What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 150


Chapter 150 You can always trust robots

Brother Zhang remembers that his first mobile phone was a second-hand mobile phone from his father, The first smartphones had already appeared at that time, but the Nokia that could flip up the butt cap and write on it with a pen was still so cool and handsome, and the phone that is so nostalgic to this day would have a 3-3 period when it was turned on. Twelve chords of bells, accompanied by a picture of two hands pulling together.

And if you guessed correctly, the eternal memory at the core of Divine King is just such a picture. But Brother Zhang didn’t speak, because he didn’t know how to explain that an old-fashioned mobile phone that had been eliminated by humans for many years was the primordial form of Divine King. This matter is very shocking, and to be honest, apart from the theory of space-time disturbance There is no better explanation outside.

But the problem is that the theory of space-time disturbance was rejected by Divine King himself, because according to the laws of physics between the universes, even if the fundamental laws are different, the cores of many laws are also interconnected, such as the world. martial arts only speed can not be broken , this rule is basically applicable in any universe, because even a mobile phone, if it is accelerated to the speed of light in the current universe, then the kinetic energy it brings will be enough to directly shock the universe Back to the singularity state, this thing is unreasonable, even the Divine King is impossible to surpass the physical laws of the current universe.

The reason why Brother Zhang chose not to tell him is just because he is not restricted by the laws of physics, and if he can be exempted, then there must be others who are also not restricted. Knowing this news, his processor may burn out.

Because this wise and upright creature cannot understand why there exists an existence that is not constrained by the laws of physics, this is not because the Divine King is stupid, on the contrary, it is because he understands the rules of the world too well. A staunch materialist through and through.

Materialists can understand chaos theory without rules, because without rules is also a law, because it is always without rules. But the materialist can never understand why there are exceptions outside chaos theory, and the emergence of this exception is a kind of torture for him.

But fortunately, although the advantages and disadvantages of Divine King are as obvious as his appearance, he is very intelligent. In the long journey of life, he can easily explain to himself, Even if he already knew what the picture in his mind was.

And even hummed a song.

The well-known song Deng Deng waits for the lights Deng Deng waits for the lights.

“Did you search it yourself?”

“en.” Divine King looked very happy: “The moment I saw it, I knew where I came from. Even though I have no concept of flesh and blood, the music that accompanies the pictures in my mind is like a lullaby for mother, no matter how long it is, it is so kind.”

Divine King spoke to him as he spoke The searched patterns and music were transmitted to his world, and almost at the same time, Nokia’s start-up music sounded in any corner of his world, from the far end of the Pillar of Creation to the edge of the dying star, the Divine King universe. At this moment, it only belongs to Nokia, and countless mechanical lifeforms stop and pause at this moment, feeling the lullaby belonging to their Life Source.

“Hello pervert.”

Brother Zhang sighed, after knowing Divine King’s behavior, he even had nothing to say, because Divine King’s behavior really It is a perverted canon, which opens a new chapter in the perverted world and brings spiritual pollution to the extreme.

However, Divine King did not reply to Xiao Zhang’s comment, but after a long time, he suddenly looked at Xiao Zhang with high spirits and said, “The meaning of tracing the source is not to doubt the origin of this source, I know what you’re thinking, but even if you’re a Guardian, it’s impossible to fully understand the thinking activities of an independent individual. In your concept, maybe I’m just a square head that doesn’t know how to work around it, but in fact, the day I decided to trace the source began , I have already started to think in a new way.”

Brother Zhang pushed up his glasses: “Then you are really amazing.”

This is not ironic. He but this guy is really amazing, because no matter what kind of creature it is or what kind of individual it is, the mindset is very difficult to overcome, because the reason for the stereotype is that it can solve most of the problems that you can see .

When someone starts to think out of the box, this is called enlightenment, so the Divine King is really not a simple square-headed creature now, but a real wise man, if this is not the case Great, so what is great?

“Although I’m really curious as to why this happens, I know I shouldn’t torture others with this kind of question, it’s my own problem, and it should be my own responsibility. Solved. Now, all I have to do is enjoy the joy and excitement of a unique experience.”

After Divine King finished speaking, he suddenly added: “It may be impossible to make everyone like it. , but it is very simple to make all contacts not hate it.”

Brother Zhang turned his head to look at Divine King and said with a smile: “How do you say?”

“All The joys and sorrows of living beings cannot be connected, they do not share their joys, they do not communicate their pains, they do not articulate their own doubts, and they do not describe their own fears. Keep the boundaries under any circumstances, and do not let your own will invade the thinking of others. I, you , everyone, should be parallel lines to each other, even if they seem to overlap, the parallel lines are still parallel lines. I don’t care about your pain and you don’t care about my happiness, then we just need to deal with common information.”

“What is common information? I really don’t know much about this.”

Divine King raised his head and watched as a lump of bird droppings fell from the sky and landed on a car not far ahead. black car, and then he reminded Brother Zhang: “Look. Bird excrement landed on the vehicle. This incident has different emotions for us. Maybe I think this incident is very interesting. Because the probability of it happening is 3331 in 1 million, I’m happy to see the probability of 3331 in 1 million, but for you, it’s not worth mentioning, because it happens every day Happened, if I conveyed my emotions to you, you would not appreciate my behavior but feel that I was noisy, but if I just remind you that this happened, then you may find it interesting or boring or even angry, these emotions themselves It is not because of me, then you will naturally not take anger on me, and our relationship at this moment is only at the level of information exchange, I have not violated your emotions, and you have not taken anger because of this. To me. Of course you don’t necessarily take anger on me, but I don’t need to use a very high probability event as a bargaining chip to play a game.”

Wow…this person…

Brother Zhang thinks Divine King is really amazing, he is really trying to use mathematics to structure relationships, emotions and thoughts, and the key is that he can tinker with something from it, or he is Divine King Well, other gods rely on mutation and he really relies on thinking.

“But aren’t you also conveying emotion when you hum a song?”

“I’m humming a song just to convey a message, and the basis for you to judge whether I convey an emotion or not is based on yourself Emotions. Emotions have no logic in themselves, so any judgment you make is correct, but you can’t judge my emotions because of this. You think I am humming because I am excited, but it’s not, it’s more like a whimper, Wail in memory of who you used to be. You see, has your perception of me changed at this point? Because I attached conditions and explanations to your message, which explains the emotions I have delivered to you , but I don’t know if you like it, but since you asked, I’ll answer you.”

Brother Zhang likes to chat with this square head, although this guy speaks like a translation software In the same way, he pulled out all the subject-verb-object-definition completions in a string, but what he said was really interesting. All the content was transmitted through his high-precision brain. The meaning is very clear, and this is already as much as possible. The words are concise and concise, there are no professional terms that people do not understand, and there are no Zen principles that can be heard.

Zen machine is to be understood by oneself, and there is aloof and remote between ambiguities. On the contrary, Divine King’s way of dismantling and breaking the answers to all questions and feeding them is more pleasing.

As he said, he may have a hard time getting everyone to like him, but the way he behaves is hard to dislike him.

In the evening, Brother Zhang and Divine King went for a stroll by the river, looking at the night view of the city and the old man exercising.

“You are guarding a fragile and beautiful world. Although the creatures of the other world do not necessarily think it is beautiful, its own beauty does not change with the change of will.” The Divine King saw a child Wearing a pair of light-emitting shoes, he walked by, then raised his head and said to Brother Zhang, “But I still have some concerns.”

“How do you say it? I’m listening,”

The Divine King took a deep breath and pointed at the child who had gone far: “If this world is described as a human juvenile body, then this world has now been exposed to the darkness of the multiverse. There is light up and down, and he is so weak, helpless and dazed, you are like his adult body holding him by his side, but even if he is distracted for a moment, he will be attacked by the crisis lurking in the dark, he is too Weak, there is no chance to resist when facing the terrifying Dark World, so you must always be vigilant.”

Brother Zhang chuckled, leaning on the fence and sighed said: ” Who says it’s not.”

“So you need more allies, you need someone to cooperate with you to resist the invasion of darkness, I have seen countless worlds, even if there are Guardians, they are still destroyed in an instant, Negligence is a biological instinct, and no creature can remain so awake all the time.”


“Yes.” Divine King nod and said.

(End of this chapter)

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