What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Spiritual Qi really recovers

β€œBrother Zhang, what do you think it will be?”

Haozi got up at almost five in the afternoon. After I picked it up every year, I sat in the milk tea shop, ordered a cup of thickened American style and an oversized lobster spaghetti set for two people, and sat there and sipped noodles in my mouth.

Zhang Jiachang heard him speak, but didn’t say anything, just squinted at him, Haozi reacted immediately, and slapped himself a few times: “I asked this for nothing. “

“You said, the past few days suddenly happened so much, what’s going on?” Haozi quickly ate all the food for both of them, took out his mobile phone and paid: “Zhang Brother, why don’t you just declare whole world at peace?”

“In exchange for hundreds of thousands of millions of lives?”

Haozi’s scalp tightened and he waved his hands again and again. : “Forget it.”

Zhang Jiachang smiled and handed him a glass of emerald green drink: “I made a new one, try it out, it’s free.”

“many thanks.”

Haozi took a sip of the new flavored drink and felt pretty good. He probably knew that there were passion fruit, lemon and green juice in it, but he couldn’t taste the rest. The taste came out.

“The taste is good, but it’s not sweet enough. If you add more sugar, it will definitely sell well.”

“You can’t add sugar, this one is healthy and sugar-free.”

“That’s not bad.” Haozi put down the glass: “Then I’ll set off.”

Satisfied, Haozi opened his backpack and checked his equipment, then put it on his back, Get up and say goodbye to Zhang Jiachang.

Of course he wanted Brother Zhang to go with him, but he also knew that Brother Zhang would definitely not interfere too much in this kind of thing, and it would be worth it if he could help him.

“If I don’t come back, remember to burn me some paper money on the Qingming Winter Solstice.” Haozi turned his head and said decisively when he went out: “Let’s go.”

Zhang Jiachang nominates with a smile, but didn’t say much, just buried his head and continued to adjust his drinks, and then turned on the speakers in the store, playing soothing music, but there was a feeling of comfort.

Haozi came to the deserted intersection following the marking point given to him by Brother Zhang, surrounded by the ruins that were demolished due to the renovation of the old city. Gang’s breath.

He turned on his phone, tuned up his music, put on his headphones, whistled, and took out dozens of arm-length nails from his bag and began to nail them to the surrounding ground.

Every time a nail is nailed down, the howling sounds are everywhere, and the miserable crying in the compound form is particularly clear and resentful in this night.

If this thing is heard, no matter who it is, I am afraid that it will make a murmur in the heart, and I am afraid that the san value will go crazy, but Haozi is wearing headphones, and the Brother Hou of the single loop makes him unable to hear it at all. The ghosts cry outside.

He hummed a song to finish all the nails, arranged in a star pattern of Great 36 Constellations, and then poked a wrist-sized Taomuzhuang directly in the center, and then took out a roll and mixed it into his hair. The ink fountain line begins to wrap around these stakes.

“Tiangang punishes evil, and fights to turn the world around. It should be born in the star orbit, and hold the state of Xiongzhou. The river is the life, the flow is the connection… What’s going on behind?” He said ramble. , but his eyes are constantly looking all around, because he can clearly feel that the surrounding atmosphere has begun to change.

There are many unreal silhouettes in the ruins, they are wandering outside the Tiangang Punishing Evil Formation, and they seem to be unable to enter it, but because they constantly touch the ink bucket line, the entire Formation is caused. Constantly flashing rays of light.

This is a red flag, because Haozi doesn’t know what’s going to happen, and if he doesn’t take it lightly, he’ll probably have to fall in the sewer today.

“I knew I should have called Sister Dog for help…” Haozi sighed, while continuing to arrange the Formation, he muttered: “Who will help me… I’m so scared.”

Afraid, it must be afraid, because this place should be the location of the ghost that the cult wants to resurrect, but he doesn’t know what it is, and Brother Zhang didn’t say anything.

This is not to blame for Brother Zhang, he can’t guess, if he guesses right, it’s fine, if he guesses wrong…hehe, it’s exciting, so anyone who knows Brother Zhang knows absolutely Can’t let him guess the riddle, because his ability is enough to reverse reality.

So in the end, it was up to Haozi himself. After he silently arranged the Formation, he squatted beside the peach blossom pile, watching the shadowy things around him keep colliding.

He didn’t know what was going on outside right now, but he didn’t dare to take off his earphones until the low-battery alarm sounded from the earphones.

“It’s over… I forgot to charge it.”

Soon the phone was silent, and the outside sound suddenly penetrated his eardrum, crying, whispering, Howling, wave after wave, wave after wave, Haozi clenched his teeth without making a sound or responding to those things.

Until the call of his father mother appeared in these voices, Haozi couldn’t help but turn his head. Then the ink lines on the outside began to snap one by one, Haozi cursed loudly, rushed over and started repairing the Formation.

It’s a pity that there are too many demons and monsters outside, and it’s really hard for him to compete alone, and things are going to get worse.

In the milk tea shop at this time, Brother Zhang was preparing to water the flowers at the door. Suddenly he stopped what he was doing and looked up at the sky, then looked down at the shower, and then silently He put away the shower, turned around and opened the door and returned to the store.

“Thunder is coming.”

As soon as the two words landed on the ground, the originally clear and cloudless sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds, and thunder and lightning shuttled through the clouds like a dragon, and then burst. The thunder pierced through Nine Heavens, shaking the glass to hum.

It was a coincidence that there was a lightning strike that hit the mahogany tree in the center of Haozi Formation. The Formation, which was already struggling, suddenly burst into rays of light, like a The dead bulbs are instantly filled up.

“Fuck… Brilliant Brother Zhang!” Haozi exclaimed, and quickly cast spell with both hands: “Yuqing is beginning to be green, the true sign is to sue the alliance, push Erqi, and mix one into reality. Five Thunder and five thunders, eager to meet Huang Ning, dense changes, roaring lightning fast, when you hear the call, you will soon make the sound of the sun.”

The electric light is like a yellow dragon coming into the world, winding and rugged in the clouds, it seems to have The spirit has eyes, and it comes straight to the surroundings. Wherever the electric light goes, the turbidity is washed away, and it returns to clarity.

Thunderfall Art is completed, with Haozi as the center, Baidao Dianguang hits those demons and monsters just like they don’t need money.

Leibu is originally a punishment, plus the power of the thunder in the sky, if there is no great cultivator in the world, it will not be able to resist, not to mention these evil spirits that grow in the land of ghosts. .

After the thunder fell, the clouds in the sky dissipated, and the light returned. Within a 100-meter radius around Haozi, there were still lightning flashes and Thunder Fire flickering, but those unclean things had already been washed away.

Haozi was sitting on the ground with layers of perspiration on his head. It took a long time for him to calm down, and it was almost midnight. It was when Yin became Yang that he took out his breath. The knife cut through the palm of his hand and poured blood on the peach tree struck by lightning. The peach tree was reborn in the sun, the roots were implanted, and the surrounding iron nails also lit up, like stars.

I thought it was imminent, but who knew that suddenly Haozi’s heart was hit with a heavy hammer, and he suddenly flew out and fell heavily on the ground. Mouth spurt blood poured out, and then he saw a black light. Covering the surroundings, Haozi saw the lights in the distance go out one by one, and even the starry sky in the sky was blocked.

He shouted badly inwardly, and hurriedly wanted to activate the spell, but at this moment he found that his cultivation base was all trapped, and darkness finally came.

Jiuyao lacks a door, but it does not prevent the underground thing from gradually recovering. In this space, Haozi can clearly feel the ground under his feet begin to tremble, and the reinforced concrete is like quicksand. Layers disintegrate.

Then there is his Formation, the peach wood is cracked, the star nails are broken, and the ink lines are buzzing and breaking like playing a musical instrument.

Haozi knew that he had failed, but he couldn’t figure out what caused the underground thing to be resurrected even without Xu Wei’s heart.

And the resurrection of this thing is definitely not something he can resist, the only thing he can do now is…


Haozi He shouted in his voice, but within this space of formation, not even the starlight could penetrate, even more how Haozi’s voice.

The ground gradually collapsed, and a giant tablet appeared inside. Haozi understands that something that can take over a giant rock as a town will start at the level of nine heavens above, which is not something that a mortal man can touch.

Now that I think about it, I understand exactly what those people are going to resurrect. This is the resurrection of an era! What they want is Spiritual Qi resuscitation! What is there, in fact, it is probably not a specific name. It may be the warlock and alchemist who were buried by Qin Shihuang back then.

And once they are released, it means that this world will usher in the era of magic once again.

The giant tablet was cracked inch by inch, and Haozi was almost in despair. Something in it had already started to escape, and one of them attacked Haozi straightly.

When he saw this scene, he knew that he couldn’t avoid it, so he simply lay down on Ren Gan, but muttered: “Old Zhou Family will never end…”

But he mumbled After a long time, he found that nothing seemed to happen to him. When he opened his eyes, he found an azure robed man standing in front of him with a tattered suitcase behind him. The golden light was shining in front of him, as if he was fighting the incoming thing.

Seeing this luggage, Haozi shouted excitedly: “I diao…you are back!”

“It’s not that I’m back, I’m being recalled.” The man turned his head and glanced at Haozi: “Why are you so useless?”

“You can do it!” Haozi’s mouth is also unforgiving: “It doesn’t hurt to stand up and talk, I’m fighting alone. Hundreds of ghosts, try it.”

“Fart, that’s what I did, otherwise it’s just your jack of all trades ability, you can make more than a hundred thunders with your five thunder techniques? “The man spat: “Okay, I won’t talk nonsense with you, I have to take you back!”


Today is a new year, and I want to go back to celebrate the new year. I’m going back for the New Year, I’m going back for the New Year, and there’s a new chapter today.

(End of this chapter)

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