What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 146


Chapter 146 Xu Fu? Jiang Shang Department? New nouns appear!

Because of Jin Mei’s various whimsical ideas, Xiao Zhang has also learned to rack his brains every day to deal with Jin Mei’s unexpected tricks. So lonely and hopeless, and there is even a sense of expectation.

Just got up early this morning, Brother Zhang was still brushing his teeth, thinking about what little tricks the Empress of the Queen of the West would have today, when suddenly a silhouette flew through the wall and flew straight to Brother Zhang’s bed. He leaned on his pillow and looked over at him.

“There is a door.”

“I don’t like it, I like to go through the wall.”

Brother Zhang saw her rolling eyes, Immediately, she realized that she must have had some other whimsy. To be honest, Brother Zhang is still very curious, how does this guy manage to have a strange little idea every day, and the key is that her little idea will be changed in different ways for Brother Zhang to realize it together, which is interesting and interesting. It’s fun, but it’s really annoying.

“Tell me, what do you want to do again?”

“I think… when we get back with you, we’ll pretend we don’t know each other, okay?”


Brother Zhang has long learned not to ask why, because she always has her own reasons, so she doesn’t need to ask at all, just wait for her to say it herself.

“When the time comes, I will be able to break into your life little by little, and I will fight the little girls around you.” Jin Mei lay on the ground with her arms supported With his chin down, he said, “I have asked Yun Gu to go to the outpost, and she will help me figure out what’s going on.” Their thoughts are really boring, but he has nothing to say. After all, what she said is most likely to be deceitful, because Yun Gu sent a message yesterday morning saying that because there is a very important thing to deal with, she only I can stop the vacation first and go back to work for a while, and I also told Brother Zhang to invite him to eat fried lotus flowers next year.

Of course, Jin Mei’s flickering is not annoying, after all, it is also an occupational disease. Divine Immortal is like this, and always uses all kinds of strange things to show his ethereal and unique, small Brother Zhang has come into contact with a lot of so-called Divine Immortals. Most of them are like this. It’s not a lie, but they like to try it out for a while, and if they ask what the specific meaning is, they can’t say what the specific meaning is. Anyway, see you. People try it out and call it “experience”.

“What specific plans do you have?”

“Me?” Jin Mei heard Brother Zhang ask herself, she said with a smile: “I plan to open a The herbal tea shop, compete with you.”

Xiao Zhang naturally knew the situation in Chang’an Lane, he said to the head: “It will lose money and go bankrupt.”

“Loss it. , I have a lot of money.”

Forget it, Brother Zhang despised this Divine Immortal of overestimate one’s capabilities in his heart, and then walked into the bathroom. It’s just that when he came out, Jin Mei was already asleep. She hugged the pillow and leaned against the quilt to sleep. She had a lithe and graceful posture, long hair like a waterfall, and a calm face. It is not an exaggeration to describe her as moving.

Brother Zhang sat there for a while, put on his clothes and went straight out, but when he closed the door, Jin Mei sat up from the bed like this, and she hugged him. The pillow said to the door, “No, so you can go!”

But before she could finish speaking, the door opened again, and Brother Zhang’s head came in from inside: “Because I I know you’re pretending to be asleep.”

Jin Mei stretched out the tone of “um” with her nasal cavity for a long time, while Brother Zhang just took out two movie tickets: “Didn’t you say you want to go to the movies? Let’s go. Let’s do it.”

“Come on.”

The movie they watched was the one in which Brother Zhang made a cameo. It can be clearly seen that due to the use of high-definition cameras, the special tone of Hong Kong movies that have lost their original classic filters, a movie like this has lost the texture that it should have, which will give people a very strange feeling. Good or true, it must be a problem anyway.

But generally speaking, a person like Xiao Zhang who has knowledge of movies can only roughly say whether the movie is good or not, and because it is a morning show, there are only a few empty theaters. Several people were sitting there, and one of them, the big brother, also commented professionally there. Brother Zhang’s overall thinking broke him.

On the contrary, the big brother who commented on Xiao Zhang’s cameo was very good. People said that Xiao Zhang’s performance and demeanor were the finishing touch of the whole movie. Said that he is looking forward to the follow-up of this actor to have his own exclusive work. If there is one, he will definitely become the most potential and influential rookie star in recent years. He also said that if the actor can be signed under the name of his economic company, Within five years, he will be able to flourish,

This blow, the little brother Zhang, who is sitting not far away, blows him a little not knowing what to do, but Jin Mei keeps using it. Pushing his elbows against him, seeing her wanting to laugh and holding back her laughter, Brother Zhang was really a little sorry.

After the movie ended, Jin Mei didn’t say anything, she just thought it might be fun to make a movie, and Brother Zhang also promised that he could take Jin Mei to the audition next time, and then she became addicted to it. In the fantasy of the big heroine, and she is also someone who has read The Legend of Zhen Huan, she is already imagining the plot of the palace fight with surging forward with great momentum.

And speaking of which is also interesting, cream of the crop people are enjoying the most ordinary life, looking for all kinds of interesting things in the city every day, it seems that there are no crafty plots and machinations, intrigue, demons and monsters, although they clearly know that these exist, and even they themselves are the highest level of existence in some legends.

But their days are not always this quiet and peaceful, and even in the eyes of an ordinary person, they are a little boring. After all, people like Jin Mei are the absolute focus wherever they go.

So when they were having lunch, Jin Mei had a serious encounter with a conversation, which is the kind of conversation that obviously has a male partner by her side, but still has the courage to step forward to show her charm.

The matter is actually not complicated, that is, the two of them were eating when a man in his thirties came over, although he politely asked Jin Mei if he could Get to know her for a while, but inadvertently show all the famous brands on her body.

But unfortunately, Jin Mei’s awareness of famous brands is not as good as that of Xiao Zhang. She doesn’t realize that the people in front of her are showing off their wealth in a weird way, and even smiles. Ask Xiao Zhang himself if he wants to know this person.

Of course Brother Zhang didn’t mind, he shrugged indifferently, and then said, “This is your own freedom.”

And Jin Mei smiled and shook the head and refused. After meeting that person’s request and watching the other party leave feeling a little disappointed, Jin Mei suddenly asked Brother Zhang and said, “You said that in the movies and TV series, you can’t fly into a rage out of humiliation, and then find someone to hijack the plot. Won’t it happen?”

Brother Zhang shook the head: “I don’t know, I haven’t experienced it.”

“Then why do so many men and women cheat? I actually don’t understand it. Why is it so easy to communicate with others and then easily sleep with them? Isn’t this a thing that takes a long time to think before making a decision? Why does it seem so with no difficulty to them? .”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and thought for a long time, then smiled and shook his head and gave up thinking, because he didn’t understand, after all, socializing is a little harder for him than going to fire star. .

“I’ve read a lot of women’s columns, and many of them will describe their experiences of cheating. One of the most mentioned points is that there is no passion in life, but I really don’t understand what it means to have sex. Passion, I think it’s good to have someone to chat with, eat different food, and watch a movie every day.”

From her eyes and tone, it seems that she is She really thinks so, and Brother Zhang also deeply agrees with her. It is rare for the two to have no disagreement on this issue, and Jin Mei continued: “So what is the passion that mortals need? Is it emotional? Exciting?”

“But what is exciting?” Brother Zhang curiously asked.

“I don’t know, I haven’t experienced it.”

The two were discussing a proposition about cheating as if they were discussing academic issues, and they even started discussing about “stimulus” In the end, Jin Mei came to a conclusion that in fact, those who cheated may not want passion. All passion may be their words trying to forgive themselves. The real core is greed.

There is a market for everything in the world. Only when a man or a woman has a need will they conduct targeted actions based on the need. It’s a deal.

But they are not masters of sociology and emotional science, and they have not discussed a result for a long time, but the topic has gone from being a drunken fan to the relationship between the sexes, and two people who are confused and ignorant are discussing everything. Questions that no wise person can discuss.

“Then what do you want?”

Jin Mei looked towards Brother Xiao Zhang and asked a soul question, Brother Zhang shouted the head. If it was placed before, he would answer “Death” without the slightest hesitation, he wanted to die, and wanted to complete a self-exile and abandonment of his own life through death.

But now, after Jin Mei appeared, he gradually found that he couldn’t blurt out that word like he used to, and this became his most contradictory and twisted point, because he couldn’t even die. At first he didn’t want it, so he had absolutely no idea what he wanted.

“Then what don’t you want?” Jin Mei continued to ask and then said to herself: “I don’t want to see the lotus pond and Peach of Immortality Tree anymore!”

“I…” Brother Zhang said with a smile after hesitating for a moment: “I don’t want you to see the lotus pond and Peach of Immortality Tree again.”

“Ha!” Jin Mei raised her head Looking at Brother Zhang’s profile: “Did you pretend that?”

“What?” Brother Zhang looked blank.

“It’s just that you look stupid, are you pretending? I think you are good at anthracene, and it’s very tempting to say anything casually. I think those male protagonists with glib tongue are not as good as you. They can talk, the love words they say are greasy and disgusting, but you can always say it so naturally.”

Xiaoge Zhang Hehe Yile: “Maybe it’s just because… I don’t know what I want. .”

“Okay, you’ll know later.” Jin Mei said seriously: “If you really don’t know, then I’ll grab an ordinary person and ask, and then complete the ordinary person in the way of an ordinary person. my wishes and dreams.”

“Well, yes.”

Just as the two of them were talking incoherently and wandering around the world, Haozi was already carrying that strange The dog returned to Hong Kong. Although he was injured, he didn’t dare to live there for a moment, because Qing Lingzi was too close to him and he was considered helpless. Although he narrowly defeated Qing Lingzi within the array, he was still After all, it is impossible to live within the array 24 hours a day, and Qing Lingzi has a lot of tricks and a meticulous mind and seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, so staying in that place is too risky for Haozi.

“Why? Why do we want to resurrect Qing Lingzi, don’t we think our life is not long enough?”

The dog faced Haozi’s questioning when he was on the boat, and its tone seemed to be Even more surprised than Haozi: “We Xu Heavenly Monarch lineage and Ziexian are also deadly enemies. How could we have to work hard to resurrect that monster and wait for him to fuck us after resurrection?”

This sutured dog His mouth is quite neat, and he also knows that he should have no chance to escape now, because even he, who has no credit or hard work to the organization, was ruthlessly punished when he heard the three words Qinglingzi. Abandoned, thinking about it, I know how terrifying existence Qing Lingzi really is.

“Reincarnation in the Nine Prisons? That’s not the innate talent of Xu Fu, and he’s not a Taoist. That thing came from an alchemist.”

Now this suture monster is not a king. Go on, after the collapse of belief, he is now calling Xu Fu more smoothly than anyone else, and he is almost a Xu Fu Old Dog. However, although he has lost respect for Xu Fu, he is still full of sincerity towards this lineage. When referring to Xu Fu, it is Xu Fu, and when referring to their Sect, he will also say “Xu Heavenly Monarch”.

It’s just his attitude and the content of the conversation that Haozi can’t understand. If it wasn’t for Xu Fu, who else would have the ability and courage to do this?

“Little brother, remember roar, our lineage is to play with the dead, we don’t play with the living. It doesn’t matter why the dead died, but we basically don’t have the magic of the living. .” The dog said seriously: “Xu Heavenly Monarch lineage is also known as the ghost alchemist, the one who sacrificed a living person to pass away, why don’t you check Jiang Taigong’s lineage?”

Haozi’s head At that time, it was a big circle. This department has not been understood yet, but another department has appeared, and now it seems that the previous analysis may be overturned. The people of Xu Fu… Although their identities are highly overlapped with those of them, But it seems they really didn’t do it.

“You mean… there are people out there doing scams besides you?”

(End of this chapter)

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