What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 153


Chapter 153 Gong Xi Fa Cai

Today, the cafe in the alley is very lively, and people have been queuing there since morning. Don’t ask, ask is the coffee here can drink the fireworks of London.

Many people stepped forward to take a look out of curiosity, but after a glance, they came to the back of the team with a tacit smile and waited quietly.

“Who can stand up to this.”

Grandfather Pi’s face was pressed against the glass door of the cafe and looked in, and at a glance, there were several girls chirping inside. chirp twitter twitter chatting, they are wearing this cafe uniform and discussing the menu with serious faces, and in front of them the classic Diners Lailai black-skinned hot girl is kicking there with a mop, looking stupid but cute .

After a while, the door was opened, and then the boss of the cafe came in. She gently shook the bell in her hand, and those beautiful girls who looked like Heavenly Immortal immediately put down their hands. Things started coming to the door.

As soon as the door was opened, guests poured in, and then, without any surprise, they lost themselves in the sound of good morning from those beautiful young girls, and ordered ka ka without doing anything A few hundred bucks.

What makes Grandfather Pi feel outrageous is that except for the coffee, which is produced by themselves, everything else in this cafe is actually ordered from Xiao Zhangge Milk Tea Shop and Alley Kou Tea Restaurant, but that’s it. As soon as they changed hands, the original price of pineapple oil was 12 yuan, and it was sold for 35 yuan at her place, and the classic milk tea with the original price of 10 yuan was sold at their place for 33 yuan.

But even then, their business was good enough to take off, Grandfather Pi was a scout for two hours, she had never seen a table empty in a cafe, and if anyone ordered a drink In the morning of coffee sitting, when you go out, you will be beaten with a sap.

The service inside is also normal, that is, the girls are really beautiful, they are like fairies, and Grandfather Pi heard the conversations of the color critics at the door and knew that these waiters were super Fragrant, and it is not the smell of perfume, it is the kind of very fragrant and fragrant body fragrance. People who are close to Sanmi don’t know what they are thinking. This is the case, the color critics said that they will come again next time.

Grandfather Pi thinks this world is so unfair, she doesn’t have the ability to be a serious vixen, but why are these people so arrogant, and they can deceive people? Shouldn’t this be checked?

Grandfather Pi left angrily, and then came to the milk tea shop and told Zhang Yao and the others who were waiting inside what they had seen and heard. They felt that something was not right when they heard it. There is no such truth in the world, and it must be a problem to use such tricks to charm men.

“Do you care?”

Zhang Yao coldly asked Thunder Dragon, who was busy at the counter, that he only came back last night, not quite clear what happened, but … He has been sealed by Ms. Jin Mei. As one of the few people who knows Jin Mei’s identity, now he can only be a fool who knows nothing.

But it’s okay, because the business of the cafe has driven the voice of the milk tea shop. The milk tea shop that used to have sporadic customers at noon is now very busy since the morning. Thunder Dragon, who is in charge of the day shift, brings the milk tea. Both the machine and the frying pan were shoveled to the point of fire, barely keeping up with the ordering speed over there.

“What do you care about, people are doing business as usual, if you don’t engage in yellow, if you don’t engage in charm, what do you care?”

Grandfather Pi was very angry when he heard it: “They Said that those women are very fragrant, and they are confused when they smell it. Isn’t that charming? Also, that Diners Club, that’s not a yellow thing?”

Thunder Dragon raised his head and glanced at Grandfather Pi Ping. To practice push-ups, you have to have a more strenuous figure than other girls, and then grow sighed.

“What do you mean!” Dim-blue foxfire spewed from Grandfather Pi’s nostrils: “old man asked what did you mean!”

Thunder Dragon put the lunch box on the counter He gave it to Xu Wei who had just run in from outside, then turned around and said to Grandfather Pi: “What do you mean? Do you want me to explain it? They are dressed properly, and they are not disheveled, so you can’t look at them. When I get to Lai Lai, I think it’s pornographic.”

“But she’s too fake, she falls flat and throws herself, isn’t this intentional?”

Thunder Dragon I really don’t know how to explain it. He was given a gag order. If it’s true, he knows how evil Jin Mei is. There is no difference between facing Jin Mei and Brother Zhang at his level. , Brother Zhang is at least reasonable, but Jin Mei is not very reasonable. The Da Lai Lai they were talking about, Thunder Dragon has already asked Brother Zhang carefully, that is the Divine King, the world-destroying monster beast, she didn’t mean to be that big, because she was so big, and she didn’t mean to be that big either. Stupid, because her body is too large, even if she transforms into a human form, her reaction is very slow. Once the reaction is slow, it is too normal to do something wrong.

“Where are you from?” Zhang Yao said to Thunder Dragon with her arms crossed: “You can die if you say a few words of partiality?”

Yes… eldest sister, really can die.

Thunder Dragon smacked his mouth a few times, and then Xu Wei ran back again: “Two French biscotti, one Brother Xi burrito, and one caramel milk tea.”

Xu Wei has run back and forth dozens of times, already gasping for breath, but she is very satisfied with the job of running errands, because just this morning Thunder Dragon told her that her scope of activities has now expanded to Within the entire Chang’an Lane.

As for why Thunder Dragon didn’t say, but Xu Wei, who had been locked up for almost a year, had a chance to run out to get some fresh air, she was too happy…

Of course , Thunder Dragon can’t say for this reason. As for the reason… that is, the demons and monsters that are the most popular are afraid to drill into Chang’an Lane now. The owner is selling coffee there. The biggest difference from Brother Zhang is that she doesn’t have any level rules. She can just fry fish when she says she’s fried fish. With her top-notch ability and emergency situation, she can return to normal Xiwangmu. Whoever sees that her head doesn’t hurt, Chang’an Lane is now Even the old monster Xuantian didn’t dare to take a look here, Qishan Old Ancestor had to step on his feet when he passed by.

And unlike Xiao Zhang’s Divine Light, which is introverted, Jin Mei’s Great Immortal is a compelling example of Spiritual Qi. From the mantra perspective, you can actually see that there is a golden line in Jin Mei’s current position. The light is inserted straight into the sky. The logo is invisible to most people, but it is even more dazzling than the lighthouse for Spirit Physique, Monster Body and Divine Physique’s vision, magic spell and true vision. That golden light knows that this place is best not to be curious.

“Okay, you guys are really unreliable, you voted so easily.” Zhang Yao curled one’s lip: “Let’s go, let’s check the situation.”

Thunder Dragon Hesitant to speak.

After their aggressive departure, Da Huang suddenly swooped to Lei dragon’s body and squatted down: “Why don’t you tell them the truth, that woman is the one they can’t afford to offend. “

“You’re going to talk about it.”

Da Huang licked his lips: “I don’t mind my own business.”

After saying it, He jumped off the platform, jumped to the ceiling fan in a few steps, and spun around with the third-speed electric fan.


“You fucking come down and talk.”

“Oh .”

Da Huang jumped down again and squatted on the table: “I said that humans are a very stupid race, they are arrogant and don’t know it, when I still own the temple I I know.”

There are only three golden lights on the opposite side, Thunder Dragon Da Huang and Sister Gou. Sister Gou never talks nonsense. Although Da Huang is a bit frustrated now, he was good at that time. It is also a god, and Thunder Dragon has been given a hush fee.

But even Da Huang knew it in his heart that the few who just walked out were just a bunch of stinky fish and rotten shrimp, not worth mentioning at all. But how to say it, in fact, this is a normal operation for human beings, and it is not to be said to be annoying or other, because this is one of the abilities of human beings to get to today – not admit defeat.

Although Da Huang looks like a fool most of the time, but in essence he is the most intelligent one in this room, after all, he has experienced enough time and has ups and downs in his life. , From a Guardian God gradually reduced to a pet, it is impossible to see the truth of the world.

“Huang Er.”

“Dry hair?”

Thunder Dragon said to Da Huang while cooking, “You must never talk to Da Huang. Zhang Yao is doing something wrong. There is someone on Grandfather Pi, but the Qingqiu family is also a Royal Family. It’s not a problem to save her life. You are really going to be punished, you know what I mean Right?”

“I’m just a swindler of canned food. If you are a consultant, you can eat canned food. Who would want to eat cat food here. But why didn’t you mention that human Zhang Yao?”

“Is she a fucking demon? You still think you’re a god, obediently and honestly be a cat demon, accepting the reality won’t hurt you.”

Da Huang was silent , From the cat god to the cat demon has been the biggest stain in his long life, he never wanted to mention it, and the collapse of the Egyptian gods has also become a warning for other gods, otherwise they would not be so fiery. Let Brother Zhang let go of the control.

If human beings really don’t need them anymore, these civilized pirates will become civilized beggars, which will be miserable.

While they were chatting, Zhang Yao and his entourage also sat in the cafe. They ordered a cup of coffee by themselves and watched the clumsy Diners deliver it to them. A lot of mean things but I don’t know how to say it, because that Dinersdale really doesn’t look like a pretense, she cheering excitedly after every successful delivery is like celebrating herself from the bottom of her heart, and then she will Bounces to the counter, picks up a potato chip, and puts it in his mouth with an air of enjoyment, as if rewarding himself.

As for the other waiters, I can’t fault it, because those girls really have fragrance, and the fragrance is not attractive, it is a pure flower and fruit fragrance, a very natural and tranquil fragrance, smell it It’s easy after that.

To sum up, all the charms are the eyes of those dog men, and dog men really deserve to be damned!

“Here you are! Do you want to try our new coffee?” Jin Mei stepped forward and asked Zhang Yao with a smile, “Try it for free.”

This sun The same woman is really annoying. She stands there, enough to make people look up. Even Zhang Yao just opened his mouth and said softly: “Thank you…”

“Wait then.”

(End of this chapter)

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