What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 145


Chapter 145 is like a young boy in the wind

It should be chapter 145.

Watch a comedy movie, read a poem, wait for an empty bus, get caught in the rain.

The style and appearance in Wang Family Wei’s shot can actually be easily reproduced without even having to deliberately arrange it.

Most of the people who are willing to sit on the top of the mountain and blow the wind don’t care about the meal at noon tomorrow.

The neon lights of the city are flickering, quietly leaning on the bus passing through it, leaning on the window glass, and listening to the sound of favorite music.

This is probably a kind of comfort and stability, especially when it is still raining outside.

“You said, what would you do if a few people came up to rob me at this time and saw that I was beautiful and wanted to do something to me?”

Jin Mei Looking up from the book, I glanced at Brother Zhang who was looking outside. It was late at night, and with the sudden heavy rain, there were not many people on the road, not many people in the car, only a few A sleepy middle age person and a few old people who were out scavenging and returning late.

“Are you really playing?”

“Yeah.” Jin Mei suddenly clapped: “Heaven and earth, good or bad.”


“Aiya…” Brother Zhang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh’s look the head.

According to the content of the B-Rank Supervision System Convention, Jin Mei needs to retain some abilities due to special tasks. The weakened version of its own skills and the unique trigger mechanism of the word spirit – prayer.

She is a very smart woman. She puts all her abilities below the scale of Zhang Gechi, which leads to her overall rating of 12.45, which is worse than 12.5. So 0.05, but 0.05 makes her completely out of the control of Xiao Zhang. Whenever Xiao Zhang wants to stop her, she will take out the contract signed by Xiao Zhang himself and dangle in front of Xiao Zhang. .

Shooting yourself in the foot is to describe the current situation of Xiao Zhang. Although no one will do this except her, the problem is that she is like this, and she always changes these days. Although the whole work of Fa’er is all innocuous work, for Brother Zhang, it actually doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Just tell me, the next stop is coming.”

“Why do you always toss me.”

Jin Mei chuckled, his fingers twirled back and forth on the glass window: “life is too short, why make yourself look so boring?”

Xiao Zhang was laughed dryly, and Jin Mei continued: “I’ll wait for you to come back. After that, I’m going to work at the place where I go to work. But you have to pretend you don’t know me.”

“Why are you bothering…”

“Play, let’s go The way I have traveled, the games you have played. This is the life you promised me, how can I not implement it seriously?”

The smiling Queen Mother of the West and the sad-faced little brother Zhang are matched together. Just like a painting, the psychedelic lights from the outside shine in and it becomes an oil painting.

“Five more minutes, you better think about what to do. Cute female friend is about to be molested by a shameless rascal, and now the male lead doesn’t even think about what to do with it You say, is this male lead qualified or not?”

Brother Zhang took out his mobile phone and said to Jin Mei: “You said I’ll call the police Uncle now, they can come over at the next stop. Is it?”

“You can try it out.”

For Jin Mei’s provocation, Brother Zhang silently put down the phone, because he knew that if he really didn’t take it out With the plan, this Divine Immortal elder sister will really mess up.

Brother Zhang suddenly asked curiously: “How do you make a fool of yourself without being annoying?”

“Probably because I know where the scale is. Bullshit, but I’ll never lose my temper because you didn’t fool around with me, and I won’t kidnap you for something, because I know what I want.”

“What is it?”

Jin Mei looked at Brother Zhang who was happy, and Brother Zhang was directly given to Le Meng by her. For a long time, she didn’t know what she said to make her smile like this.

“There are still two minutes.”

Jin Mei glanced at her watch: “After two minutes, the lovely girl will be bullied.”

“A 200,000-year-old beautiful girl.”

“Age has never been a constraint on a girl.”

Brother Zhang chuckled: “What is that?”

“It’s sunshine, green leaves, laughter and a longing for the future.” Jin Mei raised the Hong Kong comics in her hand: “And naughty people.”

While speaking, the bus stopped After coming down, five youngsters came up from the bottom. They didn’t look very decent, they belonged to the classic youngsters, and they were not big youngsters like Chen Haonan. They were simply sitting on the street. A hooligan who knows what to do.

These people are the main force of bullying tourists from other places, especially mainland tourists.

According to the crime statistics in Hong Kong in recent years, the reason for the high crime rate in recent years is mainly related to these young and dangerous boys, but these people are not even easy to manage by the police. What kind of big cases will they commit, and they can fool around because they are underage, and because they are grasshoppers on the ground, they will be gone after a few stomps, and they will not be able to find them if they want to find them.

“Come on, come on, what are you going to do?”

Brother Zhang smiled helplessly when facing Jin Mei’s question, then just turned his head and continued to pick up phone.

Jin Mei pursed her lips and smiled, laughing at the little boys and girls who got into the car because they were sheltering from the rain.

They soon found Jin Mei and Xiao Zhang who were sitting next to them. They were amazed at Jin Mei’s beauty and temperament, and then they commented on Xiao Zhang for a while. After a while, the car stopped again, and then a few patrolmen who were off duty came up from below.

The moment they came up, the young and dangerous boys immediately became honest. Originally they were still beginning to stir, but now they have become obediently and honestly.


Jin Mei pointed at Brother Zhang: “You!”

Brother Zhang just held up his glasses and pursed his lips. He smiled over his head.

“Since you win, I promise you one thing, you can do whatever you want.”

“I’m not betting with you.” Brother Zhang said softly .

The patrolman ate Young and Dangerous, and Jin Mei was like a chess player playing beast chess on a human chessboard, cheering excitedly for every advance and retreat.

What she cares about is obviously not winning or losing, but every interaction with the people around her. She enjoys this cat-and-mouse game, even though she has never won a few times from start to finish.

The car arrived at the station, and everyone was kicked out of the car. This is a remote place, which belongs to the classic Hong Kong movie Holy Land. When the taxi in the old Hong Kong horror movie arrives at this place, the co-pilot must be There will be a man or woman that no one else can see, and in action movies and gangster movies, this is the perfect place for the bad guy to bury his body.

For many years in the past, Brother Zhang has been buried in every inch of land after he left the urban area of Hong Kong, large and small people with different causes of death.

But now, although the night wind is a bit hot, it is not annoying, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, but makes people see the other side of this prosperous city more clearly.

He and Jin Mei were walking on this quiet road, surrounded by the sounds of insects noises and bird cries, no Divine Immortal, no monsters, no good people and no bad people, there was a smell everywhere. The taste of tranquility.

“Are we really going to go back?”

“You can also ride an electric car.”

“Where’s the car?” Jin Mei curiously asked: ” Did you get the car?”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer, just clapped, and then continued to walk forward with Jin Mei, only two 3 minutes, a star horse galloped He stepped out of the quiet darkness and turned into his familiar electric car in front of Brother Zhang.

He opened the back seat of the electric car, took out two helmets, and handed one to Jin Mei: “Get in the car.”

“You actually prepared a helmet. ?”

“Fifty fine for not wearing a helmet.”

Jin Mei laughed, but she still straddled behind Brother Zhang and put her hands on his shoulders : “People say luxury cars and luxury cars, you little donkey is too disrespectful.”

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, just twisted the switch, and the little donkey was screwed out by him. Pushing back the feeling, and then the two of them galloped on this small road far away from the city.

It shouldn’t take long, they just entered the larger suburban road when they saw a group of late-night speed racing parties entered their field of vision.

The one headed by the car is a crazy racing car worth millions of dollars, and Brother Zhang is driving beside him. When he found out that it was an electric scooter driving parallel to him, his scalp was numb.

The key is that the electric scooter has someone behind him… He scolded secretly, and then increased the accelerator, but Brother Zhang didn’t seem to pay much attention to him, he originally wanted to overtake after He walked to the inner road to make way for them, but the person next to him started to overtake when he was about to turn right, so Brother Zhang simply turned the switch one more time.

The little electric donkey squeaked out, and Jin Mei, who was sitting behind her, even felt a strong push back, and she even shouted excitedly.

Knight next to him was obviously stimulated. He looked at Brother Zhang’s taillight and once doubted the authenticity of this world, but for the sake of face and honor, he simply pushed the accelerator to the top and the engine roared. Like an angry bull, the speed is close to 300 per hour…

But even so, he can only see the electric car with the beautiful girl sticker getting further and further away from him, and finally even disappearing It’s taillights are no longer visible after the next corner.

Maybe even Brother Zhang didn’t know that he just accelerated home normally, but left a legend of an electric car god on this section of the road, and even set off a wave of rumors. The trend of steam-to-electricity.

“By the way, is your movie about to be released? In the next movie, I will also appear.” Jin Mei said in Brother Zhang’s ear against the wind noise: “You I have to assign a role to me!”


I was bedridden for a day today, and I am very uncomfortable with the code words on my mobile phone.

(End of this chapter)

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