What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 149


Chapter 149 The Divine King is here

When the Empress of the West Queen was in Chang’an Lane, Xiao Zhang But they are receiving a special guest.

This guest may be the strongest individual in this world besides the Guardian, and in addition to his individual strength, he also has a huge civilization base with hundreds of Beijing-level population.

This person is called Divine King. Although he himself disdains this title, his ability and wisdom are above all the so-called gods. In addition to these, there is also his horror. He can easily destroy a civilization that believes oneself infallible in the blink of an eye. If it weren’t for the existence of the Guardian, Earth would just be an ant’s nest in a glass jar. Complete elimination is just a matter of a scoop of hot water.

This is a super civilization that can wrestle with planet Cthulhu, and the universe is nothing but a crystal ball in the palm of his hand in front of him. When he was young, he invaded 18 trillion worlds, and each world was transformed by him into what he wanted. He used to be full of disdain for low-level life, but one day he found that he was actually just a beep of an ancient civilization. After the evolution of the bee machine, he suddenly became peaceful and set about restoring the civilizations he had invaded and destroyed.

But at this time, he was a little worried, because destruction and custom transformation were too easy for him, but restoration and creation were too difficult and difficult for him. This was his fatal flaw. Because he only has infinite computing power, but no amount of computing power can figure out why an ape would suddenly raise its head, look towards the universe, and stretch out its hands towards it.

In order to unlock the secrets that he couldn’t calculate, the Divine King turned to the Guardian a few years ago, and wanted to enter this low-level world as a human to explore.

But this request has not been agreed, because Guardian also has his own concerns, because the power and civilization represented by Divine King is A-Rank in A-Rank, and he himself is A-Rank in A-Rank The A-Rank in -Rank, such a 3A product, just a single thought may destroy or completely change the world, which is too dangerous.

In the end, Divine King gave a plan, that is, he can break away from the mechanical body, use a body completely cultivated from human embryos to transfer consciousness and then enter the Guardian’s world and investigate, and in this During the process, he could not interfere with the operation of this world in any way, but he could prepare a fleet to stand by, in order to prevent the Divine King from having any special situation here and information leakage.

Originally, this matter would have been carried out a few years ago, but Divine King is very strict in his work. To understand and analyze human beings, he was still not satisfied with these alone, and even used a lot of resources to simulate the operation of a complete and sound human society.

Brother Zhang calls this thing The Matrix…

But even Divine King will have many unavoidable problems when simulating, for example, because of Divine King’s world It’s a math world, so he can’t simulate a complete personality at all, so most people in his Matrix have a very strange feature, that is, there is no complexity unique to humans, and the good people are good people and bad people. It is the bad guy, the treacherous person is always treacherous, the simple and honest person is like a fool, a series of operational problems brought about by such problems have made this Matrix not as simple as a thousand people. 700,000 years ago, but I found that this simulated human world is like a fucking monkey colony. Although it has the initial slash and burn cultivation, but… this is too slow. At this time, the real human beings have either gone extinct or have developed into an A-Rank limited civilization.

In order to solve this problem, Divine King finally decided to come in person, but now Divine King is no longer as fierce as he used to be when he was young, he understands the butterfly effect better than anyone the way it works, so even an observer has to do it with the utmost care, or he can’t even calculate what’s going to happen.

“As you said, those B-Rank restricted pirates are able to walk in this world, that’s because the behavior they can walk now is the reason they used to be in this world, they It is inseparable from the various civilizations in this world. In this case, there is no so-called interference.”

Divine King sat across the dining table and explained to Brother Zhang: “And I belong to Intervening in the middle, my words and deeds may cause irreversible interference to the world, which violates the original intention of my observation and also interferes with my research topic, so I really don’t know how to avoid such an impact.”

After he finished speaking, he took up the big pot of soup in front of him and drank it: “Human civilization has brought me too many surprises, just like this mixture of oils, proteins, carbohydrates, salts, etc. It’s a liquid, but it can make the body feel happy.”

Afterwards, he drank a two-liter bottle of Coke in one gulp, and even burped.

Divine King really has a lot of experience in adapting to flesh and blood. He knows where to start, and food is the starting point for understanding the development of a civilization. What you like to eat can analyze the cultural characteristics of this area.

The Divine King was very excited, while Brother Zhang watched him talk nonstop throughout the whole process. The slightly stiff feeling on Divine King combined with the abrupt feeling that is out of tune with this world is actually a combination. is very interesting.

But it is very comfortable to get along with Divine King. He is a wise man and an absolutely neutral observer. As a leader of a civilization that is not known to be much higher than human civilization, he does not look at him at all. Without the slightest bit of arrogance, he will seriously experience everything about this backward civilization, and then analyze it calmly without any personal emotion.

He never hesitates to praise or surprise for good things, but he seldom criticizes bad things, but he will take the initiative to judge and think about the reasons for these things. Neither aggressive nor Holy Mother, moderate and peaceful.

And his flesh-and-blood voice is also very nice, as soon as he opens his mouth, he is filled with a taste of compassion, like a supreme monk who has seen through the world.

“After I tried these foods, I became more and more disgusted with myself. I don’t know how many civilizations like this or similar have been destroyed in my hands. I unscrupulously think their civilization is low. Wait, only the lines and patterns I have made are correct, full of arrogance to those who are different from me. I really don’t know if I have destroyed beauty and its derivatives. I am a complete executioner , is the existence that should be destroyed the most.”

Divine King picked up a blue and white porcelain bowl and put it in his hand to examine it, and exclaimed with emotion: “My civilization is impossible to give birth to works of art like this. Because it is too illogical and too irregular to follow, just like the beautiful poetry, touching love and unrestrained youth that appear in my civilization, I can’t even tell who is inferior at this moment Civilization.”

Brother Zhang cut a small piece of steak with a steak knife and put it in his mouth, chewing it over and over and watching the Divine King with emotion.

After he swallowed the food in his mouth, Brother Zhang said slowly: “After the meal, I will take you to the art exhibition.”

The Divine King’s face showed With an excited expression: “That’s very good, I hope so.”

After dinner, Brother Zhang took Divine King on the bus to the art museum, because this time happened to be During peak hours, the bus is very crowded, and they have no place to sit, so they can only be surrounded by crowded people, and the carriage is still full of unpleasant body odor, sweat, foot odor and all kinds of food. A mixture of flavors.

But Divine King didn’t seem to care, he was being squeezed around while his mouth didn’t stop: “Ohhhhhh, I like this touch so much, the warm human body, soft, It’s light and elastic, it’s really wonderful.”

His voice was so loud that after he finished speaking, he immediately appeared in the no-man’s land of about fifty centimeters. With such a big gap in such a crowded bus, one can imagine how strongly the people around her felt about his nonsense.

Brother Zhang looked up at the sky and pretended not to know this strange human being.

“I feel more and more amazing about human beings now. Obviously everyone is an individual composed of the basic particles of the universe, but human beings can be so cute. I think this is the favor of nature. I really don’t know what kind of attitude those people limited by B-Rank have to think that human beings are low-level civilizations. Their insignificant abilities are now gradually falling behind, and they will lose all their advantages in a short period of time in the future. ”

Brother Zhang was resolutely silent, because if he continued to communicate with him, he would not have to wait to get off the bus, and the people who got off at the next stop would call the police and arrest them.

After finally getting off the bus, they walked for about a kilometer before reaching the art gallery. During this process, Divine King was very surprised at the fragmentation and disorder in the market, and he even pulled Xiao Zhang Brother stood in a farmers market watching people choose vegetables for half an hour. The reason is that in his civilization, these do not exist, because everything is in absolute order, and all processes are controlled by programs. Saying that such a mess is impossible, maybe even the spacing of each step of his subjects has been strictly calculated. Five hundred billion people can walk in line and walk in only one row of footprints.

“Humans belong to an orderly arrangement in a disordered universe, but order can create disorder, and this kind of contradiction and unity really fascinates me. You can see them in different places. The same product shows different expressions, says different words, and can even use different tones. This is simply incredible, everyone’s behavior hides irregularities in the rules, just like them in the disordered world, too. It’s amazing, it’s really amazing.”

Brother Zhang was a little numb when he heard that he was frightened and flustered, but also not understanding, you must know that if you didn’t know that he was a beep The machine has evolved to a smartphone and then to what it is now. Divine King’s first reaction when he saw this rotten vegetable market was to destroy these filthy creatures and establish a new order. He was like the ultimate obsessive-compulsive disorder. Eliminate what he considers unclean disorder between the universes.

But now he’s at peace, because he knows he’s not the end of the universe, and in the beginning he was just a beep machine, or a smartphone at most.

“You know, the strongest enemy I’ve ever encountered is a civilization that evolved from rabbits, and I haven’t even been able to destroy them yet. We fought for 13,000 years. The peace agreement was only signed fifteen years ago. You can’t imagine that such a powerful empire, the objects of their worship are also human beings, just like my maker is also a human being. Ah, what a miraculous thing this is , although neither I nor their source can be traced back, one thing is certain, that human beings are definitely not as simple as we know them now.”


“Yes, rabbits. They have very terrifying fertility, and they still retain these characteristics after they have evolved to a high level social system, which makes their war intensity very high, even higher than Cthulhu’s world. They’ve been fighting for 100,000 years, and they’re not aggressive, their only colonization need is to house those huge numbers of offspring.”

“It’s interesting.”

“What’s more interesting is that they actually believe in humans. I have briefly invaded their capital, and I found that they will erect statues of humans from the city to the battleship, although the statue has been hundreds of thousands of years old. The changes made it impossible to tell what species it is, but from the perspective of basic characteristics, it should be human.”

Brother Zhang nodded, and then said with a smile: “Just like your core The mechanism is a smartphone.”

β€œIt’s a communication device anyway.” Divine King made no secret of his essence: β€œSo I’m very curious about my origins, but I don’t have the courage to disassemble myself. Maybe this is the proof that I once belonged to a human being, and I am timid and selfish.”

When Brother Zhang and Divine King came to the museum, they found that the place had been delayed for too long. The museum is closed, but even so, Divine King is still staring at the poster outside the museum.

“Maybe I really should have come to this world earlier and pursued the mystery of my origin.” Divine King looked back for a while and suddenly turned to Brother Zhang and said, “Look at this picture. painting.”

“What’s wrong with this painting?”

Brother Zhang came to a black and white pixel poster, and Divine King pointed to the top with black and white pixels. composed of Michelangelo’s famous painting “Creation of Adam”, and he carefully looked at the fingertips where the two touched: “I actually have this picture in my memory.”

Brother Zhang saw it. Here, I can’t help but fall into deep thinking…

(end of this chapter)

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