What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 155


Chapter 155 does not have that worldly desire.

A box of valuable and invaluable things are placed there. These poor girls can really be said to be eye-opening. Among them, Grandfather Pi is the saddest, because when she was doing pornography, she called a good husband to change it. She came here to offer a reward, and now seeing that this box looks like Captain Jack’s treasure chest, Gu Ying feels sorry for herself.

Xu Wei, it’s almost the same, but it’s relatively better than Grandfather Pi. Her family is actually quite poor. The whole university is paid for tuition with grants and scholarships. I enjoyed it, and even in college, I never fell in love. Although there were people chasing her, she was not good enough to attract the attention of the rich second generation. The most extravagant thing was to have a meal of 100 on the day of graduation. Fifty-eight buffets.

Then she almost died here because of online dating and looking for a job, and then she dealt with cats and dogs every day for a year, but after all, she was also a girl, after meeting people like Zhang Yao and Zhu Zhenzhen She is a little envious of the luxury life of her life, so in her spare time, she will also read some introductions about luxury goods on the Internet. Although she can’t afford it, it will not delay her becoming an expert.

In the end, the most interesting thing was probably Huang Die’er. Huang Die’er didn’t care about the gifts. Unlike the other two people who rummaged through boxes and cabinets, she held a Spirit Sword stone the size of a pigeon’s egg. I placed it on the counter and looked at it carefully. This Spirit Sword stone is not high grade, but it has not appeared for many, many years.

In fact, this thing is not a stone, but a crystal formed by Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi in a particularly abundant place. Usually the structure is very stable, but when it encounters an external impact, it will release a large amount of energy. energy.

The usefulness of this thing is also very interesting, it can be used for cultivator to absorb a part of Spiritual Qi and continue to provide cultivation when Spiritual Qi is insufficient, so since Qin and Han dynasties, there will be Sects stationed in various famous mountains and rivers, are they really? Going into seclusion is hard to say, anyway, whoever has the Spirit Sword over there will survive when Spiritual Qi is weak at the back, and then slowly struggling on whilst at death’s door until the next recovery.

A recovery lasts for about one hundred to two hundred years. During these two hundred years, various legends will emerge, and in the next thousand years or more, these legends will wither without Sects that can survive are eventually reduced to scenic spots.

Now that the Spirit Sword stone appears again, the meaning of it is self-evident, that is, the red dust is reopened, and those sects will come out to continue the unfinished fate.


“en. ” Thunder Dragon held the Spirit Sword stone under his nose and sniffed: “It doesn’t smell much.”

“Get up, are you a dog? Go and smell everything. If this thing used to be, one piece could be exchanged for a lot of money. Now it’s worthless at this stage, but since someone took it out to pick up girls, I guess those descendants Sects have reappeared in the arena.”

The origin of the local spell is in Laozi, and then the disciples under Laozi developed different Sects, but they are mainly divided into French and Fang, and alchemists It is an alchemist, with the medium as a guide, the stronger the medium, the more powerful the spell can be displayed, but the perverts like Qing Lingzi are not included in this list, he has both methods, and he is also a great alchemist, one-click conversion Invincible.

The more appropriate name for warlock should be a wizard, just like Thunder Dragon is a classic wizard, you must not be called a wizard, because there is a difference between the word and the teacher, then directly The seniority has been lowered by dozens of grids.

This taxi is a taxi of the scholar-peasant industry and commerce, and a taxi of the scholar-bureaucrat.

Later, because the alchemist group was taken away by his Zhao Zheng, and he didn’t even have time to inherit, so from the Qin Dynasty, warlock became the mainstream, and then warlock integrated some techniques of the previous alchemists, Going out alone, several branches were opened, and then the different branches gradually spread over the long years, and finally formed the spell Grand Era that started 1,500 years ago.

So people are familiar with the content, such as Controlling Sword Flight, five ghosts, wall penetration, turning stone into gold, these are actually developed by the combination of alchemists and magicians at the beginning s things.

Later, because of the arrival of civilized pirates, many contents were modified and optimized by them, and gradually formed the current situation thirteen hundred years ago. Finally, after the improvement and innovation of experts in the past, it finally reached the Today, basically 90% of it is lost.

Of course, inheritance is still there, but this thing is useless, and the five ghosts are not as good as Jiefang Kaka, Controlling Sword Flight can’t catch up with the green train, and the meaning of wall penetration is useless. If you know where it is, whoever touches the stone will become gold, and who knows that it is a blindfold. Now everyone has learned to be smart, and it is easy to get yourself into it if you can’t deceive people. Over time, no one will learn this stuff.

Is it a cultural treasure? Um? So why not? But it has also really reached a precarious point, because when practitioners in an industry have problems even making a living, the industry is destined to become a toy for a small group of people to have nothing to do, but this toy entry is not only There is a threshold, and it still picks people, so Dharma End Era is here.

Sometimes the times throw away something and will not say hello.

In the past, this group of people were called shi, because they could become a high-ranking person with their own craftsmanship, but now they at least have to go to graduate school, right? In this era, after the end of the law for a long time, I no longer believe in the living Divine Immortal. Compared with the Divine Immortal, which is illusory and pretentious, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology will never pretend to be in front of the ordinary person. Learn to understand If you don’t understand it, you can feel at ease and be a fool.

This is too far away. Looking back at the current problem itself, the appearance of the Spirit Sword stone means that those sects have finally begun to recover. In theory, these sects will be allies of the Twelve Spirits, because the direct descendants Well. But theories are theories, and the reality doesn’t know how cruel it is. Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are intrigues. The reliability of these descendants Sect is not even as good as a dog.

After chatting with Huang Dieer for a while, Thunder Dragon put the Spirit Sword stone in the iron box in the cabinet, then got up and shouted to the two guys who were dividing the spoils: “You are almost done. ?”

“It’s really outrageous.” Xu Wei stood up, she extended the hand with thirteen rings on ten fingers and looked under the light: “You can do whatever you want if you look good. Is it?”

“You’re really right, if you look good, you can do whatever you want.” Huang Dier turned around and said with a smile: “You two, stop messing with Zhang Yao, they will give you You are so embarrassed that you have given so many things?”

Grandfather Pi just grabbed the heavy plastic bag in her hand, and didn’t say a word for a long time, how reluctant she was to choose the baby she had worked so hard for for a long time. Most clearly, her expression was stiff for a long time, and she repeatedly looked down at her plastic bag several times.

“Why doesn’t she care about these babies at all?” Grandfather Pi suddenly looked up and asked, “Is she very rich?”

Thunder Dragon and Huang Die’er spoke in unison replied : “I don’t know.”

The tacit understanding between the two is unusual, after all, they were both blocked by Jin Mei, and Grandfather Pi looked at them suspiciously, tilting his head and looking confused .

At this moment, at the edge of the solar system, an abnormal distortion suddenly appeared in space, and then a slender flying object about three meters long appeared out of thin air from inside. It was flexible. Entering this space, and then turned around and started to flash the lights, and while the lights were flashing, many small drones appeared on both sides of it, and the drones were distributed, forming a clear path.

About seven minutes later, the space just now suddenly pulsed like a heart, and then a huge hexagonal-shaped aircraft slowly protruded its head through the space.

After the spacecraft with the size of the moon was completely released, thousands of spacecraft of different shapes flew out from the space behind it. Headed in the direction of Earth.

These vehicles entered the curvature space after about 19 minutes, and it took less than 40 minutes to reach more than 20,000 kilometers on the far side of the moon. After starting the synchronous orbit zero-gravity mode , The creatures on the huge fleet looked at the quiet and peaceful planet in front of them, first fell into a strange silence, and then all of them celebrated frantically.

These creatures that looked no different from humans took off the Battle Armor on their bodies, sealed all their weapons, and then directly threw a stargate from the mother ship to the back of the moon, and then the stargate was activated, huge The energy instantly enveloped the moon, and then the giant mother ship began to disintegrate, one third took the atmospheric transformation system to the fire star, one third stayed on the moon, and the remaining one third split again and divided into hundreds of high-tech probes Ships, the longest are hundreds of kilometers in length, and the smallest is only as big as a locomotive.

The larger ones headed for the geologically, climatically harsh Venus and Mercury, the smaller ones headed straight for Earth, plunging headlong into the deep ocean before the world’s radar failed to respond.

The last advance ship quickly restarted and moved quickly along the continental shelf at the seabed.

“They’re here.” Divine King suddenly raised his head and said to Brother Zhang at the moment, “I didn’t expect them to drive over to their city, these monsters…”

“So their city is also a spaceship?”

“Yes, as a creature that can reproduce 120 generations in 30 years, any living area that cannot be disassembled and moved is very important. For them, they are all cages, and all their expansion is to adapt to breeding.”

Brother Zhang was speechless, he originally thought that these rabbits would only come to a few representatives, but he did not expect to come this time. The rabbit actually drove directly to a city.

Ten minutes later, on the coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, three brawny men in tight clothes slowly walked out of the water. They took off the respiratory protection on their heads and raised their heads to take a deep breath.

“I smell the smell of my hometown.”

One of them exclaimed: “The smell of the mother star.”

And as the three-person squad Small Captain, the guy at the head is extraordinarily strong, and he looked around vigilantly: “You must remember, try not to do anything to change the direction of civilization, we are not here to conquer this time, this is the home planet.”


A few of them pressed the button on the clothes, and the tight clothes on them immediately became the style with the largest proportion of the clothes that can be scanned on the street. On average, it made them look like they were instantly turned into dockers.

“We are here to meet the Guardian under the order of the First Assistant, you don’t want to lose the face of the Empire.” Captain Rabbit said solemnly again: “Also, it is not allowed to harass the individual who is the Sect Master He, otherwise I’ll let you know what cruelty is.”

The morbid worship of human beings for many years has made them also full of morbid love for Earth, even in the face of Earth, which is so backward in civilization, they still take a bite A suzerain called and called Earth itself the home planet.

The three rabbits immediately entered the high-speed mode after determining the signal position. They didn’t need any external force at all. They only needed to speed up and run. Arrived in the city in a few minutes.

After entering the urban area, their pace slowed down, but the implanted chips were constantly analyzing all the data here, and seeing countless real humans who were not transformed, these three The blood vessels of a rabbit are all excited.

“Captain, this is the real suzerain right? Their structure is too perfect, and every evolutionary direction is perfectly in line with the development route of advanced civilization.”

“Shut up , don’t draw too much attention.” Captain whispered: “Activate the spiritual translation system.”

“So primordial…so cute…like…”

Received the surrounding After the language information, the three rabbits were amazed at such a backward human civilization. Perhaps as Divine King said, as long as it is a carbon-based creature, it is basically difficult to escape the influence of emotions.

Divine King didn’t express his opinions on personal preferences after he came here, but these rabbits clearly showed their sincere likes, obviously the level of technology is almost the same.

“I can’t believe that we were created by such excellent creatures.” One of the rabbits saw an eighty-year-old man sitting at the door drinking tea, and a little scan found At the age of eighty-two, he could not help expressing his heartfelt admiration: “The average lifespan of human beings is around seventy Earth years, which is about the length of 2/3/2022 centuries, and according to our measured technological changes In terms of frequency, the seventy-year Earth year can just complete the overlap of two generations of technology, and human beings can smoothly carry out technological transition, instead of being caught off guard like us. The progress of the future suzerain will definitely surpass us.”

The rabbits commented like this, until their three people came to the signal point, which is in front of Brother Zhang and Divine King.

“Guardian, it’s the Guardian! As I told you, humans are really lucky, the Guardian’s appearance rate is unbelievably low, but we saw the Guardian alive today!”

“Guardian, it’s the Guardian!” p>

Brother Zhang turned his head to the Divine King and said, “Are they all so secretive?”

“We will never hack into them when they are at war. The battlefield command system, because too much noise will interfere with our normal command.”


(end of this chapter)

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