What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 159


The shadow behind Chapter 159 is Faintly discernible

Brother Zhang’s busy work has finally come to an end, and it is fortunate that I came here this time The civilizations investigated are all civilizations with higher scientific level, and there is no need for Brother Zhang to assist them. This is actually very convenient, because Divine King or Rabbit Man, they can take good care of them here. You can even help others with your own hands.

Sometimes, I’m afraid that a civilization with a strong single person ability but a low level of social development will come here as a guest. Before, Brother Zhang received a lost visitor from an A-Rank civilization. Said to be lost, in fact, he has become sanctified smashing void at the fleshy body, fleshy body smashing void, there is absolutely nothing to say about that person’s strength, anyway, it’s over if he is strong, but the problem is that after talking to him, little Brother Zhang discovered that the level of technological development in that person’s world was terrifyingly low, and it was basically equivalent to the Ming Dynasty of this world. Although everyone there is very good, the problem is that after this big guy came here, he was called a ignorant person. Brother Zhang was exhausted to receive him, but fortunately, the boss of Fleshy Body To Turn Into A God has settled here. After two years of study, the Martial Saint Level The boss is now the manager of a bookstore. It is said that he is doing a good job and even found a girlfriend.

On this day, it was just dawn, and Brother Zhang had already woken up. Because he does not need sleep, he usually wakes up as long as it is bright in the morning. After waking up, he quickly slipped into the street, sent the Divine King and Rabbit Man away, and now he was waiting for the top executive of Rabbit to come over to discuss the alliance.

Brother Zhang walked out of the still quiet street and sat there under a tree to start the daily fixed daze session. Now he is more and more likely to enter a daze state. He doesn’t think about anything and doesn’t care about anything, this kind of leisure is indeed addictive.

Actually speaking of which, Brother Zhang himself will not have many passive skills like Jin Mei. In other words, he is not only unable to ward off evil spirits, but also because of his transparent breath and spiritual power. He was stared at by strange things because of his characteristics, but it didn’t matter, he wasn’t afraid…

While Brother Zhang was in a daze, a man suddenly sat directly on the stool next to him, The man turned his head and smiled at Brother Zhang, and then asked in a very obscene voice: “Beautiful boy, alone.”

Brother Zhang slowly raised his eyelids and glanced at the person in front of him , and then gently complied: “en.”

“It’s just right, I’m alone. Do you listen to the story?”

The man mysteriously asked Brother Zhang, He could see something was wrong no matter from his demeanor or his eyes. Brother Zhang didn’t care too much about what was wrong with this man. Anyway, he said he wanted to tell a story to himself, so let’s tell the story. As for whether he is human or not Or is it a good person or something, Brother Zhang doesn’t care anyway.

“Beautiful boy, have you ever heard the story of looking for a substitute? It’s just some lonely souls looking for a substitute. They will turn into adults and get close to people, and then push people down high buildings or take advantage of them. It’s a stupefied fall into the water and drowning.”

Brother Zhang looked up at the sky: “I heard it.”

“That pretty boy, look at me now. !”

Brother Zhang looked over and found that the man beside him had changed into a ferocious face, with a miserable appearance and a ghost Qi on his body.

“Look.” Brother Zhang took a look and then continued to look up at the sky, silently in a daze.

And the man saw that he didn’t scare the people in front of him at all, so he turned into another terrifying appearance again and tried to make Brother Zhang lose his defense due to fear, but he found that he couldn’t interfere with the person in front of him. people.

“Hey, pretty boy, you don’t play your cards according to the routine.” The man returned to his previous appearance: “I’ve been performing here for a long time, so please give me some respect.”

Brother Zhang lowered his head, and then applauded softly: “Great.”

The ghost rolled the eyes out, then sat lazily on the bench and watched with Brother Zhang I got up: “Beautiful boy, solitary soul, unbound ghost is very lonely, I’ve been here for several decades, I just need to find some destined person who can see me to scare me, I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just want to find something for myself Lezi, it’s hard for you to perfunctory me like this.”

Brother Zhang snorted: “How did you die? Why haven’t you been reincarnated?”

The man laughed: ” You think I don’t want to, I can’t.”

He pointed to a mansion not far ahead: “My name is Zhou Asheng, born in 1942, came to Hong Kong in 1976 to seek a living, Dry mason. Well, my fellow villagers introduced me to work for the people in that house. When I was doing my job, the owner asked me to eat, so I would eat. After eating, I felt so sleepy. .”

Brother Zhang scratched his head: “That’s it?”

“Well, I can’t find my body, it seems that I was restrained by something, I asked around My ghost friends, they all said that I was grabbed by the owner and made a living pile to ensure the prosperity of his children and grandchildren. I can’t be reincarnated without a body, so I can only hang out here. I’m here every day, It’s just that I happened to see you today, so I plan to play with you.” The dead ghost said with a smile on his face: “People think ghosts are scary, but they don’t think about it, ghosts are also made by people, how can they be so scary? .”

“You’re already scary.” Brother Zhang took out his glasses from his pocket and put them on his face: “But for your miserable sake, I won’t care about you. “

“How can you still take me?”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer, just leaned there and looked in the direction the ghost man pointed at just now. at that gorgeous mansion. When he turned around, the sky was already bright, and the interesting ghost man had disappeared. At this time, Wugenshui hurriedly found it, and when he saw Brother Zhang sitting at the intersection, he put out a long breath. .

“Holy Lord, you left silently, which surprised me.”

Brother Zhang laughed, raised his finger and pointed to the house not far away: ” Who is this house?”

“This house? What’s wrong with this house?” Wugenshui searched his memory carefully: “Oh, I remembered, this house was the former real estate king in Hong Kong. It’s the first house he built after he developed. Usually few people come here. Usually, a few servants are hired to support the house. What’s the matter? Are they offending you?”

Brother Zhang shook the head, and then said to Wugenshui what the ghost man said just now.

After listening to his words, Wugenshui said with a smile: “This is not uncommon, let alone that era, even now it is not uncommon. It is very popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, they I think this will make the good fortune of future generations continue.”

Xiao Zhangge nodded, then got up and said: “I did it.”

“Yes.” Wugenshui immediately stopped. : “Follow the Lord’s orders.”

“By the way, I’ll be back later today, you can call me if you have anything.”

“Understood, many thanks The Lord loves you.”

Wugenshui is a very old-fashioned person. In his conception, if the Lord ignores him, then there must be something wrong with him, and even tossing and turning can’t sleep, so little Brother Zhang will instruct him to work to a certain extent, and this kind of order is a very happy thing for Wugenshui.

Brother Zhang went back to pack his things, while Wugenshui stood in front of the house with a weird smile on his face.

To tell the truth, if it is for the righteous path of who, Wugenshui will not care about these bullshit, after all, this kind of thing happens until now, but it is just the life of a few pariahs, and the age It’s been so long, there’s really no need to care about it.

But now that the Holy Lord has spoken, he will handle this matter as an imperial decree. Since the Holy Lord has said it will be done, then it will be done.

Brother Xiao Zhang went back in the afternoon, Wugenshui put him in the car, and then he went back to his residence, stood at the window and looked towards the house that Brother Xiao Zhang pointed to before. , and then the ghost drifted out according to his will and entered the house.

However, as soon as I entered, Wugenshui discovered something was wrong. There was more than one pile in this house, and the way of playing these piles was very strange, not like a common folk method. .

A total of six living piles, or human pillars, were nailed to the bottom of the mansion, and these six human pillars actually formed a set of Formation with each other, even if a ghost without root water almost entered Being trapped inside and unable to get out, he quickly took the ghost back.

When taking back the ghost, he felt an unprecedented attraction that was competing with him for the ownership of the ghost. Although he finally managed to win back the ghost, but in the process of pulling the ghost, he This ghost who has been cultivated to the 3rd-layer realm is actually traumatized by the pulling just now.

This matter suddenly became interesting. Although Wugenshui also studied ghosts and undead, he had never seen such a strange Formation. He searched a lot in his mind and found nothing. Find the corresponding thing.

The cautious rootless water did not continue, but directly called Haozi. Haozi is recovering from his injuries. He has been fast since he was slammed by the Blood Soul puppet. It’s been a month, and he didn’t feel any problem before, but after that, he always didn’t get better. Later, when Xiaoma took a look, he found out that he was infected with corpse poison, so Bureau Chen gave him a long vacation. Time was temporarily replaced by Thunder Dragon.

“I’ve been poisoned by corpse poison here, and I use glutinous rice to remove the poison every day. What happened to you?” Haozi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh on the phone and said: “I It’s a Formation Master, not a zombie priest, okay…”

Wugenshui said with a smile: “I can’t explain it to you in a few words, if you have time, come here Come on, you will know when you come. There are six human pillars in a house, which I have never heard of.”

Haozi’s brows jumped a few times: “Liuhe Spirit Gathering Array.”

β€œen? You know?”

β€œBut what I know is not the employment post.” Haozi said after a moment of silence on the phone: β€œI’ll be there later.”


(End of this chapter)

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