What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 158


Chapter 158 Divine Immortal Fight? That’s Zhong Kui’s Demon Demon!

Typhoon today.

Qing Lingzi sat by the bed and quietly watched the howling wind and torrential rain outside. After about a month of recuperation, his injury was almost healed, but his strength was greatly damaged because of the loss of the puppet. .

After this incident, Qing Lingzi deeply realized the inconvenience caused by the loss of his own skills, although it was also because he was too believe oneself infallible and plunged into the Formation of the Twelve Spirits. But if it weren’t for the fact that his strength was too severely depleted, he wouldn’t be so embarrassed that night.

So he decided to retreat for a while, and during this time, Sai Dongfeng was like a fish back in water, because Xu Fuxian ran away from the forces here overnight, and they left a lot of In order to compete for wealth space, some local groups in Taiwan are simply unable to compete with the ancient Old Senior like Sai Dongfeng, so he now undertakes many resources originally belonging to the Xu Fu family. Although it is hard work, his social status has been significantly improved. The son has moved from the rental house to the villa group in the wealthy area.

“Xinfengshen? That’s what they said?”

Sai Dongfeng walked into the room while picking up the phone. He hung up the phone and sat down beside Qing Lingzi.

“There is good news and bad news, which one do you listen to?”

Neither breathing nor exercise, the Qing Lingzi who was simply in a daze opened slowly He glanced at Sai Dongfeng, who was very dressed up and said, “Speak.”

“Okay, let me tell you the good news first. The good news is that I have officially taken over the business of the original Xu Fu Department. They Many people under his command have also come over, and the rest is to operate slowly.” Sai Dongfeng said with a smile: “We can become bigger and stronger in a short period of time and create greater glories.”


Seeing Qing Lingzi’s unflattering answer, Sai Dongfeng sneered: “Qing Lingzi, did you think you were the all-powerful prince? I’m the same, but I’m just a warlock in distress. You don’t have the qualification to be pessimistic about the situation. You said that you want to regain your strength, but I didn’t say anything. Your disdain is meaningless.”

Sai Dongfeng’s mouth is so powerful that he can’t stop talking, but Qing Lingzi slowly closed his eyes and waited for him quietly. stop. And after he stopped completely, Qing Lingzi said, “Enough said?”

“Enough said.”

“en. Tell the bad news.”

Sai Dongfeng snorted and continued: “The root of Xu Fu’s clan has not been found, but I found out that there are people from Jiang Shang here.”

Qing Lingzi’s eyes suddenly widened, and he looked at Sai Dongfeng in astonishment: “Jiang Shang?”

“Well, Jiang Shang.”

Hearing this name, Qing Lingzi Sucked in a breath of cold air, this Jiang Shang Department is not easy to deal with. As a Sect older than himself, Jiang Shang Department is neither a technique nor a law, they are sacrifices.

This is a very ancient Sect, so ancient that many things are nowhere to be found.

There is only one Investiture of the Gods known to the world, but the problem with Investiture of the Gods is that it was made up by a novel, and the truth is far more bloody and cruel than the content of the novel. At that time, Jiang Shangxi was said to have some ulterior ties to the Three Realms, and then in order to compete for the control of the lower realm, a proxy war came under it. It’s just rhetoric, strictly speaking, it’s a religious struggle covered in a political skin.

What Jiang Shang Department is best at is the sacrifice technique, the sacrifice of the living, the sacrifice of the dead, the sacrifice of the soul, the sacrifice of the dead, as long as they can think of things, they will sacrifice. And almost all the evil monster techniques in the world originated from the hands of Jiang Shang’s disciples.

Although there is no bad technique, it mainly depends on its use, but the problem is that as long as it is stained with these techniques, it is easy to go wrong. With just one living sacrifice, I ask where in the world there are so many people who are willing to be killed.

So as time went on, Jiang Shang Department became more and more linked to cults and cults, and finally, after many years, it was almost done by Qing Lingzi’s magic lineage. But didn’t expect this a centipede dies, but never falls, to see them alive again after more than two thousand years.

“If there is no accident, they have released us.” Sai Dongfeng whispered: “But they will not be so kind.”

Qing Lingzi rolled his eyes, He said softly: “It should be that they figured out the time for Spiritual Qi to revive, and want some of them to revive along with them. Maybe the Great Desolate Giant Beast or the ancestors, we are just incidental. “

“Well, I was just about to tell you about this. Someone under my command called just now. I heard a word over there, which is Xinfengshen.”

“Sure enough, hahahaha…” Qing Lingzi suddenly laughed: “If I can make him become, my Qinglingzi’s name will be changed. Come and write.”

“Zi Lingqing, I’m afraid you miscalculated this time, they have already become, the new conferred gods have been activated for some days, and they have become. It’s just like our souls are incomplete. , in the final stage of their sacrifice, one of the most critical links is missing.”

Qing Lingzi suddenly counted in his heart, I am afraid that Jiang Shang’s people did not expect that the twelve spirits have always existed. , and because of the interference of the twelve spirits, the resurrection plan was not very smooth, which caused their new conferring god plan to be unable to start normally according to the original time node.

But there is no doubt that they have definitely hoarded a lot of people now, and this Jiang Shang Department should be supported by a big consortium behind it, and it will not be as neat as the good-for-nothing Xu Fu Department. Heaven to limit the dog and steal chicken.

“Continue to check and find out where and what they are doing.” Qing Lingzi knew that he was not able to compete with those people, so he had an idea: “Then think of a way. Send their information to the Twelve Spirits.”

“You Qing Lingzi is still the Qing Lingzi, always doing things that have no butts, you are planning to let the Twelve Spirits To fight against them?”

“Otherwise? Can we rely on you, the old widow and me, the old widow? That would be a bit too overestimate one’s capabilities. Now you and I are both little shrimps under the fence. Live in peace, and slowly regain your strength, one day they will know that I, Qing Lingzi, could win once, and now I can win the second time.” Qing Lingzi sneered and said, “Just let go of your hands and feet, if If you have any difficulties, just speak.”

“You finally said something.” Sai Dongfeng sneered: “But this is really a Divine Immortal fight.”

“Divine Immortal fight? They deserve it too? When I recover, for them, it will be Zhong Kui’s subduing.”

(end of this chapter)

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