What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 157


Chapter 157 Tutu rushes forward

To challenge the Guardian, it is not that they overestimate one’s capabilities, but that they are really martial, although They still have to give it a try even if they know they are not defeated, and although they are not completely ignorant about Guardian, they are very curious about how far Guardian can go.

Now they know that all their detectors and recorders just didn’t record any changes in energy, not even the displacement of the Guardian. Displacement by generating energy? And under what circumstances can he be blown away without generating energy?

Captain Rabbit has no doubts about Guardian’s ability, but he can’t understand Guardian’s ability. He is not a scientist, but he is a martial artist, but now in his eyes, Guardian seems a little unreasonable .

But fortunately, Divine King understands it clearly. The Guardian’s ability is idealism. He can materialize and nihilize any power. He is the unreality that actually exists in the real world. According to the relative speed theory, high speed can cause the feeling of time slowing down or suspending, but if there is no energy generated, then there is only one reason, that is, the Guardian was nothing at that moment, and the high speed of nothingness has no energy. Or the only way he can control Time Flow Speed without causing serious consequences.

In other words, at that moment the Guardian turned into light, a “nothingness” that was even lighter than light. Or the world becomes light at that moment, even a “nothingness” that is lighter than light.

But whether it is the world or him, there is no difference at that moment, because any two parties are not nothingness, and the price of moving at the upper limit speed of this universe is to make this world return to the starting point.

This is probably the true ability of the Guardian, rules…what a wonderful word, other rules change at the universe level, this is the dream place of all technology, but Divine King knows that this kind of thing is in It is not allowed at any time, because unless it is the natural birth of the universe, any technology requires constant trial and error, and the rules… as long as the trial and error is wrong once, the world will be gone, and the impossible will give a second chance .

No one dares to slap the chest and say that it can be a success even in cutting-edge science, that’s why Guardian Supreme, if he wants, he can even make water flow high, and the universe can change from expansion to change. into contraction.

This is the figurative projection of the classic high-dimensional creature, a living high-dimensional creature that can be perceived and touched.

In other words, he said that if there is light, the world will have light. He can create and destroy, he can deny everything in the world, and he can affirm all conditions, and the attribution of all this should belong to a person with specific thinking ability, but as for why this happens, Divine King didn’t know either, maybe… maybe… it was just a joke.

A joke that makes people didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Divine King can only comfort himself like this, after all, even he has no better explanation.

And the exclamation of the rabbits was over. They finally knew how powerful the Guardian was, but now the Divine King felt that the Guardian should not be called the Guardian. The more accurate name should be the collection of the will of the universe.

But it doesn’t matter, it’s just a title, everyone understands what the title means, and that’s enough.

haha, if the universe was a lifeform, what would it be like? Guardian gave the answer, this universe is like this, this character and this appearance.

However, it is certain that the figurative expressions of different universes are also different. They have different personalities, genders, appearances and even abilities. For example, all abilities become passive, or all characteristics are discretely distributed.

But it doesn’t matter, the Guardian of any world is the ultimate embodiment of idealism, that’s right, don’t mess with the Guardian This one will definitely be imprinted in the Divine King core from today.

Little Brother Zhang certainly didn’t know what the Divine King was thinking at the moment. He sat there and read the letter submitted by Captain Rabbit. This letter spanned three worlds, but it carried a civilization. The longing and admiration for another unfamiliar civilization.

This letter is written in high compression mode. It looks like a piece of paper, but it carries the customs, cultural characteristics and historical roots of the rabbit civilization. It contains the most classic music and the best look of the rabbits. The most shocking movies, the most shocking sculptures and the most cutting-edge technology, there are not many text descriptions, most of which are directly generated intracranial images through the high-compression information transmission device attached to this piece of paper, so even with so much content, if Reading it completely takes only five minutes to take all the information in the entire scene.

Brother Zhang quietly read the letter, but then he couldn’t help laughing. These rabbits are really the same as the human brain circuit. They all use this method to introduce themselves. I’m afraid that others don’t know what kind of stuff they are.

“As a special envoy, we will be temporarily stationed here for a period of time, and we will try our best to assist the Guardian in completing various matters related to the connection between the two worlds.” Head Rabbit handed the contact letter to Brother Zhang: “According to Lord Shoufu’s order, we will not interfere with the normal development of the suzerain civilization, and will only launch barriers when necessary to protect the suzerain civilization from being harassed by other civilizations. But in order to prevent the invasion of a higher level civilization, Lord Shoufu will be in ten Arrive in the solar system within five solar days to make contact with the Guardian.”

Brother Yang raised his head curiously and asked, “What kind of government are you? /p>

“Oh, please allow me to give you a brief explanation. Lord Shoufu is the translation of the translation software. In the administrative system of the empire, the emperor of the empire is permanently vacant, in order to commemorate the human beings who created us. Lord Shoufu is the highest executor of the Empire’s theory. Below him is the Stellar Council. There are nine departments within the Stellar Council, namely the Imperial Court, the Imperial Religious Court, the Imperial Armoury, the Imperial Treasury, the Imperial Communications Department, and the Imperial Court. The Development Department, the Imperial Arbitration Tribunal, the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the most important Imperial Central. Each department has its own direct army, and I am the Knight regiment of the God Saint King, which is affiliated to the Imperial Central.”

Brother Xiao Zhang wanted to stop him, because this guy is really a chatter. As long as he opens his mouth, he will not stop. Brother Zhang feels that he needs to ask such a question. He should have thought about the national system of these guys. The content will be very complicated, but didn’t expect them to be so complicated that each department has its own armed forces, which is too showy…

“The strongest among their nine armies is the god Saint King The National Knight Regiment, followed by the Imperial Taxation Force of the Ministry of Finance, and the third is the Magistrate of the Arbitration Tribunal.” Divine King said at this time: “These three armies have made me suffer, their equipment is advanced, fighting The will is very strong, and the individual ability is outstanding. Especially in the second silicon-carbon war, the Admiralty of their three armies blocked us from the hub Sector for three thousand years.”

Brother Zhang nodded , is probably understood.

“Okay, our work has been completed. In the next days, we will enter Earth to investigate the characteristics of the suzerain civilization in an all-round way. After the data is established, I believe that Lord Shoufu will show you. We redesigned the galaxy to deal with emergencies.”


Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Looking forward to that day.”

“It doesn’t take long, it only takes about 70 standard Earth days, and we can reproduce 99% of the creatures on Earth except humans, and then put them directly on the new planet, After the World Destruction War, the resources on that planet are enough for the second glory of the suzerain civilization.”

Although it sounds cruel, these rabbits are really capable, and they really do something. In any case, in their opinion, the fire of human civilization cannot be broken, and they will not consider whether the Guardian exists or not. Anyway, even if the solar system is discovered and stolen, they only need to rescue a group of humans urgently. Going to a new world can preserve the fire of civilization.

As for the most common ordinary person, they don’t actually care, just like they don’t care about the common individuals in their empire, because in their understanding, unless the last one is extinct, the individual in all civilizations Individuals can be denominators.

After all, not all civilizations will care about the right to life of their individual individuals, especially this kind of open-life race.

The bunny messenger left. Brother Zhang sat there, took a sip of coffee, and looked at the pile of things left by the bunny people in front of him. In addition to various introductions, there was also a separate A gift for the Guardian.

Brother Zhang slowly unpacked the box and slowly revealed what was inside. It turned out to be a statue of a man. This man looks very mighty, but it can be seen that it has been acquired art processing. ingredients are in it.

“Take it and take it.” Divine King turned his head sideways: “These nasty rabbits.”

“What’s wrong?” Brother Zhang took this material and made it from unknown materials. Statue: “This statue is quite delicate.”

“Yeah, of course it is exquisite. Because the human on it is the Holy Spirit Emperor of the Rabbits or the Holy God Martial Sovereign, they The biggest bad taste is to carve this ugly statue out of various materials, and then send it everywhere. The department I mainly contact with them is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their empire, and the rabbits in that department are also like this. They send me this every time I meet. I already have more than a thousand statues made of different shapes and varieties, and it is really uncomfortable to see it.”

Brother Zhang smiled extremely happily, because he was a rare opportunity to learn from Divine Seeing pain in King’s expression, being able to see pain in the face of such a wise man is actually a very happy thing.

(End of this chapter)

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