What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 147


Chapter 147 This taste is too rushed

“I think, this matter is actually not that difficult to solve. “

Haozi sat in front of Ju Chen with an embarrassed expression. To be honest, he was a little embarrassed to run this time. He stared at a strange clue, had a strange fight, and caught a strange dog.

After the interrogation, the dog simply didn’t know the people who wanted to catch the little White Dragon. The dog also said that the gang had a stench of bastards, and it was definitely impossible that they belonged to this lineage. , but the problem is that those people also said that they are also descendants of Xu Fu lineage.

When Haozi brought the strange dog to confrontation, those people quarreled with a dog for three hours, and everyone said that they were the orthodox. Judging from this posture, they should really not be the same people, but the attributes are highly overlapping, making the whole scene a mess.

But from the content of their quarrel, Haozi came to a conclusion that these two groups of people are actually fighting for a orthodox faction, which looks a bit like a weakened version of the Twelve Spirits and The corpse of the immortal, but this is a little ridiculous in front of the serious head of the twelve spirits. Because whether it is Xu Fu’s or Jiang Shang’s, for these orthodox twelve spirits, they are all cults.

Including the corpse!

After those people and the ugly dog knew that Haozi was the master of the Twelve Spirits, they didn’t dare to beep. Not to mention, the ugly dog suddenly realized that the Divine Immortal fight he saw in the warehouse that day turned out to be a Divine Immortal fight.

The ugly dog has now turned into a tainted witness. In fact, he has nothing particularly bad behavior other than attacking the pony and Thunder Dragon. He has been abandoned by his lord anyway. Now being a dog is nothing special to him, physically or mentally, so he recruits everything he does without omission and in detail.

He was originally ordered by the emperor to make money, and his main sphere of influence was in Macau. He used the technique of shadows and the method of necromancy. He formed his own gang to solve some of the things they couldn’t solve for the underworld in Macau.

Business, make money, don’t be sloppy.

After a few years of smooth sailing, he encountered bottleneck in his business a few days ago. First, he met Xiao Ma and Wugenshui led by Brother Zhang. He won, but was slapped by an expert who didn’t know where he came from, causing internal injuries.

Then the internal injury was just a little bit, and I was going to do a big revenge, so I activated the Spirit Gathering Array of Thousand Corpses. Summon came out of the Wufu Array of Maharaja Xu Fu in ancient times, but who ever thought about this The Formation that I thought was invincible was easily fucked, and I ended up as a fleshy body Nirvana.

This sneaky ran back with a touch of Remnant Soul to let the king recover his body, and then the king said that he must have encountered the twelve spirits, let him temporarily ignore the affairs of Macau and concentrate on collecting here Dian Yiren expanded his strength, and then he was caught by Qing Lingzi.

“Hey… life.” Ugly Dog sighed: “Then I was turned into this look by the Qing Lingzi. Although I was not handsome before, I was still a board. I have been carefully choosing the right villain for a long time. But who knows that I will end up like this dog, from a villain to a funny guy.”

Haozi, who was taking notes for the ugly dog, sneered. : “You are very lucky, you came up directly against the main force of the Twelve Spirits and Zombie Immortals.”

“Who said no, alas…everything is fate, and one cannot help it. Now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have attacked those two people at first, who knew they were the Twelve Spirits. If I change someone, maybe the ending will be different.”

“Change someone?”

“Yes, there were three people who went to Macau at that time, two of them were the Twelve Spirits, and there was a wooden chicken with glasses. If I pick him, maybe I can deal with it. It looks like a rubbish with nothing but money, is he your financial master?”

“Is he the one who is tall and thin, who behaves stupidly, and is a little dumb? “

“That’s right, that’s it. I was also soft-hearted at the time, thinking that he was an ordinary person, so I didn’t bother to deal with it. If I got him first and took him as a hostage, I might be right now.” It’s not like this, and it may be a slap in the face from you.”

Haozi threw the pen down, and he was about to die of laughter. He really hadn’t been so happy for a long time. After hearing the ugly dog’s words, he felt that his soul was about to be sublimated.

“What’s so funny, I’m a villain in the first place. Charming villains can’t be soft-hearted, it’s all my fault.”

“It seems that you are not lucky, But luck is very good.”

“How do you say?”

Haozi looked up and down at the ugly dog who was mourning, and smiled again unconsciously: “He is indeed Lord.”

“It seems that my vision is still very unique.”

“But it is the Lord.” Haozi picked his eyelids: “If you find him, you will It should be almost the full moon now.”

The ugly dog was stunned for a moment, although the dog’s face was difficult to express, but it really made people see the unbelievable appearance.

“I don’t have to lie to you. Whether it is the Twelve Spirits or the Corpse Immortals, they unconditionally obey his instructions, and he is also the ceiling of this world. You may not know what a ceiling is, then you Do you know the sky?”

“I know the ceiling!” Ugly Dog was silent for a moment, then put out a long breath from his nose: “Now let’s talk about Qinglingzi.”

Actually, Qing Lingzi has nothing to say. Being a lifelong enemy of Haozi, he can slip away from Haozi’s eyes. This is a great shame for Haozi, and he is even reluctant to mention it. , but who made this actually happen, for Haozi it must be a mistake that tortured his soul.

But I have to say that Qing Lingzi is really name is not in vain. Under Haozi’s super array, even a generation of twelve spirits is enough for them to drink a pot, and a single Thunder Dragon or something is really not enough to watch, but in such an extreme environment, Qing Lingzi was able to get out of his body, and after resisting four Formations, he could urge his Formation to fight.

Earth Immortal’s reputation is really not blown out, although he still fled in a hurry in the end, but you must know that this is a trap that Haozi spent a lot of time laying in advance, who has seen a few prey fall into the trap Can you leave so easily?

even more how Haozi also discovered that this Qinglingzi has not even recovered 70% of his abilities, and none of his Legendary magic weapons are around. Can’t say for sure.

“Hey, you said it.” The ugly dog suddenly raised his head and looked towards Haozi: “Is that lord of mine not Xu Fu?”

“Why do you say that?”


“Look, Mr. Xu Fu is a character after all, how could he be so scared when he heard about Qing Lingzi, he didn’t even think about resisting, he ran away on the spot, and didn’t even plan to Arrange a way back for me, isn’t this clearly killing me?”

Speaking of this, the ugly dog is full of grievances, he simply doesn’t understand why he was abandoned so easily, all these years Even though he was loyal, he had merit and hard work, but he was abandoned without the slightest hesitation, and he didn’t even say hello to him.

This makes him unacceptable, and when something unacceptable occurs, doubts will arise. Although Qing Lingzi is the mortal enemy of his Sect, how can a Sect that has been developed for two thousand years make a newly resurrected Ancient One scare like that?

Then there are only two possible outcomes. The first is that Qing Lingzi is as powerful as Tianwang Laozi, so it seems that Twelve Spirits > Qinglingzi > Tianwang Laozi, but obviously The Twelve Spirits did not surpass Tianwang Laozi, so Qinglingzi impossible surpassed Tianwang Laozi.

Then if Qinglingzi impossible exceeds Tianwang Laozi, then the remaining result is that this Xu Fu is a fake, he used Xu Fu’s name to swindle…

Ugly dog thinks of this After that, he suddenly felt that his world was so gloomy, and he finally gained faith, but it was shattered like this. Now he just hates the master who abandoned him, and even hates the unfairness of this world.

But whether he hates it or not will not affect Haozi’s judgment. Anyway, no matter who it is, as long as it is an unregulated alien organization, it will be the target of sanctions, and no a fish is allowed. that escaped the net appears.

After the confession was recorded, after Haozi and Bureau Chen came outside, Bureau Chen handed a cigarette to Haozi: “I’m a little confused listening to what you said.”

“Actually, it’s alright, but now there’s just another person who calls himself Xu Fu doing things behind the scenes, but this guy seems to be making money all these years. That means there is another person in Taiwan who is more similar to their attribute. This organization is the master.”

“What about this?”

“I can’t let it go.”

Chen Ju looked at Haozi’s The smug look hesitated, but in the end he patted his shoulder without saying anything.

And at this moment, Jin Mei has come to Chang’an Lane ahead of time. She came ahead of Brother Zhang, just to practice her own ideas and cut into Brother Zhang with the attitude of a stranger. in life.

The purpose of her coming here now is to step on the spot, and besides the Queen Mother of the West and a super-powerful tailor, she is about to become the third self-employed person who dares to open a restaurant in Chang’an Lane.

She first went to the tea restaurant at the entrance of Chang’an Alley, which rounded up to no money, and then felt that the restaurant was barely okay, but this suicidal marketing method might not last long. .

And after walking inside for another five minutes, I saw Brother Xiao Zhang’s milk tea shop, and Jin Mei walked in with a smile.

The welcome bell rang crisply, and Xu Wei, who was wiping the table, said without raising her head, “Welcome.”

And just after she finished speaking, she smelled a The smell of the smell was so fragrant that she couldn’t help but look up at the refreshing smell, and then she wow…

(End of this chapter)

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