What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 154


Chapter 154 The situation in life… elusive.

“This coffee will have a very special fruity aroma in the mouth, but it does not dilute the taste of the coffee itself, but makes it less sour and astringent. Maybe heavy coffee hobby people don’t like this light taste. , but as far as I’m concerned, I think it’s ok, but it would be better if you can add a little more to the original taste of coffee.”

Zhang Yao has eaten and seen it before, she can easily put a thing The quality of the coffee is very clear, and when she spoke, Jin Mei used a small book to record the whole process, looking sincere and humble, and in the process of their constant coffee tasting, Jin Mei’s side of the fruit plate, snacks She didn’t break it at all, and she didn’t see the same thing when she finished eating it, and how delicate the things she brought up were, even Zhang Yao felt shocked when she took a bite, especially the dried peaches, other people’s preserved fruits. After soaking it with sugar, it tastes like a sweet and sour taste, but the preserved fruit of Jinmei tastes full of fruity aroma, neither sour nor sweet, it has the taste of fresh fruit but there is no fruit yet. The unique astringency taste really makes people eat a lot of them accidentally.

They sat there for four hours, and when they came out, it was as if they had been hungry for three days and then went to a buffet. They could barely lift their feet.

Obviously it was aggressive to find fault, but when I left, I found that I was being fed like a pig. The mood at that time can be described as unimaginable, but the problem is that as long as it is reasonable No one can find this trouble, and what’s more important is the attitude of the opposite party, which is very good. That woman named Jin Mei doesn’t seem to see that they are looking for trouble.

I originally thought it would be a cockfighting tournament, or a court battle and a war of words. But in the end, it’s scientific pig raising…

“This woman has a lot of background. Next time, the old man will visit Longtan again.”

“I think you are greedy.” Zhu Zhenzhen Beside him, he criticized Grandfather Pi and said: “You have a little backbone, okay?”

“I want to find fault too, but she called me baby, and she gave me chicken legs…”

Zhang Yao pursed his lips and was silent for a moment, then straightened up: “Retract the troops today, and fight another day.”

Thunder Dragon saw a few of them returned in low spirits after failing from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and couldn’t help it. He laughed out loud, turned his head and looked towards Huang Dieer who came to him and said: “They want to fight with the Queen Mother of the West, maybe they are more tender. The Queen Mother of the West doesn’t understand the human world, but she is in charge of the three thousand fairies. Thousands of women, this is much more terrifying.”

Huang Die’er held her cheeks and looked at Zhang Yao and the others and said, “Is it a common man, who can avoid it. But this is also common has several points of cuteness, but nothing loud and annoying.”

Thunder Dragon laughed a few times, my wife, except that it’s weird to be a man at night, the rest is really Full marks, when I chat with her, I really don’t have the kind of irritability with ordinary women, and even has several points of surprises every once in a while.

“By the way, do you have a family in this body now?”

“Yes, I have a video with them every night, I said that I found a job here and lived a very good life. Alright.” Huang Die’er leaned on the chair and sighed softly: “Since I have accepted other people’s bodies, then I have to live on their behalf, this can be considered a chance.”

Thunder Dragon nodded and said: “Then you will go back one day, how do you explain when the time comes?”

“And when the time comes, there are still several months, at worst when the time comes, ask the Holy Master for a favor, what does it matter.” Huang Die’er sighed, “I always ask the Holy Master, some sorry.”

“Your Holy Master is now receiving Divine As for the King, I don’t know when the reception will be.”

“Divine King? What level?”

Thunder Dragon scratched his face: “You asked me what to squeeze, It’s not easy for me to explain, but the boss said that the civilization that the Divine King once destroyed is described in trillions and trillions, and the first 90% of them are higher than ours.”

“Fortunately, there is the Holy Master.”

In fact, it was quite stable for a period of time after that. There was no news of Zhang Yao’s battle every other day. The business of the cafe is getting more and more prosperous. The well-known Internet celebrity check-in point has an endless stream of suitors, including the rich and powerful, but they don’t seem to have made any special progress except for contributing a lot of turnover every day, regardless of whether it is a coffee shop. The head of the family, or those young and beautiful waiters don’t seem to have the idea of marrying into a wealthy family. They are polite to everyone, but they are only polite. Immortal Qi’s fluttering alienation and refusal always make people feel heartbroken.

In fact, it’s not that no one wants to impress these girls with the old-fashioned hero saving the beauty method, but as long as it’s a GZ person, no matter how vicious it is, as soon as I hear it After picking up the business in Chang’an Lane, they could buy tickets for a green leather car and go north to Harbin to sell sweet potatoes overnight.

As for why, there is actually no reason, because Chang’an Lane has been a restricted area many years ago. It is said that there is something terrifying in it, but no one dares to verify it personally, but I heard that even a mad dog that goes in and bites people runs out with a lame leg.

Later, it wasn’t that no one was in the cafe to fight for love, but usually it was to call the police, or to shake the Thunder Dragon.

Thunder Dragon is all about fighting monsters. Beating people is not the same as playing. Basically, after people were thrown out of the cafe for several days in a row, it was peaceful here.

“I brought you a lot of gifts today.”

One day about twenty days later, Jin Mei walked into the milk tea shop from outside before closing time, and his hands Carrying a box that weighs about 80 kg, the ground can feel a shock when the box falls on the ground.

But Thunder Dragon didn’t seem to be surprised at all, he hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Why bother you to run in person.”

Jin Mei said with a smile: “It’s okay. , this is the gift I received this month, I really can’t put it down there, you can take it and look at it.”


Jin Mei helplessly sighed: “Yeah, gifts. Many of them put down the gifts and ran away, and I can’t help it.”

Thunder Dragon immediately opened the box and looked at it. There are various gift boxes in Kaifeng, including precious things such as jewelry and watches. From Jin Mei’s words, you can probably tell that she doesn’t want to receive gifts at all, but the problem is that many people either secretly left gifts to be cleaned. The hygienic maid found that either she quickly put the gift in front of Jin Mei and then disappeared and never showed up again.

Although everything that can be refunded has been refunded, but after a month, I still have a big box full of them.

“This is too expensive…” Thunder Dragon picked up an ivory comb: “Go, is this illegal?”

Jin Mei chuckled and turned to leave: “It’s up to you.”

Thunder Dragon is not a detached person, but he doesn’t know the goods, and there are some exclusive items for women, so he put a few poor friends into the night. Called over.

Xu Wei, Grandfather Pi, and Huang Die’er came to the milk tea shop after being disturbed by Chunmeng. After seeing the box on the ground, the three of them basically had the same expression, and they were still dozing… on the spot Sober up.

These three poor women just squatted on the ground and sorted them out. They first sorted the fakes aside, although Thunder Dragon didn’t know when his wife could easily tell the truth from the fake. Louis Vuitton bags, but they are really super efficient.

There is probably one third of this box that is fake, and even the fakes are worth a lot of money, and the remaining 2/3/2022 are all genuine, and they will be These gifts are graded, a grade above 10,000 yuan, a grade below 10,000 yuan, and another grade below 3,000, a few people are analyzing ka ka like a courier.

While Thunder Dragon looked at the love letters and contact details that were sorted out and included in the gift, it was really colorful.

These love letters are roughly divided into three categories. The first category is the simplest, which is a contact method. This is basically a test of the water. The gifts they send are generally not very expensive, and most of them are cosmetics. Ah, perfume and the like, it’s okay to be a fair lady and gentleman, right? The second category is the kind that is more affectionate but has little information, basically just a note with a sentence copied from the Internet, which can completely move oneself, such as something like “he showers with Ruoruo. Xue, this life is also considered a total of whiteheads.” But this type of people has better economic conditions, and the things they give are all high-grade, thousands of tens of thousands or even 100,000 grades are here.

The last category is more interesting, that is, it can write a long love letter, which is very nauseous, as much as it wants to be mushy, Thunder Dragon once thought that love letters are dead, but now it seems There seem to be some signs of recovery.

This type of person is usually relatively young. Although they write love poems, the gifts they send are generally not very good, but they think they are ingenious and classic. Among the gifts given by these people, there are twelve pieces of this Li heart-shaped stone of the same style, as well as a series of crystal balls, cosmetic boxes, and foundation sets of the same style of a certain treasure “Girlfriends are moved to cry when they meet them.” There is a certain sound and a hand who strongly recommends a number of Internet celebrity products.

But some people are really attentive and ingenious…

“I do! What is this!?”

The Grandfather who is sorting things Pi suddenly screamed, and then took out a fluorescent green stone in his hand: “Which pretty boy gave it? There won’t be nuclear radiation, right?”

Because of the inexperience of being used to Grandfather Pi , Huang Die’er will not correct her now, but just took the stone suspected of nuclear radiation from her hand and observed it carefully.

“Isn’t this the Spirit Sword stone?” Huang Die’er handed the stone to Thunder Dragon in surprise: “Look at it.”

“It’s really the Spirit Sword stone. “

Grandfather Pi was taken aback: “What is the Spirit Sword stone?”

“Why are you all discussing the Spirit Sword stone?” Xu Wei raised her head and held a watch: ” Authentic green water ghost! The market price is at least 15,000…”

(end of this chapter)

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