What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 156


Chapter 156 special battle sequence is ready.

“The Chief Knight Captain of the Seventy-Second Army of the Imperial Guard Corps and the Head of the Alien Advance Regiment, pays the utmost respect to the esteemed homeworld Guardian.”

“You… have no names. ?”

Brother Zhang took a look after taking the brand name card handed over by the other party, there was only a string of strange characters on the top, but there was a translated content on the bottom, and the identity code was written on the top. The only thing is that the rabbit followed a long series of numbers and even put an ellipsis, but the characters on the head were very short, which made Brother Zhang feel very magical.

“Name? That’s a very luxurious thing.” Captain Rabbit laughed: “If we use names, the repetition rate of our names is too high, so we use random expression formulas. For example My code name is Pi 183,527 to 185,752, plus our special formula encoding, so our name can be controlled very short and There will be no repetition.”

It is indeed a high-level civilization, and such a large amount of digital content can be expanded in just a few characters.

Next to Divine King explained: “They are not the same as ours. We belong to the array mode, that is, an array can share the same number, and the largest of this array can be a galaxy. , the smallest can cover a planet, so I don’t have such pain.”

“Sit first.” Brother Zhang pointed to the chairs in front of him: “It’s been hard for you to come from afar. .”

“It’s not hard, we are very happy to be able to find the suzerain world. In the past tens of thousands of years, we have been in different universes, just to find the same kind or Sovereign civilization. In our cultural system, cultural space has always been reserved for the sovereign civilization. This time, we will come here to learn the language, living environment and adaptable galaxy of the sovereign civilization, and then we will put a complete galaxy in our world. It should be transformed into a geological condition suitable for the continuation of the suzerain civilization, as the last retreat for the suzerain civilization in the event of an accident in the future.”

Xiao Zhang thinks these rabbits are quite interesting, and they are still dead after so many years. Staring at the civilization that created itself in the first place, this is how much love it must be.

“We also, under the order of Lord Shoufu, left three key node technologies and supporting development plans on the back of the moon that can promote the development of the sovereign civilization, which will not unduly affect the local science and technology ecology. It is also possible to make the suzerain civilization itself have a certain resistance to external attacks as much as possible. These three technologies are extra-atmospheric infrastructure technology and supporting defense solutions. Controllable nuclear fusion and stellar energy gathering technology, as well as the future five Breakthrough directions and supporting application solutions within ten years. Long-distance interstellar travel and interplanetary travel key technology nodes, as well as related application solutions. These are relatively basic scientific node projects, but Lord Shoufu believes that once the suzerain civilization masters these technologies , within 150 years, we will be able to meet the suzerain civilization in the hub galaxy.”

Brother Zhang actually doesn’t understand technology very well, he sells fried skewers and talks about this stuff I really don’t know what to do, but when people report there, he can only sit there and listen. In comparison, the content on the secret technique side is easier to understand, and the science side is too hard-core for him.

After listening to this report, Brother Zhang curiously asked: “Are you really rabbits?” The hat, the two ears popped out in one fell swoop. Brother Zhang couldn’t help laughing when he saw these two ears, and even the two companions of the head of the rabbit laughed out loud. , it can be seen that even within them, it is a very strange and funny thing to keep rabbit ears.


Brother Zhang’s apology made the head of the rabbit look slightly better, then he put on his hat again, and said to Brother Zhang : “It’s us who should say sorry, Lord Shoufu, in order not to pollute the genes of the suzerain civilization as much as possible, so the team that came to visit the suzerain civilization this time are all males, and all the males voluntarily injected the medicines that block reproduction.”

“Huh?” Brother Zhang was in a trance. His intelligence level may be fine, but his cognitive level really can’t keep up with these bunnies. Injecting reproductive barrier drugs, is there any connection between the two?

“Imperial law states that no one can interfere with a female’s reproductive freedom, not even herself. Males are free to reproduce if they want to. And our species has a super reproductive capacity ability, and because we have been trying to imitate the genetic form of the suzerain civilization for many years, we are not sure whether there is reproductive isolation with the suzerain civilization, and if there is no reproductive isolation, then we have a high probability of contaminating the genetic purity of the suzerain civilization. Because our genes have major defects, our lifespan is extremely short, so once the genes of the suzerain civilization are polluted by us, things will move towards unpredictable development. We were all voluntarily injected with anti-reproductive drugs.”

Hearing this explanation, Brother Zhang was shocked, no wonder these rabbits have developed to a high level of civilization, their social organization ability and group ability They are very strong and have a high degree of obedience. Although their lifespan is short, it is as it should be by rights for them to dedicate everything to their own race and civilization.

Under such circumstances, how could they not develop.

Of course, Brother Zhang also felt sorry for not being able to see the bunny girl, but he thought it was interesting that the bunny empire had an orderly energy in the chaos. This state of being in the middle of order and chaos, It is really a rare special civilization.

“Shoufu-sama also said that at some point in the future he will come to meet the Guardian in person, and before that, I will fully replace him to complete the agreement with the Guardian and the suzerain civilization. For this reason We carried three thousand tsunami-grade Star Core bombs and five sets of Genesis this time.”

β€œWhat is Genesis?”

β€œThe interstellar interspace strike weapon system, which can perform super Long-distance delivery of galaxy destruction weapons.”

Divine King leaned over and said to Brother Zhang: “This system has never been used even when we were at war with us. This is the most desperate counterattack device. What they should be doing is a single-line non-return mission.”

“Yes, we have no return plan, and our mobile city has no return plan, and we will become the suzerain civilization alien barrier from generation to generation, maybe We are not the strongest in the multiverse, but we are invincible in the suzerain civilization universe.” Head Rabbit glanced at Brother Zhang: “Except for Guardian. According to records, we once wandered among countless civilizations. , There are countless wars of large and small, but the few defeats are in the hands of civilizations that have Guardians. The existence of Guardians is an unsolved mystery among the universes, and it is the Peak of idealism.”

Brother Zhang helplessly laughed, then raised his head and looked at the three rabbit people in front of him: “You have an average of thirty in your lifespan, so how old are you now?”

Just what he thinks , These three rabbitmen seem to be very strong men, all of them are full of pimples, and there is a very interesting point, that is, these rabbitmen are obviously super-strengthened and have most of them. The unparalleled power of man.

But like what Divine King said, there always seems to be a lock in their genes, which keeps them stuck on the borderline of short-lived species, otherwise no one knows what kind of super will be born. monster.

“I’m eight years old.” The head of the rabbit then pointed to his companions behind him: “They are four and five years old.”

Eight years old?

Brother Zhang looked at the head of the rabbit in front of him. He was about 1.95 meters tall and had a strong body like a bear. He could see his bulging chest muscles through the clothes. age?

“Eight years old…”

“I was selected to be a member of the Imperial Family Guard at the age of three, promoted to the deputy captain of the Knight regiment at the age of six, and became the captain of the regiment at the age of eight. “The head of the rabbit said seriously: “As a member of the Knight regiment, I until now shoulder the mission of guarding the capital.” Eight-year-old rabbit. Although he clearly understands that this matter can’t be viewed from Earth’s eyes, the problem is that this thing is too much, so it’s very inconsistent.

And didn’t expect At this time, the head of the rabbit actually stood up and saluted Brother Zhang: “Guardian, I have a presumptuous request.”

“Please say.” Brother Zhang looked at the frightened and flustered rabbit curiously: “Don’t be so restrained.”

“That’s it, as one of the few individuals who has completed four genetic modifications, I have the strongest civilization in our country. Great physical ability and combat capability, but I’ve always wondered where the gap between me and the Guardian is, can you allow me to challenge you once?”

Oh…that’s what happened, little Brother Zhang heard Divine King say that although these rabbits are rabbits, they are rare top martial races in the universe. They are not only aggressive but also full of curiosity about unknown things. When chatting with Divine King before, he It was said that these rabbits are likely to challenge the Guardian when they arrive.

But the problem is that Brother Zhang can’t fight. Most of his skills are rule power, or the kind of complete mental ability. He only fights once in his life or when he was six years old. A stray dog haunting Chang’an Lane… He still lost.

“But I can’t fight.” Brother Zhang said seriously: “I don’t know how to accept the challenge.”

“Just… I attack you? Or you attack me Please be sure to satisfy my small hope, thank you.” Head Rabbit bowed to the end, making Brother Zhang very embarrassed and sorry.

“Okay then.” Brother Zhang helplessly laughed, then he raised his head and asked, “Do you need a different place?”

“As you like.”


Brother Zhang thought for a while and thought it was better not to be in the real space, so he reached out and snapped his fingers to enter the phantom space, and by the way he brought Divine King and the others in, Divine King felt the changes in the surrounding space and began to record data frantically, but the head of the rabbit did not have this ability, but just continued to wait there.

“Okay.” Brother Zhang got up and said, “Then try it.”

“many thanks.” The head of the rabbit said after thanking: “Then…I Can you use weapons?”

“Whatever you want.”

After receiving an affirmative answer from the Guardian, Captain Rabbit started the battle sequence on his body, and then his body was immediately covered with a set of shapes. Covered by the peculiar single soldier armor, this set of equipment looks quite cool… It has a strong sci-fi style, and from the level of the armor to the teeth, the head of the rabbit is probably as he said it is theirs The individual battle strength Peak in the world.

“Can we start?”

Brother Zhang looked at the armed Rabbit leader in front of him. He was also curious about how this sci-fi warrior would attack him. But didn’t expect what he saw was that Captain Rabbit pulled out a metal lance from the weapon slot behind him.

The two ends of the metal lance have plasma flames, which is quite handsome.


tone barely fell , and the head of the rabbit came to Brother Zhang with a jet of acceleration. The speed at this moment is absolutely amazing, because Even Brother Zhang didn’t see his trajectory, he just felt something activated, and then others came to him.

But he guessed it was some kind of space technology, because when the head of the rabbit reappeared, his movements were like slow motion in the eyes of Xiao Zhang, and the movement traces of the lance in his hand Can see clearly.

The fact that Brother Zhang can’t fight doesn’t mean that others can beat him. The actions of Captain Rabbit that even a high-speed camera can’t capture is no different from slow motion in Brother Zhang’s view. All the so-called stereo maneuvers become a joke in the face of absolute high-speed capture.

But this time, Brother Zhang didn’t fight back, he just ducked to the side, and after he ducked, the opponent’s attack was judged not to hurt him, so the speed of the head of the rabbit was naturally also returned to normal.

Lance’s total annihilation is quite domineering, but he was surprised to find that his attack failed, and then he almost instinctively turned on the dodge setting on Battle Armor, and then went up and down all over his body. All sprayed out ion beams, changing his trajectory, allowing him to adjust to the best fighting stance again in a short period of time.

By the time of the second attack, Brother Zhang probably knew his battle pattern and didn’t embarrass him too much. He just flicked his lance with his hand, and then flashed again. beside.

But when the speed is restored again, the energy brought by the action of flicking the lance directly blew the head of the rabbit out, and the lance also flew out. In the air, the material collapsed and all split. up and in pieces.

Maybe on Brother Zhang’s side, he has done a lot of things, but in the eyes of Head Rabbit and his subordinates, even if the Guardian did nothing, he was destroyed. The gap can no longer be filled by technological capabilities.

“I always thought that the Guardian is high speed, but now I know that the Guardian can reduce the Time Flow Speed of the world line.” Divine King looked towards Brother Xiao Zhang said with a smile: “This is not at all. There’s a way to fight.”

Brother Zhang hehe smiled: “It’s just a passive skill.”

The two rabbitmen helped the head of the rabbit back, and his armor was already there. The bombed all split up and in pieces, and the weapons were completely disintegrated, but they didn’t even capture the Guardian’s movements…

Is this a bit outrageous? At least for Captain Rabbit, when has he suffered this grievance, not to mention that he only checked the conventional methods of capture from the human network database on the way to the appointment today, but now it seems… It is really not good to challenge the Guardian rashly. too wise.


The past few days I was in poor physical condition. The last time I had gout has lasted until today. I feel that one attack is longer than one attack. Maybe this is the end of my life. characteristic of it.

(End of this chapter)

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