What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 151


Chapter 151 The Guardian and his friends.

Divine King is a person who has seen multiple universes. He is also one of the few people who can pass the audit and enter this C-Rank world as an observer. He is wise and peaceful. The current Divine King is more than killing And destruction, he prefers art, food, and the immaturity of human technology.

But just because he was a Conqueror, he knew exactly what the world was facing now.

The word “Spiritual Qi recovery” may seem fantastical, but in fact it symbolizes the inevitable process of a world going from a low level to a high level, no matter whether this world will take the technological route or the future Fantasy line, Spiritual Qi recovery is an important dividing line. And what this dividing line brings, in addition to the leap-forward improvement of the spiritual wisdom of creatures, is that it exposes this world to the vast multiverse, like a shining point in the dark night.

Spiritual Qi revival occurs every so often, and each time is stronger than the other, but few civilizations can survive the seventh, because by the seventh, it will become A beacon in the dark, leading other civilizations into it.

Divine King said that from what this world has experienced now, this is the sixth time. The recovery of Spiritual Qi for the first time means that intelligent creatures have taken over the management of intelligent creatures. The second resurrection of Spiritual Qi allowed intelligent creatures to produce civilization. The recovery of Spiritual Qi for the third time allows civilization to develop and productivity to iterate. When Spiritual Qi recovered for the fourth time, the neighboring civilized pirates stared at this world, and they began to invade unscrupulously, but civilized pirates were only pirates after all, they were just a group of parasites attached to other civilizations. Not fatal.

For the fifth time, this world was lucky enough to escape the deadly destroyer in the vast deep space, and a real Guardian appeared. The most intuitive impact of the emergence of the Guardian is that civilized pirates are gradually being expelled, and a large number of wise men have emerged. These wise men directly affect the direction of civilization, making them stronger and more potential, but they are not reaching the goal. At a higher level, it has ushered in the sixth Spiritual Qi recovery.

“From our detectors, this world is like a beacon on a sea of howling wind and torrential rain, not as bright yet, but attractive enough. They will come to the fore Go to this world, parasitize it, pollute it, dominate it and even destroy it. There is an unwritten unwritten rule in the multiverse, that is, every civilization that has survived seven Spiritual Qi resurrections must eliminate as much as possible those who have not survived. Seven times Spiritual Qi revived civilizations to protect their own safety. Although not all civilizations think this way, some even advocate the protection of low-level civilizations, but even if there is only one civilization that advocates destruction, it will be very important to the lower world. It’s an absolute disaster.” Divine King sighed said: “As a Guardian, you may not be afraid of the impact of any civilization, but what if this world is attacked by saturated firepower?”

“Saturated attack? What does it mean? I don’t quite understand.”

“As far as I am concerned, if I throw a black hole into the Star Domain of all civilizations in this world, including Earth. What would you do? If I know this After the world has a Guardian, you are ready to directly extinguish the sun with an antimatter explosion at the moment when the door is opened, you… oh, you can re-light this, it will be fine. But how do you solve the black hole?” Divine King continued: “If all those squishy Strange Octopus come out and they can contaminate a system in just a split second, what are you going to do? No allies, just Guardians, it’s too hard. This is an unprecedented challenge. According to the probability of war mechanics, your single-point battle has a 100% chance of winning, but most civilizations will not play a ring match with you. You can fail countless times, but you can only fail once.”

“So…what do allies do?”

“Allies are what help you destroy when you are invaded. Tools.” The Divine King laughed: “Who doesn’t fear being invaded by other civilizations while being blasted by the Guardian.”

Oh…that’s it.

Divine King is still open and bright. He gave a very good way of coordination, that is, Brother Zhang resists the first wave, and then as long as the other party exposes the coordinates, he will directly send the coordinates to all allies, Compared with a world with a Guardian who is too damn strong, those worlds without a Guardian are the sweet pastry that everyone likes.

Since everyone is not a good thing and they have to guard against each other, it is better to tear down a world that has been upgraded seven times, and it is better to guard against a world that has not finished the sixth time.

Especially the world and the Guardian that didn’t end for the sixth time. As everyone knows, having a Guardian and not having a Guardian are two completely different concepts. If you invade a world with a Guardian, even if that world is just a primordial society that has been upgraded once, your Level 7 headquarters may face being held by one. Apes on wooden sticks give risk of dry turning. Anyway, Guardian is a thing, don’t touch it if it’s not necessary, after all, this group can ignore even the laws of physics, and the individual ability is even more outrageous.

But the good thing is, when a world completes the seventh Spiritual Qi recovery, the Guardian will automatically disappear, otherwise if you really see a fearless starfleet’s flagship riding a person outside, wave your hand It’s the lightning storm that envelopes the galaxy, who the fuck can stand it?

“By the way, do you want to take a hot spring?” Brother Zhang suddenly asked, “Can you enter the water?”

“You…” Divine King looked strange Looking at Brother Zhang: “Are you insulting me?”

“No, the phone will break if it gets wet.”

“Oh… this joke is really not funny. “Divine King snorted: “I am a waterproof phone.”

Since he is a waterproof phone, then Brother Zhang is naturally welcome, but the body this guy made for himself is really too much It’s perfect, the muscles of the whole body are like a European brawny man sculpted into a fine, the muscle mass looks creaky, although Xiao Zhang is not thin, but the comparison between the two is really a high judgment.


The Divine King shouted so comfortably after he entered the water that the body made with his technology was no different from a human being, even if he was not For ethical reasons, this body can reproduce offspring with humans, but Divine King took the initiative to ligate it. After all, it is somewhat unreasonable for humans to experience the card without experiencing natural mating.

And since it is a human body, his senses are the same as those of a human being, but this is a completely new experience for Divine King. He used to have no sense, and because he could not recognize it. I know the pain, so I don’t have any other tactile sensation. So now the thrill of the blood pressure soaring after getting out of the hot tub made Divine King almost faint.

“Even the Star Core bomb didn’t kill me, but now I’m dying in a pool of 52.7 degrees Celsius hot water.” Divine King said something strange, Floating upright on the water.

“I said, put away your things.” Brother Zhang pointed to the three inches below Divine King’s navel and said, “Spicy eyes.”

“Don’t you have any?”

Brother Zhang took a deep breath, and no longer bothered to talk nonsense, and Divine King gradually got used to the thrill of hot water after the initial half-swoon, and he soaked his whole body in it , with only one head exposed, like a Japanese monkey bathing in a hot spring pool in winter.

“I can’t ally with you because I’ve given up expansion and aggression, so I’m not very helpful to you. But I can tell you that their abilities are on par with ours, and they are The friendliness of human beings is beyond imagination.”

Brother Zhang recalled a little: “Are those rabbits?”

“Yes, they are very fond of human beings, if not Unexpectedly, they will choose to form an alliance. You see, this is the meaning of traceability. Human beings are like suzerains to them, and even if they already have technological capabilities far beyond this world, they have always been close to humans. And always believe that human beings are the suzerain.”

“What is the reason for your war? Since it is similar, it is not easy to fight.”

Divine King said after thinking for a while: “One afternoon many years ago, their reconnaissance ships shuttled to my world, and then their messengers came over and sent us a letter of condemnation after illegally scanning us, and then the fight began.”

“Book of condemnation?”

“Yes, the book of condemnation. The content is that we are too rude to their suzerain, and they will wash away the shame with blood.”

Brother Zhang was silent After a long time, he covered his face with a towel: “I don’t understand your brain circuits.”

“I don’t understand either. Later, when both worlds were on the verge of being broken, they threw Star Core bombs at us. , we threw black holes at them. In the end, everyone was left with less than three complete galaxies, and we made peace. When we made peace, I learned that they just thought they had discovered human ancestors, but after scanning, they found No, so angry, believing that we wiped out their overlord and replaced him, and declared war unilaterally on us.”

“And then?”

“And discover our common ancestor. They are all human beings, and this war that almost wiped out the family can actually be solved with a phone call.”

Brother Zhang was almost all laughing, and Divine King looked at him deeply: β€œLook at him. , this is the inability to communicate the joys and sorrows, this is obviously a sad thing.”

“I’m sorry…” Brother Zhang waved his hand and said, “Then let them come when you are free. .”

“But that also requires you to sign a synergy order, otherwise they come here as an invasion, but I’m sure they’d love to see a planet full of humans. Maybe the Not the human beings in this universe, but they don’t seem to care about those, as long as they are human beings can make them feel a sense of belonging.”

“Let them send a representative first.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “Contact in advance.”

(End of this chapter)

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