, and the rest is nothing special.

Qing Lingzi didn’t explain to the layman, but just silently cast spell to wake up the puppet.

If you want to say whether the corpse soul technique is powerful or not, you have to look at the eyes of this puppet, because as long as the corpse soul warlock at a higher level can refine the puppet, but the difference between them and the Grandmaster Level is this. on the eyes.

Most of the puppets, no matter how intact their appearance is, their eyes will be as gray as dead fish and bulge out. Fill the Uncanny Valley, so the terrifying appearance makes it difficult for these puppets to mix in the crowd.

But the puppet that Qing Lingzi is refining now, from top to bottom, there is nothing like a human being, the eyes are all clear and clear, and Qing Lingzi also uses his own aesthetics. To change the original appearance of the corpse, for example, the multi-colored rooster head was dyed by Qing Lingzi, and he also took off all the earrings, lip studs and necklaces that were originally on the corpse.

After cleaning it up like this, this puppet looks more like a human than before, and it’s a lot more delicious and pretty in an instant.

Afterwards, Qing Lingzi controlled the puppet to use his powers, and found that what he was able to do before, is now the same. Finally, after checking the meridian, Qing Lingzi can be said to be overjoyed. This is no different from Supreme Unity immortal using lotus root to make a fleshy body for Nezha. This person is simply a round of shedding body and exchanging bones.

It maintains a normal conscious will, no problem speaking or doing other things, and even reacts to its surroundings based on its memories while alive.

This is probably the highest quality of Puppet Technique. There may be no trace of such a perfect puppet from ancient times to the present, but now there is, Qinglingzi can be said to be Once again created the first and peak of a magic technique.

“It’s amazing.” Sai Dongfeng clapped his hands continuously after hearing Qing Lingzi’s introduction, and the folding fan in his hand made a hu hu sound: “Isn’t it possible for cultivation?”


It can be Cultivation’s puppet, and it has access to spiritual veins. Needless to say, how powerful it is. Even Sai Dongfeng thinks that this thing looks a bit ingenious now. But Qing Lingzi who can make this thing really won’t be caught in the sky.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have time now, otherwise I will cultivate a few Gu dragons with the dragon raising technique, and then the round and flat ones will not be left to me?”

Qing Lingzi smiled arrogantly. Although this dragon raising technique is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive, it may not be successful, but as long as it is successful, a corpse dragon can be forged with that Gu dragon.

A dragon that can Cultivation, impervious to sword and spear, neither water nor fire can approach, and can also Up Into the Heavens, Down into the Earth, really only needs to make one and even the twelve spirits The Thunder Dragon in the game can only stare.

It’s a pity that he really doesn’t have the energy to do that right now. After all, today is different from the past, and he doesn’t have that energy. This matter can only be put on hold for now and then slowly figured out.

But now he was very satisfied. In his pride, he controlled the puppet to send a flame towards the sky, and the flame flew into the sky staggeringly, and then slowly exploded. Open, as gorgeous as fireworks.

Seeing this, Qing Lingzi couldn’t help laughing out loud, raised his head and clapped his hands for a long time: “Okay…it’s really good.”

“What? You don’t want to keep a low profile now? What would you do if someone found out?”

Qing Lingzi sneered: “In the world, except for the twelve spirits , who can be in my eyes? When I found it, I found it, this place is high and the emperor is far away, what kind of storm can those clay chickens and pottery dogs make?”

“You’re just saying Right? Your phone shows rental information.”

Qing Lingzi quickly put away the phone, said in deadly earnest: “This is called a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on Do you understand?”

Just as the two were laughing, Sai Dongfeng’s face suddenly turned cold, and he banged out his fan: “I really got my crow’s mouth right, a guest is here.”

Sai Dongfeng itself is a personal-shaped radar, and the sensitivity to spiritual power is so terrifying that he can play tracking and anti-tracking with the dog sister in the Twelve Spirits, and no one can do anything about it.

And now he just sniffed a spiritual power coming towards them more than 100 kilometers away, although weak but extremely fast.

“Are you sure you’re here for us?”

Sai Dongfengyang felt it carefully, and then nodded very seriously: “The place is where we are, it seems that we are in the end. I underestimate the heroes of the world.”

“That’s good.” Qing Lingzi snorted: “I want to see who is so brave.”

Man actually didn’t know what he was going to face, because his lord asked him to find some aliens, and just now there was a supernatural reaction in a remote place, he naturally came over to take a look.

Anyway, as long as he’s not in the mainland, don’t have contact with the Twelve Spirits, is he still invincible on this island? Who can do anything to him? Just kidding, maybe it’s because Qing Lingzi failed? joke.

So this guy Zhang beat Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon beat Hu Niu, Hu Niu beat up the old acquaintance who was beaten by the angel, carrying the resentment accumulated these days. The face came in this direction.

His speed was very fast, and a burst of black mist immediately arrived at the place where Qing Lingzi was. When he came to the house, he saw a young man in the middle of the yard. Throwing flames.

Seeing this scene, he doesn’t talk nonsense. As long as he takes people away, everything will be easier to do later. You can’t talk too much nonsense when you do things properly. After all, decent villains die of talking too much. .

He moved his neck, a smug smile appeared on his face, thinking that there was finally something he could take credit for, so he turned into a black mist and enveloped the young man.

The normal operation process should be to confuse the mind first, then take this person all the way to the base camp, and then transform him, and finally a perfect alien puppet can be born.

As Peak’s corpse warlock, he is all too familiar with this process.

But just after he enveloped the boy, he clearly saw a strange smile on the corner of the boy’s mouth, and then when he tentatively touched his body, a translucent The gloomy cold directly gave half of his body to Frozen Wood.

“Not good !”

He inwardly shouted badly. Judging from his years of experience playing with corpses, this young man is definitely not a living person, but he was surprised that since he was a corpse. How can a corpse be so lifelike, let alone how it looks, even if you don’t need to detect it, you can’t feel the slightest bit of strangeness.

But he is also an expert corpse. He immediately cut off the connection with the corpse in front of him, and was backlashed by it. Then he put one hand on the ground and arranged a Formation.

It can be said that time is too late. The Formation he just arranged, before he can start it, the Formation suddenly reverses, and then starts at an unresponsive speed.

The Formation, which was originally meant to bind the corpse, now makes him seem immobile in quicksand.

At this time, Qing Lingzi came out of the dark place, and looked back and forth with a smile on his back.

First I saw the scars on this man’s face, then tore off the clothes on his chest and checked the pieces of his skin that were spliced together.

“tsk tsk tsk, the art of reincarnation, Xu Fu, this waste, has not grown at all for so many years.” Qing Lingzi said tsk tsk in his mouth, and then even opened the man in front of him like checking an animal. Yakou: “Preparing for soul exchange, puppet skin, reincarnation and soul sealing, it’s been thousands of years, and you don’t need to change the medicine. Don’t you know how to innovate? You don’t want to be so enterprising with my things. I’m happy.”

“who you are!”

The suture monster exposed all his secrets with just a few glances at Qing Lingzi, heart startled: “This But Your Majesty’s secret technique of longevity!”

“Your Majesty!?”

Qing Lingzi suddenly glared angrily: “He is also worthy of Xu Fu? Old man doesn’t have the guts to call him that. With a sigh of lord, he actually dares to call himself such a rickety villain? It’s good, it’s really good.”

Qing Lingzi was irritated and laughed: “old man is not embarrassing you such a waste today, but it’s just a corpse soul. You are not qualified to talk to me. You go and tell Xu Fu that someone has come to clear the door.”

Sai Dongfeng said with a smile at this time: “What? Don’t you want to grow up quietly?”

“hahahahaha…” Qing Lingzi laughed: “There are people who dare to claim to be kings, and I can bear it. Wouldn’t that be ignoring my Qing Lingzi’s prestige. old fogey, I may be a bad person, but I will never be this villain.”

After finishing speaking, Qing Lingzi said sharply: “Monster, go back to the person who told you, let him wait, his Good days are coming!”

After speaking, Qing Lingzi untied the shackles of the suture monster, and the suture monster was about to leave, but suddenly turned around and sprayed a corpse at Qing Lingzi poison.

But didn’t expect it was enough to turn a city into a corpse poison, but it was disappeared without a trace by Qing Lingzi’s fingers.

“Sure enough, it’s Xu Fu’s person. Such despicable personality is of common origins.”

Qing Lingzi stepped forward, but the suture monster found that his limbs, hands and feet were out of control .

“Today, the old man will teach you what is necromancy.”

After finishing speaking, he turned around and kicked the blood gluttonous: “Go, grab a dog.”


(End of this chapter)

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