What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 148


Chapter 148 The owner of the coffee shop

Jin Mei’s appearance was very bland, but for Xu Wei, although she is also He is a knowledgeable person, but when he first saw such a girl, he was actually quite flabbergasted.

From a woman’s point of view, the woman in front of her is as bright as the sun, illuminating the whole room the moment she walks through the door. It’s a wonderful feeling that has never happened to anyone else.

Zhang Yao is actually very good-looking, and not only good-looking, but also has a unique personality and long legs, but she can’t bring this kind of sun shone brightly feeling, and Bai Mengjie, who has appeared twice, then But a popular female star, daoist looks better than in the movie, but she also didn’t bring this feeling of flourishing.

Only the appearance of this woman in front of her, that kind of bright and radiant feeling appeared, let alone a man, even a woman like Xu Wei couldn’t move from her. Open your sight.

“Hello, is there any signboard here?”

“Sorry … Boss is on vacation during this time. He will have roast chicken and fried pork ribs while he is here. If he’s not there, there will only be milk tea and sausages.”

Jin Mei frowned and thought: “Then let’s have a cup of original milk tea and two sausages.”

Although Brother Xiao Zhang is not in the store, many of his special skills cannot be replicated by others, but there is still persistence here, that is, no tea powder is used to brew milk tea, all milk tea is real milk and black tea, so Although the craftsmanship is more than a little bit worse, the business of the small shop is still good. Even if there is an impact of rounding at the door, the sales of milk tea in the shop are still very good, and many people even come here specially. Drink a cup of secret milk tea here or order a bunch to take home.

But Xiao Zhang himself doesn’t care about the business in the store. In fact, it doesn’t matter how much, as long as he can barely maintain expenses, no one expects to make money here except Brother Zhang.

While waiting for the blender to whip, Xu Wei secretly took out her mobile phone and sent a message to the small group they pulled out, “Come quickly, there are beauties to watch”, and it took less than five minutes. , Yang Junfeng was the first to come to the store.

When he saw Jin Mei sitting at the small table, drinking milk tea and reading a book, Yang Junfeng felt dwarfed at the time. This was probably the first time in his life that he had been cowardly in front of a woman… You must know that he is the person who will ridicule a few words when he sees Zhang Yao for the first time.

And the person who came next was actually Grandfather Pi. Grandfather Pi’s identity is different now. Since following Zhang Yao, he no longer has to be hungry for three days and nine meals, and the clothes he wears are all Brand-name children’s clothing, that style is different.

But when she saw Jin Mei, she couldn’t help shivering. Although she didn’t feel that there was any problem, she instinctively felt that it was not very comfortable. Feel.

It didn’t take a while for the pony to be killed. After the lockdown period, he is now outside all day long, and his hardware store is no longer taken care of. In his words, Anyway, it’s not bad money, there is brother Shui to support and work hard to open a shop, but when he hears that there are beautiful women, he runs faster than anyone else.

After he came here, he looked at it, and he really told Xu Wei that she was a devastatingly beautiful beauty. If nothing else, the temperament on her body was already a lore. It was discussed that Zhang Yao felt like a peony, but now, compared to her, Zhang Yao is at most a camellia. The temperament of this lady is really a proper peony, and it is definitely a Hundreds of thousands and millions of peony Kao.

People are just sitting there reading a book and doing nothing, it is enough to be amazing, how can this thing make sense?

At this time, the group was also lively. Those who couldn’t make it back were all clamoring to take pictures. Thunder Dragon even made a video call to Xu Wei like a shameless madman, but Xu Wei They were all hung up on him. After all, not everyone is as shameless and skinless as Thunder Dragon, and Xu Wei didn’t dare to blatantly take pictures of others.

But this is not difficult for the pony. He pulled out the apron from the store and wrapped it around him. He pretended to take out a bowl of jelly-like things from the refrigerator, walked forward gently, and set it up.

In front of Jin Mei.

“Hello, this is a small snack from us.”

Jin Mei raised her eyelids slightly, laughed at the pony, and thanked her softly.

Just this look directly knocked the pony’s soul into the air. He used to think that he was not lewd at all, but now it seems that those who have been taken down by beauty really sometimes can’t. Blame them, it’s too tempting, no one can stand it…

“How’s it going?”

When the pony returns to the counter, Yang Junfeng hurriedly asked, “How many points?”

“The perfect score is 10.” Xiaoma took a deep breath and said, “I will give her 82 points, and the remaining 18 points will be 6666. The way to send it out.”

However, this seemed to irritate Grandfather Pi a bit, she stepped forward with a cold face, and sat opposite Jin Mei, the pony and the others heard Grandfather before they could react. Pi asked, “Are you a goblin!”

Jin Mei raised her head and glanced at her, then blinked a few times quickly: “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“How can you be so beautiful if you are not a fairy!”

Grandfather Pi is Grandfather Pi in the end, she has a keen intuition that is almost wild beast, simple but very useful, her first reaction is like this A good-looking person is absolutely impossible to be a human, and maybe not even an ordinary demon, because whether it is a human or a demon, there will be more or less flaws, but this person is not, not at all. Although Grandfather Pi can’t strip her clothes off to see if she has a hairy rump on her butt or if she has a caesarean section scar on her stomach, at least on the surface this woman has no flaws at all .

This is not right! There is no perfect woman in the world, even Grandfather Pi, she is a vixen, known as one of the most beautiful fairies.

Jin Mei was directly amused by what she said, and in Grandfather Pi’s shallow and pretentious language system, she could only use the sentence “Suddenly like a spring breeze in one night, thousands of trees are everywhere.” The pear blossoms of the tree are described.

“I’ll take it as you are complimenting me.” Jin Mei was not angry, but looked at Grandfather Pi with her chin up: “Are you right?”

Grandfather Pi lost After a while, she returned to the counter angrily, and she said with a heavy face: “I can only ask Zhang Yao to fight with her, I can’t…”

“Zhang Yao is not enough to see, I guess I have to ask her first. My son is back, only a straight man with pure steel essence can resist this kind of softness.” Xiaoma sniffed: “And she’s really fragrant.”

When he said that, The people in the room noticed the change in the smell here. The whole room is now filled with a very light but domineering fragrance. It is said that it is light because it is hard to smell if you don’t smell it carefully, and it is said that it is domineering because no matter how careful you are. I couldn’t smell anyone else’s scent anymore. Even Yang Junfeng, who was wearing perfume, had completely covered up the scent, and he didn’t know what brand of Perfume was sprayed on that person. The overall feeling is like stepping into the blooming flowers, the breeze blows, and the face is full of fragrance.

“Yes, yes, this fragrance… is outrageous~” Grandfather Pi nodded again and again: “This smell kills me, I am dizzy…”

And everyone is discussing When she was Jin Mei, she stood up at the moment and came to the counter. The huge oppression made the people present dare not even breathe out.

“My name is Jin Mei, and we will be neighbors from now on.” She smiled and introduced herself: “I took down the house not far from the front, and planned to renovate it and open a cafe. In the future, everyone can Please patronize my business more.”

The women present were all snort disdainfully speaking to her, but the men were all dog-like nodded and said that they would definitely go to patronize. At this time, Xu Wei went to frowned: ” Then aren’t you going to grab business?”

“There’s no way.” Jin Mei laughed, and then said calmly: “It’s just that we’ll be neighbors in the future, so please take care of me, I’m inexperienced.”

Bitch bitch.

This is the definition of her in Grandfather Pi’s mind, she even wrote her own thoughts directly on her face, showing the dislike of unfathomable mystery vividly and thoroughly.

But obviously Jin Mei didn’t care, just took the initiative to settle the bill, and then pushed the door and walked out.

As soon as he left, the house exploded, and the dog man pie headed by the pony felt that this woman was really perfect, and whoever could fall in love with him would be the best in the world. Happy things.

But the women all felt that this golden rose tea art was on the table. She came here this time to show off. As for what to show off, they haven’t figured it out yet, but it must be showing off.

And Jin Mei really doesn’t care what these people say about her. She came here today to pave the way for interacting with them later. By the way, let’s take a look at the house she just rented. There will be a house here in the future. Herbal tea shop or coffee shop, but now it seems that Jin Mei thinks coffee shop is more suitable here, because when the time comes there will be a kanban girl in her shop, and this kanban girl has a world-class Diners Lai Lai, for this Jin Mei Mei believes that it is better to sell coffee than herbal tea. After all, the combination of Diners and coffee is called cappuccino.

The place where she lives is 30 meters away from Brother Xiao Zhang’s shop. The faces of the two families are opposite to each other. As soon as they open the door, they can see each other. Jin Mei thinks that she can see Xiao Zhang every day. With Brother Zhang’s bitter face, she couldn’t help laughing.

“Brothers, I really don’t think she is human.” Grandfather Pi kept watching Jin Mei enter the rented house from the window, and then said seriously, “Don’t you feel it?”

“But if it’s a demon, the Formation in the room should be barking.” The pony said after a moment of silence, “I think you’re just jealous, and the vixen is the most jealous.”

” You can shut up and get away.” Grandfather Pi spat at him: “I’ll ask Zhang Yao to come over at night and let her analyze it.”

“What can she analyze?” Yang Junfeng said with a sneer: “I just want to see if she has a boyfriend.”

(End of this chapter)

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