What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 143


Chapter 143 Who is more difficult to deal with?

Why Qing Lingzi was able to change from a warlock to a frontier boss back then was actually due to his character.

This guy is the type of classic people who don’t talk much. He doesn’t have any villains who die because he talks too much.

In addition to being too careful, the reason why he is so difficult to deal with is that this guy’s accuracy in grasping the situation is ridiculously high, and his ability to see people’s dishes is incomparable. , the hard just is absolutely impolite.

Or else, the fact that the Twelve Spirits could be smashed to pieces by him with a group of corpses whose average ability was weaker than the Twelve Spirits was enough to prove that this person was a powerful person.

As a villain, he is ruthless and hot, but as a friend, he is extremely loyal, just like the blood glutton around him has become such a waste now, but he still insists on taking it with him.

The blood glutton grabbed a wild dog outside, the dog was still confused, but he saw Qing Lingzi’s hands begin to draw a formation in the sky, and when he saw this Formation, the stitched expression opposite him was strange Become frightened, because this Formation is the Formation that synthesized him at the beginning, but it is not only smoother but also retrograde Formation in Qinglingzi’s hands.

“Today I want to see how your lord cracks my spell.” The body of the suture monster and the dog shone brightly.

Wait until the rays of light of the Formation dissipate, and there is only one dog left, but if you look closely, you will find that this dog is full of the characteristics of the stitched monster.

Sai Dongfeng, who was next to him, couldn’t help laughing when he saw this scene, and even Yu Qinglingzi laughed out loud, because the scene in front of him was so funny, the stitching monster was already with the wild dog. Fusion, retaining his own consciousness but also the dog’s instincts.

Qing Lingzi cast a heart-clearing spell on himself, squatted down and grabbed the back hair of the suture monster: “I’ll let you go back and let your lord see, who is the lord and who is Servant.”

After he finished speaking, he took a step back, and then the black giant puppet rushed up with a big foot and drove the dog-like suture monster out.

“What do you say?” Sai Dongfeng laughed: “Are we going to attack or defend now?”

“You know Xu Fu’s Old Dog’s character, he won’t attack. “Qing Lingzi’s hand is full of fire: “It just so happens that the old man’s skills have recovered to bits and pieces. If you meet him, you will meet him. After all, he is an old friend.”

Sai Dongfeng sneered. Get up: “But you Old Dog is really treacherous. One Formation is enough, but you still cast another Formation on him. If I say that Formation is definitely not a good thing.”

Qing Lingzi laughed heartily up but did not explain, just took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands, eyes flashed a cold glow.

While the stitching monster was madly rushing to the base camp, Haozi also arrived at the agreed place.

But he was two full days earlier than the appointed time, and he looked like a misguided tourist with a travel bag and a peaked cap.

This place is an abandoned warehouse away from the crowd. Haozi first used ninety-nine talisman cranes to set up a warning formation around it. After confirming that no one was there, he entered the warehouse.

After entering, his first step was to nail four steel nails at the four corners and wrap brass wire around each steel nail, and these threads seemed to have a thread under his guidance. Like life, it stretched upwards along the corner of the wall and gathered into a complex Formation pattern on the roof.

Then Haozi took out six copper coins and arranged them in six places in the workshop.

Third Step, he took out a handful of soybeans, a handful of green beans, a handful of red beans, a handful of black beans and a handful of glutinous rice and sprinkled them on the edges and corners of the place. Just throw it on the ground like that.

Fourth Step, he took out the compass and carefully observed the orientation, dug a hole in the theoretical center of this area, and then took out a dragon tree from his rucksack and buried it in it , and then fill in the soil finely.

Fifth Step, he took out black ink and a brush to write scriptures on the surrounding walls. After writing a scripture, he happened to go around for a week, and the words on the wall gradually dried up. subsided, eventually leaving no trace.

Finally, he put everything in the bag on the ground, first the edicts of the Heavenly Emperor, then the edicts of the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas, and finally the edicts of the Ten Palaces Yama King.

He posted these orders in hidden places that were not easy to find, and then he took out a big move, cut his palm with a knife, took the palm to stop the bleeding and mixed it in the Five Elements ink bucket, and then Use this ink color to write spirit talisman in the Divine Beast of the five directions.

After everything was done, he slowly retreated to the outside, crossed his hips and looked at the abandoned warehouse in front of him, with a satisfied smile on his face.

Let’s not talk about some wild fox Zen in this warehouse now, that is, Xun Wukong will shiver when he comes.

The three Killing Formations of the Blue Gold Dragon Locking Array, the Four Souls Breaking Jade Array, and the Five-party Heavenly Lightning Array are complemented by the three imaginary formations of the Sea, Land and Air Ten Complete Array, the Alien Demon and Illusory Array, and the Golden Armor Array. , the rest are Baina Heavenly Might Formation, Four Books Spirit Formation, Puppet Destruction Formation, Mountain Ghost Reincarnation Formation, Baigu Devil Subduing Formation Fill in the blank.

When you step into this place, you will have to peel off a layer of skin even when the king comes, which is not bragging at all.

As for the solitary soul and unbound ghost on the mountain, it can only be regarded as a supplement.

Haozi left, quietly waiting for the transaction in two days.

At the same time, the suture monster, who had been refined into a dog by Qing Lingzi, ran back to his base camp, and his lord saw what happened to him, I already understood everything in my heart.

“Qing Lingzi? He’s back!”

It’s hard to say who this person is, anyway, Qing Lingzi thought he was Xu Fu. However, judging from the fact that he could blurt out the three words “Qinglingzi” immediately, even if he is not Xu Fu, he may not be able to get rid of it. After all, after Xu Fu sold Qinglingzi, he fled overseas in the name of longevity. The biggest fear in his heart is Qing Lingzi.

For Xu Fu’s family, the Twelve Spirits are terrifying, but the one who is more terrifying than the Twelve Spirits is the Qing Lingzi. When the Number One Person, this person is genius in every aspect and he is decisive in killing and is not bound by the morality of the world. It is really super difficult to deal with.

When Xu Fu sold him and Qin Huang killed him, it was also because he gave Qing Lingzi a promise not to harm his clansman, but in the end, after Qin Huang broke his promise, Xu Fu tried his best to run away, because holy The Lord is immortal, the Qing Lingzi is immortal, the Holy Lord does not even dare to move the Qin Emperor, the Qing Lingzi will return, and with his character of seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, the Qin Queen may not be able to find it, but Xu Fu Home is going to be bad luck.

After two thousand years of trepidation, this man finally came back.

No one mentions the name, just seeing this corpse refining technique, then “Your Majesty” already knows who is back.

When he said the name from his mouth, he couldn’t help shivering. He didn’t even ask Qing Lingzi’s current state, he said a word to withdraw, and then it was gone. shadow.

Stitching monster: “???”

He can withdraw, but this stitching monster can’t be withdrawn. Although his mana is still in his current posture, the problem is that he can’t recover He was in a human form, and the king ran away without any arrangements for him, leaving him here…

After squatting there and thinking for a long time, he suddenly had a dive light flashed in his mind, since there were twelve on the other side. Ling, there is a clear spirit here, he might as well take a gamble… The other side is so big, as long as he goes dormant after passing, he won’t be caught by the twelve spirits, right? But if he stays here, the king is scared away by Qing Lingzi… Then he still has a life?

So this is such a dive light flashed, he thought of contacting his “old customers”, which means that he will still give the money, but with an additional condition, that is, take a dog to Hong Kong.

After Haozi and the others received the call, their minds didn’t react. Why was it a dog?

But in order to lead the other party out, of course, they agreed immediately. After all, if you bring a dog, you can bring a dog.

So two days later, they made an appointment to deliver the goods at the old place, and this time they also took the initiative to pay 80% of the payment, and then said that they would pay the rest after the dog was sent to Hong Kong. Twenty percent.

Of course Haozi didn’t care about this, he naturally agreed. Then he and Shen Yun drove a cold chain truck to the abandoned warehouse.

“Brother Haozi, this time feels a bit abnormal.”

Shen Yun jumped out of the truck: “Is it alright?”

“Who knows What.” Haozi walked into the abandoned warehouse to explore around, and found that his Formation was still there: “Well, it’s not a big problem.”

It was past 8 o’clock in the evening, and the person who made the connection hadn’t come yet. , but there was a dog running wildly from the mountain, it squatted in front of Haozi and Shen Yun, sticking out its tongue and looking weird.

“It’s just this dog, right?” Shen Yun squatted down and fiddled with it for a while: “This dog is a bit ugly.”

The suture monster scolded him in his heart. But in order to survive, the best way for him now is to continue to play a dog…

“This dog is not right.” Haozi came over and observed the dog: “I feel there are traces of magic. .”

Said he extended the hand to investigate, but this exploration touched Qing Lingzi’s Formation, Haozi frowned, and Qing Lingzi slowly opened his eyes in the distance.

“Xu Fu, we meet again.”

After speaking, Qing Lingzi’s figure gradually disappeared, and Sai Dongfeng and Qing Lingzi’s monster Legion all followed him. The breath dashed all the way to follow.

Haozi glanced at the mark on his hand, and without the slightest hesitation he took out the Demon Subduing Pestle moved towards his palm, and then kicked the dog into the warehouse.

“Brother Haozi, what’s the matter?”

Before he finished speaking, he saw a sound in the warehouse, and Qing Lingzi’s figure had appeared on his Formation. , appeared on the body of the dog with both feet on it.

“Xu Fu, come and let me meet.” Qing Lingzi shouted from inside: “Do you think you can run?”

(End of this chapter)

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