What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 144


Chapter 144 Oolong Battle

Qing Lingzi’s voice echoed in the dilapidated warehouse, but soon he saw outside walking in one person.

But because the light of the truck outside was on, the man was also facing the light, which made it impossible for him to see who it was, but the person he saw was wearing a peaked cap.

β€œXu Fu?”

And Haozi raised his head: β€œWho are you?”

Qing Lingzi narrowed his eyes He looked at the person in front of him carefully, and Haozi also looked at him carefully, and then the two sides suddenly extended the hand: “It’s you!”

Haozi recognized that this woman was the one he was investigating the case, and Qing Lingzi also recognized that this person was the policeman at that time.

And at this moment, all the answers are clear, Haozi gnashing teeth said: “You are the Qing Lingzi!”

“So you are the twelve spirits.” Qing Lingzi also sneered: “We are really destined, and I don’t know which of the twelve spirits?”

Haozi didn’t talk nonsense, clapped both hands, Formation immediately started, and the peas on the ground suddenly twitched, Then the entire abandoned warehouse was wrapped in thick vines inside and outside, and those tentacle-like vines were like a long spear stabbing at Qing Lingzi.

Qing Lingzi’s fingers swayed back and forth, and dozens of wind blades appeared around him. These wind blades rotated back and forth, forming a protective barrier in front of him, cutting those vines into pea tips. Son.

“It turned out to be the boss, what I said.”

Facing Qing Lingzi’s ridicule, Haozi pressed one hand on the wall and saw an iron cage running directly from all directions Bind Qing Lingzi in it.

Qing Lingzi swayed a bit, but was only laughed, and his body turned into a pool of running water and got out of the iron cage.

But the iron cage seemed to have life, turning its head and turning it into a huge semi-circular copper bowl, and the Qinglingzi was bound to it again by the up and down.

Qing Lingzi panicked immediately, because he recognized that this was the Dragon Locking Array, and fell into this Formation, even if he had to scrap Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers to escape.

He admitted that he underestimated the enemy this time, because he didn’t expect that he would meet the Twelve Spirits here, and he was the leader of the Twelve Spirits. Although he was not the best at fighting, he was definitely the best. The tough one.

Haozi saw that Qinglingzi was sealed, and immediately changed his tactics to make sharp needles appear inside the copper ball that sealed Qinglingzi. These needles pierced through Qinglingzi’s skin, Soon he let out a scream.

But Haozi didn’t talk nonsense, let alone give Qing Lingzi time to react.

If this dragon subduing wood hits the front door, let alone Qing Lingzi is just an Earth Immortal who has recovered bits and pieces, even True Immortal will be really blind.

But at the crucial moment, Haozi’s body was suddenly knocked out more than ten meters away, and the dragon tree was also nailed to the side.

Then a black light flashed, and the huge Blood Soul puppet rushed towards Haozi, who couldn’t recover for a while because it hit the wall.


Sai Dongfeng saw this brainless thing and didn’t have time to organize, just walked over to Shen Yun, who was bewildered, and bang opened his fan , hooked his shoulder: “little brother, go away, Divine Immortal fight.” pa pa is three consecutive dots, the bullet with rune hit the puppet who was about to blow Haozi’s dog’s head with one punch.

The puppet had no brains, turned around and moved towards Shen Yun who attacked him and rushed over, while Sai Dongfeng, who was next to him, called the head: “You are disobedient.”

But here it is. When Haozi woke up, he hooked his finger, and hundreds of steel needles with the thickness of a finger suddenly appeared on the ground. These steel needles directly stabbed the Blood Soul puppet like a hedgehog, and even stood it up.

Seeing the puppet’s tragic situation, Sai Dongfeng called the head and said, “You have done something wrong…”

It was too late, just when Haozi was about to end the puppet, suddenly A gust of wind swept through, Haozi instinctively felt bad, he rolled with the trend, and then a deep mark appeared beside him.

Haozi squeezed his hands together, and the soybeans on the ground shook tremblingly. After a puff of green smoke, those soybeans turned into golden armor warriors one by one, holding a big knife and rushing towards him. Blood gluttony.

“don’t, don’t, don’t…” Sai Dongfeng saw Haozi pinching his hands at him: “I am watching the fun.”

said After finishing, he hurriedly walked out the door and put one hand in front of Shen Yun who was about to rush in: “Little brother, big brother can tell you, it’s Divine Immortal fighting, you will die if you enter.”

Shen Yungang If he wanted to say something, a tiger roar sent him staggered with shocking waves, and then he saw the white tiger evil star with golden light inside confronting Blood Puppet, who had escaped from the needle-piercing hell.

At this time, Qing Lingzi finally broke free. He looked at Haozi in front of him in rough clothes, and quickly started the Formation in his hands, but didn’t expect his Formation to be activated as soon as he opened it. The other formations here, suddenly the power of the Heavenly Emperor in the entire warehouse was suppressed, and Qing Lingzi slammed one-knee kneels to the ground, and the strong pressure made him unable to even stand up.

Haozi constantly changed his tactics in his hands, fighting against the entire Qinglingzi team with one person. It can be seen that Sai Dongfeng is clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

“In the end, he is the leader of the twelve spirits. In his Heaven and Earth, he is God.” Although Haozi was hit and his internal organs were damaged, as long as his consciousness is still awake, he is unbeatable in this area.

At this time, you need someone who breaks the game, otherwise Qing Lingzi will be ruined 80% of the time.

At this time, more and more Formations were motivated. These Formations formed a closed loop here. They were madly absorbing the spiritual power of the Qinglingzi, and then using these spiritual powers. Combined with the power drawn from the local leylines, it continued to power the Formation, and even a Formation Master like Qing Lingzi couldn’t stand it.

But at this moment, Qing Lingzi’s latest Blood Puppet arrived, and after it landed, it couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and moved towards the warehouse, which spurted out a majestic flame.

The monstrous flames turned the inside into a purgatory. Haozi had no mana body protection, so he rushed out first, but the fire also made the formation in the room more restless. The big hole began to spurt blood, and the three fingers of the blood glutton had been cut off by the Jin Family guards, and the first black giant puppet was bitten on the mouth by the White Tiger. of Azure Dragon is activated because of the flame, followed by Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, and finally the lines are messed up, like Supreme Taoist’s Alchemy Furnace.

Who can stand this…

Qing Lingzi saw Haozi run out of the out-of-control space of the Formation, grabbed the injured blood gluttony and turned it into a first-class of light and rushed to the sky disappeared.

“Farewell…cannot afford to offend.” Sai Dongfeng cupped the hands towards Haozi and Shen Yun, and then carried the new puppet with an escape technique.

Only the big black Vajra undefeated inside was torn in half by White Tiger and turned into a pool of pus.

At this time, Haozi finally knelt on the ground too weak, Shen Yun hurriedly rushed up to support him.

“Haozi brother, are you alright.”

“Broken rib, it hurts…”

At this time, he was watching The suture monster who wanted to run but was tied by vines like rope art because of the breath of Qinglingzi on his body was witnessing the whole process, and the dog’s mouth couldn’t close.

Stitching monster: “My darling…”

He used to complain that Jun Shang ran away regardless of him, but now he somewhat understands Jun Shang. The Twelve Spirits who rubbed the perverted Qing Lingzi and his gang on the ground, and Qing Lingzi who was clearly pressed to the ground and rubbed but was able to injure the Twelve Spirits and escaped.

Which side can they beat? This doesn’t run? It’s worth it if you don’t run away.

In fact, it’s not that Haozi is really better than Qinglingzi, but Qinglingzi was careless and didn’t consider the involvement of the twelve spirits at all, so he got into Haozi’s ambush. inside.

As far as the layered Formation is concerned, there are also various countermeasures. The Formation here is so complicated that it’s crazy…

But there is nothing to say about it. For Qing Lingzi, it means losing a puppet. Although it’s a pity… but it’s much better than being killed by someone.

After all, he is the leader of the twelve spirits, the king of the field. Opening a Formation is the same as opening a field. Entering his field and wanting to fight him is too overestimate one’s capabilities.

And now Shen Yun finally knows why Haozi dares to go to Longtan alone, and understands the reason why he said he can have a 55 to 50 with anyone.

It’s too terrifying… It’s no exaggeration to say it was the Divine Immortal fight.

The fire in the warehouse is gradually extinguished, and the Formation in it has died down at the moment because of a random explosion.

Haozi recovered a lot after resting for more than an hour, and at this time he and Shen Yun both looked towards the ugly dog that was still tied up at the door of the warehouse.

“I just said that this thing is not right.” Shen Yun pointed at the dog: “Would you like to take it back and study it?”

“No need to study.” Haozi stared at the dog. A dog laughed: “Take it away.”

“Why bring a dog?”

“You’ll know when you take it back.” Haozi clutched his chest and came to it : “Do you want to go with us or we will catch you?”

Stitcher: “Aba Aba…”

“Dogs don’t bark like that.” Haozi rolled the eyes, and then took out an ink bucket thread from his arms: “Come on, don’t play tricks.”

The suture monster trapped by the ink bucket thread was locked in the cage on the cold chain car Here, he silently sighed, just sighed bitterly.

Qing Lingzi was sitting on the chair at the moment, Sai Dongfeng was giving him medicine, thirteen big holes on his back had burst, and he looked miserable.

“Why don’t you do it!”

Qing Lingzi questioned Sai Dongfeng.

Sai Dongfeng sneered, and then put the tape on him: “Nong’s brain is out of whack. You are bored into the trap, and I still go in with you? Or should I kill that little policeman? Big brother, can you help too? That’s Anthracene, the leader of the Twelve Spirits. You hit a hammer in other people’s realms. It’s good that I can find a chance to help you recover some of your losses. People are gods!”

“Alas…” Qing Lingzi smacked his thighs hard: “I said that you can’t underestimate the enemy, and madness will inevitably bring disaster.”

(End of this chapter )

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