What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 152


Chapter 152 The cafe is open

Divine King never fails to do anything he promises, and he passed the special offer that night. ‘s communication network sent an invitation letter to another world. Simply put, the Guardian wanted to contact them, so that they should prepare well and meet the Guardian after fasting, bathing, praying, and burning incense.

This is not the Divine King stinging people, the main reason is that the Guardian level is so high, no matter what universe Guardian is a top player, the absolute top of the pyramid, usually a world can give birth to a Guardian, it indicates that this world has a great Probability can complete seven transformations, because no one but a lunatic would be willing to risk changing homes with the Guardian limit to destroy the Guardian world.

So in this context, Divine King said that there is nothing wrong with letting the rabbits meet the Guardian. It’s clear that this Guardian world is full of humans, the rabbits’ favorite humans.

In fact, it is difficult to achieve instant communication in the information transfer between world and world. Basically, there will be a delay of two to three days, and there will be two to three days for replying there, and then It takes another two to three days to pass the information back to Brother Zhang. After Brother Zhang has approved the permission, it will be passed back. About twenty days after half a month have passed. This is not to say that you don’t know how to simplify the program, but it is because the communication between worlds is very troublesome, and the world that has not been approved cannot be actively or passively linked to the Guardian world in any way, otherwise it will be judged as an invasion.

Even if it’s a message from the Guardian himself, it just doesn’t make sense. Otherwise, let the whole world of human beings kill themselves to announce their own defense. Sooner or later, when people wake up from their sleep, they will find a 20,000-kilometer-long super carrier hovering overhead. Broadcasting all over the world, human beings are limited to evacuate Earth within 48 hours, otherwise they will wash their necks and wait to die.

With the current technology of human beings, there is no ability to drive the F16 rushing engine. Basically, you should eat the hehe, and then wait for the 20,000-kilometer mother ship to launch a mass acceleration gun to completely destroy the Earth civilization. Completely wiped from the universe.

But with the Guardian, it’s different. If a mother ship with 20,000 kilometers accidentally inserts this world when it is curved, the Guardian will appear in front of the mother ship’s windshield, using a simple and A simple way to tell the driver of the mother ship, don’t look at the low level of this world, but you really can’t handle it. And if they still insist on shooting the Earth, then they will hear the sound of the mother’s ship being squeezed and leaking.

So under such a big background, although the procedures are a little more troublesome, it is better to follow the rules. After all, there is a classic empirical dogma in the universe. Behind all the rules, there is a lot of pain. case.

And because Divine King wants to be a messenger, he will stay by Brother Zhang’s side during this time.

Eating and drinking merrily, Brother Zhang just needs to take him to Wugenshui, the rootless water known as the Causeway Bay Bible will naturally be able to arrange the Divine King properly, how to serve Brother Zhang treats him like he does. After all, there are not many people who can be called friends by Brother Zhang, and usually such people have some background.

“The most incomprehensible thing in the super energy department and the secret technique department is the teleportation technique. The teleportation technique can only exist in the field of absolute vacuum, otherwise the collision of high-energy particles brought by the speed, Enough Earth to become another sun.” Divine King took a sip of coffee and flipped through the Hong Kong manga in his hand, he was very puzzled by the plot: “If you enter a higher dimension, you can easily It makes the space fold like paper, from this point to that point, it will become like a teleportation, but in fact this has nothing to do with the speed, because the speed will only bring about the collision of energy, which is very dazzling.”

Brother Zhang also has coffee in his hand, and a novel in his hand, which is the kind of cool cool text, a cool text that one person can kill and turn over a world at will, he is serious Shuangwen hobbyer, what is reasonable and what is reasonable is stinky shit, because life already needs him to be reasonable, if you read a book and pursue reasonableness, then it is not a problem with your brain?

But Xiao Zhang has read Shuangwen novels for many years, and he feels that most of the invincible male protagonists may not be as capable as himself. They have not yet done what they want in this world, and in other The world can still do whatever it wants. What reached the peak in the world, changed the map and went to the fairyland, and a Haozi could hit him to the whole body, such as injury. Although this is not reasonable or unreasonable, just like the Peak Qing Lingzi in the world may not beat the starling raised by Jin Mei, but the problem is that Qing Lingzi will not think about going to Three Realms.

Divine King was reading comics and whispering the unreasonable research, but Brother Zhang suddenly raised his head and looked towards him and asked: “You said that high-dimensional creatures can easily cut into What does it mean to enter the time and space of low-dimensional creatures and have absolute dominance over the low-dimensional space?”

Divine King raised his head, picked up the cartoon in his hand, and casually opened it to the middle A page was shown to Brother Zhang for a look, and then he tore off the page…

“Oh, I see.”

Divine King is actually a Very interesting guy, he can always use the simplest way to answer other people’s questions, and sometimes he can get it done without even saying a word. During the past few days, Brother Zhang asked him a lot of questions. They also explained patiently.

Brother Zhang really likes this guy who speaks and does things a bit mechanically, because he can add a lot of light to Brother Zhang’s life, and the most important point is that although this guy looks weird, but But it can really answer most of the questions in this world.

“What are you going to do when you go back after the inspection?”

“Reorganizing the entire civilization system, I am tired of the tight-knit world. I need more errors and more randomness. , I will disrupt all the underlying logic of the existing civilization and make the people chaotic. After the initial chaos, they will gradually adapt and give birth to a new civilization system. What my civilization lacks the most is imagination. When the technology reaches Peak, only imagination can make it go further.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “It’s good.”

“But my samples are not enough. More, I have to live here for five years or more to adapt to the impact of the new model, and then spend another five years or more to integrate the information I receive, the work of changing the underlying logic is not a short time. What can be done, the biggest difference between a mechanical lifeform and a carbon lifeform is the ability of meaningless association. Humans have traveled two million years for this step, and I want to complete it in ten years. It is actually very difficult. Because even if there is a human being as a template, But this is also a brand new attempt for our civilization, and I have to be very careful.”

According to Brother Zhang’s understanding, the current civilization of Divine King is in an era of large gatherings. A citizen is a part of his computing unit, so the combination can indeed provide a large amount of computing power.

Computational ability and associative ability are not the same, and he does not want to make his people like humans, but to add individualized consciousness under such computing ability, so that While his people have the ability to calculate units, they also have individual consciousness and the ability to associate and imagine. This is no longer a problem that can be solved with code, but requires the renovation of the entire architecture system.

“But I’m not in a hurry. Anyway, the technology bottleneck has been stuck for tens of thousands of years, and I don’t care about a few more years.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “By the way, before you I’m a little unimaginable to say that those rabbits are not on a par with you.”

Hearing his question, Divine King didn’t even look up, but he was still able to answer when he was concentrating on reading the comics: “That civilization Very special, because of the needs of combat, we have carefully analyzed the characteristics of their civilization, I think they are obviously enhanced, not the product of autonomous evolution, because his evolutionary branch is incompatible with natural selection.”

“Oh? How about that?”

“They have a very good tech tree, but they skip a lot of common sense stages, like they didn’t have much after the first industrial revolution tens of thousands of years ago. They went into space in 2010 through steam technology, which is very different from the human technology tree. But the problem is that they have these strange technology and also have terrible personal abilities and relatively romantic personalities and fanatics for humanoids. These rabbits every time The first product of the technological revolution must be genetic technology, and they are constantly changing their genes.”


β€œIt may be difficult for you to imagine from my description. Their appearance is now infinitely close to that of human beings, and only a small number of individuals still retain traces of their ancestors, but not many. And their gene development is not limited to the enthusiasm for human beings but also the development of individual abilities, they Evolved from weak creatures, but now many times their soldiers show their abilities in war with us far beyond our imagination. They don’t have a cultivation system like humans, but super genetic technology makes those rabbits Each generation will have an increase of about 3/10,000, and the only limit they may be is lifespan, even if they exhaust all methods, their longest-lived individuals have not exceeded the 50-year survival cycle.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Well, a race with an average lifespan of less than thirty years old can develop a civilization that can compete head-on with me in a very short period of time. It’s amazing. And I also participated in their genetic engineering a few years ago, but found that I couldn’t solve the mystery of their lifespan. There is a lock that locks their lifespan, and where the lock came from, I don’t know, and they don’t know. And they have degenerative lesions every once in a while that makes Hundreds of generations of their genetically enhanced engineering came to nothing.”

“Isn’t that for nothing? Haha…”

“Your laughter is so cruel.” Divine King still had the same expression: “But you have to know that technology will never deceive people. Almost all of their technologies are based on genes. In the end, the derivative systems of these technologies will become more and more perfect, and the level of technology will be improved. Improve, of course, this is not for nothing, but their genes are really a big problem, a cursed race. “

Brother Zhang nodded: “I’ll take a good look when they come over.” ”

And while they were sitting in the seaside bungalow drinking coffee and chatting, a cafe in Chang’an Alley opened silently, without exaggerated gun battles or flower baskets, just suddenly lit up a cafe. There is a light sign, a small blackboard at the door, with four words written on it – opening reward.

Although the small cafe opened silently, the problem is that its customer flow is quite So full, many people order a cup of coffee here, just to admire the Lady Boss in a small suit at the counter, and the black-skinned Diners girl who is in charge of serving people.

Although This black-skinned Di Lailai is very stupid, and basically her limbs are unable to coordinate. When she serves people coffee, she can spill four or five cups out of ten cups, either on herself or on the guests.

But no matter who she spills on, her frightened and flustered appearance and her squatting beside guests to help people wipe the stains make people want to order three cups at a time, so that she can continue to spill coffee on Come out.

“If I want to see it, I’ll call it a dirty coffee shop. ”

Zhang Yao stood in the window of the milk tea shop with a cup of milk tea and looked at the cafe with the signboard not far away, commenting with disdain, but the men in the room did not see Now, only Grandfather Pi, Xu Wei, and Zhu Zhenzhen are left.

As for where the men have gone, everyone knows well, although each of them has their own reasons and explanations, But if there are no surprises, everyone will smell coffee when they come back.

β€œWhat man can resist Diners. ”

Grandfather Pi slapped her chest and made a dong dong dong dong sound. She also wanted to scold Zhang Yao, but she couldn’t say it, because the kanban lady in that coffee shop was too foul Now, if she were a man, she would go to see it.

β€œMen don’t have a good thing. “

Zhu Zhenzhen dragged a stool and sat next to her, watching the people coming in and out of the cafe: “That Lady Boss is probably not a good person, so he knows all these crooked ways. “

Zhang Yao didn’t speak, just looked at the light sign not far away and pursed her lips.

She happened to meet the Lady Boss of the coffee shop when she came here to play before. In that Zhang Luo moved things, she went up to chat a few words at the time, but these few words left an indelible impression on him, that is, that woman is really too powerful, whether it is her image or temperament, whether it is revealed intentionally or unintentionally. The innocence, this is the ultimate weapon for men, and no one can resist this.

“Let’s go see it tomorrow too. “Zhang Yao whispered.

(End of this chapter)

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