What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 16

Chapter 16 The human world, the human world

“Thunder Dragon! You let me down!”

The spiritual veins have been opened, even the recalled Thunder Dragon can’t do anything Resisting the grandiose’s magic soul, picked up Haozi and ran back.

“You’ll die when you put it down, don’t be a jerk, be good.”

“Then don’t hold your motherfucking Princess!”

Because Haozi was really exhausted, he didn’t even have the strength to struggle, so he could only be paralyzed there, but this Princess hug was too humiliating, and he felt that it might be better for him to die there.

But Thunder Dragon ignored him at all. Princess hugged him all the way back, followed by hundreds of magic souls who had accumulated resentment for thousands of years.

“I put you down and that thing will go through all the holes in you and take up your Divine Soul, are you sure you want to put it down?”

“That’s always It’s better than being held in the sky by your Princess!” Haozi twisted his body vigorously: “Let the lord down, the lord will fight them for another 300 rounds!”

“Save it, you You must have never played the game of defeat, before they take over your Divine Soul, you will be humiliated.”

Thunder Dragon volleyed his feet a little, and the speed increased again, seeing that he could vaguely see Chang’an. The shadow of the lane was gone, and he could only breathe a sigh of relief.

“Then you should hold it.” Haozi closed his eyes and turned his head to the side, showing a humiliating expression.

It was too late, just as the magic soul behind them was about to catch up with them, Thunder Dragon opened the door of the milk tea shop and got in with a swish.

The magic spirits behind him hit the glass of the milk tea shop’s outer wall like hail for a while, and the sound of ding ding dong dong rang out.


Thunder Dragon threw Haozi to the ground, leaning on his waist and watching those things outside constantly pounding against the glass, his expression gradually rampant.

“Come here!” He raised his middle finger at those magic souls through the glass: “Come here!”

And Zhang Jiachang who was in the counter raised his head to look Looking at him, he didn’t have a surprised expression. He just looked at the magic souls outside: “I made a new drink, do you want to try it?”

“All! Give me a whole one, Triple Candy.”

The magic souls outside tried to enter this place from all directions, but they all failed, and even thousands of magic souls gathered and formed, banging bang bang at the door, not even three punches usefulness.

However, this made the people inside a little unhappy. Zhang Jiachang handed Thunder Dragon milk tea with motherwort and red dates and bird’s nest with triple sugar, then opened the door and walked in.

As soon as someone came out of the collection of magic souls outside, they immediately scattered like crazy and tried to attach to it, but Brother Zhang just stood there and put a coin on the ground.

After letting go, the coin suddenly soared into the sky, then burned in the sky, and then a little starlight ignited in the sky, the starlight fell and turned into a hundred thousand gold armor, Heavenly Palace sounded through the earth, The misty South Heaven Gate can even be faintly seen in the clouds.

When the golden armor came into the world, the sky-high murderous aura also spread out, and I don’t know if those magic souls have independent consciousness, anyway, it is obvious that they turned around after being stunned for a while, as if they were being chased by dogs. As if running away.

It was gone in an instant.

At this time, Brother Zhang stretched out his raised hand, and the coin returned to him in good condition again. As if it never happened.

And the Void Formation caused by the soul of the magic is also invalid at this moment. From the Thunder Dragon’s field of vision, the state of the lights outside is restored again.

“I report, Haozi is showing off!”

When Zhang Jiachang returned to the house, Thunder Dragon was the first to raise his hand and start reporting: “He just wanted to die. “

Zhang Jiachang laughed, turned around and threw the coins back into the box on the silver table, and sat down again: “It’s too late, I can recall those things again.”

“no no no no no…” Haozi on the ground shook his head again and again, and he, who had long been unable to stand up, was left to speak: “Give me a cup of half sugar, add more seasoning.”

“Just say you want the eight-treasure porridge and it’s over.” Thunder Dragon sat next to him and said with a smile: “The boss called me back, doesn’t he just want me to save this grandson?”

Zhang Jiachang shook the head: “Not all.”

“I understand I understand, you don’t need to say anything.” Thunder Dragon snapped his fingers: “I can’t do it, I’ll do everything. You have something to say. .”

Zhang Jiachang sat there watching Thunder Dragon for a while, and suddenly said, “Come and help me open a shop, I’m going to find a job.”

The people present were stupid at that time. , I wonder if he doesn’t even want the base camp anymore?

“Why, this is doing well.” Haozi lay on his side and made a puzzled voice: “I don’t understand.”

Thunder Dragon was also puzzled: “I am the number one magician in the world, Unparalleled. I can summon heavenly thunder at the age of three, scattered beans turns into soldiers at the age of five, have mastered hundreds of masters at the age of nine, and reached the top of the world at the age of fifteen! You asked me to open a milk tea shop. ?”

“I was beaten badly with many teeth knocked out by my eldest sister at the age of twenty-two.” Haozi added beside him.

“Don’t fucking mention her! I’m annoying when I look at her, she cheats, you know, she came up to beat me before I finished counting the three, two, one, and I didn’t shake the spell before I cast it?”


Zhang Jiachang looked embarrassed at this moment, and after hesitating for a while, he said, “I’m somewhat out of touch with society. I’m like a migrant worker who just came out of the countryside.

“That’s not it, Boss… what do you need to know about that thing?” Thunder Dragon’s face was still puzzled: “And now should be the time to deal with those things, this is Spiritual Qi’s recovery! Boss! !”

“What about recovery and not recovery.” Zhang Jiachang pursed his lips, lightly said with a smile: “I have no reason to prevent it from recovering, and there is no reason for it to not recover. Recovery. As long as those things don’t come out, I’m doing my job.”

He said, pointing to the sky. With this finger, both Thunder Dragon and Haozi fell silent.

Yes, just as Brother Zhang said, he doesn’t need to worry about Spiritual Qi’s recovery or not, as long as he keeps those things from appearing, he has already completed his task.

And he really paid too much for this. He used to be lively, humorous and carefree, but now that he hasn’t seen him for a few years, Thunder Dragon feels that there is even a deadness about him.

This kind of repression cannot be imagined by ordinary people. After all, it is not even free to speak.

“As soon as you leave…I have no ability to control the field.” Thunder Dragon sighed said: “It will collapse, Brother Zhang!”

“I’m a Wraith, I won’t leave too far, maybe ten kilometers in a radius, mainly because I want to get in touch with the society.” Zhang Jiachang smiled wryly: “You must give me the power to be a human.”

Thunder Dragon Speechless, he sat there drinking milk tea, and after he finished drinking, he raised his head and said, “Okay! I agree, I will come during the day, and the last few years will be enough, so it’s time to settle down. I’m done.”

“Then who cares about me lying on the ground?” Haozi suddenly opened the mouth and said: “I have a good idea.”

“Lying down Come on.” Thunder Dragon put his toes on Haozi’s ass: “Lie down without delaying talking.”

“Thunder Dragon, you are a dog!”

Afterwards they discussed Regarding what happened tonight, although those things looked like a group of mosquitoes in front of Brother Zhang, in fact, those magic souls were really powerful.

And there is a problem here. Their current pattern of little black dots means that these things have not been fully revived, and they are also lacking the last key sacrifice.

But even a soul that is not fully formed has such terrifying power, one can imagine how terrifying it will be when it is fully formed.

Afterwards, it can be confirmed that Zhang Jiachang will not interfere in this matter, unless these things conflict with his responsibilities, but he does not intervene does not mean that Haozi and the others can relax, as Guardians, their good The day is over.

“Xu Wei!” Haozi slapped his head: “Those magic souls will definitely go to Xu Wei, and who on earth wants to start the Spiritual Qi era? This person has something wrong with his brain.”

Zhang Jiachangp nods and said: “I won’t go for the time being. I’ve already been driven away. It will take about three months to reshape. This is the only place I can help you.”

“I know, it’s absolutely neutral.” Thunder Dragon leaned there and rummaged through his bag: “It’s funny, the ceiling of the world is going to be an ordinary person. This is definitely the funniest joke I’ve heard in recent years.”

After that, he took out a thick stack of postcards from his bag and handed them to Zhang Jiachang: “This is the result of my trip around the world, please sign for it.”

Zhang Jiachang smiled Then I took those postcards with postmarks from all over the world, and they looked very beautiful.

“Thank you.”

“The boss is polite to me.” Thunder Dragon shook the head: “It’s gone, the feelings are gone.”

Zhang Jiachang shook the head, turned around and sat on the stool: “You should rest for a few days, and then I’ll look for a job.”

“Yes, but I don’t have a place to live.” Thunder Dragon turned his head looked towards Haozi: “I hope someone can see through my stubbornness.”

Haozi simply didn’t hear it, and muttered to himself: “It seems that I really have to count on myself in the future, Xiao Zhang will live I’m in the world.”

“I’m not going to die.” Zhang Jiachang lowered his head and began to write something: “If something really happens, I will still find a way for you.”

“Intervention in disguise.”

“Or else?” Zhang Jiachang tapped his finger on the table: “Direct intervention is also possible, but you can’t use rule-level power.”

“Then what about your spirit of words? The ability to follow the law is super passive.”

Zhang Jiachang chuckled, pressing a finger directly between Haozi’s eyebrows: “It’s yours. “

Haozi only felt a chill on his forehead, and then felt that his soul had been sublimated, but the Thunder Dragon next to him couldn’t laugh anymore: “hahahaha… let you talk more! This is great .”

“You are also divided into half.” Zhang Jiachang pressed another finger on Thunder Dragon’s eyebrows: “Now each of you has a fifty percent chance of speaking, so you can try it. Try, the greater the degree of influence on reality, the greater the punishment for failure.”

Thunder Dragon knelt down with a thud: “Boss, just kill me…”

(end of this chapter)

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